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  1. Never said Muslims are all the same, but Begum living in an Islamic country would be a start, especially as she has family there. The whole purpose of a government is to seek the advantage of its own people over others. Otherwise trade talks would be very short. Your last point shows, I think, a lack of real world experience. I have spent the majority of my working life abroad, including Muslim countries, and outside the Western bubble people are very, very tribal. To suggest that Chinese, Indians or any other developing cultures would put compassion for others of a different tribe over their own immediate needs and concerns is laughable.
  2. 90% of Bangladesh is Islamic, a far closer ideal for Begum than the UK that she evidently hates. She would likely be very happy there, especially as she has family there. To care for other groups equally as you care for your own is so far from normal human instinct you are either seriously deluded or on some bizarre windup.
  3. Driver seems unusually calm. The dash cam footage from the UK has people reacting like a 5000lb bomb has gone off if someone inadvertently strays into their lane.
  4. Saw a bloke pause outside a bank, wrap a scarf around his face then go in. Few weeks ago he would have been in trouble, now he's a good citizen Wonder if a pair of tight over your head is acceptable
  5. Didnt they try an all Black pit crew but when they took the wheels off they legged it with them?
  6. That one step beyond what could be considered reasonable, I will wear one in shops begrudgingly but not when I'm driving in my car. Something something Los Palmas 7 zzzz
  7. Not everyone wants to hear about your pegging adventures
  8. Not a bad idea, maybe an automatic opt in like with organ donation.
  9. A while back my mate went to his local Post Office to withdraw some money. As he was walking away he realised they had given him the wrong amount. Went back and started to explain to the chap how the amount was wrong but was told in no uncertain terms that mistakes could not be rectified once you had left the counter. Fair enough my mate said, you have given me too much.
  10. That's not good, although Salvini appears to have a massive amount of support among Italians
  11. Familiar to those who have watched 'Dead mans shoes''
  12. Its his day off. Did have a wander around actually, saw a Dodge Campervan, very old but wasn't fabulous, didnt have satnav or anything. Looked like this: Might get a picture tomorrow.
  13. Not mine, will have a wander around later and see if I can get a pic
  14. The new America is going to be great, isn't it