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  1. humdrum

    Calling Tommy Robinson a Nazi is illegal

    Maybe Sourbum could take a few lessons from Jacob Rees Mogg on how to handle protestors
  2. Admittedly it has been a month since his arrest, but the Beeb has gotten very timid recently.
  3. of migrant communities, says Ofsted chief
  4. humdrum

    London cyclists too white, male and middle class

    Sorry, the link has gone funny. ... 67916.html
  5. At first I thought that Will Norman, Sadiq Khan's Cycling Commisioner, could not look like like an even bigger dick than before. But then he shows that he can. ... 67916.html
  6. Silly old sod. Still, he is harmless and someone has to open the hospitals, hand out the medals and bring in the tourists.
  7. Harman The Tories don't seem to have problems with this. Is Hattie in the wrong party?
  8. gave the terrorist 34 years. I reckon that Justice Haddon-Cave can be a bit of a sarky sod on the quiet.
  9. referendum. I suspect that the Europeans are just as keen to see the back of us as we are of them, but it appears that hope springs eternal in Vince's Lib Dem breast.
  10. humdrum

    Nastiest Most Horrible Forum

    It wasn't a bad site, in fact pretty easy going, but when I was on IMDBv2 I commented that the problem with the moderators was that they were a bunch of sanctimonious bastards but that happily they were illiterate sanctimonious bastards so that they would never get to read my posts. But they weren't (illiterate that is) and they read my post and I was banned.
  11. humdrum

    The polar ice caps melted in the year 2000

    It worked last week when I wanted to clear the snow
  12. humdrum

    The polar ice caps melted in the year 2000

    So maybe retiring to Dorset is not such a clever idea after all?
  13. humdrum

    The polar ice caps melted in the year 2000

    "Above seems to be a book, so not peer reviewed literature. I'd say their conclusion would have been seen as alarmist by science even in 1983." It is actually a series of research papers collated by various academics and funded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There is nothing particularly alarmist in the book. It is a solid read and further evidence that most scientists will just go with the flow and collect their grants rather than question the conventional wisdom.
  14. The use of nuclear power has many advantages over its alternatives. These include the current cost of the electricity produced, the cleanliness of the plant that is operating normally, the reasonably large reserves of uranium ore, and the enormous reserves of uranium and thorium ores if the breeder reactor is developed. A less well known advantage is the relief from the increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere resulting from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil. As the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere increase, the temperature of the earth rises. This process is known as the ?greenhouse effect?. Just as the windows of a greenhouse allow the visible light from the sun to come into the greenhouse, yet retard the loss of heat inside, the layer of CO2 allows visible light from the sun to come through to the earth?s surface, but inhibits the passage of infrared radiation from the earth out into space. The Stanford Research Institute has predicted that at our present pattern of increasing use of fossil fuels, the greenhouse effect will cause the polar icecaps to melt, leading to the flooding of coastal cities by the year 2000. Introduction To Computer Simulation: A Systems Dynamics Modeling Approach ? Nancy Roberts, David Andersen, Ralph Deal, Michael Garet, William Shafer ? Addison-Wesley, 1983
  15. humdrum

    Career advice

    Make a video about yoga and post it on the internet. Or whatever you are interested in. As far as I am aware Youtube and co pay washers, but there is no heavy lifting and you can work your own hours.