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  1. onlyme

    tres fooked

    If you are genuinely talentless, useless, lazy, what better way to make a living off others.
  2. onlyme


    Yes it was IIRC, wonder how much was rebuilt. Most interesting thing about the trip at the time was different the place was compared to western europe, the buildings and alike were similar but the goods/food highlighted quite how far communism has restricted supply. The fields around were really noticeable, looking more like weed patches and dead crops. They had this idea that westerners really liked chips, so attempted to serve those with each dish at the hotel, only problem was they had such a poor potato harvest that the portion amount to handful of tiny chips on the plate, hammered flat fried chicken was another stand out common dish.
  3. onlyme


    Been to Brno but not the castle, had to get clearance at the time to go! The hotel featured a fine water sporting lake, that was bone dry, all equipment stranded at high water mark. The town looked almost untouched form the end of WWII, pock marks include, little/no streetlights, though the ensuing decades had seen the building of apartment blocks all round the periphery.
  4. onlyme


    Also Dan Bongino covered this, even more damning that Hannity's piece. If it went down in the way that is suggested there are no words to describe the actions of the small cabal at the top the FBI involved in this case. The 302 summary, date is very important, should be a brief report made at / near the point of Flynn being interviewed. Either wasn't done or done again months later (hence date discrepancy).
  5. onlyme


    Could this be why they targeted Flynn in particular for a personal take down? The FBI launched a criminal probe against former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn two years after the retired Army general roiled the bureau’s leadership by intervening on behalf of a decorated counterterrorism agent who accused now-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and other top officials of sexual discrimination, according to documents and interviews. Flynn’s intervention on behalf of Supervisory Special Agent Robyn Gritz was highly unusual, and included a letter in 2014 on his official Pentagon stationary, a public interview in 2015 supporting Gritz’s case and an offer to testify on her behalf. His offer put him as a hostile witness in a case against McCabe, who was soaring through the bureau’s leadership ranks.
  6. onlyme

    Starting your own business

    Well done, 270 titles, the is a heck of a lot of work, well it certainly sounds like it. Have mentioned this before had a friend doing similar and did extremely well for a couple of years and they listing priorities fell and sales fell off a cliff - this was some time ago once the publishers finally realised that they needed Amazon exposure themselves and some/all the little publishers suddenly fell down the listing searches.
  7. onlyme

    Trump's progress

    They wanted it behind closed doors so they could frame it, write up the script and get the msm to publish their version of events and knew if it was broadcast live there's no way they could spin it without selective editing.
  8. onlyme

    Starting your own business

    Works a lot on an ad hoc basis as well as formal arrangements - first trade gets engaged on a job because client was unimpressed by them, at the outset of a large project or with ongoing work clients asks first/following trades whether they know a good plumber/plasterer/bricky/whatever and first port of call is trades they know that do a good job, won't let their referral down and ones they generally get on with in regards the flow of work on site (which is important) as well as personally. Just a company riding the obscene property wave in London, that is all. Not an indicator of the rest of the country at all.
  9. onlyme

    Starting your own business

    1,2,3,4,5 - Tick to all of those. 1. Makes it difficult to gear up but stops you going bankrupt! 2. Yes, but keep enough for cashflow so not in a distressed sale position to raise funds or needing to revert to short term debt. 3. Realisable asset value after use usually pretty good, if patient and sell well. 4. Absolute must. 5. Stage payments and don't get behind on billing too.
  10. onlyme

    Starting your own business

    So true about the fluctuating income, you would not believe how quiet the web dev market (for me anyway) became around 2003 - absolutely brutal. Recognising it early enough and switching if necessary is essential. Likewise at the moment income is next to feck all, but I have a long standing iron in the fire which I am waiting to see the outcome of and a house that needs a full refurb/exetension so it is to bed at 7 and up early and gunning it as much as I can whilst light, on that note it is light so cement mixer to fire up!
  11. onlyme

    Starting your own business

    I did the marketing front end - very nice site (if I say so myself) for a builder mate of mine, he used to run a large team of a single trade to house builders and got mightily hacked off with all the crap that came with it so decided to transition to general high spec builder. His company is doing very well - smart image, well presented personalised workwear, good van livery, fantastic back catalogue of previous jobs and references on the site, clients will pay big money for confidence in a product especially as they don't want their already 500K to 1M house screwed up by a shoddy extension and will pay very well for that confidence. Above maybe an instance where a sole trader / one man band can have a real advantage - where your skills / knowledge base crosses two disparate activities and a knowledge of both is a real help and gives you a niche market to advertise/market to. I could for example gone down the route of producing / managing sites for building firms who don't have the time / skills to do so and had the providence of showing what could be done by way of example.
  12. onlyme

    Starting your own business

    Makes sense, in the general building maintenance / renovation market the variety of repairs/fixes is so large that even with a site visit beforehand it is almost guaranteed on any job that you will be short of materials/parts throughout the job - frequent visits to the trade counters ensues, time consuming and faff that I tried to get around but you just end up digging around inside a van full of crap in trying to do so. Specialising means you know more beforehand what you are dealing with and can arrive on site with the appropriate tools/parts to compete the job without any break and then onto the next.
  13. onlyme

    Starting your own business

    First business I started - web dev mainly I started out having a decent float from previous job and saw an opportunity, did one job for free to establish some credibility in being able to do the job, get the necessary skills/toolsets to do the job and experience with those. Timing was perfect (whilst it lasted), it flew, but a few years later demand was so poor switched to something more stable. Spent some money to get necessary accreditations (well more than min) for electrical work. Did that a few years and could have carried on but to be honest not challenging/stimulating enough, now my backstop in the next 10/15 years if needed. At the time I had good mates in the trade, we worked well as a team and wanted to formalise things a bit - well at least work under a banner/formalise a trading brand - gains pricing power and credibility. Unfortunately key mate who would have project managed passed away so that was that, would have worked as high demand area with either very expensive competition or sole traders lacking in the marketing dept. Best advice I can give, pick something you really enjoy and would be prepared to devote 12 hours a day to if necessary, start small, best start as a hobby (but taking an organised and professional approach), get a small startup fund for the basics and run alongside permanent job. If that doesn't work the market isn't right, or you don't have the drive, energy, enthusiasm, skills, environment, resources, or family/home life etc to make it work full time. If it does work you'll get to the point (could be quickly) where you won't have the time or interest at all in permanent job.
  14. onlyme

    Picture Puzzle

    Looking all off of them reminded me of how much hair there was in the 80's.
  15. onlyme

    500 homeless have died this year

    One of life's great mysteries, where do they get it from, used to find odd lengths if it all over the place.