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  1. Mr Fox is one of my new YouTube favourites. I particularly like the way he turned that silly woman's 'logic', such as it was, against her by effortlessly showing that by her reasoning she was a racist herself. These people are like vampires; shine the light of truth on them and they wither into dust. Show that you refuse to back down and they have nothing left to attack with because shaming is their only weapon.
  2. I sat quite close to her as well about 15 years ago when she gave a talk on property at a trade show. Her assets were concealed by a denim jacket but she did have a lovely husky voice.
  3. Starmer at least has a sort of media savvy smoothness about him and the sort of good looks that might appeal to certain lefty women. Jess Phillips is a a woman so most other women will automatically hate her anyway, and her 'Oi'm just a thick brummie' schtick will become increasingly ridiculous and patronising to working class voters.
  4. How many Conservative party members are in academia, the media, the arts or anything to do with philosophy and culture? The number is tiny; even small 'c' conservatives are in a very small minority. Scruton was one of the few exceptions. Plus I think you will find that most big-C conservatives at least since Thatcher have been conservative in name only, and are largely indistinguishable from centre left Blairites.
  5. I doubt if it will harm her career much. Phil Spencer's property company crashed spectacularly but he was back on the air shilling for HPI shortly afterwards and the Great British HPI Believing Public didn't seem to mind. Plus Ms Beeny is a spectacular MILF, which probably helps with her ratings.
  6. Again, this is another parallel with the late King Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson. It seems he had no end of compliant, beautiful and well brought up aristocratic English girls throwing themselves at him. I recall a great aunt who once saw him in a parade, who said he was the most handsome man she had ever seen, and she called him the 'fairy prince' (not in a gay way). But any man who has that much on-tap sex with beautiful woman risks becoming very jaded by the whole thing. It's like the scene in 'Coming to America' when Prince Akeem of Zamunda gets so bored with his mistresses that he says to one 'stand on one leg and bark like a dog' and she complies immediately without question. I suspect Meghan, like Mrs Simpson, was able to give something that all those other women couldn't give, and it's probably some sort of mother love (Harry lost his mother at a vulnerable age, Edward apparently felt very unloved and distant from his mother). Also being Americans, neither of them would be into bowing and scraping and deference etc which is probably quite refreshing when one has had that all one's life.
  7. It must have been very difficult for the Queen, who saw this firstly with her uncle the King with the Mrs Simpson affair and then the business with Diana. She must have been very concerned that she do the right thing, a great strain for a woman in her nineties with a husband who by all accounts is not in good shape either. God save our sovereign lady Queen and governor, and guide her in all she does.
  8. Indeed I think a kickback has started, emboldened in part by Brexit and the Tory victory. Recently the 'Lewis' TV actor Laurence Fox (son of James) basically told a woman in the QT audience to f*ck off when she accused him of being a racist. No politician of any mainstream stripe would dare do that, but hopefully they will take notice.
  9. He was brave enough to spend a lot of time in Soviet controlled eastern Europe, risking imprisonment to help set up underground universities, ironically to be sacked and vilified by the British intellectual establishment in later life, for standing up for freedom of speech in his own country. To me he's not the Messiah, but he's the intellectual equivalent of that nameless Chinaman who stood alone in front of a tank in Tianamin Square.
  10. What we're starting to see now is the beginning of the Remoaner doom-mongers pushing the end of the world that little bit forward, so that the post-Brexit apocalypse never actually happens but is always around the corner. Plus every bit of bad news will be relentlessly spun negatively as 'because of Brexit' becomes as common a phrase in the media as 'despite Brexit' is now. These will be a laugh of course, but what has the potential to be damaging is the rearguard action that Remoaners will fight in the civil service, courts, government departments etc. Just look at Iraq, after Saddam Hussein was got rid of they were dancing in the streets but in a few weeks the guerrilla war started. I'm not saying will have violence on that scale or indeed on any scale, but I'm pretty sure there will be nasty acts of treason in many areas of public life. Hell hath no fury like a Remoaner scorned.
  11. I don't care what individual knobs do, but I'll be keeping a close eye on any public buildings that are still flying that rag after 1 February. You can bet it will still be proudly displayed on a fair few of them. I think we'll also see some acts of defiance (sky screaming etc, perhaps actual violence) on the night by Remoaners. Personally I won't be celebrating in any big public way as a Iive in a small town/large village where there are quite a few Remainers whose opinion I respect, and I think that triumphalism is the wrong attitude - I prefer to be quietly magnanimous in victory. I will be limiting myself to finally putting the Union Flag sticker over the Euro flag on my car number plate!
  12. Reminds me of a joke about the day after the Scottish Independence Referendum of 2013: 'today millions of Scotsmen are waking up hungover and bitterly disappointed. So just like any other day, really.'
  13. Back when I was a journalist I used to get a lot of press releases from the Welsh 'government' and most of it was similar stuff. Basically trying to out-nanny-state the English (and that takes some doing) and justify their existence and jobs in their big shiny 'Parliament' with the big Welsh words all over it. All done in a smug 'look how progressive and socially aware we are' type way.
  14. Is that what's known as an 'uphill gardener'?
  15. His brother King Edward VIII smoked just as much I think, but lived to 72, as did his daughter Princess Margaret. George VI had chest problems as a young man IIRC, and the strain of taking on the Crown and WW2 probably didn't help.