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    How big is Tesla

    He's a visionary alright, now most of those don't have the mens or the wherewithal to follow up on that. i think hyperloop was a dud from the start, however the plan and execution to launch an electric car company from modified Lotus through expensive showpiece Model S to more budget models seems to have left all the other major car manufacturers in the dust and blindsided (they never really wanted to transition at all). SpaceX, Nasa wouldn't even dare try something like that nowadays, let alone make a commercially viable launch system.
  2. Average is £6K direct and £5k indirect, so that 3K might be little low even. Fuel is nearly all tax for a start the is going to be £1K+ for many alone.
  3. An Exxo Skeleton staff,. I'll get me coat.
  4. My last engineering job was in 2016, that wasn't even in the UK. There's been no shortage since the recession of the late 80's.
  5. Shitbags - China and the WHO, both worse than some of the most dysfunctional African countries. WHO have edited their website to scrub out the fact that China did NOT inform them the outbreak,they found out second hand. The World Health Organization struggled to get needed information from China during critical early days of the coronavirus pandemic, according to recordings of internal meetings that contradict the organisation’s public praise of Beijing’s response to the outbreak. The recordings, obtained by the Associated Press (AP), show officials complaining in meetings during the week of 6 January that Beijing was not sharing data needed to evaluate the risk of the virus to the rest of the world. It was not until 20 January that China confirmed coronavirus was contagiousand 30 January that the WHO declared a global emergency. “We’re going on very minimal information,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, an epidemiologist and the WHO technical lead for Covid-19, according to the AP. “It’s clearly not enough for you to do proper planning.” The WHO’s top official in China, Gauden Galea, said in one of the recordings: “We’re currently at the stage where yes, they’re giving it to us 15 minutes before it appears on CCTV [Chinese state TV].” ////// “This is exactly the same scenario, endlessly trying to get updates from China about what was going on,” he said, according to the AP report. “The WHO barely got out of that one with its neck intact given the issues that arose around transparency in southern China.” Ryan criticised China for not cooperating and advised for applying more pressure on Beijing. “This would not happen in Congo and did not happen in Congo and other places,” he said, apparently referring to the Ebola outbreak. “We need to see the data. It’s absolutely important at this point.” Warnings and reports of a mysterious Sars-like virus began to filter out of Wuhan city in December but were suppressed by authorities. On 9 January, Chinese state media announced the illness was the result of a new coronavirus but said it was not contagious. Almost two weeks later, officials admitted the virus was transmittable, as hospitals in the city were already flooded with patients and cases were appearing across the region. Authorities locked down Wuhan on 23 January, but at least 5 million residents had left, travelling across the country as well as overseas before the lunar new year holiday.
  6. Going to be interesting to say the least. Companies where they get it most right. let's assume mixed home/company working might have the pick of staff (a lot of the time that means contact list in London), reduced premises costs, better staff retention, who knows, the competition may struggle to compete on those fronts.
  7. Key bit might be bitbelowinitalics and it might tie-in with the plague ship stats, 700 odd measurably infected out of 3000 odd passengers, were they all exposed, have the data forth plague ship been properly analysed anywhere? Apart form the prisons probably still the best data out there. US data is showing that where the virus is spreading the rate has peaked/stabilised at a lot lower l R0 1.0 to 1.3ish. nothing like the 3 to 4. By the way, as a quick aside, and something else the press won’t touch: COVID-19 is a coronavirus, and we have ALL been exposed to MANY coronaviruses during our lives on earth (like the common cold). Guess what? Scientists are now showing evidence that up to 81% of us can mount a strong response to COVID-19 without ever having been exposed to it before: Cross-reactive SARS-CoV-2 T-cell epitopes revealed preexisting T-cell responses in 81% of unexposed individuals, and validation of similarity to common cold human coronaviruses provided a functional basis for postulated heterologous immunity
  8. Dems might have made a catastrophic mistake, got so confident they could throw shit at Trump they tried it on with Barr. A personally aggrieved AG on the loose for a good few months still has enough time to create a lot trouble.
  9. onlyme

    Three Gorges Dam

    Very fertile area, problem is it takeabout 18 months after major floods before it tango backing production again properly apparently.
  10. Thing is based on their age around 10% mortality risk without the right treatment. At the start of the pandemic and quite a way through most patients were not getting the right treatment, particularly in countries like the UK with high relative death rates. Dr Zelenko, US HCQ, Az, Zinc proponent has had 2,200 patients through his general practice, anybody at risk (co-morbidities or over 60, as proportion around 700 IIRC) straight onto those meds, early as possible, needs to be within 5 days of symptoms, 2-3 days more too late and it is into ICU. Only 2 dead. UK trial on then off now back on again, not even sure it is testing zinc with the anti- malarial.
  11. Boris rugby tackles Stamer whilst he is on his knees.
  12. Passed a Merc garage the other day, showboating their G-Wagon on an elevated stand, £13Xk.
  13. Think a lot of people will be making some changes to their plans. Top of the list won't be spending more time at work.