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  1. Strawberry

    Islamification of Europe

    Imagine my shock. Why do these people flock to civilised countries and make every effort to turn them into the Islamic shitholes they have escaped from?
  2. Strawberry

    British Yellow Vests

    Seems to be gaining momentum
  3. Strawberry

    Islamification of Europe

    Arthurs Hill is heavily 'diverse' so I suspect it will be a Muslim chap venting his frustration at his highly educated wife's struggle to gain employment due to Islamaphobia.
  4. Strawberry

    Any Urology gurus on here?

    Having just had my first prostate checkup I have come to the conclusion that Dr Dre didnt think his name thrugh. Thankfully my checkup had an ultrasound machine.
  5. Strawberry

    O2 network down

    Once had a boss who asked if I could put the internet on a CD for him to use when he was travelling
  6. Strawberry

    Women football - Twerking outrage

    Probably in the minority here but I though it was very offensive and felt embarrassed for her. He could have chosen a multitude of stupid dances to make a joke to her but chose a sexuality explicit one in order to cause her to feel uncomfortable.
  7. Strawberry

    Twat of the day.

    I've been vegetarian for around 25 years and never seen the inside of a hospital. That's how bad my eyes are
  8. Strawberry

    Second thread crosser of the day

    I think the average Darlington wage will be higher than that.
  9. Strawberry

    Twat of the day.

    Is that not the same with parents who feed their kids meat? Parental choice being inflicted on their kids. At least a vegan diet is going to be healthier for the kid and the kid will be less likely to be obese, plus the kid will at least grow up having some awareness of food and nutrition.
  10. Strawberry

    Second thread crosser of the day

    Really depends where you live in the UK. Most areas have houses that are affordable to buy or rent. Was just looking at a house today in Darlington, 3 bedroom detached for £110,000. Within the price range of most people with a reasonable income. But to live at home in your twenties and sacrifice your independence in order to save up enough to chain yourself to a mortgage seems like a poor way of living. Far better to rent, live independently and enjoy life imo
  11. Strawberry

    Second thread crosser of the day

    Depends what age your kids are I suppose. The whole idea of raising kids is so that they become productive, well balanced, self sufficient adults. If they are still living at home mid-twenties and older then something has gone wrong somewhere.
  12. Strawberry

    Bye bye Treason May?

    This was from January last year but it really is such a contrast as to how she set out to how she has ended up.
  13. Strawberry

    Second thread crosser of the day

    Agree with that. Its is a question of aspiration and lack of desire to be independent rather than affordability for the vast majority of the UK. If kids are too comfortable at home (and I think many are effectively subsidised by their parents to live at home whilst they 'save up for a deposit') then you cannot blame the lack of affordable housing.
  14. Strawberry

    Bye bye Treason May?