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    Been trying to skill up a bit with car maintenance so did mine, bit of a pig to get to - mainly due to having to swing oil filter out of the way but not a difficult fix and sensor is cheap - one bolt and o ring sealed sensor.. Should not be expensive to replace at garage - so worth a first stab at the replace if in doubt I reckon.
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    Had a crank sensor go (not Hyundai), bad starting which progressively got worse together warning light (specific light was less than helpful).
  3. Easy to overlook the cost savings (assuming battery is not going to be failure during ownership - not necessarily outright failure but drop in spare capacity below utility) and still get sticker shock vs s/h ICE equivalents. My price/pain point is sub 5K s/h for 150 mile range EV. At that I think it makes it a viable purchase for second/shared car for me as cheap runaround. Realistically there simply has not been enough production yet to get the volume in the s/h market for some real bargains to appear. Prices hardened a bit over the last year due to demand and incoming LEZ's. Solar not up yet though should be over next year or so waiting patiently.
  4. Prof Goodenough is the God of Lithium battery development for what I've read, if he states some battery stats then pretty good chance they are not bull. Vol build is critical, Mini running a mixed line producing Ice/EV's on the same line to order- if this efficient enough then there's the model for the big manufacturers to ramp up that part of the production cycle and switch from ICE to EV. Rumour today is that VW looking to take over Tesla - now that could be bull.
  5. Well if they are taking advice from other scientists then they are not exactly in a position to make any decisions, especially if they haven't got any scientific background to critically judge what is put before them.
  6. Turo / EasyCar - though think they are daily hire of private vehicles.
  7. Utilisation would be extremely high (particularly for first adopters before the market got saturated), a dependable EV should have extremely low maintenance costs vs any ICE equivalent and low downtime and low fuel costs. The Dolmus model (small minibus) running a rough route on no strict timetable but with hundreds running around did seem particularly effect when seeing it in Turkey in particular. Longer trips were all served by coaches on a strict timetable. Did seem very optimal use of resources and efficient.
  8. There is that as well and it will suit a lot of people. Working self drive/hire would be way cheaper than ownership.
  9. Not completely unfounded, have been following some people who know far more about the tech and battery chemistry / trends and they are in not much doubt at all what is coming down the pipe. Bit like Moore;s Law and and the increasing capabilities of computers there is so much money and market to go for there is an avalanche of money chasing the goal now.
  10. EV's really are very efficient, The growing demand of EVs The Bloomberg report states global electricity consumption from EVs is expected to grow from just 6 TWh in 2016 to 1,800 TWh by 2040. While the figure represents a massive increase in the electricity required to power EVs, 1,800 TWh represents just 5% of the projected global power consumption in 2040. By comparison, the UK as a whole consumed just 304 TWh of electricity in 2016.
  11. Excessive heat kills the battery, which is why fast charging is a risk, batteries do have active cooling though and as they progress and get lower internal resistance / different tech even that problem is likely to become non-issue. Never been a fan of hydrogen fuel cell, carrying around all the weight for power generation and fuel seems sub optimal. Good/better battery tech is all that is needed.
  12. Not sure how they got those numbers as now 50/60KW pack for that sort of range, so fast charge requirements will be somewhat higher than that, but even so things are improving across the board in both battery and charging tech.
  13. Think he misses the point that higher fossil fuel costs will swing the cost advantage away from cheap labour economies, not only will it increase their cost base and overtly increase pressure on wages in those countries the transportation round the world cost increases with it. I see it as mildly positive for a rebalanced economy in the West and if anything a spur to local production.
  14. This isn't about switch to EV's. It is about having no car at all, so EV / ICE is irrelevant and marginal to the point. ................ People will have to get out of their cars if the UK is to meet its climate change targets, MPs say. The Science and Technology Select Committee says technology alone cannot solve the problem of greenhouse gas emissions from transport. It says the government cannot achieve sufficient emissions cuts by swapping existing vehicles for cleaner versions.
  15. One other point don't this is an EV/ICE issue, the inference from their comments is resort to NO car ownership, as obviously EV's still need power generation and a lot of that will be fossil based. They are talking about switching to walking / cycling / public transport