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  1. Fucknose My wife and daughters have done what females always do at times of stress. Theyve gone out shopping. As if we havent got enough tat in the house already....
  2. But but but..... werent the exam boards suppossed to be adjusting results in line with previous years at the school? Clearly that only applies for state school scummers....
  3. Thanks. we're all over the options. But the fact they gave her a D in physics was just fucking vindictive of the school, especially as she got a grade 9 at GCSE.
  4. Or you could try buying it at the cinema for a fiver a scoop... Or not.
  5. Nope, much simpler: Decent rum and raison ice cream is impossible to find because.... decent rum and raison ice cream is an oxymoron. Once you have dismissed all other options, what you are left with is the truth.
  6. Unfortunately for my daughter, she is mentally a boy in this context. But hopefully fortunately so are most of the other people applying to do engineering, that or they are (were) from China. 90 minutes in, still no degree course set up.
  7. Took me a moment to get your point, but yes, absolutely. And all the good hotels in Aberdeen are being used to house gimmigrants and vagrants.
  8. As it should be. I have already instructed my daughter that going through life she needs to say she was the COVID year and thus she didnt sit A levels. I have experience with this shit myself. Even when I had a PhD some employers still wanted to know the gory details of my A levels (which were shit, as I was in a grammar school which was being closed in 2 years and most of the teachers were leaving. I think I had 7 supply teachers for A level biology). I got to the point of responding that if A levels were that critical vs a degree, PhD and experience then perhaps the job wasnt at the level they were trying to recruit at.
  9. My daughter got fucked over by the school as predicted. Now trying to salvage from the wreckage.
  10. Please give your statement careful consideration, Dr Watson. Hopefully You will deduce the correct answer to your conundrum. 😉
  11. So yesterday as storms lashed the U.K. (except London and the south east), leading to Widespread flooding and three people dying a train crash, as the U.K. school exams and uni entrance process descends into a final gotterdammerung... I turned on the beeb just before 10 Hopi g to see the news and weather. No such fucking luck, as the beeb had decided that Long-form live coverage of some American politician arse licking some other American politician (when these two have spent most the last year slagging each other off) was More Important than our own news and weather. Well, it might feature higher on the journos twitter feeds, but speaking, I suspect, for the average person in the U.K., I beg to differ.
  12. Well, I learnt that the Cheif Exec of Network Rail was enjoying a nice family holiday in Italy. Funny how people of his sort are still able to take holidays abroad, isn’t it?
  13. I’m shocked, shocked do you hear at your insensitivity. It means he’s a raving tranny. 😉
  14. It was on it's way to being bricked up in a tunnel for being A Very Bad Engine. Annie and Clarabel are helping police with their enquiries. (Too soon?)
  15. Thats a real pity as the Stonehaven chippy on the beach is one of the best Ive ever visited.