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  1. 1. Year old 2. No left is shorter than right, picture is flipped
  2. Just imagining someone handing over their watch and the till girl pulling out their loupe and assessing it before accepting it as payment for the food.
  3. Stumbled across this bizarre Twitter account with some vids claimed to be taken from the ISS live feed
  4. Likely causes the whole place to tremble as the fat arsed oompa loompa marches through Whitehall
  5. Might be a lone voice here but I love stop/start, auto brake, auto light and wipers, parking sensors. Adaptive cruise control does not work too well, it's too cautious regarding keeping spacing. Going from a car with auto everything to a car without feels like a massive backwards step.
  6. So a hash in a Tweet links Tweets together under a common theme. Looks like almost 3,000 Tweets using the Dominion hash were created in the last hour but Twitter search reports it cannot find them
  7. Very odd Also, reports of Dominion employees removing their LinkedIn accounts en masse
  8. 800 vote gain from 2600 uncounted ballots, so 1800 must have not been for Trump? Edited, I'm being dim. So uncounted votes were 1700 Trump and the rest not Trump
  9. So the majority of uncounted ballots were for Biden?
  10. Thick as mince, maybe Biden will invade Uyghur?
  11. Any reason why Trump has not declared Antifa a domestic terrorist organisation?
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