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  1. Vox pox from Castleford yesterday on the So-Called BBC. An area with Yvette Cooper as its MP. Voted 60% to leave. Almost to a person (and I know the So-Called BBC likely cherry picked the responses) most people said they would still vote Labour as they have always voted Labour even if their MP wanted to remain.
  2. A hefty majority according to the So-Called BBC of MPs voting against No Deal, which is actually 51.8% for and 48.2% against. Never heard the So-Called BBC describe those who voted Leave as a 'hefty majority' on a very similar split
  3. No need to pay for it, ask nicely and he will give you one
  4. Yeah, is a strangely depressing book. In part due to the scenarios being entirely fictional yet tinged with reality. Is called 'From the land all the good things come'. Nick Griffin recommended it to me haha
  5. Reading a book at the minute which predicts a scenario of Sweden becoming a failed state due to power and infrastructure issues. Russia then using this as an opportunity to invade, creating a wave of refugees to flood into Britain which then creates the inevitable 'Balkanisation' of the UK and then civil war, primarily between the native British and islamists.
  6. Yet Bridget can see no correlation between encouraging people to make the crossing and the inevitable deaths.
  7. Does anyone feel any pressure to support local shops that open when you know they are doomed to failure. There is a 'posh' off license just opened in Darlington, in an area where it will struggle. Have been in twice already. I also frequent a new coffee shop/Bar in Darlo that is always empty.
  8. Reminds me of the Tweet I saw yesterday, 'guess who woke up this morning to 16 missed calls from their ex? My ex'
  9. This thread really strikes a chord. Met a grade one throbber yesterday and I immediately thought 'wonder if they are related to The XYY Man'
  10. Like any culture really where the aim was to pop out as many sprogs as possible in the hope that enough would survive to look after you in your dotage. Works fine in places where there is natural attrition due to poverty or environmental factors. Does not work too well in places with a welfare state.
  11. Something to be said for a falling population, less demand for resources, makes things more sustainable. The drive for constant growth is the elephant in the room, completely at odds with the heartfelt pleas we hear about saving the planet. The UK population would be dropping based on white birth rates, the increases we are seeing are from immigration and from families belonging to cultures that promote large families.
  12. Strawberry


    As lots of people are saying, if you were surprised at his suicide imagine how surprised he must have been