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  1. My brother always makes his lobby in the slow cooker. Not considered proper lobby in our family unless you sprinkle curry powder over it.
  2. I seem to get about two years out of my Motorola's before they really start creaking (although being thrifty dosbodder I'm still using a Moto G that I got in 2014 for running videos for pin money). The G5 lasted two and a half years and is still in daily use. Partner always has iphone's but I've never been able to justify the cost. Will say that the camera/software on the X is fantastic, but at the same time - for the snaps I take - this phone is good enough. *Rubs eyes* Moto 2?!
  3. The seven year thing is a big thing for me as well. Dare I say it - the astrological concept of 'Saturn Returns' appeals to my logical mind. First heard about it in my mid 20s. NB 29.4 years is roughly 10, 750 days. Broadly fits with Franks 10,000 blocks. https://skywriter.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/saturns-cycles-the-seven-year-itch-and-the-saturn-return/ Saturn’s complete cycle around the Sun takes 29.4 years. Hard aspects of transiting Saturn to its place in your birth chart (squares and oppositions) take place each seven years. Each 7-year period ends with a new phase of maturing and taking stock of our lives. At those stages of life, we experience an “itch” to make more of ourselves and our contribution to the world. The 7-year phases between Saturn aspects to natal Saturn are the normal stress periods of living and growing, which psychologists call normative crises (for example, adolescent turmoil at 14, or moving out on your own at 21). While 21 is popularly considered our coming of age, in reality it’s just an entry-level position into adulthood. We become true adults at about the age of 28-29, when Saturn has made a complete orbit around the Sun from where it was when we were born. This crucial period is referred to as the Saturn return. At 56-8 years old, we experience the second Saturn Return. These Returns are considered significant milestones in the human cycle of maturing. The person who is 28-30 has now faced most of the challenges of becoming a seasoned adult. Periods like your Saturn Return or other Saturn transits are opportunities to change from misuses of Saturn to better uses. Saturn is a time marker, but shouldn’t be devastating unless we are only marking time. For those who are growing and developing steadily through persistent effort, aging holds little regret because they’re not getting older; they’re getting better.
  4. Have a Moto G 7 plus - great phone for iirc £230??
  5. "hate merchant devils" Nice double down from Rita. I suspect Shanique and Titania know each other well.
  6. I think DB has talked about this on the deflation thread. Card factory pilot?
  7. Thanks for putting the links up. Go long gold, silver, bitcoin and pitchforks!
  8. Keiser reports 1457/58 are worth a listen. Both ranging on and around the central premise of this thread and for these episodes pulling in Wolf, Saudi over depletion of oil fields, miners, silver, repo market (Max tips up JP Morgan for insolvency) etc etc. Basically, everything bar the pizza oven.
  9. A snippet from the FTs 'opening quote' piece about Imperial (just picked up from Twitter). I know FT do not welcome full pastes of their articles so only brought this over. Results on Tuesday. "But Imperial also warns it is taking a “more cautious approach” to its outlook for 2020. It predicts “low single digit” revenue and earnings per share growth, and that is partly dependent on its vaping efforts getting back on track. For now, it has cut back investment on “next generation products” while regulatory uncertainty lingers and competitors discount in a fight for consumers."
  10. Another vote for coin invest/silver to go, SP. Have bought gold from Hatton Garden Metals in the past and would recommend. Bought my very first pet rock from Chards. I would expect RM to be more expensive - brand awareness/trust giving them the ability to set a higher price I guess.
  11. Back at the beginning of February - how much and how little has changed since then - a previous Brexit thread wandered onto the topic of UK self sufficiency, and then onto home grown tomatoes. Iirc, @null;suggested trying the Sungold variety. Have delurked to say cheers for the recommendation. Had a great crop all summer and still some ripening. On topic - I've said from the moment it became clear that the vote was to leave that we wouldn't be allowed to. Today another milestone in that betrayal. So thanks to everyone who contributes to the forum for keeping me informed, educated and entertained about Brexit, and tomatoes and everything else (the hookworm treatment has blown my mind btw).