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  1. maudit

    Fathers Day

    Amazing man. Superhuman empathy and patience. The poor children I wonder if they were in care because their parents couldn't cope with their needs. Most would struggle with 1 let alone 5.
  2. Maybe they changed the rules, when did you study? I was 2005-2009 and it looks like rules are the same now.
  3. You don't, students not credited with NICs for the years they are studying. Years I was at university I only have contributions from my paid employment and none of those years show as full NIC.
  4. I'm in Kent normally use taxi as it works out cheaper than the airport parking, costs £40 each way to gatwick. Official parking for that long at the airport would be about £90-100, not much different to using taxi from your brother's house when you factor in petrol and hassle of taking the bus transfer.
  5. I assume you are talking about the set of real numbers? Start from the axioms of the real numbers You can then use the above axioms to prove the properties of the operators with negative numbers that you are interested in, that x - -(y) = x +y, (-x)*(-y)=xy etc I can't be bothered to write out a proof now unless you want to see it. It will be long and boring
  6. Not Sevenoaks, school is average for the area. Schools in the less expensive parts of town proportion higher.
  7. 1/3 of my child's reception class is EE - mostly Romanian and Albanian. Barely any in Yr2 so I think the younger ones are from parents that moved over to have children here 2014 onwards (when Romania was allowed in? Don't know how the Albanians ended up here). Population has increased msssively where I'm from in the SE compared to the 90s. Only local people notice or complain about it, those that have moved from elsewhere never knew any different.
  8. I would be wary of taking a multivitamin/mineral supplement daily. Some vitamins and minerals have been recommended based on low quality observational studies; when better quality studies were conducted they have turned out to increase risk of diseases like diabetes and cancer (eg vitamin E and selenium). Individual supplements that you have researched and have reason to believe you are deficient in or will otherwise benefit your health are probably fine.
  9. The sound of distant church bells or even worse the sound of a low flying plane overhead. Sounds like the end of the world.
  10. I've used one like that and didn't like it. Men's piss smells horrible. And when they are older I'd not send my daughters to the toilet alone if it was mixed whereas I would for female only.
  11. Correct those (mainly the first) are the proposed causal mechanism for the treatment. The guy who came up with the idea was ridiculed by the psych community so the pharma makers of botox were hesitant to sink millions into a trial.
  12. Yeh that was a problem, double blind placebo controlled with the placebo women injected with saline but there is likely to be unmasking as with botox you can feel there is some paralysis. It does appear to work so they are doing a phase 3 this year.
  13. Strangest study I worked on involved botoxing depressed women so they can't frown.
  14. Meeting my husband, I know it is post-rationalisation but it feels like we were meant to be together. My children, they bring me much happiness best thing in the world is hearing them playing and laughing together. Leaving my last job; don't want to stay in academia but am enjoying spending a few years working on methodology. Recovering from anorexia.
  15. it is more difficult to wee without getting it on your clothes/feet when you don't have a hose