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  1. A Skooza/scrooser copy. Uses golf cart tyres. I like the look of them for a runaround.
  2. Been home nearly all of last three weeks. Tiling end wall and alcove with split stone tiling. Final fit of woodburning stove and hearth - made a mistake with hearth size but edged it with contrasting marble and if anything looks better as a result. Daubing out a wall ready for finish plastering. Pointing stonework, loads more of that to do. Loads of electrics, chasing in and fitting to do. Have 8 meters of pallert racking to put int garage to help with storage and lift/replace the roof - well that is the plan. Bug better not get me as will leave one hell of a mess for wife to sort out.
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  4. They are doing very well, western response to mask supply and advice is scandalous, such a simple and effective additional barrier to spread.
  5. You don't have to be old. They Celebrated Basketball and a Birthday. Then Came Coronavirus. A tight social circle bound by New York City basketball is hit hard by Covid-19, with two dead and others ailing.
  6. There is still a chance that a significant number never show symptoms, never have even enough response to trigger a test positive. That plague ship, 700 odd out of 3500 got tested positive, what about the rest, were they exposed, did they have zero response to exposure, were they effectively immune or did they have such a mild response there was no test trigger. There were passengers who shared the same cabins with infected partners who did not catch the virus and test positive apparently. There is something odd with the stats that are available otherwise I think mortality and case rates would be much higher pretty much everywhere, especially as this has been floating around for months now across the world.
  7. It got into the care home system, quite the reverse of what you say though, rather than getting treatment there are not enough resources to give them treatment, beds kept for younger patients who need weeks of intensive care in same cases to even have chance to pull though - small percentage of cases but if the case count is large enough an inevitable consequence for any healthcare system.
  8. Like I've been saying for weeks the medical system in the west is not set up to make such decisions - to remove care based on age alone and then slide down the age range as the cases get younger and younger, It is an untenable situation than trumps all other considerations. If your medical system completely collapses you have really do have nothing left as a backstop. It trumps all.
  9. Yes, this was a medical issue and not a financial one right from the outset. They hosed the financial market with money. They got it very wrong.
  10. Yes, but numbers with this one so large, a real problem. Say 80% needed little more than oxygen, field hospitals would be the way to go, with easy transition to more invasive ICU facilities. Havingsaid that a very rapid and meaningful splurge of money into trials / medications wouldn't;t have hurt right from the outset. Looks at the financial response when the market started tanking- immediate, chichis what the response should have been when the Chinese situation blew up in their faces. The WHO should be on trial for their part in this, scandalous what they did.
  11. Yes, somehow you need to basically run two services - very difficult without 100% testing, full PPE etc. In this particular instance probably would have made little difference, the actual hospitalisation rate is debatable but it is higher than any reasonable number of reserve isolation hospitals would be able to over.
  12. 7 days in the same ballpark - 500 to 1K is probably a result. at least gives them hope in catching up and scaling up ICU care - deeply embedded in their care home system so will take a week or two for that to play out. Got to hope the wider control has worked to reduce spread.
  13. The bit they got right was not to encourage people with symptoms to approach general medical services - this is what probably happened in Italy,, the med staff got it and then very quickly transferred it to the care home system. You do not want people rocking up with an infectiious disease to the nearest GP with it as they are wholly unprepared to deal with it. Yo could argue that quarantine senators be set up but you would only want to transfer people known to actually have the virus. Think in this situation you need 100% all out effort to create rapid tests and test as you go and then plan / deploy accordingly. Lucky this virus is not even worse than it is.
  14. It collapsed locally about 3 months ago, shop gone, hardly ever saw anybody in it when wandering past. Not a loss at all.
  15. From what I've read seems like the best shout so far, made a lot of sense and from the anecdotal/third party ad hoc application of a treatment outside of formal trials seems to have theist success. Not a vaccine but the main issue is the hospitalisation rate, crack that and some normality can return.