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  1. Strawberry

    Sheffield school riot

    I'm sure Sheffield's major will sort it out
  2. Strawberry

    Where's Wiggy?

    He has a Wigan address? He is an unlikely transsexual.
  3. Strawberry

    Where's Wiggy?

    He was fairly aggressive towards a poster recently (unless is was a whole new level of irony I may have missed) so perhaps he is cooling off.
  4. Strawberry

    This killer Pret Baguette

    Love that song like
  5. Strawberry

    Praise for the So-Called BBC (short thread I expect!)

    Cracking bit of detective work in this thread
  6. Strawberry

    The cult of corbyn

  7. Strawberry

    The cult of corbyn

    How is this kind of politically indoctrinated ideology OK for teachers yet anyone every mildly right wing is chased out of the profession? This numpty should be sacked
  8. Strawberry


    I'm a vegetarian, for some 25 years now. I sort of miss meat but couldn't bring myself to eat it now as I hate the thought of something dying just so I can eat it. It would appear that vegetarians have far less likely hood of contracting serious health issues like cancer and dementia so that alone makes me think I made the right choice all those years ago.
  9. Strawberry

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    She has history of that but it is probably unlikely.
  10. Strawberry

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    New strapline for Dr Who ... 'It's about time'. Wonder what the fall off will be in viewers if any. Preview advert seems to show the strong woman, PoC sidekick and a dithering, soft white man. Great stuff.
  11. Strawberry

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    Really enjoying the content on this channel
  12. Strawberry

    Freshers Week and bewildered parents

    Sounds idyllic but where am I meant to store all these old kitchen cabinets I have in the back of my van?
  13. Strawberry

    Smokers named and shamed....

    its a start, and one which is likely to have a positive impact on the town center. They have just started this scheme in my home town as well. There is no excuse for dropping a butt on the floor, or any other form of deliberate littering. I suppose we will have to see how even handed this scheme is.
  14. Strawberry

    Smokers named and shamed....

    Agree with the naming and shaming. It is not smokers who are being named and shamed, it is people who litter.
  15. Strawberry

    Freshers Week and bewildered parents

    'Sorry we are not accepting comments on this article' A nods as good as a wink to a blind horse