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  1. Was talking to a (Remainer) lawyer today who said Boris can't say he was coerced into sending the extension request because as the leader of a minority government he has to obey the will of Parliament; if he really feels he is being coerced he should resign on point of principle. Interestingly I've been with quite a few Remainers socially in the last few days. All intelligent, decent people from the professional classes. All saying things like 'Boris is just following his ego' ...'Boris is stupid'...'Boris is trying to cheat democracy' 'Boris is refusing to obey Parliament and is acting unlawfully' etc. General hilarity over the 'three letters' tactic. No concept, seemingly, that Boris might be attempting to deliver the will of the people. The difficult thing is, I like and respect these people and have much in common with them, but on Brexit they just seem to close ranks. The week before, I spent quite a lot of time socially with a group of people who are largely working class. All staunch leavers, all convinced that Boris was doing his best to respect the will of the people and wishing he'd get on with the job; all loathing the EU but stressing how much they like Europe; one even spoke a foreign language and two had lived on the continent. One, a construction worker, said 'Sounds strange but the Conservatives now seem to be the only party for the working man'. With these people, I don't feel I have a great deal in common, but on Brexit we agree totally and it's so refreshing to be able to speak my mind with them.
  2. Yes. I don't think I'm exaggerating now when I say that it is the biggest split in our nation since the Civil War. The only other time that comes close is the disagreement of Parliament over whether to surrender to Germany in 1940, but that rift was quickly fixed when Germany invaded Russia in '41 (many lefties opposed WW2 at first because Russia was semi-allied with Germany for the first two years of the war). It's also akin to what happened in Ireland in 1920-22. The Abdication Crisis of '36 came close but was over in a few months and soon forgotten about because of George VI's popularity. I just hope we can move on without actual fighting breaking out.
  3. Yes, this is what I am expecting now. A delay followed by a second referendum with a Remain result, either from direct fiddling or indirectly through a split Leave option. That makes it harder for any future government to campaign to leave the EU because Remainers will just point to the referendum result and say 'the will of the people is clear' or some such bollox. I can't see any other way out; Remainers will not accept either a deal or no deal, they won't allow a GE but can't risk blocking one for too long for fear of appearing anti-democratic. The EU has form with this, and second referenda have been used before to stifle dissent.
  4. Austin Allegro


    I lived in Hungary for a while and they were fairly common there in the winter when temps can reach -20C, civilians wore them as well as policemen and soldiers.
  5. Austin Allegro


    I ordered it during the 'beast from the east' in the winter of 17/18 but it arrived too late; I wore it a couple of times last winter but it's just too hot really.
  6. Austin Allegro


    Baldness certainly encourages an interest in hat-wearing. Not just for vanity but for practical protection against cold/heat. What's nice nowadays is that hat (or rather, cap) wearing is generally unremarkable. In the 80s when I first started wearing hats, people you barely knew would literally grab them off your head and start trying them on, it was like a magnet for some reason. He did go on about 'bottle, glass' a lot though. Was it cockney rhyming slang code for something....?
  7. I have some South African relations, descended from the many Scots who went out there about 120 years ago to make their fortunes. The few I have met have all been very nice, no different to the average Brit. For this reason I remember disliking the Spitting Image song when it came out, and looking back now it seems like a fairly typical bit of SJW propaganda.
  8. Austin Allegro


    A non-arab wearing a fez always has a 'whiff of lavender' about him I find. A touch of the Sydney Greenstreets about him, rather too friendly with 'young friends' in Tangiers.
  9. Austin Allegro


    The decline in hat wearing began with the spread of outdoor sports in the 1890s. It was a gradual slow decline and by the mid 1960s most men went bareheaded. Actually hat wearing became a bit more fashionable in the 70s - the real low period was about 1965-1975. There's a good book on this called 'Hatless Jack' explaining the decline in hat wearing in the 20th century. I've got lots of hats; a 'peaky blinders' for every day, and one in linen for summer; a baseball cap for sports, an ushanka for winter, a trilby for smart formal wear (worn very occasionally for things like funerals etc) and a top hat which I bought for Royal Ascot, probably the most uncomfortable thing I've ever worn!
  10. Remainers have shown they will stop at nothing to prevent Brexit. Any attempts by Boris to force them to accept Brexit result in them moving the goalposts. So, the ultimate piece of gamesmanship by Boris would be to convince the EU that they must not allow the Remainers to have an extension. If he can pull that off, I might even buy the Brooklyn Bridge off him! Getting the EU to tell the Remainers that Britain can't stay in the EU anymore even if they want it to will utterly destroy them because they will be compelled to obey. It will be like telling a fanatically loyal dog to throw itself over a cliff in order to please its master.
  11. The Twitter feed known as Political Pig (below) seems confident that today's proceedings are all part of a cunning plan and that a no-deal will go ahead. However it's late, I'm tired and I can't understand the arguments as to why, but lots of people on the thread seem confident. Can anyone elucidate?
  12. As I predicted, the Remainers will not concede or play honourably when check-mated by Boris. It seems they will simply conjur up ever more new and restrictive Surrender Acts ad infinitum. But for how long? They can't get away with it indefinitely and a GE will destroy them. My guess is they are desperately trying to extend in order to get a rigged second referendum off the ground.
  13. It's my belief now that the only way we will get Brexit is if the EU makes it clear to the Remainers that they must give up. The Remainers are like those Japanese soldiers who held out in the jungles until the 1970s and refused to believe the war was over until their officer was brought out of retirement to order them to stand down.
  14. I particularly dislike his little asides where he speaks to the MPs like a prep-school master who thinks he's funny but isn't.
  15. I'd second the view that the main places for nice looking native women are the Russell Group university towns and the City of London. You do get nice looking women in all sorts of places but they tend to be the exception. I live in rural east Anglia and round here, there's a very narrow window between the slender, attractive but too young schoolgirl and the overweight buggy momma. Looking at dating websites etc the most attractive women nearly always turn out to be EE immigrants. I've been dating one recently and although she had an English name I knew there was something not quite 'right' about here as she was just a cut above the average - turns out she's Polish. A few months before that I was 'stepping out' with a local girl who caught my eye. Again I suspected she was just a little bit too pretty for the local area - sure enough turns out she's half Polish!