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  1. So just some unsubstantiated allegations from anonymous women are enough to completely destroy this bloke leading him to decide to kill himself. More white, male, privilege in action.
  2. You've got to take this opportunity to call them racists for suspecting the Romanians were involved in the theft. It's exactly what they would do to anyone else in this situation so it would be rude not too.
  3. Keep the telly tax, you can at least tell them to get stuffed. Once it comes out of general taxation then we'll never get rid of them.
  4. We needed a big reset in 2008 after the last big credit binge. If they'd allowed the housing and credit bubbles to burst, then we could have got the recession out of the way, had proper government cuts, had cheaper housing and given the younger generation a chance to have a decent life. But no they decided to prop up the banks and house prices and we're heading for the same problem again in a few years. Maybe a bad Brexit + Corbyn could be the massive reset we need.
  5. xyz

    annoying wtc

    I suspect there is a lot of renting their houses to each other and creaming in housing benefits. Cash in hand and not declaring any income, the usual scams. You have to wonder why they have some of the lowest employment rates and yet still have a high rate of home ownership.
  6. 10 million in not much over a decade. Think of all the infrastructure that London has, hundreds of years and some of the greatest fears of engineering ever and despite all that the whole of greater London only officially has 8 million people living in it. We're adding more people than that and are hardly building anywhere to put them. And the majority are people who are going to sit on benefits and pump out kids that also sit on benefits while never integrating. It's got to be a deliberate ploy hasn't it? I was reading how Canada has loads of immigrants, but they are almost all rich, middle class and highly educated. Why the fuck can't we do something similar?
  7. Don't most people meet their long-term partners at work? No wonder the birth rate is going down, the only people who can legally meet anyone to breed with are the ones marrying their cousin.
  8. By the way this is how white people are starting to be treated when they are in the majority and have most of the power. For a glimpse into the future for when whites are in the minority have a look at Zimbabwe and South Africa.
  9. If you are taught from birth that everyone is equal and unequal outcomes are purely a product of prejudice then this is the result. The fact that there aren't really as many historical black authors of note is a "hate fact" and must be changed somehow - in this case by a reduction of white authors (who they are going to be replaced with isn't entirely clear). I liked this comment under the article: Sums it all up. What has the native population gained out of multiculturalism exactly?
  10. What has living abroad for the last 6 months got to do with it? I guess because it is "racist" to ask non-British to pay for medical care so we have to treat everyone the same whether they are British or not. What a load of bollocks.
  11. Yep and they like to use the rating system to silence other opinions too. The same 5-6 people will upvote/downvote every post that has the right/wrong opinion on it, whereas most normal people will just use it occasionally or are shamed into not voting for stuff they agree with. If you are neutral on the ratings then you probably have a lot more people secretly agreeing with you. Another tactic they like to use is they go on about something whenever they like, but if you disagree with it then you are "obsessed" with the subject. There should be a glossary of these methods made, it would be quite satisfying to point them all out every time they use them.
  12. If we're happy that a 16 year old can legally have sex then what is the problem with also letting them decide who they have sex with? If not them, then who exactly should be deciding for them?
  13. In terms of sexual consent 16 year olds are treated as adults. I can see in the future blokes having to be vetted by the goverment before they can sleep with a 16 year old. That won't be open to corruption at all.
  14. Football messageboards have been infested with Momentum types. Their method is to swarm these boards and continually shout down anyone in groups who gives any right wing opinions. They've all got loads of prepped answers and I've noticed whenever the So-Called BBC is mentioned they have a prepared list of Tories that have worked for the So-Called BBC that they reel off as "proof" that they aren't left-wing. Then one of the more "reasonable" ones of them will say something like "well if the left-wingers think they're right-wing and the right-wingers think they are left-wing then they are probably doing things about right". The days of the internet just being people without an agenda talking normally on messageboards are long gone unfortunately.
  15. Actually thinking about it, it's just society's disgust at unattractive men having sex with younger attractive women. That's why ugly famous blokes from the 70s who got some action are being criminalised, along with fat film producers in hollywood. Rock stars from that era got away with far worse, but because they are generally considered attractive then that's not a problem. I'm sure if Adam Johnson hadn't been such a dork he would have got away with a slap on the wrist too rather than a six year jail sentence.