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  1. Pub-going was originally just that, going to someone else's house in your village to drink beer as it didn't cost much and there were communal savings to be made on heating and lighting. The idea of the pub being an expensive night out came in with the Victorian 'gin palaces' and developed in the 1930s with posh mock-tudor 'road houses' etc. All we're doing is going back to how things were pre about 1860. Same with sport. The governing body for my local sports team has announced there will be no competitive activity until probably March 2021, for fear of the Corona. By then a lot of people will have drifted away to other things done on their own such as running or cycling.
  2. I'm not going anywhere until at least a month after any 'grand re-opening'. My parish church has announced it is starting services again, but restricted to 14 people, no communion and no singing. They've basically become a Quaker meeting! Since the relaxation of lockdown a group of regulars from my local pub have been meeting in each others' gardens for beers and chat. We agreed it's going to be a long time before we start going back to pubs, to pay 3x the cost of shop bought beer (or about 20x for those of us who drink homebrew).
  3. I think as soon as hotels reopen and travel to most places becomes possible again, we're going to see some sort of major global financial conference /summit announced, probably this winter. If it hasn't happened by next year it probably won't happen as they will need to keep the momentum/fear going.
  4. A major revelation to me was when I read that in real terms we have been getting poorer over the last 50 years, but it has been cleverly disguised by easy credit, longer working hours, longer commutes and two-income households. It's the lifestyle equivalent of shaving the edges off gold coins or making Wagon Wheels progressively smaller each year while putting them in a progressively bigger cardboard box.
  5. Interesting - what do you think is going to be the trigger in 2028? Or will it just be a gradual collapse of the Fiat system due to money printing? I'm still of the opinion that the Corona is going to be used as the pretext for some sort of global currency reset/debt jubilee.
  6. A lot of ultra Orthodox Jews are opposed to the existence of the state of Israel, because they claim it cannot come into being before the coming of the Messiah. A lot of ultra Liberal Jews don't like Israel because they think it's racist to Arabs. Oy, dislike of Israel is probably the only thing that they have in common!
  7. IMO that's always been the main driver behind open-door immigration. The ruling class don't want a repeat of what happened in the Black Death where the peasants were able to free themselves from serfdom because there just weren't enough people left alive to do all the work for the aristocracy.
  8. Possibly, at least at the higher levels. Most though will just be ignorant. Jimmy Perry pointed out that younger executives at BBC just didn't know about things like huge numbers of British soldiers serving in the Indian Army, which created the sort of friendly interactions with Indians that led to the comedy of 'It Ain't Half Hot Mum' - instead they just thought it was ignorant racism. In my own experience I remember a youngster at work refusing to believe that my (white) boss was born in Ghana (his father was in the colonial administration there) because he just had no knowledge of the British Empire.
  9. IMO the real PC takeover of British culture got underway in the 80s when the WW2 generation began to retire. Remember for example that BBC writers such as David Croft had served as a commissioned officer in the Indian Army - impossible to imagine them having any truck with the type of PC nonsense they have today, and Jimmy Perry (also Indian Army I think) said as much in an interview shortly before he died, that the BBC just don't understand British history.
  10. Quality varies, some HK tailors are as good as Savile Row and some, like one I went to, when you order a linen suit they try and fob you off with a polyester one, telling you it's a 'new kind of linen that doesn't crease'.
  11. I always thought the Beatles rather gave away their somewhat non-socialist views in their song Taxman.
  12. Jaywick's problems usually get blamed on 'decades of underfunding by Tory councils' rather than 'institutional racism' I think.
  13. There is of course the risk that London will be filled with Hong Kong Kenyan Asian tailor touts shoving cards into your hand on every corner and saying 'cheap suit sir?'
  14. Reasons to be cheerful: 1. Probably not the full 3m will come to Britain, there's talk of other commonwealth countries esp Australia taking some also. 2. There won't (in theory anyway) be as many EErs coming to Britain now we have left the EU and quite a few may be going back. 3. Hong Kongers are in the main decent, hardworking people with strong community and family values and a respect for the British way of life 4. Hong Kongers are likely to have no truck with leftism or political correctness and will probably vote Tory 5. The British establishment is never going to give up on immigration so we might as well get some of the more decent ones in.
  15. If the Calais Jungle was filled with that lot, you'd find the Guardianista 'ladies in comfortable shoes' might be slightly less welcoming of the hordes.