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  1. Protein powder a good idea as a last resort? Could have that with rice and vitamin pills to stave off death if it really comes down to it.
  2. They are aimed at young people, but young people don't drink anymore.
  3. Completely mental and quite sad as well. You could hear the screams from the onlookers as he headed at great speed towards the ground. Didn't any of them realise firing a bloke on a cheap rocket up into the air was probably going to end up killing him?
  4. Just had a look at the politicalbetting message board and people are starting to get nervous on there. Last time I looked they were scoffing about the threat, but now it's a bit like it was here about 6 weeks ago, talk of stocking up food and water and who in their family is at risk. Lots of political types on there, so it is probably filtering through to the politicians now, although they probably still won't do anything about it.
  5. They always have some Tory hate figure from behind the scenes to project their venom onto. Remember all that crap with Andy Coulson? Sent to jail for "conspiracy to intercept voicemails". Jeffrey Archer was before that and they raked over an old court case for a decade spending years and millions of quid to get a conviction. No doubt they'll find some spurious reason to get Cummings put away in the end.
  6. I'm wondering if the virus is much more deadly if you catch it a second time. Some diseases like dengue fever behave like that. It could be something that went around last year in Wuhan and wasn't a big deal, but now people are catching it again things are much more serious. It might explain why the death rate is so much higher there than everywhere else.
  7. Sounds similar to every office I've worked in. Are they even using the air conditioning on the ship? I'd say that was unlikely.
  8. I'm not sure how that's different to classrooms full of kids at school, sitting in crappy offices all day or public transport at rush hour. And this particular ship has everyone confined to their cabins and it's still spreading around.
  9. They aren't testing the general public though, they're only testing people who they think might have had contact with someone with it. Many others may have caught it too, but we wouldn't know. It's spreading quickly on the cruise ship where they are testing everyone.
  10. Just what we need...more former Goldman Sachs employees in charge of government finances.
  11. Because it's racist not to spend infinite resources on people that aren't white. I have my doubts that anyone from the US or Australia would get the same treatment. When a company I worked at went bust, the highly skilled American and Australian blokes, both experts in their field were given 2 weeks leave the country. Whereas millions of blokes from the third world can sit on the dole at our expense for years. None of it makes any sense.
  12. I don't think having everyone go into the same tiny room with almost zero ventilation to see if they have the virus is a particularly good idea. It would just take one person with the virus in there and then everyone after could get it as well. It should be something like desks and chairs spaced out in an open field that each get washed down after each person has visited them. The way this crisis has been dealt with shows how far we've fallen as a country. People in general just seem to lack even basic common sense. And what is the opposition doing exactly? Labour should be hammering the Tories for not stopping flights from China or doing anything else. But nope, they're too busy crying about some black Jamaican criminals being deported.
  13. Authorities were alerted when groups of women were found crying, falling over and vomiting in the streets on Saturday night.
  14. The government is not taking this seriously at all. Do they know something we don't or are they just utterly useless?
  15. Blimey Syd Little has let himself go.