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  1. I love only fools and horses, I know it's an old one but still a classic.
  2. I had a boy ask whilst taking the register this morning and made him wait 1hr 40 mins until playtime. 2 girls including the girl who wet herself last week asked after lunch and I made them wait 2 and a half hours until hometime.
  3. What has given you the idea that I shouldn't be allowed to teach? There is no school policy it is down to teacher discretion.
  4. Not once have I said I hate children.
  5. The bottom line is they should go at breaktime. Many days I don't go at all and I am ready to bust when I get home.
  6. Glad you found that I can show it to any parent who complains their little "darlings" wasn't allowed to go for a wee.
  7. Well they are very good at acting. Considering they were squirming for half the afternoon.
  8. I had 3 girls request the toilet yesterday and refused all three. The children will learn to go at break or spending a lot of time with their legs crossed
  9. Well to be honest it is my class, so what other teachers do or think is irrelevant. I do know one of the other teachers is quite strict she is the one who suggested the policy.
  10. Not about power at all. The girl should have gone at lunch.
  11. Does kids good to learn to hold it in, not always toilets available.
  12. No I love my job. You don't have a answer to the questions above do you? Because it wasn't my fault.
  13. But she didn't wet herself under my watch? Why didn't she go to the toilet before getting in the car? If she had peed herself during the the 2 hours of PE I could understand her anger. Torturing?
  14. She came in raging but when I asked why she hadn't gone after the bell didn't have an answer. Somehow it was my fault. Not really true though is it?