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  1. Venus in furs Red red Wine Rio Eye of the Tiger 3 Tribes Purple rain Come on Eileen Making plans for Nigel The Chaffeur I don't like Mondays LIttle red corvette
  2. Could be doing all sorts of stuff with occupancy though - clearing beds, not admitting new surgery cases, so really new admissions is the bit that really relates to China Flu situation and how that is trending. For sure ignore cases with testing environment as it is but new admissions (and its trend) is a much harder steer on numbers and possible later deaths / likely occupancy (knowing that many cases can be hospitalised for months).
  3. Morons given the job of putting together the booking system. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/health/isle-of-wight-covid-test-ministers-stop-sending-people-a4550836.html The Government has been urged to stop sending people to the Isle of Wight for coronavirus tests. Dave Stewart, the leader of the island's council, warned on Friday that the continued flood of people arriving for Covid-19 tests is creating "unnecessary risks" for residents. Mr Stewart pointed out that the use of ferries to cross the Solentgoes against Government guidance to avoid public transport whe
  4. London rates going up, more breast beating over differential BAME transmission in 3....2.....1.
  5. There was that hospital the other day - was it 8 or 18 dead? If they are trying to keep normal procedures going and catch up even of the backlog of other operations they cannot do that if disease control is failing and China Flu is getting into the hospital. Also yesterday were some rather desperate calls not to go to A&E if looking for a test - to the point of making the A&E booking only.
  6. A few more - testing infrastructure and preparation - don't laugh at the back. Disease severity identification - hospitalising those who needed it when they need it. Prepare isolation areas in hospitals to separate cover / non cover so normal procedures are not as distrupted. PPE - China had bought it all and and apparently we didn't have any surplus. Isolation /shielding most at risk outside of hospitals - care homes included. General preparation in wider economy.
  7. Two main locations near here where they sit, both unusual situations, both on hills, both very wide roads. in fact dual carriageways, (makes perspective and speed observation very much more deceiving than usual, one speed limit 30in what you would normally thing would be a 40 the other 50 in what would normally one a 60. At least half at course caught at those two points. Don't know of any accidents on those stretches. Traffic police not liked by the normal police. Can't think why.
  8. We'll be pulverising it and burning it to be green like loonies no doubt this winter then.
  9. Timber in the US has doubled in price too apparently.
  10. EOTHO and foreign travel picking up infections again from locations where the virus had not been suppressed.
  11. Could base a strategy around combining parts of samples, especially when there is a large difference between test count and positive test rate.
  12. Delay is certainly possible in order to get to better treatment regime, certainly when facing an unknown threat that seemed serious. I had an NHS advert pop up on YT,the home treatment protocol if you have symptoms is apparently, Ibprofen or paracetamol, Great.
  13. All the mistakes made right at the outset, Asia took it seriously - border controls, don't let the infection in so it could get embedded right at the outset. EU nope, US nope, UK nope. Can't stop the free flow of individuals all over the place but can put the place into lockdown.
  14. Think your friend's buying decisions might crimp yours. He's set a budget and spec new, you don't have to if you've already decided you don't need car new off the forecourt. Really pleased with Yeti myself - bought mainly because taxi drivers seem to like passat/octavia and Yeti inherited some of the reliability reputation alongside those. But, looking for more towing capacity, started looking at Range Rovers, some very cheap nice ones with 100K++ on the clock but the off chance of buying a lemon or other bills put me off, get much newer and price goes silly and still big bill issue, the
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