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  1. Fossildog

    A good news story. The boys in the cave.

    Did he mean torPedo?
  2. Fossildog

    Trump's progress

    Can be summarised by the reaction of Republicans when Obama got elected vs the reaction of Democrats when Trump got elected. The right wing, were disappointed, shrugged their shoulders and got on with things. The left seem have got into a complete meltdown, some even refusing to accept the result. That is the difference in tolerance between the left/right
  3. Fossildog

    Islamification of Europe

    Had a similar conversation last week with a friend who is anti-Trump/Brexit. He brought up out of the blue how Trump was achieving great things and that perhaps sometimes situations call for people who, whilst unlikable, get the job done that other would perhaps struggle with. This was a massive sea change in his thinking.
  4. Fossildog

    Smoking - what else is known to be bad

    Agreed on the sugar, in years to come we will be amazed at how much sugar used to be added to the vast majority of processed food. Having said that, the likes of aspartame are equally as dangerous I believe and that will come to the fore in years to come.
  5. Fossildog

    Favourite Comic Strips

    Calvin and Hobbes is one of the few comics where I have actually bought any books. Lovely stuff. My other favourite is the Neil Gaiman Sandman books
  6. Fossildog

    Trump's progress

    BBC ... 'Of course Trump has played an awful lot of golf since he became President'
  7. Fossildog

    Trump's progress

  8. Fossildog

    Trump's progress

    Imagine spending time lovingly crafting an effigy of someone that you hate. Getting every detail of their face and hair just right. I suspect she most likely has the hots for Trump without knowing it. Anyway, BBC reporting that this visit will not phase the Queen as they reel off a random selection of world leaders who have visited. You can imagine the list they reeled off and what connects them all...
  9. Fossildog

    Trump's progress

    Red haired woman on BBC reels off the usual 'Trump is a racist, misogynist and fascist' without being pressed by the So-Called BBC goon on how exactly he was any of those. Then some black chap said that he was a racist, then qualified it by saying that yes, he had black supporters and people who worked closely with Trump were black but they 'didn't really know him'. Wonder what special insight into the President some no mark from a council estate in London has that people who actually work with Trump have missed.
  10. Fossildog

    Trump's progress

    NY Times journalist just on BBC saying that Trump is jealous of the power of leaders of countries such as NK, Russia, Turkey, the suggestion being he is a frustrated dictator
  11. Fossildog

    Trump's progress

    Not a single pro-Trump voice on the So-Called BBC coverage. Extraordinary.
  12. Fossildog

    Trump's progress

    Ten of thousands of protesters according the So-Called BBC
  13. Fossildog

    Trump's progress

    Testing my blood pressure levels by watching BBC news coverage. Coverage is 100% one sided so far.
  14. Fossildog

    Trump's progress

    Well done this man