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  1. The big Oxfam thread

    You can only assume that as so many random bods on the web were so clear, and so right, about all this, that people in politics and the meeja knew it too, and a) elected to concela the facts and b) thought theyd get away with doing so. Scum.
  2. Mass shooting Florida

    San Diego. There seems to be a lot of them here. I suppose the climate is very forgiving.
  3. Mass shooting Florida

    And shortly after writing this i walked out of my hotel. At the first corner an older guy ineffectually beating up a municipal trash can, on the second corner a younger man standing and pointing and shouting obscenties at the sky. And this is in an upmarket tourist area. Walked by both of them, like you say, i didnt feel threatened, but both of them hd clearly lost their marbles.
  4. Center Parcs

    Ive tried it a couple of times. My overwhelming impression, certainly in school holidays, was that this is where people of subcontinental ethnicity (and the money to pay for it) holiday in the UK
  5. Mass shooting Florida

    The states is an odd place. Im there at the moment (work), and something that always strikes me is that encountering the seriously unhinged seems to be an everyday occurence in every US city, in a way it just isnt in other parts of the world. There just seems to be a subset of nutters that are an American phenomenon - the 'Are you looking at my pint?' sort of craziness, but without the associated trappings of boozey bars and generally with some sort of disturbed yet unimposing physicality. Ive never been threatened by one, but there's that feeling that the possibility is always there, just a hairs breadth away. Im not sure why. Do they have special illegal drugs here? Is it cultural too? Dunno.
  6. Center Parcs

    How odd do the hookers have to be to be enjoyable?
  7. Heathrow

    I’ve got to fly to the States from there tomorrow. And yes I’m another frequent flyer who avoids Heathrow like it was an Ebola hotspot. Which is always a possibility... Shittest airport I can think of, anywhere, offhand, and a total PITA to get to. Yes, T5 isn’t so bad, once you get there, but that’s BA only who now seem to be winning their race with Ryanair for the title of Europe’s Shittiest Airline.
  8. Bare armed whores

    Got out the wrong side of the manger today?
  9. Bare armed whores

    Fuck that's an impressive pair of tits on the first one. No idea who she is. Does she work on TV? And to the actual point: I think the Canadian woman who started this has a rather antiquated view of the world. No matter how much or little clothing an autocue reader is wearing, I only see them as an autocue reader, nothing more . Someone who's primary skill set is to seem as though they aren't just reading out words scrolling in front of them while being easy on the eye. And, if it's true that women find men in suits the most sexy look, shouldn't female autocue readers be wearing lingerie in the interests of equality?
  10. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Yep, I saw the same. Over and over. It was a complete mystery to me at the time, but Red Pill Theory has explained it all to me in later life. Women Like (Fucking) Bastards. This much has been known from time immemorial. It is only in recent years little boys have been told to stick them on pedestals and come over all Soy Boy. Incidentally, on the 3/5 thing, i think it is too simplistic. Im 6 3, dark haired, not exactly a car crash in either the looks or build (though more runner than bodybuilder), have always had a DGAF attitude to much of life in general but never had to beat the ladies off. I reckon another poster may have come closer when they mentioned the downward spiral of not having a shag and saving yourself. Whether they do so consciously or not, women can sense this and steer clear. Plus I am an introvert, entirely happy with my own company. If you DGAF but arent out there chasing (with a DGAF attitude) it wont just fall in your lap...
  11. A bit like the Canary Islands going pop... If it happens, well, que sera sera
  12. The big Oxfam thread

    I’m still waiting for someone on the So-Called BBC news to ask serious and probing questions about how deep this rabbit warren goes... although I won’t hold my breath.
  13. The big Oxfam thread

    Yep, anyone who thinks this is an isolated case has their head up their ass. Not saying every NGO and aid worker is at it, but the organisations are so riddled with it, if they were a tree youd chop it down and burn it..
  14. The Slippery Slidey Olympics Thread

    I find stuff like names helps to, umm, better visualise stuff, as it were. You should try it.