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  1. Only exempt from VAT if it's a syrup for a medical condition. Male Pattern Baldness doesn't seem to be an acceptable reason. Sexist!
  2. Reminds me of the old joke. A Jewish mother took her son on the bus and asked for one adult and a child. The conductor looked at her son and said 'He looks a lot older than 14'. The mother replied 'Can I help it if he worries?'
  3. No government wants a populace that understands how to save money. Only to spend it!
  4. I was thinking today that, back when I was a sixth-former and undergraduate in the late 80s/early 90s, most of my generation simply would not have stood for this nonsense if it was dished out under a Thatcher or Major government. There would have been armies of Crusties and Hippy Convoy/Cidermen on the streets with dogs on strings trashing everything in sight. I even knew a girl who tried to get to China to 'help out with the revolution' after Tianamen Square (I think her parents stopped her in the end).
  5. IIRC, none of the machines I have used at British airports actually tell you which way round to place your passport on the reader. Obviously you place it with the photo side down, but it's not clear whether you have the photo page towards you or away from you. The minders seem to be constantly telling people to turn it round. A simple diagram printed out and stuck on the machines would be sufficient and would probably speed things up.
  6. Some of the online tailors like Ravis of Bangkok seem to be doing quite big discounts. I guess very few men are buying suits and proper shirts at the moment.
  7. I think Krankie's drunk on power. She's never had such exposure as she's had in the last few months, and can swan around acting like she's Queen of Scotland, using the usual tactic of blaming England for everything. I suspect she also lacks the intellectual ability to rationally analyse the Covid situation, and is in thrall to lockdown fanatics and health advisors with various agendas.
  8. We've got a long way to go yet. Majority of people seem to be on board the fear train, and I suspect tighter lockdowns are coming. I think the government realises it has to keep the fear going for several months more, to mask the fall out from the end of furlough (unemployment, evictions etc rising). They can't allow that to happen at the same time as a return to 'normality' because that will make it clear that all those sacrifices were for nothing. Of course, all this is assuming the government's actions are driven by incompetence rather than malevolence. If it is the latter, then it is
  9. Good point. Social media, particularly Facebook, is mainly about virtue-signalling, so very few people will use it to express an opinion which goes against the majority. It's exhausting and largely pointless to go against the group-think so most people do not bother.
  10. I posted this on my Facebook page. (I only use Facebook now to spread Covid wrongthink like this). I got a really nice message of support from someone I worked with years ago. Last time I heard from her she was railing against Brexit!
  11. I may be wrong, but I think this is the first relaxation of any Covid rules I have heard of since July.
  12. Covid is the new Thatcher. 'Ah lost me job in '20 cos o' that fookin' Covid'. 'When that Covid dies ah'll spit on its grave' 'Covid ruined this community. Ah hope it's satisfied'. etc
  13. I read a theory online (not sure if it was here) that the main reason for lockdowns etc is because the government is afraid there will be so many nurses (ie, fat ones) and doctors staying at home with Covids that the system will collapse. I think it's a good theory, but if it's true, we have had months and months to prepare and yet bugger all has been done.
  14. I imagine that 'mask porn' is probably already a thing by now and that saliva is not the only bodily fluid they are catching.
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