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  1. Stayed in Naples the night we landed, GPS stopped working and had deviil of a job finding the hotel - the hotel logo made it look like a cliff top building in the middle of nowhere - you guessed it, nothing like that at all! Hung around for a few hours next morning but drove out soon after, so yes would not stay there given long itinerary and short time.
  2. We had honeymoon on the coast, got very lucky with the accommodation but think the hotel has since gone and ended up with a small private villa for the week for the price of the room, couldn't believe our luck. IIRC we did Pompeii and Herculaneum in same day but stayed over opposite the Herculaneum station the night before, early start and out whilst still cool(ish). Forget any of the beaches round there - tiny and packed or private and ludicrously expensive. Positano was the stand out place on the Amalfi coast. Really liked Capri too, chair lift to summit. The car park up Vesuvius was not far from the summit (at least when we went).
  3. On the other hand market at moment for anything decent with more people pushing up price of small cheap petrol's to get round London LEZ and other zones and away from diesels, purchase price differential could have a big effect. Also lots of petrols are not that much less complex/expensive to repair, turbos on small engines etc.
  4. Not that nice, was her money and just raised my hand before the wife noticed. Good job it wasn''t a lemon. Daughter's gift from me will probably a lot of hours doing up her hous(s) in years to come.
  5. Bought DS3 for daughter, just over 3K (auction 62 plate), up to 65mpg and been fine (so far). My mechanic recommended a C3 which is pretty much the same without the styling. Can't go far wrong with most Skoda's so Fabia probably worth a look and certainly one will look at for wife's replacement car when the time comes.
  6. It is odd, in the days of handling equipment doing the grunt of work easy access an ease of erecting an external elevator would see sensible,.Just getting materials in/out of the church itself would be a headache, as well as creating additional headaches with keeping it open or partially open for the public, you really want to isolate public and work areas as much as possible.
  7. Ah yes, Our Lady has asked for a no-fault divorce from its roof, no lawyers involved.
  8. Yes, could be just clever playing the green card to build holiday camps withs spas. Poor sod though, his wealth has put him and his family in the firing line with top end hotels being targeted and history of other problems with including kidnapping. "The shooting season is quite short and is a declining and some would say an old-fashioned market. If you want to build a modern holiday business, you have to offer people warmth and comfort and offer something for female guests, and this is where the spa comes in.
  9. Not only will insurance come into play it underpins/influences/controls so many aspects of life way more than we realise. Companies behave certain ways largely because their legal / H&S departments are acutely aware of their insurance certificate wordings (directly or indirectly via work practice manuals) and what it means if they contravene them. That also includes not openly admitting liability, well certainly does with car insurance and see no reason not the case with commercial Liability insurance - so to a certain extent you'd expect various parties to not accept any potential liability and be expected to fight their position.
  10. The mess is the plan. As a means to block a sensible exit.Norway, Canada + disappeared into the background, Japan has been given almost open access to parts of the market no strings attached, Northern Ireland border made into a big thing when it never should have been, a canard. They don't want the direct responsibility to govern the country, they don't respect the county enough to deserve it either.
  11. I would have thought a temporary construction elevator would be largely open and just be mesh/guarding to keep occupants/others safe and reduce the weight - so much less shaft/chimney effect. If it was fully enclosed it would have next to sod all combustible material in its construction and chance of fire setting in the first place by escaping from it minimal. looked up escalator triggered fires on Google, I know Google is shit now, but does not seem like they are a thing. Interesting how the initial blame has meandered from one party / source to another and moved on to the next when those fingered have made their rebuttals. I think as has been mentioned, awaiting the lift manufacturer to enter the fray.
  12. Think I've been to three of the places (districts/cities) that were bombed, definitely two, just don't remember fully the location of the hotel we stayed at just off the plane before we set off round the island.
  13. It was obvious from Chequers, remember when the whole Brexit negotiating team had been sidelined/ignored and not even involved in the "negotiations" behind the scenes. Project Stitch Up. It achieved its goals.
  14. 1.4 million pages, they dug around as much as they could in his affairs, discussions and private communications. Remarkable really how clean he seems to be. Just imagine what would come up if the rest of Congress and Senate were exposed to such analysis.