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  1. There's a trail apparently Dominion, Dominion's holding company, UBS that funded the investment - recent to boot, China on top. FBI/DOJ utterly compromised as was seen from the illegal surveillance and Stelle dossier attempted overthrow of sitting president. NSA front and centre with the military for anything positive that might come out of this.
  2. Pretty heavy duty (compared to your average dremel), works well. Don't know why Lidl don't stock a large proportion of their specials year round and run them from a warehouse. They'd make a fortune.
  3. Complete ineptitude and disinterest in showing the efficacy of a whole raft of therapeutics via trials in the UK - a lot being used all round the world in poorer countries where the mortality rate is a fraction (sometimes tiny fraction) of that of the UK is looking murkier by the day.
  4. Who has the biggest reach in China? There's your answer.
  5. Posted this yesterday, corrected for age, so does;t seem like Africa's low mortality is age related profile. Under reporting there, or some other factors predominate. https://nutrition.bmj.com/content/3/1/118
  6. Exactly, even with the conventional vaccine they seem to be woefully unable to work out what it is doing to get these results, it is not as if the difference were small - it was 70 odd percent vs 90 percent.
  7. Hancock's pub landlord likely to die of an alcohol overdose whilst celebrating the rest of his life the amount of money he has made from one China Flu deal.
  8. @Long time lurking Beat me to that one. Cheating ad lying in every single way possible. There was the issue where it was suggested military ballots were deliberately delayed / not counted, worse than that, they were simply forged and never sent on the first place or replaced. Not so much laughing going on as in the first hearings.
  9. Problem is this is the sort of job that jobbing electricians don't like - time consuming without the substantial fitment that justifies a higher day rate - both to themselves and the client, no win for both.
  10. Is she still advertising on Smallrooms? If so demand deposit back and let her know that if not forthcoming you will follow up with Smallrooms and anywhere she is listed if she doesn't. Probably the least hassle way with greatest chance of working. We all know you are a rare breed Stokie, good on you.
  11. Only thing I would add is buy a tester to check cable is dead - useful to have one on hand infuture. Cheapest is LED / neon screwdriver do work though low latent voyages can be a little confusing and cause the LED the to glow less brightly - dial in how a particular indicator / screwdriver works by seeing how responds to a true live signal / otherwise, check working each time before checking if a circuit dead. All doable, next time electrician is round get them to disconnect at consumer unit. Wouldn't recommend rooting round a CU as native as some have a live busbar that is less than wel
  12. Electricians generally don't make good decorators. The time and effort really is all in the prep / finishing and not the electrics themselves. Speed and number of connections made is where they make their money and clever routing of cables which can be a royal PITA, replacing switch gear and sockets is easy. What is the wall construction - stone / brick, render then plaster? There's a lot of ways to prep this with fairly basic tools - make a small pattern with 4 rows of holes drilled in a square, fix to wall where you want to place the buried mattress and re-drill with a masonry drill, fi
  13. Who knew. https://nutrition.bmj.com/content/3/1/118 COVID-19 mortality increases with northerly latitude after adjustment for age suggesting a link with ultraviolet and vitamin D.
  14. Horrible interview by Gove. Why not just be honest, meals in pubs is a means of attracting the smallest number of people for the largest benefit for the business and employees at possibly the lowest risk. Not being straight up honest is the reason the govt are disbelieved on so many fronts. Looking at some of the exceptionally dodgy PPE deals that mistrust is not without reason, you then have to wonder how deep and wide the issue is.
  15. Not one but three - excluding Chinese and Russian variants, out of the gate pretty much all at the same time, remarkable. I was astonished to find out how many proper trials there had been on Vit D, rather than retrospective studies - which is just sifting through some data where some sort of knowledge of fit D levels was known amongst patients. Globally - one trial, in Spain, apparently.
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