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  1. maudit

    VAT for private schools -- Hammond again

    Yes here you assume children at private school are thick. We were living in Nottingham when we had children, one of my main reasons for moving back to Kent was the schools. Rent is double but most state primary and secondary schools are very good. In other counties the best schools are often religious or comprehensives near most expensive houses. How is that fairer? Imo the politicians destroyed grammar schools to remove competition from the bright but poor.
  2. maudit

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    From the revolution there is still a deep mistrust of religion for the non-Catholic which makes it easier to see the danger of Islam. Religion is described as a snake which will try to take over and must always be resisted. Typically most teachers are atheist and promote the advantages of a secular state. Having the main religion as the fluffy CoE has fooled the British that all religions are similarly benign. After the Bataclan and other attacks I think there was a significant increase in people applying to join the army. Does anyone know if there was a similar trend here after terrorist attacks in the UK? I hope our response extended to actions other than bee tattoos.
  3. maudit

    Facebook falling

    I think the trend is the other way now with older people more likely to have facebook? Some school classes use facebook groups to share information. Elder child class switched to facebook communication despite 10% parents not having a facebook account. Younger child's class where there are younger parents, half had no facebook account so they could not justify making the switch. I have no account and hate facebook but do miss out on some communication now because of it.
  4. maudit

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    I had heard Grenoble was horrible; we go to a village up in the mountains and stick to Annecy and Geneva if feel like going somewhere bigger. If we avoid French school holidays it is so nice to go out in the mountains with nobody else about. Have also found the Maghrebans more similar culturally than most of the British Pakistani and Bangladeshi I've worked and studied with. Less influenced by Saudi Wahhabism. I think apart from the terrible youth unemployment quality of life is better in France than here. Less densely populated, longer holidays, better food and climate (excluding Picardy Calais region), bigger houses. Probably also true for Spain and Italy? Lots of my family have bought a plot of land and had a house built designed by an architect. You can only do that here if you are super rich.
  5. maudit

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    Different culture towards alcohol, grandparents used to give us diluted wine as children . Alcohol with meals only or aperitif, wine every day but never to get drunk.
  6. maudit

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    You are right I think 1,3, and 5 more than the others. The summer just after the Nice attack we were on holiday in France at the beach. ISIS had threatened beach shootings so I found it difficult to relax and kept thinking about how we could escape if something happened. Last 2 holidays we have gone to the French Alps, not enriched and not worried about terrorism there but the supermarket prices are painful. Very dodgy and the migrants who attack cars are moving further out. Calais encapsulates many failures of the EU project, complete destruction of a town overtaken by gangs of violent migrants and the EU leaders do not care. Then you think about why they all want to come to Britain and all that is wrong with our system for that to be the case. There was a young African man clinging to the underside of the coach on a school trip. He disappeared into the Kent countryside as the coach company did not want to be fined. Not sue how but they should change the way the fines work to fix this as there is an incentive to lose/not report migrants? Love the A16 route out of Calais often completely clear with great views especially compared with A26/A1.
  7. maudit

    12 years to save the earth

    Blood group incompatability is an intetesting one. I'm O- , husband half Chinese and B+. If anti-D was not available 2nd child and all subsequent would die as babies pre-modern medicine. Even with anti-D had positive Coombs test 2nd baby and jaundice which they said may have been caused by anti-B antibodies. Wihout medical treatment I can only breed with O- men.
  8. maudit

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    My eyes go up to the right too when problem solving and I visualise the solutions, few words for logical ordering and steps if necessary. Sorry not a good example of a female, maybe I have a male brain Find for maths need to switch off verbal part of brain and not consciously think about it, allow deeper part of brain to work it out. For lengthy proofs go to sleep then wake up in the morning knowing the answer.
  9. maudit

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    I can visualise objects, shapes and functions, scientific processes. I struggle when reading books to imagine the characters and only get a vague impression similar to how you describe trying to visualise the bus.
  10. maudit

    Why can’t you afford a home?

    We have recently moved in Kent on train main line, removal guy was saying they were very busy compared to normal for this time of year as people selling worried about Brexit. Worst round here are the newbuilds tiny and in shit location for 500k+.
  11. maudit

    Poll: Male sexual thoughts

    I have found I feel instantly awkward around some men and thinking about it it is the ones I find attractive. Maybe it is a more unconscious thing for women. End up fancying lots of male friends and colleagues. At some times of the month can't help noticing all suitable men
  12. maudit

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Men's preference for bmi 18-19 is tied to this appearing youthful as typical shape of young women rather than it of itself being the optimum bmi for fertility. By signalling youth it maximises long term potential fertile time not current fertility. Minimum healthy would be closer to 20. bmi Yeh fat women get PCOS and other hormonal problems.
  13. maudit

    The normalisation of female obesity

    How do you know she is definitely not unhealthy? She looks borderline minimum bodyfat% for ovulation. My periods stop when I go below 54kg bmi 18.9. Not saying models should be fat - I think victoria's secret models look healthy.
  14. maudit


    There are so many strange counter-intuitive to our ape brain results. I also love how complex numbers are used in physics and electronics.
  15. maudit

    The Ubermensch commeth

    To be fair observational proof of the theory is needed to get a Nobel. Some observational data are easier to obtain than others so I wouldn't rely on Nobel prize as a marker of how good a physicist is. That said I agree with your list/analysis.