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  1. Was toying spoiling mine with 'Epstein didn't kill himself'
  2. And South Africa is rapidly heading the same way. I work with a couple of South Africans who have basically fled their country and some of their stories would make your hair stand on end (no offence to DOSBODDERS).
  3. The NHS, aside from critical care, is pretty much shit. Have worked in places with far better health systems. We should look at moving to a insurance based system
  4. Strawberry


    So bought a few items a few weeks ago at B&Q. Most were fine but I bought too much of the one item (kiln dried sand). Not a problem, will return the excess bags and get my money back. Except when I bought them I was asked 'do you want a receipt' and because I deeply care about my environmental footprint I said no. Now B&Q are saying without a receipt I cannot get a refund, only a credit note. So basically the B&Q policy is 'care about the environment and be disadvantaged compared to those who don't' Bastards.
  5. Labour have well earned their reputation for being economically illiterate. I'm sure Ms Long is not proposing a turnover tax but if she did it would do more damage than 'crashing out' of the EU would.
  6. and they still wouldn't discount? Shameful
  7. Strawberry

    South Africans

    True that. I worked in the Middle East for many years and you had to be forceful and confident, otherwise if you gave them an inch they would take a mile.