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  1. I watched it on rsbn live. Lots of filling space because he was an hour later than scheduled. The speech - apart from a few zingers - dribbled on and on. Deliberate stalling? Who knows.
  2. Lots in these Twitter threads about him. TL:DR - BLM lot don't trust him and think he's an infiltrator.
  3. https://www.computerweekly.com/news/252494741/Stolen-Pfizer-BioNTech-Covid-19-vaccine-data-leaked?amp=1&__twitter_impression=true https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2021-01-12/covid-vaccine-documents-leaked-on-web-eu-drug-regulator-says I'm looking for another source to verify....
  4. Ta @Lurker Trying to get to grips with the other platforms.
  5. https://clouthubapp.page.link/nkRHW5ufZh9UqQyt7 Fake Lin account. Does this clouthub link work?
  6. Heart's Ease

    BLM UK

    Dosbods sleuths had the low down back in June.
  7. https://t.me/breaking911/66 ^ there's another clip from his exchange with the press on the Telegram 'breaking 911' feed. "Big tech has made a mistake [etc etc]... there's always a counter move."
  8. https://gab.com/WokeSocieties/posts/105544053336297432 Pompeo visit to Europe cancelled. He's still tweeting every 30 minutes.
  9. He's back on every half an hour... Having a bash at the UN so far today.
  10. I can get to it on Opera - without signing up to the site - using the built in VPN. Using the search engine I can find Lin there, and Gen Flynn. It is clunky for me. No big news to report!
  11. I see the CEO is doing another Q&A. Well done those who got in on this. I hesitated at 10p. Gah.
  12. Heart's Ease


    Dominic Frisby did a piece in Moneyweek in December 2017 where he said "practice selling" - because you'll want to know how to do it one day and it might be too late (i.e. the crash is in) to learn. I did sell a tiny bit just to figure it out. Was reminded of the advice last March when HL was melting down due to order overload. These platforms can only cope with so much traffic. https://moneyweek.com/477889/bitcoin-exit-strategy
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