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  1. maudit

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Fair enough, not sure how best to refer to those sets of values?
  2. maudit

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Interesting post thank you for your ideas. I agree culture and sense of identity can be strengthened in this way however I don’t see how this can save us from the demographic problem. If other cultures outbreed us we die out regardless of how we feel about our culture. Perhaps indirectly this would help if it made people more likely to fight, to support harsher rules on immigration and benefits to migrants? Good point that the lack of a written constitution is a big problem. Things worked ok with a homogenous population but it makes us more vulnerable than other countries and more reluctant to enforce our values on incoming cultures as nowhere is it written that those are our values. I need to give this more thought but my initial reaction is that I disagree that it is those institutions that make us who we are. I think they contribute but you could keep them and still end up in a religious hellhole. Imagine for example the monarchy converts, parliament becomes majority Islamic, sharia law enacted and Christianity tolerated initially. You have technically preserved all those institutions but in reality have saved nothing. Whilst I would not want president Blair I don't hold the monarchy in high regard, I get the impression they see us as interchangeable plebs and do not forget Charles wants to change to defender of the faiths plural. I think they would happily convert to Islam to save themselves. We need to get rid of FPTP for the parliamentary system to work; it no longer functions as a democracy. I live in a safe seat so my vote is worthless. Rule of law yes we need to ensure it is applied to all; however, the rule of law is now being abused for example with hate crime legislation to silence dissent. With Christianity I can see value in some of the traditions and morals but only with the power of the church constrained considerably as it has been for the last 200 years or so. Go back a few hundred years and Christianity was killing heretics and scientists. We had to fight it then and must always be vigilant against religion trying to take power again. In conclusion, none of those institutions are things I would be willing to fight or risk my life for. I think Enlightenment values are among the most important to European civilisation and what distinguishes us from other cultures. Scientific enquiry, empiricism rather than superstition, philosophy, freedom of speech including the right to ridicule monarchy, the government, and religion. Those Enlightenment values combined with the country-specific history, culture (music, ballet, literature etc), social conventions (British politeness, sense of humour) are what I consider worth saving (not forgetting the people themselves). I feel the Enlightenment values are (or were) common to all European countries and so would be a good starting point for a pan-European collaboration against the threat. I believe we need to defend the existence of nation states and in that respect some of the institutions you list are important as integral parts of a self-governing British nation state. I agree it is important to educate ourselves and help other people question the mainstream narrative. To enaable others to see the value in our culture and not blindly accept what they are told has the potential to be very powerful against the corrupt leaders and their mouthpiece. I will make more effort when talking to others but it is a fine line to walk to not end up a social outcast. These are all good things, I can see how they will help put the shallow consumerist culture into retreat but sadly think they will stand no chance against a violent fecund religion. Looking at other countries you can see it is a numbers or rather % game as to which culture dominates.
  3. maudit

    This is so, so, sad. Heartbreakingly sad

    Love, sex, children, provider. Maybe I am old fashioned or low confidence I really wanted a boyfriend and was much happier with one. It might depend on how introverted you are, do more confident extroverts have less need for a man?
  4. maudit

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    True we should be strategising instead or moaning. Maybe internal migration will naturally produce protected areas and we can fight back from there. FPTP makes it very difficult to make government policy change fast enough. What would you suggest we do?
  5. maudit

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    I'm 31, ime the smart people my age say our generation is fucked in terms of house/jobs/money/debt. Even if things change it is too late to catch up now vs wealth accumulated by this age by the older cohorts. The rest distract themselves with sjw nonsense or social media narcissism. Only those exposed to the full delights of diversity (Tower hamlets, Luton etc) have any realisation of the demographic problem that awaits us and our children. The demographics worry me more than the money as a country of people with a similar culture and values could easily rebuild; the rising rop popn guarantees civil war or sharia. The fact that the same story is playing out all over the Western world (except Russia and E Europe) is deeply depressing to me. I feel all the lands of my ancestors have been given away to people who would kill me and my children without a second thought. Will we prevail? I don't want my children to die. I don't want to wear a burqa. We had a post-Enlightenment relative utopia. We now face annihilation. I could never have predicted this as a child in the 90s everything felt safe and optimistic. I would feel far more reassured if I sensed more people waking up to this and prepared to fight but it is all too slow, too late.
  6. maudit

    Good computer tools for your trade

    SQL, R, Python, SAS, Matlab. Use SAS the most (industry requirements). My friend works in fluid dynamics and all their code is in Fortran. I did work experience at Polytechnique with Manneville, he was very clever and very nice.
  7. maudit

    When did you last use a fax machine?

    Last time I dealt with fax at work was in 2011 as some doctors in the UK and Germany used to send SAEs and urgent data query responses via fax. People opting out is causing a big MNAR problem with UK medical research. If it is anonymised why not allow your data to be used by researchers? As mentioned by spy analysis of medical data allows us to improve systems, policies, and treatment. Pharma have to pay for the data which gives UK income.
  8. That is interesting, I wonder if boys struggle more with mother cheating and girls with father cheating. I think if my mother had cheated I would have felt sad for my father whereas if my father had cheated I would have suffered more and felt afraid of being abandoned. Regardless people should put happiness of children first.
  9. Do you approve of a man cheating on a partner or were you thinking only of multiple partners outside of a relationship? I think deception is wrong whatever the sex of the person.
  10. I disagree either bad for both or ok for both. Why the double standards? I know men have the risk of being cuckolded which is worse but women have risk of stds if the man cheats.
  11. maudit

    Children's Characters You Can't Stand

    I liked Minnie Mouse when I was about 3-4 yrs old but you are right I can't remember watching any cartoons, I think I just liked her dress and shoes. I went to disneyland and was very sad when she did not accept a bracelet I had made for her. The teletubbies are all kinds of wrong I don't trust them.
  12. maudit

    HMOs for sale

    I'm in W Kent live in town but there is an oast house round the corner from my house nr E Sussex border. Did you go to school in W Kent or NW? I know lots of people who commuted to school in W from NW.
  13. maudit

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Sorry I can't make the protest good that someone is going to represent dosbods. It is easy to walk back to charing x from any part of that route. I went to a few protests including the anti-iraq war march on my own was fine but different split in public opinion than for this.
  14. maudit

    HMOs for sale

    Yes they probably will was not that long ago they did the Lamberhurst bypass but population and congestion increasing.
  15. maudit

    HMOs for sale

    Looks like it is near blue boys roundabout? Every time drive there it is gridlocked on approach to roundabout. Even with the parts of the A21 they have dualled the traffic is terrible at rush hour.