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  1. Indeed. The worlds top pop performers at that concert and queen made the lot of them look like amateurs. In a weird echo, at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert a few years later, the only singers who didn’t embarrass themselves trying to sing his songs were George Michael, Lisa Stansfield and the guy from Extreme.
  2. The worst inversion I’ve had was someone sent me a photo recently from the US... and put an insurance value or something on it. Say hello, 10 quid of duty and nearly 20 quid ‘post office handling fee’. Twat.
  3. But if we buy it direct it tends to cost less. Plus Ive yet to be stung for taxes/duty etc on anything bought from a far east vendor.
  4. Its going to do wonders for our balance of trade and for UK suppliers once people start to realise buying stuff online from the EU is now playing the same game of Russian Roulette that buying stuff from the US has always been.
  5. Yep, if I’d have been the senior manager somewhere over those people I’d have been asking awkward questions about when they’d found the time to do all that walking.
  6. Nice to have the time to have 5-6 hours a day to go for a walk. Reminds me of a couple of years ago when my company did a global ‘work team steps challenge’. Basically everyone put on a Fitbit type thing and recorded daily steps in teams of about ten. All the winning teams were from China and the Far East and, by my reckoning must have been walking 30-40 miles each a day to have racked up their step counts. I suspect there may have been just a little bit of organised mass cheating going on. The company quietly dropped the idea after a month, so I reckon at least one person in authority ma
  7. Just look at that body language. They’re practically a married couple.
  8. It looked it. Regency drama full of posh BAMEs. The sheer visual dissonance of it should be enough to put anyone off. Its like having a regancy drama where they all drive round in Ford Mondeos. Funny if it is clearly intended as a joke, otherwise.... do fuck off.
  9. Never fear. Rashford, the leader of the opposition, will hold them to account!
  10. Some people I’ve met have used this word and claimed they do. Funny how they get offended when you try and red pill them...
  11. And if it’s mostly the Oxford AZ one that might cut the cases by... 1/3rd. Except it won’t as people will then assume everything is fine and go and infect each other like wabbits with myxomatosis
  12. What, for ever, or just for the summer holiday lets? Fortunately this year we have booked our holiday to coincide with the school summer holidays. It’s less than ideal, but so was losing our summer holiday last year because our dates straddled the start of the officially sanctioned unlock. PS: Sykes cottages are cunts. I will never forgive or forget....
  13. Quite. They are also now into the second year of having their education or early career fucked up. A year in my work life is much like any other year on my CV, but their lives have been fucked up in an irrecoverable way. It is criminal.
  14. What are you taking? And can I get it without a prescription, as the drs who were previously pretty inaccessible, has effectively been closed since last March?
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