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  1. I was looking for a link to the hot composting that James did back in November 2018 and could only find the follow up. Yep, enjoy his channel enormously.
  2. https://www.compostdirect.com/all-products/compost/c43 I ordered a bulk bag from these guys at the weekend. No communication since but I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are good to go. Wickes had grow more compost in yesterday in Halifax so I've put an order in for my sheltering neighbours. 30 minute wait. They're also still taking orders for wood delivery. B+M had seeds which I got for a sheltering neighbour. Bigger ones might have compost. Lidl had small bags yesterday. I've got my compost heap layered up and needing a turn. Going for the Berkeley method. Thanks btw for your earlier posts on your raised beds. I've borrowed your plot rotation!
  3. Digging down for four new raised beds. Going to backfill with twigs, hugelkulture style, then leaves, topsoil and a bit of compost. Lots of stones in the soil so I'm feeling it.
  4. Talked about exactly this with mother-in-law last night. She's staying with us for the foreseeable. She flew Manchester, Abu Dhabi, Melbourne on 20 January, returned 18 March Brisbane, Abu Dhabi, Manchester. She realised on the Abu Dhabi, Melbourne flight that other countries were being cautious about the 'China Flu'. When the boarding cards were being handed out all passengers were questioned about travel to, from or via China, and a couple of specific places in China she couldn't recall. When they disembarked and were being processed through passport control a number of passengers were being led off to a different area. 'Chinese looking'. I picked her up from Manchester airport. No checks, no questions, no masks, no temperature checks. Open for business.
  5. Close relative works for a mobile telecom provider. Has been working this week to check and confirm full service is operating within the NEC. (It is).
  6. Bread maker bread has gone down a treat. But my goodness, this is something special. Got my timing for second prove out of whack because of life and it's still come up trumps.
  7. @snaga thanks for bread maker recommendation. Paid £75 in the end - then it went out of stock. French with dark crust' the way to go I agree. Also thanks to whoever suggested the bulk flour buy. It got a raised eyebrow when it arrived but now household very happy. @Conniption see you on your thread.
  8. Thought I'd get a bit more potting compost in. Our local bulk buy compost/topsoil place is closed. DIY.com not doing click n collect for compost. And I'm in a queue for Wickes. Wickes!
  9. I read Holy Blood, Holy Grail as a teenager and all that stuff intrigued me. The name of the rose and Foucault's pendulum both great reads but I preferred the latter. Read it pretty much in one go on a beach holiday over two or three days (I can't imagine having the luxury of all that time now, but who knows). I loved it, and the creep towards the conclusion was gripping iirc. Still have a copy of Foucault's pendulum and have tried to read it again and couldn't get into it. Maybe I will get chance soon.
  10. Already pretty much cleared around here in shops I've been to in Halifax. Got a look at the food shops in South Manchester yesterday as - thanks to Dosbods being three weeks ahead - had a good idea yesterday would be last chance for a fridge and freezer refill for mum. The slabs of beer have vanished. Edit I wasn't buying slabs of beer for mums fridge. Did give her my last four frozen steak n kidney suet puddings though.
  11. Wine Society has stopped home delivery with immediate effect. Will be interesting to see reaction from the (older end) members.
  12. The Wardrobe in Leeds is the other side of the street from BBC studio. I used to see Krista Ackroyd smoking her tabs outside when I was leaving work.
  13. Plenty of stuff to be sowing this week. These are coming on lovely.
  14. I will check back in with her. See how it's going. She was sending me Wim Hof video links yesterday. Always thought of her as a dosbodder...