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    onlyme reacted to unregistered_guest in Tommy Robinson thread   
    I've been looking at the source data used by Election Maps - the people referenced by Guido Fawkes.
    Two things to note:
    Some of the people responding to the Twitter post are crowing about how Labour and Conservatives have so far apparently haemorrhaged more votes to the LibDem and Greens than Brexit/UKIP - conveniently ignoring the fact that 2014 was a year when UKIP supposedly peaked and people were still punishing the LibDems; and the giant pachyderm that shows that the Brexit Party alone is polling higher than LibDem/Green/SNP/CUK  combined.
    Secondly, that the two biggest groupings after "Brexit Party" for polling intentions are "Don't Know" and "Won't Vote" (23, 16 and 16%). For all other parties, apathy and complete antipathy are both seen as more favourable options. The most interesting part is that voting intentions indicate that 49% of the electorate actually plan to vote. We've never seen that many for EU elections in the UK. It's more than double the percentage who voted in 2004! But with one in six voters still undecided, there is everything to play for.
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    onlyme reacted to sukuinage in Walking & Cycling Resources   
    Bikemap is what I use for planning cycling routes.  Sends you on cycle tracks if they are there.  Very easy to upload to Garmin Connect for navigation.
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    onlyme reacted to Frank Hovis in European Election: How will you vote?   
    Left and right are utterly meaningless terms these days. The battle is between globalists and nationalists.
    Globalists call all nationalists far right.
    I am now far right in the sense that it is currently used by the media; as are most people I know and about 99% of people I grew up with.
    You don't have to be racist to be far right, you don't have to want to bring back the death penalty, impose martial law, fight a war, imprison beggars, bring back the workhouse, or make all medical treatment only available to those who can pay for it.
    You just need to oppose globalism and there you are: far right.
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    onlyme reacted to goldbug9999 in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Completely agree, its revealing yawning cracks in the veneer of respectability that islam has somehow managed to cultivate. Definitely going to give tommy a massive boost in the voting, it couldn't be any better for him if he'd written the script himself, but no telling really whether it will be enough. Which raises another issue of why there have been no polls (that I have seen) is the NW.
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    onlyme reacted to dgul in Eurovision 2019   
    Perhaps Eurovision perfectly reflects the state of the EU.
    In the past it was 'exciting', with multiple acts representing the different cultural shapes of the different countries being represented.  With the show acting as a curiosity, highlighting 'differentness' and at the same time showing that despite all our differences we're all the same (but very much different).  It was also an understated affair, without any pretensions of being serious;  it was what it needed to be, but no more.  
    These days it has changed.  It appears as a homogeneous mix, with the acts, while being clearly different, having no cultural identify other than 'Eurovision'.  Each act is the same, seemingly highlighting that we're all the same, but actually only highlighting that Eurovision is different than 'normal'; no matter what cultural identity we have in all our different countries' music, there's this thing that's called Eurovision that is different and (perhaps) unique.  Looking at the audience and the media representation, it also suggests that there's a minority that has a dogmatic following, fully believing in the power (musical aesthetic) of Eurovision, despite the 'common man' not really getting what's going on at all, and certainly not benefiting from the exposure to the different music in Eurovision.  Finally, it is now a serious affair, with (very) big money spent (Madonna!) to support Eurovision as being a good thing, yet without there being any basis for that huge expense in art or cultural expression or musical quality -- Like most government departments, it isn't good enough to simply exist to service a need -- It needs to be ever greater because it needs to be ever greater, irrespective of the actual needs. 
    And Madonna was rubbish.
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    onlyme reacted to Sugarlips in Restoring old cars for cash?   
    The market is different out here in Oz but I’ve made money out of flipping old cars, not total restoration jobs but clean them thoroughly in and out, remove old stickers, touch up panels and paint, I don’t waste money fitting stereos or alloy wheels etc, that’s my profit margin gone. 
    However the last one I started getting more adventurous (out of my depth) cost me in time and money and I learnt from it, it hasn’t completely put me off but from here on I will never buy something that has unknown engine issues, is not licensed or is a non runner (unless it’s an aircooled vw which touch wood I’ve so far always been able to coax back to life inexpensively).
    Rules I’ve always stuck to include: know your market, stick with something sellable, read up on the common faults for the model, buy something you like and are happy to use yourself whilst it’s for sale, buy private, in daylight, negotiate a best price prior to viewing, take cash, knock em down further if there are any faults not mentioned in the ad, be prepared to walk away. Oh and have gumtree alerts switched on for the ones you’re chasing, you need to respond quick if you want to nab a bargain.
    I’ve done best buying convertibles and Jap 90’s sports cars in the depth of winter tarting them up and selling in spring/summer. T-Cut , elbow grease and tyre shine sell cars, take good photos, be honest in the ad about any floors. Always always be sure it’s safe. The cheaper you buy the more profit you can make. Luck does need to be on your side when buying and selling. It can be fun if you have the time and a gsoh 
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    onlyme reacted to Chewing Grass in European Election: How will you vote?   
    I second that, working in Engineering (with a capital E) I don't come across any remainers other than at senior level in French/German owned UK subsidiaries, virtually everyone else wants out.
    My kids (in their twenties) are all leavers, their mates are all leavers.
    I think the kids want something new and want to be proud, their parents have seen both Tory & Labour in power and have seen that it has got them nowhere other than huge mortgages, no savings and potentially no retirement.
    The parents want their kids to have a more secure future and the EU won't and can't deliver that.
    Look at the numbers, the EU is a dead weight we need to get the knife out and cut it free.
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    onlyme reacted to SpectrumFX in European Election: How will you vote?   
    In its form this may technically be a vote to decide which MEP's we'll send to the European Parliament, but in its substance it's going to be taken by Westminster as a de facto vote on brexit.
    So I'd say that you should vote, and vote as if it were a vote on brexit, because in reality it is.
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    onlyme reacted to spygirl in Claims that Labour MP for Coventry North West & Blairite Minister Geoffrey Robinson handed secrets to the Czechs   
    Hes still an MP so its still a hot issue still.
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    onlyme reacted to Virgil Caine in Claims that Labour MP for Coventry North West & Blairite Minister Geoffrey Robinson handed secrets to the Czechs   
    It seems Mr Pravec fled Czechoslovakia in 1980 , a decade before Communism collapsed and now lives in a £800,000 house in an acre of land in an upmarket bit of New Jersey in the USA
    One wonders who was spying for who.
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    onlyme reacted to The Masked Tulip in Claims that Labour MP for Coventry North West & Blairite Minister Geoffrey Robinson handed secrets to the Czechs   
    Some Labour MP's seem keen on prosecuting British soldiers for things allegedly down in Northern Ireland 40 or 50 years ago.
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    onlyme reacted to SNACR in Claims that Labour MP for Coventry North West & Blairite Minister Geoffrey Robinson handed secrets to the Czechs   
    I’ve always suspected stuff like Mandelson’s scandals and his coming and going from government, Hinduja passport affair etc. is a public manifestation of a behind the scenes power struggle between various elite factions they’re front men for. For a long time I would have hypothesised possibly well known secretive banking dynasty vs well know royal dynasty but various things have left me less sure of that power axis in recent times.
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    onlyme reacted to maynardgravy in Is it just me?   
    You may be correct on the conspiracy stuff, but it's all thinly veiled QE for the masses. Printing money has an inflationary effect and wages are suppressed (by immigration as one factor). As has already been posted on this thread, we have 35 year mortgages creeping in. What next? Intergenerational ones? Always possible, but for me this means further grasping at straws at grabbing money from further and further into the future - therefore there must be a limit IMO. 
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    onlyme reacted to SNACR in Restoring old cars for cash?   
    I think the key is finding something non-sexual that blokes like watching other blokes doing and it’s an easy win TV show format. Same with Gold Rush, I can’t imagine it matters too much the amount of gold they find once the TV show takes off.
    I’d love to do some shit like that it’s unfortunate in this country there’s no opportunity to camp in the wilderness with a ton of heavy earth moving plant and dig a massive hole looking for gold.
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    onlyme reacted to jm51 in Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!   
    Watergate wouldn't have happened if the msm had supported Nixon the way that they support Obama.
    I'd like to see plenty of msm high ups also in the dock
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    onlyme reacted to Dave Bloke in Politics at work   
    Missus got an email at work on the group mailing list: from an English leftie hippie guy - we must stop the populists, they are stealing the EU elections !
    He was promoting an organization that was propagandizing for leftist parties etc. It all sounded a bit sinister and I suggested George Soros was probably behind it.
    Well next mail, from an admin, telling the poster to stop sending political messages on a work mailing list and pointing out that it was a Delaware, US based group (so ok for lefty non EU groups to get involved in EU elections but not for Russians?) funded by... George Soros and described by some US politicians as a "mafia" organisation.
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    onlyme reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Would you vote for UKIP   
    MSM tradition of smears to discredit wild cards much weakened as people abandon legacy broadcasting.
    What use is a witch hunt against Arron Banks and Farage on BAFTA Award winning C4 News now almost nobody watches it.
    Gen Z when asked about Sargon of Akadd hatchet job on Victoria Derbyshire looked blank and replied...
    Who the fuck is Victoria Derbyshire ?
    MSM power waning fast.
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    onlyme reacted to eight in Would you vote for UKIP   
    Yes, I was going to post something along those lines on the Robinson thread. His main "crime" seems to have been taking journalism into his own hands.
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    onlyme reacted to 201p in Would you vote for UKIP   
    What the Establishment don't want is people that haven't gone through the system being elected.
    You want people who have made it their career to be in politics. They are a safer bet for them.
    But now with youtube, you can be popular on that platform, and then jump straight into politics (Sargon of Akadd). This is highly dangerous for the Establishment.
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    onlyme reacted to Frank Hovis in Restoring old cars for cash?   
    Basing it upon my car and those of the people I know a car in that age range, unless something had happened to it, will be as good as a 16 reg.
    This is all makes and models.  Bar French cars obvs.
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    onlyme got a reaction from Frank Hovis in Restoring old cars for cash?   
    Had a look at the numbers, comparing two local auctions and car valualtion for private sale prices. Surprising results in a way. Aim - buy clean good condition and do nothing (always going to be some hidden flaws with little time to check). Didn't seem to make much difference in the age range from 10/11 years old to 5/6, about £1k in it for a quick turn. Problem is above about £3k I reckon most cars purchased from garage, plus finance, only cheap market where people buy for cash mainly and hardest to shift higher price cars anyway. Need to run a temporary car in a while so will be looking at  09/10/11/12 range, something sub £2k and see if it works. 
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    onlyme reacted to Chewing Grass in Restoring old cars for cash?   
    The easiest money is made by finding the old cars/stuff and passing them on to someone else who collects them (or does them up) for cash.
    The problem is finding enough stuff relatively locally to make an actual living.
    The other problem is storage space.
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    onlyme reacted to Frank Hovis in Restoring old cars for cash?   
    I'm guessing more recent cars c. ten years' old or so bought at auction in a tatty state / broken and fixed and cleaned.
    That's going to make you a couple of grand a car if you're good at it; it's what second hand car dealers do.
    The singlehanded restorations I read about in Practical Classics by non-mechanics without the fully equipped facilities can take over ten years as time and finances allow.
    At the end of it they have a fantastic looking car back on the road of which they can be proud but it's always best not to add up the time and money poured into it because usually they could have just bought a classic in that condition for a third to a quarter of what it cost them.
    There of course is no sense of achievement in just buying one.
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    onlyme reacted to Caravan Monster in 'Conformity and the Dangers of Group Polarization'   
    Multiculturalism in the UK was a product of the dark forces behind New Labour at the turn of the millennium. The middle classes that stand by it do so because it was a central idea in the cultural shift that they did well out of and hope by adhering to the idea things will stay the same.
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    onlyme reacted to The Masked Tulip in Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!   
    Trump will be accused of pardoning his friends so he has to keep a distance. It is looking more and more as if Trump and his team are playing a blinder. Let's see how things progress in the coming 6 weeks.