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  1. Probably not looking at their terms and conditions. I pulled the plug on my bets as the Trump price just kept going up, I lost a bit, but not too bad and I didn't want to lose any more. Hope I don't regret that decision too much.
  2. Lolz they have them caught cheating on video and I'm sure still nothing will happen. The FBI and DoJ are all just sitting about saying "where's the proof?", er...you need to go out and investigate all this dodgy shit you total morons, that's how crimes are discovered. They need to do the whole election again from scratch, this one was total bollocks.
  3. It was 17.5-1 early this morning...suddenly 34-1. Maybe because Trump talked about trying in 2024 on that leaked video. But even so the movement of price was very fast.
  4. The thing is that there have already been loads of big reveals, the mathematical impossibilities, the countless eye witness accounts of fraud that corroborate each other, the closing of the counting stations before continuing to count in the night with no one watching, Dominion being involved in several fraudulent elections such as the one in Venezuela and now the whole company has disappeared, the truck drivers who transported the fraudulent ballots between states etc. etc. Each one of these should be enough to stop an election being certified. The problem is that no one in authorit
  5. What happened to the reveal of the zoom conference call with someone from the DoD and Bernie Sanders and AOC instructing people to commit sabotage in their government offices? It seems like it has just disappeared. So much stuff has happened that it is hard to keep track of it all.
  6. Apparently the press are attacking Barr because he granted special protection to the bloke investigating the origins of the Russian hoax investigation if Biden gets in: https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-donald-trump-robert-mueller-statutes-elections-ae0275b4eb23981c1e6fbf9fc49c3239
  7. That bloke is the least likely person I've ever seen to have any insider knowledge. How is he supposed to know any of this?
  8. It's just funny now, the whole election was completely farcical and the authorities are going to try to cover it up, despite 50%+ of the population knowing what happened. Without an official investigation Trump can't prove anything, it's impossible. He'll have to call in the army if he wants to win from here I reckon.
  9. It seems like they've got loads of evidence with monitoring during the election and capturing the servers from Frankfurt etc....but where is it? It's almost a month since the election, if they had this stuff all along then why haven't they produced it in any of their court battles? Meanwhile Arizona has certified the election there.
  10. Apparently the Dominion servers have crashed during the recount in Georgia, which is strange as it was a hand recount and finished about a week ago:
  11. Seems weird that Biden hasn't said anything about this. I'd expect to see a little clip of him saying he's fine etc. But we just get a grainy video of him doddering along.
  12. They were ordered not to use a software update on the machines so they could be observed, but a judge reversed the decision. Why are they being updated after the election anyway? And how exactly if they are not connected to the internet? It's just laughable now.
  13. I think he saw the fraud coming and set up people to catch it, but they all just betrayed him. The military were even lying about the number of troops the US has in Syria to him. Literally everything is against him now:
  14. Biden has "hurt his ankle playing with his dog" apparently https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-usa-election-biden/president-elect-joe-biden-twists-ankle-after-slipping-while-playing-with-dog-idUKKBN2890WS They're going to kill him off before January aren't they?
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