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  1. I understand where you are coming from but don’t 100% agree. Through my late 40s I did lots of walking and cycling, but still piled on the lard, over 10 kilos of it. I then went to see a PT on my 50th who put me on a strict diet and had me taking the gym way more seriously. The weight fell off. Last year I ditched the PT, went to the gym less, let the diet slip but rode the most miles on my bike since I was a teeenager and racing... and yet the weight piled back on as did the cholesterol etc. I think a lot of it is diet, with gym as secondary thing. And by diet I mean what worked was what most people would regard as extreme dietary fadism. No processed food, no known sugar and carbs only on a heavy exercise day, and almost no booze. I lost 10 kg in six months, and went from normal middle aged cholesterol etc to the blood labs of someone 20 years younger (the Dr was flummoxed, said she’d never seen anything like it). Diet. Most people’s diet nowadays is crap, but it takes the self control of a religious fanatic to address it.
  2. Interestingly (? well, maybe not much?) my social media feeds have started to feature posts from transatlanticans who are fed up to the back teeth of Meagain and Harriet already. Although currently this seems to be taking the form of blaming the mother country for inflicting this on them, I reckon it wont take long for them to realise the source of the problem is no longer on this side of the atlantic.
  3. I’ve never had one that comes within a country mile of those my mum used to make, but she hasn’t made one for 30 years and as she is now 80, dotty and rheumatic I think that ship has sailed... Maybe I should make my own, but as XYY says OP, this is about asking if anyone knows of a good one for sale?
  4. Shit doesn't stink or stick for these types, especially in the public sector. Similarly there are numerous NHS senior managers who have presided over Titanic fuckups yet simply moved on to other equally or more lucrative jobs in the NHS, whereas you or me would be looking to apply for jobs collecting trolleys at Tescos if we did similar.
  5. Well, my enormous Costco-acquired stash of Gilette blades is now finished and I transitioned at the weekend to Lidl's own. Perfectly fine, a lot cheaper, an awful lot cheaper, but most important of all.... not Gilette.
  6. Dig deeper and I reckon youll find most of them have a lot more in common than just the colour of their skin. School, University, boards of other organisations.... And frankly, that is the real Diversity Scandal, and one which they dont even acknowledge exists, far less talk about addressing.
  7. Im sure we are all familiar with the simpering lyrics of many pop songs '"I know you were tag teamed by an entire platoon of marines, but I need you back sooooo bad....". Since I have become Red Pilled Ive found about half of the popular music ouvre just makes me hit the Next button. So, what lines are there in cultural works that are red pilled? Im going to start off with one of the best and most famous, penned by a woman a couple of centuries ago: IT is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. And then follow up with something a bit coarser:
  8. Who is on? i refuse to grant them cookie permission so cannot view that link.
  9. Jeez, it was that 20 years ago when I bought my first digital Walkman. And even at that (the maximum at the time) it still sounded crap compared to the CDs I ripped it from, but a prie worth paying at the time for having dozens of albums in a tiny box. It is shocking that people have got so used to that crappy quality that it is still the standard.
  10. For the technically minded, its a NAD amp, four Mission speakers, a weird switchbox for the speakers which I have no idea who made and doesnt seem to work properly any more, a DUAL turntable, Technics CD and a little used now ONKYO tape deck. Theres also a Sony radio reciever that I use even less - why would you these days?
  11. No point having an expensive sound system if the source recording is technically crap (as is the case with so much digital music now, where it has been compressed to buggery and then further distorted and fucked about with to flatter poor playback systems). Or if the material is crap. Like so many of my generation, one of the first things I did on leaving home in the 1980s was drop more money than sense on the best Hi Fi separates system I could scrape together the cash to buy, after a suitable audio road test at a shop on the Tottenham Court Road. Ive still got it all. And it is still excellent. Its my impression that that level of interest in the technical aspects of the system AND the obsession people used to have with various artists and styles is a thing of the past. My kids could barrely believe it when me and my wife cranked it up and put on a very old (ie not digitally fucked up) vinyl of Bat Out Of Hell to prove to them how good it was compared to what they are used to. /old fart mode off/
  12. I wish I had. When I think back to my 20s now it’s difficult to think of what I was doing at the time that was so great and so dependant on not having kids that I wanted to put off having kids for. Whenever I hear of older people having kids I’m always doing the calculation of how old they will be when the kids are teenagers and thinking “you fucking idiot, how do you think you’re going to cope?”
  13. I always sigh in disbelief when SJWs go on about how stressful it is being a kid today (regarding MMGW) like TEOTWAKI is something new that no other generation has had. They clearly don't remember the deadly serious but pointless discussions about boarding up the downstairs bog and filling the hallway with beans that kids growing up in the 70s/80s over heard or had with their parents.