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  1. maudit


    Grapefruit juice inhibits enzyme which metabolises estrogen causing raised estrogen levels; it is therefore possible it could make the pill less effective and may also raise breast cancer risk.
  2. maudit

    New York

    I was in Paris 2 weeks ago. In the centre fine safe walking round all day with children, the Parisians were uncharacteristically friendly. Children read the graffiti, mummy what does on vous baise mean? Late night lift back from the 19th, Porte d'Aubervilliers to 'porte de l'enfer' Porte de la Chapelle big gangs of Africans sitting around, crack dealers, crack heads, massive migrant camp, tents everywhere and rubbish strewn about, stop at the traffic light and homeless man starts hitting the car. Round the corner a lone token police car.
  3. I sold a mascara to Nigella Lawson. She was very nice and looked better in real life. My mum met Paul McCartney a few times through work. Also know a few of his neighbours and people who have done work for him. Heard nothing but good things - very down to earth and generous.
  4. maudit

    HPV vaccine

    Without getting into the pros and cons of the vaccine many studies have shown approx 90% cervical cancers are caused by hpv. Before modern medicine doctors noticed nuns rarely had this cancer whereas prostitutes had higher than average incidence. I think it strange they never mention this risk factor at school during pshe lessons.
  5. Most girls are groped as teenagers it is unpleasant at the time but no lasting damage and not worth any hysterics. When I was 13 a boy followed me and repeatedly groped my breasts when I was swimming, my friend's older sister shouted at him and that was the problem solved, no weeks of crying or mental breakdown. When I was 16 a man put his hand up my skirt grabbed my arse, I didn't like it. I could go on so many examples make you a bit more wary but no mental damage done. Not sitting her exams because a boy touched her arm ffs my friend sat her A levels the day after her mum died.
  6. Why not go for the Chinese approach, everyone is allowed 1 or 2 children but no more?
  7. Tempo effect Age you have children only important when fertility not at replacement. Growth rate = log(TFR/2)/Mean age woman As TFR->2, growth rate ->0
  8. It is difficult to compare exactly because in general the French food is higher quality. Some food is cheaper in France - butter, cheese, wine. The French govt banned supermarkets from selling branded food at cost (the loss leaders). I don't know why otherwise, partly weak £ vs euro, maybe less competition between the supermarkets or all the French regulation. A few examples (price in £ for both Fr/UK) pineapple 2.1/1 bio carrots kg 2.3/1.5 cucumber 1.3/0.6 brocoli kg 2.7/1.5 organic chicken 9.8/7.5 beef mince 11/5 cornflakes 3.33/2 nappies each 29p/12p My family fill the car when they come here as save so much money.
  9. I work in South London sometimes; I don't think it is too bad - nicer than E London or the 93. Overall London has less of a depressing feel than Paris + environs. It has, basket of shopping that would cost ~£20 here is 40-50 euros.
  10. Mine complains there are no "snacks" when I do the shopping as I don't think to buy the crap he wants to eat. When I make crumble which should be enough for whole family at least 2 days he claims to get hungry later and finishes the lot I think this pieshop but perhaps normal man?
  11. maudit


    Do the chemicals added like pthalates and BPA degrade quickly in the environment? Then risk of microplastics solely mechanical not chemical - endocrine disrupter.
  12. Not a bad idea, they do use French BTS students on placement in the hotels in summer but there are probably not enough of them to cover all the staff on holiday.
  13. maudit


    I think some other posters mentioned her face has the features of fetal alcohol syndrome: It is possible her Asperger diagnosis was incorrect and correct diagnosis was FAS; there is sufficient overlap in the functional symptoms and presumably the parents would be more likely to accept diagnosis of ASD over FAS.
  14. South Asians are an interesting group re obesity. They are genetically destined to have low lean body mass (possibly adaptation to their historically low cal diet) leading to high risk of metabolic problems like diabetes when they put even a little fat on. Even when they appear thin many will be fat-thin with fat accumulating around the organs/abdomen.
  15. maudit

    Thomas Cooked

    I admit my hatred is not rational but it makes men look ridiculous. If it was a traditional costume that made them look good I wouldn't mind.