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  1. Strawberry

    2000 Hondurans

    So a huge amount of people marching into another country waving their own flags? How is this not viewed as a hostile invasion and not met with deadly force?
  2. Strawberry

    Dosbods secret Santa

    Im in!
  3. Strawberry

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    I'm thinking a similar scene will take place in London in the spring with William racing in at the last moment and Harry standing by the bed looking proud.
  4. Strawberry

    The Sweden is fucked thread

  5. Strawberry

    The one percent imposter. Not what it seems

    He didn't really though, aside from Subway and Highlander he didn't seem to be in many well know films. I suppose Greystoke was his ideal role where he was not required to talk much.
  6. Strawberry

    The one percent imposter. Not what it seems

    Loved that film, used to be able to quote large swathes of it. It has not aged well though.
  7. Strawberry

    Trump's progress

  8. Strawberry

    The French are revolting

    Your image is brilliant and inspiring. Whearas this one is reprehensible:
  9. Strawberry

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    Pull the 'choke' on the car
  10. Strawberry

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    This is now out and well worth a watch
  11. Strawberry

    Another example of refusing to face reality

    Will that include the Barbary Pirates and how over 1.25 million people were taken as slaves from the West
  12. Strawberry

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    This Youtube channel is pure gold
  13. Strawberry

    Additional Voluntary Council Tax

    Great idea as long as it is involuntary. Will allow people who feel strongly about Socialism the ability to pay what they can afford back into the system to be distributed to those who need it most.
  14. Strawberry

    Dancing Couple Kiss