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  1. Islamification of Europe

    I find that sort of sentiment expressed by Vicky as particularly offensive. Would Vicky also call for British representation in every community abroad as a way of enriching cultures in other countries? How exactly would the Welsh village become enriched? People like Vicky hate their own cultures.
  2. Roller garage doors

    Mine came with the house when I bought it. Would not put them in myself but there is something quite satisfying in pressing a button and having the garage open. The house faces onto farmland so not really an issue with people looking in.
  3. Was happy to see in my home town a large collection of Morris dancers at the weekend, including many in black face. Always nice to see our traditions celebrated like this, maybe there is hope yet.
  4. Roller garage doors

    I have a double garage with an electric roller door. It works fine. Hope this helps.
  5. Apropos of nothing that series made me go out and buy all the Neil Gaiman books I could. A fantastic author.
  6. Unjustified faith in new technology

    Web apps. They are never as fully featured, quick, or as user friendly as native apps yet because the 'web is the future' businesses are flocking to them.
  7. Don't be a moaner

    The food is terrible, and such small portions
  8. Weddings are getting ridiculous

    Got a wedding to attend next week, cost me best part of £2,000 so far and it's not even my wedding!
  9. Really odd things that became accepted

    Gender fluidity and the whole trans movement in general. This includes the ability to 'identify" as something on a whim. I guess this will all culminate in being able to identify ultimately as another person entirely. Would make being stopped by the police interesting anyway.
  10. Brits are riddled

    The UAE has a fantastic immigration policy. If you are of net value to the economy you are welcome.
  11. Brits are riddled

    Live in Abu Dhabi, have house i n Darlington. A wall is not a bad idea tho
  12. Really enjoying videos from the Iconoclast. He has started to publish a magazine which would probably resonate with the majority of DOSBODERs. His videos are here Magazine can be bought here