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  1. Indifferent Indians

    Yes, for those. But I rarely get decent (white) fish from a supermarket, and never as good as from a good chippy. Which reminds me of one of my more pleasant work travel experiences - having fried, battered salmon and chips on Granville Island in Vancouver.
  2. Trip to Hull

    Hull? Interesting.
  3. Indifferent Indians

    Indeed, pretty much all curry houses and takeaways are so disappointing now me and Lady M also do the "Curry? nah." Thing too. Greasy, oily, poor ingredients, indifferently cooked and served. Although there is still one good sit down place in Brentwood (I'm not doing their advertising for them) that we still go to, but everywhere else we've given up on. IME the really unusual ones, like proper Indian vegaterian or Tibetan or whatever are Ok, but the standard places are without exception feckin awful.
  4. Behind the mask

    Indeed, I know someone who's been in the news a lot in the last couple of months rather well.... know as in we shared a bedroom till we were teenagers. But even without that insight I doubt I'd ever have been awed by celebrity. I can still get awestruck by a beautiful woman, but as I get older, less hormonal and more red pilled I find even that is diminishing. I've also been introduced as a celebrity myself by my local vicar (I did something rather notable 20-30 years ago). It was embarrassing as fuck, TBH, although I did notice I wasn't so invisible to the school mums afterwards. About the same effect as when, instead of my previous ancient Toyota, I started rocking up on the school run in a flash new company car.
  5. “I’d go gay for...”

    I don't know who she is, but yeah... agreed.
  6. Behind the mask

    OK, so post a politician-Insight story then. I only have one to contribute. I was at a rotary club concert where a primary school kid upchucked pretty much on Eric Pickles. He took it in his stride...s. And to be fair, despite his reputation, he didn't even try to eat any of it. Other than that, all I can add is the more successful anyone is in any field, IME, the more likely they are to be a dick.
  7. “I’d go gay for...”

    Good point well made. as to examples of good looking trannies, I believe there are websights with rodents names that have large databases. Not that I've looked that hard, you understand?
  8. “I’d go gay for...”

    When do you plan on using the Durex Tingle?
  9. “I’d go gay for...”

    By restricted do you mean spray-on leather or PVC restricted?
  10. So, inspired by Joes remark this evening on the DOSBODS thread... a special thread where the straight Male Dosbodders can confess who, what, how (or for how much) they’d go gay for. for my part, I’m thinking long and hard about this, and I think I’d do it for a model-cum-actor. Maybe Brad Pitt when he was younger. or maybe just a packet of liquorice allsorts, a box of oranges, some size 12 kinky boots and a ligature.
  11. TBH, of all the things to get upset about that are directly or indirectly related to immigration, this has got to rank right up there at the top of the list labelled “retarded”. Unless people are plotting something or are expecting the host country to pay for translation, I really couldn’t give a flying [email protected]@k what language they speak. How would some of these rednecks feel if they were required to speak the local lingo on their sun and sand summer holidays?
  12. Islamification of Europe

    When I was about 20-21 I was mates with a bad boy turned born again Christian (good looking, clever and charismatic, too, just the sort they wet their pants over) who once told me, quite forcefully, so I was I no doubt this was his deeply held and well thought out view, that Islam was satanic. At the time I thought he was on the train to crazy town. Now, although I think all sky fairies are a load of hogwash, I think he was right. If you were to describe the origins, beliefs and actions of Islam in a sufficiently generic way it would not come over like other religions. It would come over as what most people would describe as satanism.
  13. I’d also question the quality of journalism in this report as no Christian church (or if understand correctly the JWs themselves) regard them as Christian. The certainly don’t adhere to a number of the key doctrinal principles that unite all Christian churches. It’s about as accurate as calling Muzzers or Jews Christian.
  14. Odds on war with Russia?

    A few days ago I’d have said don’t be silly sods. We’d have to have some armed forces to consider that, as There’s no doubt Russia does. But now? I see two beleaguered leaders, Trump and May, both desperate to distract the electorate from their problems , wrap themselves in the flag and do something Big they don’t need to bother with that pesky democracy business for. War is always the favoured solution of such politicos. do I think we should be? Nope, not in a million years. Once again the idiot Steptoe is looking like the only sane one in the room.