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  1. As predicted on here since the start of the furlough business, this is sadly inevitable and will become increasingly common. As I wrote a few weeks back, if the world/your employer has got by without you at work for the last few weeks, chances are that’s how it’s going to be going forwards too in the new normal.
  2. One has to live in the real world. There’s more to life than just being really, amazingly good looking (pouts). One that makes me shake my head regularly is people, usually youngsters, drinking energy or sports drinks when not doing sports. Unless you are doing something athletic causing major nutrient/salt deficits or are a Tuktuk driver pulling an 18 hour shift these drinks are actively bad for you. As bad for you as puffing on a ciggy, maybe worse, even.
  3. Paragraphs 1-3 are great. 4 would be if you removed the first 4 words. It’s not good for you and totally unnecessary if you are doing all the others things in the first 4 paragraphs. The only thing I’d add is never, ever eat or drink anything other than water (or maybe whisky) after 8pm. Your body will simply lay it down as fat.
  4. Im skinny, 6 2-3, I have my target weight as 180 lb, currently at 184. If I go above 185 I am noticably obese. The critical weight weight band for me is that 183-186 - at one end I am healthy, at the other end obese. But 130? 122? Wow. I think at my very skinniest, as a late teenage, doing cycle racing, cross country running, I was 135 and even then I looked emaciated and strgggled to find any clothes to fit my 26 inch waist/36 inch inside leg (and chunky legs). Damn.... you must be one hell of a beanpole!
  5. That’s because nobodies getting any and are trying hard not to think about it.
  6. Melchett


    Provided you do it in a different bowl to me, be my guest....
  7. He’s over in that corner, drinking booze and eating cake. just throw a blanket over him if he’s bothering you.
  8. Melchett


    Thats the other surefire way of getting the postie/delivery person to knock on the door. Moreso for guys, though, Id imagine.
  9. Im not sure about the long term damage thing. Remember ~20 years ago everyone was terrified that everyone was going to be a drooling idiot with BSE by now? Well, (arguably), that hasnt happened....
  10. Thats almost once a fortnight. He must be aircrew, and or permantly jetlagged. Likely one of those people who has been making everyone elses working life a misery during lockdown because, deprived of their normal 'work' of being handsomely paid for ravelling around, sitting in planes, in taxis and in airports, theyve been filling everyones diaries up with Zoom meetings and 'special COVID initiatives' to try and justify their salaries.
  11. Melchett


    There's an awful lot more skips than usual coming and going round here, have been all through lockdown. I think people are having a good DIY/clear out, so the skip guys are run off their feet. I find going for a really major dump is the surefire method to get anything to arrive.
  12. Damn this thread is turning into Friends Reunited.....
  13. Very little bothers me, not now. If I am that chap, don’t beat yourself up over whatever it might be.
  14. Well, someone has an awful lot of baked beans and tinned fray bentos pies to work through. Fortunately, chances are they also have a lot of bog roll.