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  1. Melchett

    Judge Kavanagh

    Yep. I would expect someone who wanted such a senior role to display exceptional grace under pressure. If you can't then you can't be expected to cope with the stresses of the role and conduct your duties in the appropriate manner. He showed none. my comments are nothing to do with Clitonite or democrat politics. I despise the Clintons. I'm not a fan of Obama either. Or, you may have guessed, Trump and his cohorts. I'm astonished so many on here are. Those who are are being manipulated just as much as the Clinton fans
  2. Melchett

    Judge Kavanagh

    I just have to say, no matter what your position on the accusations against him, the guy came across as an unbalanced, petulant, rude tosser with an inability to control his emotions or deal with stress. That was a job interview.... one for one of the most senior roles in public service in the US. Im pretty sure if you acted like that at a job interview even to clean the bogs at Maccydees you'd be shown the door quicker than you can say 'has this guy lied on his CV?'
  3. Melchett

    TheRedPill subreddit quarantined

    Which one is you?
  4. Melchett

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Misogynistic shitlords, those CRUK people. Haven't they got with the programme yet?
  5. Melchett

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Do not look at the middle or bottom of page 70 if you havent already Some things cannot be unseen
  6. Melchett

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    Exactly the issue I see with my daughter this year. Well put.
  7. 20 years? Wow, they truly had insights most of the rest of us have only gained in the last couple of years.
  8. Melchett

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    On the subject of overpriced shitty student accommodation, my daughter has recently started at Aberdeen and is paying an eye watering amount for her official uni halls bedsit and shared dilapidated kitchen. They aren’t even throwing in a cleaner. I’d expect a fucking Butler for and maybe a call girl on call for what they’re asking. I did point out to her that it was daylight bloody robbery and she could probably get a very nice flat all to herself for that, but she wants to be in halls for the first year. I do hope she wakes the fuck up by year two....
  9. Melchett

    News about which you don't give a F U C K

    "You can have any result you like so long as it's 'remain'"
  10. Melchett

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Indeed. But if you are just doing it for External Validation, when you dont end up marrying the retired Hollywood megastar with the 2-foot-penis you're going to lose heart and be back on the prosecco and cake.
  11. Melchett

    The normalisation of female obesity

    The thing about living a healthy life is.... people shouldnt be doing it to attract a mate or because of fashion or social pressure. They should be doing it out of respect for themselves and the desire to get the most out of life. Internal motivation rather than external.
  12. Melchett

    Test if you're spending too much time on the internet

    That reminds me, I ought to go eat todays pickled beetroot.
  13. Melchett

    The cult of corbyn

    McDonnell often comes over as an affable, interesting guy who you could have a nice pint with. So long as you dont get him started on his looney politics. Corbyn and Abbott OTOH have never come across to me as having any redeeming features at all apart from Corbyn's love of his allotment. ETA, Starmer, I wouldnt piss on him to put him out if was on fire. That said, since when has being utter unlikeable cunts excluded anyone from a top job in politics?
  14. Melchett

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I feel for you. There is only one solution to a toxic worplace if you are a lowly employee. Leave. Never look back, except to learn and spot similar in future.