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  1. Wait until the World Championships come in September, Harrogate will be chaos
  2. Hate the sneering surrounding this story from news outlets along the lines of 'found between an Aldi and a pub car park, so certainly no Valley of the Kings haha'. Forgetting the fact that that Giza and Luxor are absolute shit holes of the highest order. Any chance though to have a dig at how crap the English are at anything and how brilliant other cultures are as long as they are not White.
  3. ha yes Vimto was known as Ramadan juice where I worked in ME. Also, although the locals fasted during the day the hospitals were always full at night of Arabs who has gorged themselves with food and needed their stomachs pumped. Not really in the spirit of understanding what poor people have to go through
  4. New petrol cars are just as good s diesels. I drive around 500 miles a week. I used a Golf 1.5 SE petrol for a month and got 53 mpg on average. Now driving a Golf GTD and get exactly the same MPG. Petrol is a lot cheaper than diesel atm so the petrol was actually cheaper to run
  5. Strawberry


    Love it. That and Motherland have been the best comedy on TV for a long time
  6. Have seen these posters popping up in Darlington. Laughable because the teacher is far too young and his pupil (who just happens to be black) is obviously above school age. Bit of an own goal there.
  7. She has already expressed sympathy with the victim by wearing Yeezys, low slung jeans and a bleezie behind her ear whilst playing drill music on her phone at any future press conferences.
  8. Spot on. Lived in the ME for a good few years. There was still a hierarchy of muslims there, depending on your ethnicity. The places I worked only managed to function because of the money washing around there, all dished out to keep the population in check.
  9. If you're lucky Among the doppelgangers? Calamari's modest cousin, "imitation calamari." Though it has a shape and texture similar to the real thing, its component parts are decidedly different. While calamari comes from squid, the replica is supposedly made of hog rectum, otherwise known as "bung."
  10. @Great Guy Nice resterant in Durham