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  1. He appears to be crashing the economy as well, the senile old twat
  2. Probably got confused by the voice in his ear shouting 'shut up nonce'
  3. Was thinking who would play Meghan. Think Yetide Badaki would be a good fit
  4. Odd how some refugees, and their supporters, wax lyrically about their wonderful culture, food and country to the point of trying to 'educate' others on it, yet resist going back to live there when they have the chance.
  5. 'Im happy to take questions, if thats what Im supposed to do' Bloke has not got a clue where he is.
  6. Nice earrings https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/meghan-earrings-were-gift-from-saudi-prince-accused-of-jamal-khashoggi-murder-6q8mkpkqj Does not quite tie in with the compassion angle she selling atm. I suppose it could be argued that the Saudi torturer's showed some compassion by waiting until Khashoggi was mostly dead before chopping him up.
  7. Breakfast this morning. Dan the cuck said they would be covering the Budget and it's impact on jobs and the broader economy. Cuts to their business 'reporter' in a foggy Newcastle, 'and I'll be reporting from Newcastle, where people are asking' will my benefits be cut'.
  8. Your attempt at coming across as the voice of reason is somewhat undermined by your propensity to post naked pics of you soaping up your arse in the shower. Hard to take you seriously really.
  9. Great move by their CEO to be paid in BTC, should generate some good publicity off that.
  10. He is literally reading that word for word from a prompter.
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