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  1. Saw a recent history piece in the local paper covering the nearby quarry. One of the pictures was this one from around 1900. Maybe people think Black people were treated unfairly in the past as most of the working class were covered most of the time in a layer of grime
  2. Think the accepted practice is for people entering a building to give way to people leaving. Read it in Debretts I'm sure although they didn't explicitly mention Chipotle
  3. Got told yesterday to continue working from home until mid-September. Happy days
  4. All the supermarkets making a stand against monkey slavery atm whilst at the same time supporting milk production or any sort of meat production, or even worse selling halal meat, are hypocrites of the highest order
  5. Not a favorite but something fascinating about watching a diminutive lady putting away so much meat
  6. Think I saw that one, helped park the boat sideways. Don't particularly like him but he is happy to voice his non-PC opinion on things and appears to appeal to some people.
  7. Just rediscovered Queen 2 album, chock full of classics including this one
  8. BBC Countryfile say BAME people receive a hostile reception in the countryside which makes them less likely to want to go there. This video seems to back that up
  9. Apparently so. Lots of house builders are offering dual pricing structures now based on whether you are a 'key' worker or not.
  10. Just back from Sainsburys where the self service tills were bedecked in rainbow LBGTQI+ slogans and flags. Was genuinely confused for a minute as to whether they were tills specifically for just this section of the population. Also passed this shop, presumably shops not showing this sign will be aggressive and unwelcoming to non LGBT+ people? It is very divisive and counter productive.
  11. Love the Daily Mail 'expose' of Trumps chats with world leaders. Shock appears to be he says in private what he says in public. The media don't seem to realise stories like this only strengthen the support for him
  12. So BLM UK have Tweeted revealing they are anti-Semitic. Wonder if Yorkshire Tea agree with this sentiment?