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  1. Well, Doris' dad was a vicar and God is British so maybe it is one of His little jokes. Whatever, the Tories don't seem to be doing anything about it although that might be their public school backgrounds. A lot of them probably enjoy a good thrashing from matron. There must be some politicians who aren't ashamed to be British, although I am buggered if I know who they are.
  2. Me. The Tory party has effectively ceased to exist. When Dozy Doris crossed the floor to arrange a sell out to her mate Worzel, only two of her cabinet were prepared to resign. It is getting to the point where that smirking thug Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is beginning to look ever so slightly less like a smirking thug and worth casting a ballot on.
  3. Maybe Sourbum could take a few lessons from Jacob Rees Mogg on how to handle protestors
  4. Admittedly it has been a month since his arrest, but the Beeb has gotten very timid recently.
  5. of migrant communities, says Ofsted chief
  6. Sorry, the link has gone funny. ... 67916.html
  7. At first I thought that Will Norman, Sadiq Khan's Cycling Commisioner, could not look like like an even bigger dick than before. But then he shows that he can. ... 67916.html
  8. Silly old sod. Still, he is harmless and someone has to open the hospitals, hand out the medals and bring in the tourists.
  9. Harman The Tories don't seem to have problems with this. Is Hattie in the wrong party?
  10. gave the terrorist 34 years. I reckon that Justice Haddon-Cave can be a bit of a sarky sod on the quiet.
  11. referendum. I suspect that the Europeans are just as keen to see the back of us as we are of them, but it appears that hope springs eternal in Vince's Lib Dem breast.
  12. It wasn't a bad site, in fact pretty easy going, but when I was on IMDBv2 I commented that the problem with the moderators was that they were a bunch of sanctimonious bastards but that happily they were illiterate sanctimonious bastards so that they would never get to read my posts. But they weren't (illiterate that is) and they read my post and I was banned.
  13. It worked last week when I wanted to clear the snow
  14. So maybe retiring to Dorset is not such a clever idea after all?
  15. "Above seems to be a book, so not peer reviewed literature. I'd say their conclusion would have been seen as alarmist by science even in 1983." It is actually a series of research papers collated by various academics and funded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There is nothing particularly alarmist in the book. It is a solid read and further evidence that most scientists will just go with the flow and collect their grants rather than question the conventional wisdom.