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  1. onlyme

    Best AA Nimh Rechargeable Batteries

    Hmm, good shout, the green duracell rechargeable (just a green ring round them) are easy mistake for a start.
  2. onlyme

    Bye bye Treason May?

    If say you had a Brexit team preparing a plan and bargaining position and in the background you hatched another plan, completely sidelined the team's plan and presented it to the EU before trying to bounce it on your own parliament I think I'd struggle to put that down to stupidity and not outright malice.
  3. onlyme

    Tommy Robinson thread

    If voting entirely selfishly it would be a no-brainer for farmers to vote for the status quo to remain - pretty much all farmers around now have aligned their business model to maximise EU grant system, in all likelihood direct subsidy post any Brexit would expose that systems to much closer scrutiny and big cuts. Plus the cheap labour element.
  4. onlyme

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    Joining the Uni flying corps is the way to go - either direct afterwards into the RAF or to put yourself higher up the pecking order and gain experience for direct entry into an airline, well that used to be possible.
  5. onlyme

    Best AA Nimh Rechargeable Batteries

    Yes, they are modified NIMH chemistry, with the addition they they have a much lower self-discharge. The downside is that they have slightly lower capacity than the best of the old style NIHM and I think lower maximum drain characteristics - a really high drain device that you didn't;t mind have a freshly charged swap set of batteries would be better off with the old type, but if leaving the cells partially charged and then wanting to use the camera at any time then envelop is the way to go. There is at least one company producing Lithium batteries packaged in AA type format - basically with charging and voltage regulation circuitry to make it look like a standard 1.5V cell, problem is the switching components produce noise which affects some devices - a shame really is they would be a natural successor offering better overall characteristics.
  6. onlyme


    Aint that the truth, Glaswegian is a piece of cake of understand in comparison. Had a holiday in a damp caravan near there when young, took a few days to tune in to pretty much anything being said (was rural and just north of Aberdeen IIRC).
  7. onlyme

    No beer tomorrow

    Al Gore had a very public $30,000 utility bill, millions in the bank to pay to go green if he wanted to, let along cut back on extravagances. That he still has any sway in public opinion in regards climate change / taxing the public and money making scam like car credits and cap and trade is frankly mid boggling.
  8. onlyme

    No beer tomorrow

    The green lobby have a lot to answer for, killing biodiversity, taking space that could be used for other crops - if there is not enough barley in the future there may be other places to look first when other crops are given artificial subsidies. Rapeseed oil is the preferred oil stock for biodiesel production in most of Europe, accounting for about 80% of the feedstock,[20] partly because rapeseed produces more oil per unit of land area compared to other oil sources, such as soybeans, but primarily because canola oil has a significantly lower gel point than most other vegetable oils. UN report warns that a hasty switch to biofuels could have major impacts on livelihoods and the environment The report warns of the impacts on nature: “Use of large-scale mono-cropping could lead to significant biodiversity loss, soil erosion and nutrient leaching.” .. EU legislation to promote the uptake of biodiesel will not make any difference to global warming, and could potentially result in greater emissions of greenhouse gases than from conventional petroleum derived diesel. This is the conclusion of a new study reported in a recent article published in Chemistry & Industry, the magazine of SCI. ... However, if the land used to grow rapeseed was instead used to grow trees, petroleum diesel would emit only a third of the CO2 equivalent emissions as biodiesel. Petroleum diesel emits 85% of its greenhouse gases at the final stage, when burnt in the engine. By contrast, two-thirds of the emissions produced by rapeseed derived biodiesel (RME) occur during farming of the crop, when cropland emits nitrous oxide (N2O), otherwise known as laughing gas, that is 200-300x as potent a greenhouse gas as CO2. The results of this analysis should have big implications for policymakers. The 2003 EU Biofuels Directive aims to increase the levels of biofuels to 5.75% of all transport fuels by 2010, up from roughly 2% currently. This will be further increased to a 10% share in 2010, the Commission announced in January 2007.
  9. Considering the housing crisis the country has had for decades. Jail and then deportation should be the outcome.
  10. onlyme


    Makes no sense to me, all the workings after the initial assumption than 1 -1 + 1.... tends to 1/2 are fine, but everything rides on that. Just seems like a trick based on that assumption. Edit - MvR beat me to it.
  11. onlyme

    Best AA Nimh Rechargeable Batteries

    Another worth a look GP - used to buy them before Vapextech came on the scene and GP are still around and seem to have moved over to low discharge and cheep too.
  12. onlyme

    Thermostatic radiator valves, leaking...

    Most common fault with TRV's is when shut off completely for a while the pin that controls the valve seizes - people go to turn on their heating en of the summer and a couple of rads not working - just tap the pin lightly with a small hammer/spanner and that usually releases. Also need to be careful when taking rads off to make sure to keep the head on the TRV and shut fully off or better use the a blanking plug screwed in place of the TRV to hold the pin down, otherwise if the TRV opens up with the rad off......
  13. onlyme

    Thermostatic radiator valves, leaking...

    Looking at the thermostat and staining on carpet reckon is knackered and deffo replacement job. If you don't want to drain down the freezer spray does work. Turn central heating off, allow to cool down. Turn off lock shied on other end of rad, reattach thermos valve or special blanking cap that depresses the pin, undo one end of rad and drain rad (that is the messy bit). Then freeze down pipe at thermostat end, you often hear a noticeable click when the ice core in the pipe has fully formed, but if you follow the instructions should be ok. Gingerly undoing the bottom of the thermo valve will also tell you if the plug has formed ok. Gives about 10 minutes working time to whip off the old thermostat body and replace with new.
  14. onlyme

    Cheap shite with no reasonably-priced alternative

    Yes a black and decker from the 70's?, 80's. The one with the blue painted aluminium frame is the nuts. Tell a lie only handles and logo are blue - natural finish on the Alu, all aluminium 'eiffel-tower/pilon' framed model. - apparently
  15. onlyme

    Just eat. Just Feck off

    Used to be a site called Stillwell which was great for B&B, small hotels, looks like that has gone completely now. Premier Inn is my first choice too, found AirBNB compete ball ache and virtually useless whenever I've tried it and needed it for foreign accommodation.