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  1. Zanu Bob

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Outside of Leicester,I felt like an outsider,rich white liberals look down their nose at you in the shires.In urban leicester ,if you've lived here long enough,then like I say,you wouldn't have felt like an outsider.
  2. Zanu Bob

    Tommy Robinson thread

    My expereience in Leicester over the last ten years is that the MSM narrative about 'happy,diverse' communities belies the reality on the ground. Leicester voted 51-49 to reamin.This includes something like 40,000 students( a fair proportion may not have had a vote admittedly) and an electorate that is majority non white British .Huge chunks of majority Asian areas voted out.Loads of Sikhs,Hindus,West indians and Pakistani's voted out. the So-Called BBC like to portray it as white racists but in Leicester and the like,it was anything but. I'll stick my neck out here and I'll say that what won Leicester for remain was well off white people and the Labour 'get out the vote' operation.aka Keith wanted in. Which is the raison d'etre of the globailst EU Farmers aren't a big voting bloc even in the sticks.In rural/suburban seats in Leicestershire the big Ukip vote was working class urban areas. It amazed me when some people accused the beeb of being anti EU..............what coverage were they watching and more importantly,they should tell us what they were smoking
  3. Zanu Bob

    Tommy Robinson thread

    very interesting from 8 minutes........1.3 mn views.
  4. Zanu Bob

    Single mums demand to live where they want

    All you want to do is drive kids into poverty........
  5. Zanu Bob

    The Germany is fucked thread

    Luton,Leicester,Bradford.Straight line north.
  6. Zanu Bob

    Single mums demand to live where they want

    We need to cap benefits at £50k...simples innit..
  7. Zanu Bob

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    I became a Monarchist after someone pointed out that we might get Cherie if we had an elected head of state.I'd been a republican for about 32 years since birth.
  8. Zanu Bob

    The one percent imposter. Not what it seems

    Oh dear.her attempt at 2020 is going to be pure comdy gold. Especially as he's half sweaty and still manages more than 1/1024th Pure class,I loved tht
  9. Zanu Bob

    The dud Kangaroo bounce thread 'New car sales in Australia are down for the sixth consecutive month. The real numbers are worse. News AU reports New-Car Sales Hit the Brakes for the Sixth Month in September. Here's the punchline: Dealers report the downturn is sharper than what the reported sales figures show. Official figures show new-car sales hit the brakes for the sixth month in a row in September. The slowdown means dealers are overstocked as they head into the quietest months on the calendar and trying to clear end-of-year models. September’s downturn of 5.5 per cent over the same month last year — to 94,711 reported sales — doesn’t tell the full story. Dealers claim the figures are inflated and the real position is much worse. One major metropolitan dealer says “there was a mad scramble” in the last days of the month to report cars as sold. Industry insiders say anywhere from 10 to 20 per cent of vehicles in a given month are “cyber cars”, a term given to vehicles counted as sold on a computer but not in the real world. Congratulations to Australia It appears they can lie at least as good down under as we do in the US.'
  10. 'Record Bearishness on Gold as Commercials Go Net Long Fifth Week byMike Mish Shedlock 23 hrs-edited Commercial traders are net long gold by the most in 17 years as hedge funds go increasingly short. Commercial traders are net long gold. What's going on? Some of the commercial traders are market makes who take the other side of trades and are hedged. The other portion of commercial traders are the metal producers. The metal producers (mining companies) are always net short. That is how they sell product. Small speculators are also net long. Thus the big specs (hedge funds) are short gold futures in record amounts even though the size of the bar appears insignificant. Open Interest Long and Short Positioning The lead-in chart shows commercials are net long and hedged funds net short by small amounts. But commercials are producers or hedgers, while speculators generally aren't, so a look only at "net" positions is misleading. Short Squeeze Material The yellow highlights above constitute positions that are subject to a huge short squeeze. One can also say longs may bail, but if that happened in isolation, the overall bearish sentiment against gold would be even higher. Gold Weekly Chart Gold sentiment is even more bearish than it was before a major blast higher starting December 2015. Record bearish sentiment of this nature by hedge funds is seldom rewarded. Mike "Mish" Shedlock'
  11. Zanu Bob

    Judge Kavanagh

    Looks like she's busted.
  12. Zanu Bob

    Judge Kavanagh

    the So-Called BBC live in an echo chamber,which really helps if you don't want to live in the real world. The lady in the middle brought back memories of millie tant in Viz.
  13. Zanu Bob

    Javid is cracking down on middle class coke heads

    Having said that,besides Treeza,he looks leadership material.No offence to leadership or material.Outside of the blue rinse voters,the Tries have a huge problem.
  14. Zanu Bob

    Javid is cracking down on middle class coke heads

    I happened to catch ten minutes of it.It really was piss poor,even if, lie me,you didn't expect much. I think the empty seats got it right.
  15. Zanu Bob

    Judge Kavanagh

    That's the fiorst time I've seen that.Incredible.But not as incredible as Avenatti's client.......................... Styxhexenhammer was sayign the other day that this could be the beggining of the end for the 'me too' movement.You can see his point. This constant floating of 'she must be believed',even when the evidence is woefully thin(and that's being generous to woefully),undermines the whole movement.And I think they did great exposing Weinstein.