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  1. Listened to this before Christmas as it was on my autoplay (I was painting the ceiling at the time. Glad that job is finished). Tbh I had no idea who he was - but now no surprise to hear him being the reasonable voice on QT.
  2. Sweet peas have gone into their toilet roll tubes this afternoon. We had a wonderful display for what felt like months last year. Old fashioned, for the fragrance. Currently mulling over spuds. Got potato grow bag things for Christmas. @sarahbell - I bought a packet of early tomato seeds last week but they've disappeared betwixt car and kitchen. I will be trying sungold again - the non GM type this year @spunko - and an early crop hopefully if I can find a variety to suit.
  3. I think it was the tweet from Paul Krugman (now deleted) referenced above.
  4. Can't remember if Baltic Dry used to be discussed as an indicator on this thread or elsewhere on TOS (Suntory thread?). More grist to the mill.
  5. Apart from Property Log and a couple of other things I never use it (Chrome). You could always get someone else to install it I guess!
  6. Have you tried 'property log' chrome extension @spunko ? Developed by someone on tos. Same look and feel as PB - and includes some historical data from PB (I shared some data with him). I think others in here have mentioned also. Found it a lot more stable than PB. Am not on laptop now so fingers crossed it is still working ok.
  7. Listened to Styx666 last week or week before say that Pelosi never wanted it to be an official impeachment enquiry as so much more effective for the Dems to throw mud from the sidelines. The Squad pushed for it. He thinks it a Republican trap, obviously - Dems go with formal process, get it to the Senate - and if they wish the Republicans can just keep it running for months, call everyone to testify, keep Saunders and Warren off campaign trail etc. @JackieO did Q say the senate was the target in relation to this or something else. Cannot remember this without coffee.
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    Another vote for Campo Viejo gran reserva.
  9. My mum's from Goldenhill. She used to say her uncles walked six miles to the pit head to go to work, then walked themselves back under Goldenhill to start work. *I'm remembering Hem Heath. This may not be six miles away.
  10. I've always measured the wallpaper width, measured that amount into the corner, taken a little bit off the measurement, drawn my plumb line to the revised measurement, worked *into* the corner from that. Rationale being that no corner is straight, but at least I can get the wallpaper to hang properly. The thought occurs that perhaps I'm the only one that does this.
  11. Sanding is second only to sandblasting for getting dust everywhere. Never again to both. Bought my first house in 1999. Living Etc magazine told me it's cheap to hire a drum sander. Aye, it is. The hire firm makes £200 on the fooking sandpaper that's why. The sandblasting - we were shoveling it out after the guy left. Blew up two vacuum cleaners until got a titan with decent filter. PS @stokiescum you do look on the right track with that. As long as you have a plumb line to work back from. Lining paper underneath? One of those little rollers for the seams?
  12. The watch photo was published by Q on 2 December as part of set of four proofs (iirc). There were two tweets yesterday at 1.29pm - the Office of the IG tweeted the report and the Justice Department tweeted AG Barr's statement (see post above). Also the Justice Department website published the statement of US Attorney John Durham at 1.29pm. I just find it an incredible coincidence that these things happened two years and one minute after Q's 'justice' post! A two year delta, in anon speak.
  13. I've been using Freetrade for a few months. Working fine so far and they seem to be adding more stocks/ETFs weekly.
  14. My take is that MMT works out - until the realisation hits the general public that there's no store of value in fiat. So - yup - PMs - or something - anything - which can store value over time. Triggernometry talked to Jim Rickards a couple of months ago when he was promoting his book. He touches on MMT at 26 minutes in (link to video below). Says MMT works. Print as much as you want, the market will buy the debt, or the Fed will monetise it. *But* there comes a time when people hit an 'invisible psychological boundary' and say - get me out of the dollar - and buy gold, silver, real estate, cars, oil, natural resources - because they no longer trust Congress to spend all the printed money without causing inflation. At that point - inflation lets rip, bond markets in difficulty - and it will happen v quickly. I've listened to the interview a couple of times because so much in there - to whet appetites - discussion also covers: - USA monetary/fiscal position (Fed too tight) - cause of 2008 crisis (Rickards takes it back to 1987 and the rise of derivatives then walks it forward via various 'contained' crises, including LTCM, and leading indicators). This is v interesting whizz through - black hole of debt in US student loans (guaranteed by US Gov) - Pulls no punches on (not) doing business with China - favours IMF Special Drawing Rights to bail out central banks after next crash (rebutted by Celente? I think on a recent Keiser Report) - suggests why wait for the crash - protect yourself with gold (10% of portfolio) while you can still get it. Is consistent with his negative position on BTC (I'm still taking hopeium for BTC)
  15. I've been working my way through the first few Praying Medic broadcasts. Last night listened to one from February 2018 about the release of the Devin Nunes memo about the abuses of the FISA process. Weird then to fast forward nearly two years and the publication of the IG report - like skipping a book to sneak a peek at the final few pages of the chapter. As @Fully Detached says, it's brilliant, whatever it turns out to be - the planning is something else. Apols for another PM tweet but my mind is blown by the 2017 'Justice' Q post date/time and subsequent (2 years later!) Dept of Justice tweet. What kind of operation is running in the background?