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  1. I assumed it would go back to the same Indo European root but appears not: Oestre from Proto-Indo-European root *h₂ews-, meaning 'to shine'/dawn/east Oestrus from from Proto-Indo-European *h₁eys-, used to form words denoting passion/strengthen
  2. Survive for years got lots of them too. Trying to get rid of the onion weed first as I think it is the more invasive, propagates by bulb splitting and by seed. The spanish bluebells will be my next mission do you just dig them up or do they make bulblets too? Saw a frog when I was weeding last night I think he liked it there as its a shady damp area. Once the area is clear will need to plant something else nicer that likes the shade.
  3. Non-expert opinion having walked round recently it did look in poor repair, stone sides and back dark grey from pollution, many gargoyles badly eroded a few had fallen off could be seen on the ground. When I told daughter last night about the fire she asked if it was at the 'dirty church'.
  4. On the decline, similar to here.
  5. My mum is French, was in Paris last week visiting family.
  6. I have never felt so demoralised. How to fight and survive as a people If they destroy our history and symbols of our nation.
  7. So sad took my children to see it a few days ago. There was lots of scaffolding, soldiers with guns walking round and bag search to get in.
  8. Good question. My friend has suggested her teenage son for babysitting. I think he is fine but prefer to use a girl. Then feel guilty is it horrible to not trust males by default? Is prevalence of paedophila in males so high as to justify this?
  9. Radishes, rhubarb, spinach, runner beans. Garden already had strawberry patch, blackberries, cherry tree and currants; have added raspberry plant. Blueberry still in pots not decided whether to plant out yet. Allium triquetrum all over the garden. Anyone had success removing it? Spent an hour digging it up but there is too much.
  10. The degrees involving labs more expensive than fully classroom based like maths, not huge difference but still partly subsidised by the govt I think. Remember the chaos + fractals prof talking about the absurdity of some of the models and assumptions in finance and economics.
  11. Horrible and the price thought Maidstone was cheaper? Could get nicer house same price in Tonbridge or TW. Went out night in Maidstone for the first time a few weeks ago...chavs and pikeys. River and surrounding countryside nice.
  12. Agree we reluctantly bought a house in Oct probably already worth less than we paid. I hope prices go down can't see how they can keep increasing with future generations having lower wages, student debt, IRs close to zero and high multiples already. We pulled out of one before as survey revealed everything needed doing, 100k work and vendor would not lower price. Still not sold now.
  13. Depressing so many people subsidised by the state to do expensive physics or engineering degrees who then go into finance. Seems a waste to spend life optimising moving money around for banks. At work we hypothesised this was why standard of Russian grads was much higher than the British; they didn't have finance industry capturing the top numerate graduates.
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    Not watched the last episode yet so I might change my mind.
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    Fleabag is very well written. I like the Irish priest I think it was on BBC a year ago.