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  1. Imagine being slumped over a kitchen table with members of parliament behind you with their trousers round their legs and you won't be far off.
  2. Mate's dad had a Vauxhall dealership, had one of the Monza's as personal car, there was a real wow factor for a youngster with the digital dash, felt like a spaceship.
  3. From my experience not enough, particularly when you actually want the extra power going up hills. Will depend a lot on whether geared motor or not and efficiency of motor but for the marginal additional cost think it would be a mistake to go 250W. Plus overall you will be working the motor and controller less, maxing out a 250W system for prolonged periods probably not best for reliability. For the amount of work setting it all up and might as well give yourself some flexibility with the larger motor.
  4. The Monza even nicer, there was the Manta too, whatever happened to Vauxhall design, back then they were some of the best designs going.
  5. The hatchback look pretty radical and different to other mass market cars at the time it was released, a bit Alfasud in overall shape but much more bulbous.
  6. A 5K battery that then effectively costs £105 to "recharge" with new Aluminium anodes (they're a lot more than just chunks of metal) - hence original price partly - something doesn't add up here at all, plus the cost of removal, transport and handling and transport back to location for re-use.
  7. Wondered when this would pop up. Non-recharageable. Very deceptive headline.
  8. Also the EU is more fractured now so debatable whether there is still a single EU perspective, before Merkel screwed multiple countries including her own what Germany wanted Germany got, with unanimity pretty much. Now there is outright refusal to enact some policies - Hungary for instance an there is a power play going on and split interests particularly where Germany and France are concerned with Macron looking to take front position. Ireland too, what they may get out of this deal in terms of a path towards united Ireland is also a factor.
  9. Bose Wave units are ideal - small format, fantastic sound (loud if you want it), built in Radio / CD, some with DAB. Issue is price, around £200 s/h but can be had cheaper at times. If you got one for under £150 you wouldn't regret it. One example.
  10. onlyme


    Working outside all last winter, a bomber/ushanka hat was fab.
  11. As long as the bike is speed limited and demonstrably so I think police would struggle to work out what power rating the bike was for a self build and you'd be OK. Youtube has plenty of bike home brew users travelling at stupid speeds in entirely the wrong settings, tracks and footpaths probably being the worst examples.
  12. Hand throttle is the way I went, didn't want peddle assist just boost when I specially wanted it or to be able to not peddle at all. That part worked great and as you say simple (but not strictly legal). However I had a front mounted non geared hub motor, 250W, where I really wanted maximum assist - just a few horrible long and steep hills it was not up to the job or the batteries couldn't kick out enough current for long enough. They were old style NIHM though so max current draw may have been an issue and not a patch on the high current lithium you can get now.
  13. Millions have had their work life blighted by cheap competition, housing costs blown even further away from reducing in real terms salaries, short term / zero hour contracts, prospect of no home / no chance to raise family in secure tenure. Makes a few expat's concerns (real or imaginary) pale into total insignificance.
  14. Depends on what sort of battery pack and charger you use - off the shelf setup - standard bike pack and charger, tool pack and charger, not so much. More of a home brew setup, anything from a baking tray to metal box can be used, depends on location really, if in house then yes you certainly want to be diligent, especially with the first few cycles. Lots of info on YT. The Pedelecs site and Endless Sphere are excellent resources for info for the build, the former smaller but UK based so better for sourcing as some stuff on the other site not easily or cheaply available in the UK.
  15. Next recession would be bad enough, they've put but it will be a lot worse as result. No Brexit, millions of EU workers (and non workers) and wide scale unemployment - a pretty much untenable and ungovernable situation.