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  1. Austin Allegro

    Most attractive man on the planet?

    Dalton's dodgy hairdo and eighties leisurewear never really inspired me much. Brosnans is my second choice after Moore (of which Bond I'd like to be, not shag, I mean).
  2. Austin Allegro

    Freshers Week and bewildered parents

    Is there a Muzzer Bar and a Towelhead Gymnasium as well?
  3. Austin Allegro

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    Indeed. Mr Cameron's attempts at negotiating some sort of reform of our position with the EU achieved absolutely sweet FA and were just waved away by the apparatchiks of the EU who basically just slammed their equivalent of the post office counter window shut. From that moment on it was clear (to me, anyway) that the EU is not interested in negotiation or deals, it just wants its own way. Instead Mrs May seemed to think she could hammer out some sort of compromise. She's now trying the 'you're being very disrespectful to the British people' tactic but it's not working because a. the EU doesn't care and b. The Leavers don't believe her as she's not exactly showed much respect to the British people herself by her appeasing stance.
  4. Austin Allegro

    Trump's progress

    Good analysis. I'd like to think this is the reasoning that our leaders have if/when they get into bed with the Saudis, but I wonder if it's just more to do with who has offered the biggest bribes. I would imagine the Saudis say something like 'do what we ask, and, inshallah, thou shalt be well rewarded' (*claps hands and huge bowl of cash appears*) With the Russians and Chinese it's probably more like 'Do what we want or it will be the worse for you, comrade'.
  5. Austin Allegro

    The Second Invasion of America

    I tend to think that. Western Christian civilization, in the sense of world dominance, reached its peak about 1920 and is now in a long slow decline which probably started with the end of WW2 and the independence of India. There was a feeling back then that the Commonwealth would act to keep British values in place and that countries in Africa would soon pull themselves up to the level of the west, but it hasn't really happened and if anything, seems to be going backwards.
  6. LOL yes I had an ex who said once 'I really love it when you look mean and moody'. Thing is when I actually did once get mean and moody she didn't like it.
  7. Austin Allegro

    Fat shamed by Piers Morgan

    This is just it. At no other point in history can I recall the celebration of any kind of addictive disease as 'normal' or even healthy. Yes, alcohol and drinking, even quite heavy drinking, is promoted in our culture, but alcoholism and its attendant problems is not. Smoking used to be promoted as glamorous, but that was just the act of smoking, not the health problems that went with it. Nobody ever had a 'yellow teeth and fingers body positive' movement. Whereas with obesity we are actually 'celebrating' physical illness and the body's desperate attempts to deal with abuse.
  8. Austin Allegro

    Fat shamed by Piers Morgan

    This. He hasn't 'hit out' at her, he's raised concerns about her health. BTW WTF is going on with her right leg in that picture? Is it all cellulite or what?
  9. That lot probably think 'Kegels' are a kind of soy-based vegan snack to nibble on while playing women-inclusive computer games.
  10. Austin Allegro

    Most attractive man on the planet?

    Threads like this are very educational. Men's ideas of what women find attractive are always slightly wrong, IMO. The classic example is Bond. In my experience most men like Roger Moore because that's the sort of man they'd like to be. Most women though seem to prefer Connery as he's the original bit of rough. Same with Craig, who to me just looks like a nightclub doorman with a hint of gym-addict closet poofter about him.
  11. Austin Allegro

    Trans mass shooting

    A rather obvious tranny (M 2 F) had an interview for a job at a company I used to work for. Didn't get the job and then started kicking off on the phone later to the interviewer saying it was transphobia or similar. I spoke to the interviewer about it and he said that s/he didn't get the job because s/he wasn't really that well qualified and was also a bit rude/aggressive in the interview. Sad really as it must be a vicious circle for these people; they don't get accepted as 'normal' so they become ever more odd in their behaviour and blame others for their reaction.
  12. Austin Allegro

    Graduate meet crap job, crap job meet graduate...

    But only if there is a shortage of people willing to do them, otherwise the wages are low. An example would be a private soldier, who starts on something like £13,000 pa I think, but potentially could be exposed to fatal levels of risk. But in theory any reasonably fit young man could do it, without any prior qualifications other than basic literacy and numeracy, since all other training is on the job. So there is no incentive to pay more.
  13. Austin Allegro

    Trans mass shooting

    Most women in my experience find a certain amount of aggression attractive in a man, but a 'normal' woman tends to prefer it confined to acting in her defence, being slightly more sexually dominant than her, or perhaps occasionally over-ruling her when she does something really stupid (bitter jaded feminists are not included in this). A somewhat twisted minority actually get off on male aggression and get a thrill from the thought that her man might physically harm others, or even herself, IMO. Of course this can't ever be discussed openly in the feminised media.
  14. Full name is Deak Ferenc utca, sometimes gets shortened just to Ferenc or Deak if I recall rightly. I always used to get it confused with Ferenciek Ter which is nearby.
  15. That could be useful if you are actually looking for it, it's one of the main streets in Budapest. (Translates as Francis Street).