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  1. onlyme

    Hardware (network) advice please

    I did exactly the same with one of those small HP cubes and freenas, 4 pull out drive bays, actually got one server spare in its box if @Wight Flight is interested in this route. Doubles as backup as well - as can copy mirrored active drives to another in one of the other slots as well.
  2. onlyme

    Because Brexit

    From my knowledge of aircraft, I cannot remember the last one that ran on carbon, we should be part of any emission trading scam at all, it's tax with a green brush as governments around the world find they can guilt the public into more taxes rather than being honest about how much they are wasting and having to tax more YOY, plus it makes a few bankers/traders some more money from the giant con. The industry have known that Flybe have been the weakest UK airline for years, so no surprise that they are gone to the wall in a market that is extremely competitive compared to others.
  3. And was quite happy to be there until it went shit shaped for her personally.
  4. onlyme

    Favourite sporting moments

    Ashes 1981, 3rd test, day 5.
  5. onlyme

    What is it?

    I upticked the pump suggestion as the head looks so small for the driving head but could we be the other way round and the engine itself.
  6. onlyme

    Canadian House Price Crash

    Absolutely, relative returns/losses of different sorts are not the only goal, a store of wealth of some sorts with low tax is part of it. Chinese, huge gamblers anyway generally so it goes with the territory - speculating a few gains made in China outside part of it, but property outside of China a potential bolt hole should the party decide to come after larger slices of tax or instigate wide scale tax investigations - some of which have already occurred so offshoring money an end in itself too. London has been a home for Russian dirty money since the wall came down. It is not just about return on money, residency and a "safe" location go with it. London being perceived as not quite so safe as it was might change the trend a bit in that respect.
  7. onlyme

    Why are the royals suddenly giving the plebs advice?

    For sure, but look at the experts we have nowadays do many of them ave any real experience in what they are experts in - on a personal basis, in particular just raising awareness of mental health issues is a net positive.
  8. onlyme

    Why are the royals suddenly giving the plebs advice?

    To be fair in this case he's probably eligible on the basis of expertise (well personal experience from hi mother). Unlike of course any of the rest lecturing about eating on a budget, like they have any experience of that, we can do that.
  9. onlyme

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    Well, here's a couple of questions answered in regards Brexit. 1) Are the Tory's behind delivering the referendum. No, the traitorous May and here close allies blocked a free trade zone offer and supplanted it wth her no Brexit Brexit. 2) Will we starve after Brexit. No, 1/3 of UK food production does not pass the hundreds of EU food standards, now how much would still be edible is up for debate but when needs must. Starts at 18.14
  10. You'd think so, but there would still be some excuse - we didn't support her enough, understand her motivations, etc, etc.
  11. onlyme

    Canadian House Price Crash

    The balance between supply and demand cannot be ruled out though and it is not just body count that has an effect, something common to both Aus and Canadian market is the high number of wealthy Chinese that have participated in both markets, both at a purely speculative financial level and inward migrant/bolthole/offshore wealth protection measure for the Chinese and both countries offering pretty much unlimited participation in those respects. In the UK London has had at least one blip of Russian money mentioned as a spruce for an insurgence in that market IIRC. Obviously the biggest factor is the the availability of cheap credit but the UK as a whole cheap credit, landlording and net immigration of 500K a year and building 100K houses population increase only exacerbates the problem both directly and has encouraged more landlording as the perceived demand is only going one way.
  12. onlyme

    Trump's progress

    Yes I didn't quite fully make my point above, it sees the Dems have fallen into believing that f they totally control the MSM messaging they cannot lose. Quite agree on Trump's achievements or lack thereof. However against the backdrop of not just the Dems but elements of his own side as well as deep state / media it is surprising it hasn't driven him insane - the best we can hope for nowadays is the least worst result it appears.
  13. onlyme

    Project fear over

    Fake independence or not he is still the government orifice for the markets so maybe he has been tasked with taming the horses for @201p's prediction.