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  1. I was thinking this. At the moment it's bloody freezing and most don't want to go out. A spell of warm weather and the lockdown will become unenforceable in the inner cities. Deirdre and Desmond see this in their Daily Mail, harrumph for a few days but then decide they will risk a trip to the Dales in the Yaris (along with five million others).
  2. I just don't know what to think. Bojo is in isolation so I can't see him wanting the rules relaxed before he's out of it, otherwise there will be empire-building going on in the cabinet. My best guess is a two week extension with the same regulations and then some sort of brown-out semi-lockdown. I can't see how they can extend full lockdown for much more than a month without starting to get a lot more problems than are being caused by the virus.
  3. At least in the old days they pretended it was temporary, and constitutional measures were in place as a safeguard, eg when a standing army was set up, the Army Act had to be passed by Parliament every year to maintain it (until the 50s I think). Now things are just brought in by stealth or under the guise of doing it for the greater good, like the abolition of double jeopardy under the Blair regime.
  4. Probably very easy to pilfer a few boxes and make a major profit. I be there isn't much stock control in most hospitals. But nobody in our wonderful NHS would do something like that as they are all angels in human form, so that's alright.
  5. In WW2 the combatants went from using biplanes like the Gloster Gladiator, to using jets like the Meteor to using sub-orbital space rockets (the V2) in less than six years. An awful lot can be achieved when there is (or perceived to be) a lot at stake and unlimited funds.
  6. If my village Facebook page is anything to go by a lot of people are already displaying symptoms of stir-craziness and paranoia. Of course it's paranoia about Covid and people breaking the rules of lockdown, rather than the sensible paranoia we have on here about government conspiracies etc! So true about forgetting what day of the week it is, also. My diary has never looked so clear!
  7. Friend of a friend in Suffolk is a police officer and he chuckled when asked if there would be roadblocks, there just isn't the manpower.
  8. Surely the problem with this is it works in theory but in practice, businesses will find it difficult to just shut down and re-open for periods like that.
  9. I think what's happening is the p*ss-takers are being made examples of by the media in order to promote compliance. If my village Facebook page is anything to go by it is working better than in the wildest dreams of a Soviet commissar c.1953.
  10. Lockdown is up for review on Easter Monday. What do the Dosbodderers think will happen? Looser or tighter? Early signs are encouraging with a slight levelling in cases. We don't know exactly what will happen though with the virus itself, plus it is likely that HMG is watching closely to see just how much control they can impose on the population. Johnson hinted at three months of restrictions in his initial speeches. But will the country stand for that? If my theory is correct that the epidemic is being used as cover for an inevitable economic collapse, they will have to extend lockdown for a lot longer than three weeks because almost the entire economy will have to be crashed for it to work. My hope is that we get a partial relaxation, like when the 'blackout' was changed to the 'brownout' at the end of WW2 in some countries.
  11. It's common purpose/cultural marxism filtering down to the ranks of the ordinary copper, sadly. Anyone with half a brain should be able to realise that the restrictions are there to stop dindoos kicking off in supermarkets or other dodgy characters congregating in inner city areas. Ordinary law abiding citizens should be left alone and if really necessary, civil restrictions can be put in place to stop them congregating in beauty spots etc - ie, declaring all national parks closed, for example. Most people will respect that. Trouble is the idea is now that everyone is a wrong'un because we are all inherently racist/sexist etc so Joan and Gerald daring to go out for two instead of one exercise sessions a day are as fair game as Jamal and his 25 family members having an impromptu reggae festival in the middle of the street.
  12. You probably already know this but you can make your own yeast quite easily - see details online. Alternatively, Irish soda bread can be made without yeast.
  13. Binning perfectly good stuff will become taboo. Instead of shunning those 'extreme hoarders' that you see on telly, people will be flocking round to their houses for tea in the hope of pocketing a few things while the hoarder isn't looking.
  14. All this stuff about Covid reminds me of all the selective statistics and junk science that was doing the rounds in the early 2000s in the run up to the ban on smoking indoors in public in 2007. People were getting equally hysterical back then and worrying they could get lung cancer from one whiff of someone's Dorchester Menthol 200 yards away.