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  1. maudit

    Being a nation of land whales has its perks?

    Yes cup volume much bigger but also the band size is ribcage, our bones have not got bigger so unless lots of women have taken up rowing the bigger band size will be non-boob flab.
  2. maudit

    Islamification of Europe

    Looks like 80% is a reasonable estimate only for young women age 18-24. If we take Brexit vote as a proxy: Looking at the voting patterns I would estimate across all age groups 55-60% women support the ideas you listed. It feels closer to 80% because they make all the noise and are given a platform by the MSM.
  3. maudit

    Being a nation of land whales has its perks?

    I had a friend who worked on an app for an online bra shop. The women could take a picture of themselves clothed and the app would tell them their bra size. He was able to correctly guess my bra size. Mostly change will be fatter women but there has also been more awareness of correct fitting for bras over the last decade leading to women wearing bigger cup sizes. In the past lots of women would go to M&S and be fitted the wrong size like 36D instead of 30F.
  4. maudit

    Me and my Vulva

    They did that back in 2017
  5. maudit

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    I think there is something in what you say. The political and social system we are tending towards is one which rewards the worst of female behaviour. Then you look at the tactics used, they can't win by logic so destroy by ostracising, shaming, false accusations which is how things are in all female power structures. The two sides look to be nationalism, logic, tradition, meritocratic competence vs globalism, emotions, progressiveness, hierarchy of the oppressed? Gender war not quite the right term as there are many women on the side of men and vice versa but it does describe succinctly the defining strategies and values of each side (albeit stereotyping massively).
  6. maudit

    The mother in law on holiday avoidance thread

    I think it depends on the people, my parents are fine and I'm happy to go on holiday with them; my husband prefers spending time with them to his own parents. ILs don't do looking after children, last time my sister in law went out for several hours every day leaving me with her 3 young children to look after as well as my own 2 whilst my husband hid away. Her children infected us all with a vomiting bug so I spent the week cleaning up sick.
  7. maudit

    The mother in law on holiday avoidance thread

    My in laws have booked a week without asking us this summer . Last time we went with them it was the worst holiday, doctors with a god complex and collection of BTLs. I can only cope with my mil for a day before her passive aggressive comments start to drive me crazy. I'm wondering whether to make it so I can't go because of work.
  8. maudit

    1 in 10 Kids in Northern Ireland are Mental

    I would guess it is mostly secondary age children. 10% does not sound unreasonable, 2 or 3 in each class. Could be people are more horrible now. There is a little boy leaves near me, about 6/7. I thought he had leukemia as he had no hair and appeared to be not at school. A mum I know was chatting with his mum and it turns out he was bullied so badly at school his hair fell out and he stopped eating. He was at a prep school. I didn't think children that young would be so horrible.
  9. maudit

    Abortion at 9 months WTF???

    I find the reasoning in that article very strange. They appear to be arguing it is ok to kill people who have no aims. So babies can be killed by this reasoning but also older children, I don't think my 4 year old has aims. Old and depressed people might also have no aims. It has never occurred to me that killing people is wrong primarily because it stops them 'accomplishing their aims'
  10. maudit

    Lottery lunacy

    Thinking about it more I would say it is possible as you said that the machine does not mix to an extent that ensures equal probability of all balls. I would imagine however that the times the balls comes out help mitigate against this - extra randomness from the times they come out? Or is there a set pre-programmed time between each ball?
  11. maudit

    Lottery lunacy

    Our intuitive sense of what a random selection 'should' look like is wrong. Clusters just as likely as even selection from each set of 10. For lottery example think once a ball has come out all the remaining balls have equal probability of coming out next. If ball number 12 comes out then the next one just as likely to be 11 or 13 as any other of the remaining numbers. On a tangent but this makes it easy to spot when people are falsifying data and trying to create what they think is a random. My colleague noticed some that didn't look right and it ended up in a court case.
  12. maudit

    Wannabee Workers Wankered

    We get this recruiters say company only wants full time office based in Uxbridge/Slough/some other hole with congested transport links. Yeh good luck with that, skills shortage means we can set the terms, got several other companies offering full time wfh with better rates. Not going to relocate our family to somewhere horrible yet expensive to sit in a depressing office or spend hours and £thousands on the train up to central London. I'm ~35mins train to London Bridge but easily can be 1hr 40mins each way adding in the walk each side and depending where office is in London.
  13. maudit

    Trivial Things that annoy you

    @Stuey example doesn't sound like Estuary English to my Kentish ears. Estuary normally pronounce t in middle of words (unless next syllable starts with a consonant) but use glottal stops when words end in t. Cockneys use glottal stop in middle of words. I thought Tony Blair went to private school in Scotland?
  14. maudit

    Organ donation

    I am on the organ donor list. If I die I would rather some good come from it. One of my husband's friends had a kidney tranpslant in his 20s and it changed his life. Before he was spending lots of time on dialysis. I hope they find a kidney for your daughter. I know a retired couple who look after young guide dogs. I didn't realise there is not much funding for guide dogs so they rely on volunteers. If anyone is good with dogs I think it sounds like a worthwhile cause.
  15. maudit

    Jeremy Hardy

    I had never heard of him until about 6 years ago my friend who liked him wanted me to go with her to see him live. It was more of an angry politics lecture than comedy. The one I cannot stand is Sara Pascoe she has only 3 topics 'I'm a socialist', 'I'm a feminist' and 'I'm vegan' and is therefore inserted into most BBC comedy.