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  1. Tempted to write to various advertisers thanking them for the information on their product/offering but will have to decline its purchase for being too clever to be suitable for my use. Do you think it would trigger them?
  2. As amazing as genetic selection is I guess there are priorities, luckily ankle injuries mostly don't seem to be permanently debilitating and as such fixing the issue of nearly all the body weight resting on those joints not a prime fitness test when we transitioned from the trees to the ground and upright stance and the workaround being maximum flexibility so that if all the body weight does end up on them in the wrong way they give way - maybe preventing breaks further up the lower leg.
  3. Ankles definitely one of weak spots, went over on one badly when playing sport when young and have several times since, latest being just a couple of months ago, the pain the last time like the first was excruciating at the time. You can be as careful as you like with ground conditions and the way / where you walk but for me just the wrong angle / foot position can cause the whole ankle to basically collapse with me following it. Really should be more careful with ankle supporting footwear which if not actually stopping the action would limit the extent of over-extension. When I was cycling more regularly (light cycling only on levels ground) I did get the feeling that whole leg/ankle muscle strength and balance all round were being improved by doing so - at the time was for thee problems that made long distance walking painful, running for me is an absolute no-no and will never run again.
  4. I'm feeling colder working outside now than I did middle of February - the wet doesn't help, that and chiller temps together make it feel worse. The solar minimum pundits looking more believable than the climate change ones. Quite a lot of crop issues in the US with late frost damage, seeds rotting in the ground due to cold and damp or planting delayed beyond normal plating times to ensure decent growing season for individual crops like corn and soya bean.
  5. onlyme


    Used it (or at least tried to) when working away. Managed to get one week which was sufficient to fill a gap in cheaper hotel availability but apart from that was a pretty miserable booking experience versus time spent trying to contact / wait for responses from lettings owners, with a useless hit rate. Others I know have said it was pretty convenient but I certainly did not find it so when trying, I must have spent nearly day of time over various weeks attempting to get bookings in.
  6. Update on my builder. After a delayed start had him and his labourer on site (300 the pair) for just the one day the last two weeks. Enough headway to keep me busy for a week in prep, getting materials and laying some of the blockwork myself as well as setting out the chimney liner and components as well as drilling the core through the wall for the liner., lintel and alcove for the woodturning stove. He goes like a train and about 1/4 of chimney work done in just a day. He was happy to go with day rate. Suits me to the ground as can knock substantial sums off the build cost. Quoted fixed price £3k for the chimney stack but looking like around £1200 in direct labour costs the way things are going.Not to gloat but there are good builders out there, just a question of finding them and giving them maximum flexibility - he has a lot of other jobs on the go and knows he can turn up when he wants and won't get hassled for his time. Very happy with situation as once played out can do a lot myself albeit at a lot slower pace.
  7. First time in local spoons, Saw the queue at one of the local coffee shops and that was enough to put me off and spoons just round the corner. £1.30 for coffee and unlimited refills, couldn't;t fault it really, just had a couple and half the price of one elsewhere. Think they will be getting more of my trade though on elf the other independent shops does have the best coffee so will still frequent that one. Might try the spoons breakfast.
  8. onlyme


    Wouldn't think so, not many bodyshops set up for non-metal / aluminium body, is a known issue with the Model S, presumably the others if they are bonded bodies. Will affect insurance for the cars as well as much more likely to be written off do to repair costs. Should come down a bit in cost with time and other manufacturers may well follow suit to some degree to get super light bodies an higher mileage out of EV's. As for parts supply still some failings in Tela's ability to support their cars -their second hand channel and suppler chain was an issue that was discussed before, again should improve with time but doesn't;t help their cause at the moment. Having said that seeing cars with 100K at auctions going for as low as 10%-20% of their original purchase cost acar that has a million mile motor life expectancy and 500K mile likely useful battery life for most users has some merit and far higher residuals than comparative cars.
  9. Second that - was talking to a forrester on the Oban ferry, all their production now goes to biomass, meaning much less for chipboard which means higher prices and more imports. Tick box greening with hue subsidies and extra costs for the taxpayer.
  10. Not just me that does not get it then. Maybe the same designer that does these.
  11. Very noticeable on the M20 up from the ports, particularly as the style of van is not popular at all in this country so no need to even clock the plate.
  12. Looks like woodworm larvae, don't normally see them, only the beetles when they emerge. Don't think you need to panic but definitely treat exposed wood and if definitely live woodworm then like Spunko says remove suspect furniture from house.
  13. Bimble Solar have some good deals on panels - both new and used / slightly used.
  14. 5 star has always been the one I've heard recommended. Best treat anything / anywhere where you see new signs of sawdust, but this only occurs when they are themselves out to mate IIRC, so could be within wood without any obvious signs. Should always be careful with new furniture brought into the house but just because no signs as mentioned does not mean it is not there. Most old houses I've seen see to have some somewhere and major damage somewhat isolated to sections of beams / doorframes etc.
  15. There is pretty universal support across the whole of government and every party for QE. This is the biggest manipulation of the economy ever, designed to keep consumption up. Thus I take any green / cutting back commentary from any politician being nothing other than hypocritical bullshit.