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  1. Melchett

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Dear Mr J, Thanks for your email, which I shall bury my head in the sand about, in the hope and expectation that come election day you and all hte others you refer to will have forgotten your pledge about not voting for me again. It is not possible to leave the European Union: we have to continue to do as we are told by those who are really in charge. Given the amount of lies and obfuscation that the electorate regularly swallow, it makes sense to continue to assume we can pull the wool over your eyes again this time. We have not had control over future rules and over our own borders for decades and this state will continue and now be enshrined in treaty so the electorate can never get uppity again. As I regard you as an idiot (and as I am too stupid myself to argue the issueany further) I attach a letter from the Attorney General which buries the whole thing under a whole pile of legaleese and jargon that not even he understands. Kind regards Michael Fallon MP
  2. Melchett

    Twat of the day.

    OMG I just snorted my lungs up through my nostrils laughing! Here we go...
  3. Melchett

    Odd childhood things that you took as normal

    Having loads of fillings when my teeth seemed fine.
  4. Melchett

    Third world dentistry coming to you

    Just come on to add my tuppence - like many it seems, I had loads of fillings as a kid. One in the decades since. British dentists of old were a bunch of charlatans, it seems, so it wasnt better in the good old days. As with anything, choose your dentist carefully....
  5. Melchett

    Dogs dogs everywhere, with thick as fuck owners

    To those who dont understand the problem: I have similar stories. The dog issue is getting worse and worse. As is the problem with owners not realising that it is a problem. And owners who do not fucking train their dogs. Dogs should be one strike (verified complaint) and you are 'out'
  6. Melchett

    Smoking - what else is known to be bad

    It's used in things like peptide synthesisers. Always the ignorant lab junior who seems to get to run those things, never the PI....
  7. Melchett

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Blame it all on a harmless tabletop game, why don't you? 😉
  8. Melchett

    Smoking - what else is known to be bad

    Of course if you want to go HardCore, ask an industrial chemist:
  9. Melchett

    Smoking - what else is known to be bad

    Hamstering, auto erotic asphyxiation and personal, non-cleaning use of the vacuum cleaner nozzles. And as for sticking your willy in the kitchen sink waste disposal unit, Just Say No.
  10. Melchett

    Favourite Comic Strips

    I can echo the Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes and having a preposterous crush on the fanservice that was Judge Anderson.
  11. Melchett

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Anyone else get this pack of lies from her today in their email? It was in my spam box. It was a no reply address, so the best I could do was click on the unsubscribe link. Sadly there was no box to explain why you wanted to unsubscribe. Dear Melchett, Today, we announced our detailed plan for Brexit. We’re taking back control of our borders, our money, and our laws. This plan delivers on the result of the referendum: Ending the free movement of people – so we control our borders. Ending the huge annual payments we make to the EU – so we control our money. Ending the rule of the European Court of Justice – so we control our laws. We will cease to be a member of the European Union on 29 March next year. Our Brexit plan means we can make our own trade deals. So we can protect British jobs – while creating new ones. We will leave the EU’s Customs Union and Single Market – free to make our own trade deals with old friends and new allies around the world. At the same time, we’re proposing a new free-trade area with the EU for goods, based on a common rulebook and a business-friendly customs model – so British business can continue to trade with our nearest neighbours in Europe. But the decision whether to apply new rules on goods will be made in our Parliament, by the people you elect. We’re also taking back control of our rural communities and our fishing waters – leaving the Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy so our farmers and our fishermen can take decisions that are best for them. Our plan will deliver on the result of the referendum. Taking back control – while protecting British jobs. So if you support our plan, then help us share the facts about it. Yours sincerely, The Rt. Hon. Treason May MP Prime Minister & Leader of the Conservative Party
  12. Melchett

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    The Frank Skinner who does a morning show on Absolute radio? I find him, his "crew" and their inane and smug blathering more irritating than taking a bleach soaked Brillo pad to my penis. That said, I don't watch footy on TV either, so maybe he'd work for the footy crowd?
  13. Melchett


    Well, there you have it. I shall now know there's absolutely feck all point in reporting one of these scum should I see them doing the dirty. Indeed, any attempts by me to report this crime could end up with me being the one on the wrong side of the law. Which seeing as I cycle a lot down country lanes favoured by them, is pretty much just a matter of time before I do come across one, Hey ho. I have sympathy for the landowners and others who are inconvenienced and made to pay, but for the council and police? Fuckers.
  14. Melchett

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Well, she's still here. the So-Called BBC etc are presenting her plan as a triumph and a done deal. As are the like of Barnier. We the people have lost. They've won.
  15. Melchett

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Exactly. Men in balaclavas aside EU has loads of land borders like it that function smoothly . Switzerland being the obvious example.