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  1. Before I click on this on my work PC... Is It Safe?
  2. OK I might have exaggerated. Or something. But you all get the idea.
  3. Wasn’t this much predicted on this site from the off? Colour me shocked, we’ve been sold out again...
  4. Until you meet a gang with more mates and guns.
  5. Sadly the tyranny of the state will simply be replaced by the worse tyranny of people like BLM. The last few Months in the US have show us that, surely?
  6. I guess I am likely from the last generation that was brought up regarding "England expects every man to do his duty" as an aspirational sentiment that little boys absorbed and internalised, as part of a tale of exciting derring-do without even realising it. I cant see the story of Trafalgar appealing to kids in the playground now, who mostly now owe no allegiance to this country or its history, far less buying into it. Combine that with the fact that even if kids did take it on board, the zeitgeist would suggest there would be nothing worth applying it to. Its a sad realisat
  7. As a guy who has spent most of his life towards the Joe end of the build spectrum, can j just say that until 40 at least it wasn’t about food. If I overate it just came out as farts and shits, even when I was putting in serious exercise. Nowadays it still does, but to a lesser extent, with the surplus going to lard rather than muscle. Some of us just can’t put on serious muscle. I got up to 100 press-up sets, but all I was doing was getting better at doing press-ups.
  8. Jesus, man, you were looking at her upper lip? What is WRONG with you?
  9. Scarily full of scary homeless druggies and crims though, probably because the Climate is so forgiving and doesn’t cull them.
  10. And it's a lot more fun and lucrative and gives more bragging rights and status being the Washington correspondent than the Norwich correspondent?
  11. Exactly! This is what really bugs me about the level of coverage of US politics. Yes, it's a big, powerful important country. But do we really need this level of discussion of it? Especially when it is so clearly partisan, because it's not like they're influencing anyone who can actually vote anyhow. I'd far rather they'd give some space to what's going on in my local county council. I think it simply reflects the obsessions of those working in the MSM. They've got their knickers in a twist about it and they want us to too.
  12. Don’t assume it’s going to last. Late teens through to 30 I had a 26-28 inch waist. Then through my 30s a more normal 30. Then suddenly you get to 40: nothing else changes but the muscles vanish and the waistline and weight starts piling on. Not getting at you Joe, but all these guys on here going on about how they’re Mid 30s and ripped and think everyone over 40 who isn’t ripped is some sort of slob who brought it on themselves are just smug twats who have no idea what nastiness Mother Nature has planned for them in the near future.
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