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  1. The same as the £100contactless limit, the losses will be absorbed, the cherry on the cake is digital transaction only as a goal and if not in the meantime far less cash transactions, banking pretty much costless for the banks but delivering almost noting in return.
  2. Putting the positive spin on it you could say mass vaccination exposed a far larger proportion of the population in a shorter period of time so a small percentage negative reaction could cause out sized deaths vs the virus. The negatives - what happens next, after boosters, after exposure in the wild to the virus, after time -effects could run from months to decades.
  3. Posted a video yesterday. The WHO changed the terms of immunity to only include vaccination They are not interested in immunity, they are interested in vaccinating everybody. There is a whole debate whether natural immunity is better than vaccinated /selected, whether one or the other encourages vaccines / immunity escape in a population, whether vaccinating already exposed and immune individuals is wise / safe / effective. The science is (deliberately I think) stuck in a puddle when there's a whole ocean of unanswered questions.
  4. Would take everything going to perfection to keep this grand facade all hanging together. Gates, the WHO, Biden the brain dead surrounded by a private army, China continuing to spy on the US/everyone, US population not interested in the republican party, just one that will represent them, markets teetering on the brink, the control freak EU.
  5. What a lot of shit. They had to rephrase the headline as they got so much grief online for it. Gates is behind a lot of this (and others). He is an expert on software, viruses, global warming and climate modification don't you know. He has plans for all of them and forcing his way into the UN/WHO to enact them. Wasn't;t there a meeting with Boris, where are the notes if so.
  6. The stench from Gates / WHO is getting unbearable, special immunity to prosecution, changing rules - including the definition of immunity to be only immunity via a vaccine. Fuck this shit. https://www.bitchute.com/video/KFz3wGmUmgRK/ WHO INSIDERS BLOW THE WHISTLE ON TOTAL IMMUNITY OF BILL GATES THROUGH GAVI - THE VACCINE ALLIANCE
  7. Odd thing about dyeing is it always looks obvious, I suppose it may be bias in that the good dye jobs don't stand out and you don't know about them. Think if anything dyed beards stand out more than hair.
  8. Certainly a desire for control, using the most invasive techniques possible. May put into context the wide open borders - spread disease under control for decades -TB, hepatitis and cross sell improved border control with their vaccination programme
  9. EU 2019 plans for a far reaching EU vaccination / vaccination identification / access programme. How handy, how timely. https://www.bitchute.com/video/h79SEPlAwbMK/
  10. It won't need a new battery every six or seven years, if it did it would be a design fault. Early Leafs for example there were instances of this most lose a small fraction of capacity and owners just live with it, batteries are gaining capacity and durability all the time, in association with better charge management and batter natural ability to cope with non ideal charge/drive/het cycling of the battery chemistry itself. Running and depreciation curves are different, if anything Leafs have risen a lot s/h the last two years, maintenance should be well below an IC engine car too.
  11. At first glance many will think this bears poor comparison and offering not much more than early Leafs in terms of range, key though is the 50KW fast charging, which when the battery is only 25KWh means that even an empty fill is half an hour (well should be unless the battery throttles back excessively from heat after a longer run). Normal range starts at £13K ish, so still too much of a differential, max £5K premium for car in this price range. Having said that comparable Leaf was more like £30K a few years ago so getting there.
  12. Genetics, variable réponse after previous infections / immune system priming, chance.
  13. There isn't enough for white either - during winter months, we derive most of our vitamin D from sunlight and a large part of the year there simply isn't enough, let alone changes in work/living habits and a more housebound population.
  14. Nothing changed then, except being able to leverage european/global cost of living differentials as well. Farms, caravans. Loads of other businesses HMO and hot bedding overcrowded BTLs.
  15. Those responsible for assessing the risk and spread metrics for this disease have shown themselves to be either staggeringly inept or staggeringly corrupt. There was something definitely off when the likes of Deloitte were front stage in the government reaction force and the councils suddenly managed to fight the pandemic with a fuck ton of cycle lane building.
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