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  1. He is also entirely, epically wrong. There are whole academic departments and fields of study devoted to documenting the cutural, behavioural and even physical differences between people from different parts of the world. Compare how a Dutchman vs a Japanese will tell you 'no' for a starter for ten...
  2. Anyway, back to Damaged Harry and his Cluster B wife:
  3. Ive seen units given over to ping pong in a number of shopping centers in different towns. They're never busy and I cant imagine they can charge their target customers much. Seems a bit like some sums dont add up to me.
  4. Its what happens when you only listen to a very vocal minority who are largely at odds with your core voter base. cf Labour and Momentum vs the working classes in the UK.
  5. Jury, according to OP. If true that is truly disturbing that the madness is now so widely accepted.
  6. Am I going to have to let It go? It being my todger?
  7. Excuse me you lot! We’re talking Star Trek porn here! Take your political nonsense somewhere else!
  8. Of course there is, there for the taking, mate. Fanfic is huge, Startrek is huge, just like Worfs todger and Trois tits. Take one for the team (as it were) and report back?
  9. “I sense.... sexual excitement” she says as he drenches her face in his Klingon seed, which klings on in her hair, on her nose.... Sorry, this is getting like bad fanfic.
  10. Certainly better than an (old school) Fiat 500.
  11. Jesus! I quite liked Frozen! Does that mean they’re coming for my cock and balls now with a bottle full of estrangement pills in one hand and a set of garden loppers in the other!
  12. Shamima Begum: Stripping citizenship put her at risk of hanging, court hears And.... why should any British, Bangladeshi or Syrian citizen give a single fuck if she were?
  13. But would they vote for hard Brexit? I doubt it.