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  1. Do you also have the self-confidence to allow her to have another man in this arrangement?
  2. Are you looking for a career change? If you have physics you can earn good money easily in the area I work in.
  3. I never worked in a bank saw them as too evil. Considered being an actuary had an interview but it looked dull. What I do now is interesting (to me ) but I miss proper maths.
  4. I studied Physics then maths. Worth the effort to get a 1st as I was offered funded MSc with stipend. Graduated during the recession most of the big employers shut down their graduate scheme for a few years, lots of friends with good stem degrees were working in supermarkets and call centres. I don't like stats but I didn't want to work for a bank.
  5. Worst accent is posh english. Geordie and welsh accents are the friendliest. I like men with scottish, yorkshire, or manchester accents.
  6. I have family in Versailles used to be full of catholic families with 5+ children all wearing petit bateau. Not so many about now. My brother has 4 children don't think he gets any famille nombreuse benefits as a high earner.
  7. maudit


    I haven't watched other videos but that one linked above I'm not impressed. No subtlety to her analysis. She says most gay people and muslims can't feel love? Where is her evidence? Not true in my experience of gay people and muslims. That is the problem with these youtube videos, If you analysed the text of what was said you would see how many are poor quality. In video format easy to gloss over the terrible content with distracting visual tat.
  8. That would work but I'm vegetarian Is making me question vegetaian diet as is difficult to get 32mg non heme iron a day and so much hinders absorption of iron. Don't know if my diet is deficient all the time or depleted when I have spleen problems I can hardly eat for a month.
  9. Yes the pink hair man and britany woman both smug attention seekers and not worth so much time. If CA had successfully helped Hilary/remain win the reaction and coverage would likely have been very different. I'm sure google and facebook are doing similar so the outrage is more that CA did it more effectively and for the wrong side. Data analytics and targeting news stories and ads is nothing new only more sophisticated now. I think the encouraging young blacks not to vote in one of the countries they mentioned was wrong. Makes you wonder what similar behind the scenes has gone on here to increase apathy in the young.
  10. Did you end up taking b12? I'm anemic and low ferritin, low neutrophils, b12 just in normal range. Started taking iron and is making me feel sick. Don't know whether to take b12 too or if it is ok at the lower end of normal.
  11. The children not as healthy as those fathered by a younger man. Not irrelevant. Higher risk of miscarriage with old sperm, autism, schizophrenia, low intelligence. Old men can be attractive but if you need sperm get it from a younger healthier man.
  12. Their sperm still peaks around 25 though. 40 yo sperm is not so good quality lots of mutations errors accumulated.
  13. I assume people in their 50s are grandparents, think I might have accidentally offended some Parents are so old now a boy asked my child if mr m was her brother.
  14. You can bring up children in rented and go without car and holidays. Otherwise risk being infertile by the time house prices crash.
  15. maudit

    Plant a tree

    Do you have ash trees, any dieback? I have a big ash tree in my garden, it looks healthy atm but have seen so many dead ash trees in woods nearby