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  1. Lol lots of male models on here. I'm pretty sure this is the bird from the bottom left of the Ann Summers poster that you'd totally all turn down.
  2. She was the most Jewish looking person ever. Where's Carl when you need him?
  3. xyz

    Escape from LA

    Lolz the players were booed whilst doing their BLM shite before a NFL crowd in Kansas. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/american-football/54114028 I love the quote that they can't understand why people are booing. Er...maybe claiming with no evidence that all black people are victimised, it's completely the fault of white people and pushing it in their faces for months on end might have rubbed people up the wrong way. These people are so detached from reality it is ridiculous.
  4. xyz

    Selby Vs Ronnie

    Floyd Mayweather in boxing as well. In UFC they don't renew the contracts for fighters who are good, but boring to watch. I don't mind more defensive play in sports as long as it's part of the game like in cricket, but purposely taking a long time over your shots in snooker is just a form of cheating and they should have an overall shot timer for players.
  5. xyz

    Selby Vs Ronnie

    Selby's a hypocritical cunt and as dull as dishwater. His strategy is just to bog the other player down with tedious safety play and long shot times until they lose concentration. Delighted he lost in such dramatic circumstances and is massively pissed off about it. Probably the most exciting day of snooker ever with both games ending 17-16, the other semi final was just utter insanity.
  6. I seem to recall statistics a while back that showed if you take suicides out of gun deaths then the death rate among white gun owners in the US isn't that much worse than in Switzerland. Of course these stats are impossible to find now and you're a RACIST if you try to look for them or something.
  7. I thought the banged up some blokes for murdering him years ago. What's left to solve?
  8. At least the world famous chicken legs statue escaped unscathed.
  9. Where can white people go to avoid racism?
  10. Yes but who could possibly have guessed it was dangerous there?
  11. I am astounded that black blokes in hoodies are involved.
  12. Black bloke murdered in a "racist killing" 15 years ago, so of course there is a BBC show all about it now: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-53470369 I eagerly await the shows about the three white blokes stabbed in Reading recently.
  13. And yet when the Tories left power in 1997 houses were the cheapest they had ever been. There was no need for 50%+ of houses to be council housing as they were then, we've still got way more than other comparable countries. And of course they allowed house prices to fall when there was a crash and dodgy banks to go bust like Barings and BCCI instead of propping them up with our money (thanks Gordon). Spivs and speculators had to be careful back then in case they lost their own money. Mass immigration came under New Labour and really got going in the mid-2000s. But apart from tha
  14. London is going to be a complete third world shit hole. Of course white people will be blamed for no longer living there anymore.
  15. xyz

    Hagia Sophia

    Well the problem is that it used to be the Christian world, like a lot of the Middle East and is now almost exclusively Muslim. When half of Europe is the Muslim world too then should we just let them get on with it here as well?
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