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  1. onlyme

    Here come the robots....

    Understanding basic percentages must be a struggle for his ilk, the warning signs were all there just in the debt/income ratios.
  2. onlyme

    Travellers descend on Train station car park

    Could be a portable silent gennie - you can use the same inlet for static connection or anything else that will generate 240v, could be mine that was nicked. Simpe solution, any vehicle found to illegally park up with intention of taking over a space for any period of time over say 24 hours caught twice just gets impounded. You can get your car towed away and the same if a few hours (or less) in a parking space without the correct payment.
  3. onlyme

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Wow, even using Startpage it has been memory holed.
  4. onlyme

    Gardening What are you sowing now?

    Good stuff, longevity is the obvious downfall with cheaper brands, don't know how the diamond particles are bonded but assume higher grade blades will have more diamond and better bonded and hence better life as a result. There's a golden rule with any cutting blades and that the sharper and more effective they are the safer they are - works for whatever you are cutting - cement, concrete, wood etc as a cutting blade doesn't snag / grab / heat up so much or need to be forced to do its job if it is sharp and in good condition - it is when you start pushing a worn out blade that problems occur, sounds like you used it well within its limitations and thus did not have any issues, which is just the way to do it!
  5. onlyme

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    Retirement for some seems to be a continuation of their work life. Could be making the mistake of judging others' work ethic from experience of your own.
  6. onlyme

    Poundstretcher - good or bad?

    What footfall there is though the pound shops do attract and engage a lot of it. I can see Poundland sticking around (or one of them at least), the competition really didn't;t offer anything significantly different product wise so their business will gravitate back to the remaining pound shops. I think they are missing a trick when it comes to other products to cross sell.
  7. onlyme

     MenACWY vaccination - caused by NEW people

    Swamping services across the board. Promulgating the housing bubble and the economics that goes with it. Increased debt, increased financial stress, lower pension provisions. Unaffordable housing - disruption of nearly years of a generation - now knocking on two generations - low settlement and birth rates. Congestion everywhere, not just road but trains at unacceptable levels - if there is an accident on one of the really overcrowded trains it would be carnage (no egress etc), there are masses of situations where anything like this would be immediately flagged as a severe H&S hazard.
  8. onlyme

    And you thought GDPR was bad

    Think I am right in saying this - the 10K limit has nothing to do with VAT, it is the limit for the expansion of digital reporting to broader range of companies and i think quarterly reporting all wrapped up in this..
  9. onlyme

    Tax credits and benefits paid to EU nationals

    Not just the unemployed but also the underemployed and working 1+ part time jobs or the ones on 16 hours a week to get max benefits vs least work.
  10. onlyme

    And you thought GDPR was bad

  11. onlyme

    And you thought GDPR was bad

    I can see the argument for keeping paper records as HMRC don't get to see them apart from during an investigation. Digital records, well duh, store them centrally when they are already been submitted, or do the bits magically fall off once entered into the government systems?
  12. onlyme

    Westmister car of peace

    Us safe? All I heard was talk about keeping a small enclave of politicians safe. Could be good in the long run - pictures can be taken of their safe space and compared and contrasted why they are not maintaining the safety of the rest of the population and enforcing proper border control.
  13. onlyme

    Fixer Upper!

    Could have been barely watertight for possibly decades before. Inlaws had a place in Brittany, we got to know the locals very well and the nearest neighbour was in her 80's and lived just in two rooms downstairs, the kitchen was still compacted earth presumably from the day it was built and the roof not in a great state of repair so probably leaking but not significant enough to leak through the to lath and plaster but probably already pretty dilapidated. 10,000's of similar properties must be coming up on the market in France every year in the rural areas.
  14. onlyme

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Guity of posting it, a few pages back in this tread, it has a high degree of Q'ness about it, including the AI element (well high level data analysis and self learning s/w algs) - it demonstrated (apparently) how you could build a whole data mining system from generally available tools and scan a 7TB database and put all the links together pretty damned quickly to find links that have in the wider world taken months/years to disseminate - although he did have the initial advantage f having target identities to seed the whole process. I did have the same thoughts about the source so I had a scan through some of his other posts including one on paying own money to do 4 high even pen testing and security courses - which would be highly relevant to the task. The impression I got from the posts I read was of a very capable techy, first post ever being in 2008 on the banking crisis but most of all other content on tech stuff.
  15. onlyme

    Massive bridge collapse in Italy.

    Ave... Bridge design no longer used due to difficulty of maintenance due to small number of stays, which also creates single point of failure.