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  1. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Known as 'JBY' in the Manosphere.
  2. The Sweden is fucked thread

    I don't know when that first video was made - I am guessing about twenty years ago - but that's pretty much what all interviewers have become like. The stupid 'jump' thing is just a way of belittling people - well done to Thatch for dissmissing it without a second thought. Can you imagine Treason May doing anything like that? She would be asking 'how high?' before the woman had even finished the question. The woman is the absolute definition of an SJW loon. She keeps virtue signalling about how awful Hitler was - yes love I think most people agree on that - but then gets annoyed when she thinks Mrs T is saying that some countries are better than others. But by her own definition Germany must have been worse than other countries, which means others must have been better, which blows her feeble attempt at moral relativism out of the water.
  3. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Great book. Really changed my life in my early thirties. He was the Jordan Peterson of his day!
  4. Steptoe spied for Czech secret police & Soviet Union

    'Six divisions of infantry and tanks will enter London from the north, south, east and west...a further four hundred bomber aircraft with paratroopers will arrive from the air...the navy will blockade the Thames and six cruisers will give covering fire with a further six thousand sailors making landing parties...Comrade Steptoe, what preparations have been made for the invasion on your side? 'Erm...well...we've got the Woodcraft Folk, the Young Communists and the Labour youth wing, we might be able to use the mobile library van to help out, if it's not a Wednesday morning, that is...
  5. They don’t make them like they used to

    Kids today in particular seem punch-drunk with material wealth. I know children who have activities every night of the week, and get mountains of presents for Christmas and birthdays. It seems to make them jaded and bored and desperate for the next adrenaline rush from computer games etc. When I were lad, I had Scouts on Thursdays and church choir on Sundays (which I didn't like so it didn't count), a 'big' present like a bicycle had to do for Christmas and birthday combined, and from other relations like grandparents, uncles and aunts etc I might get a small toy or a book. We weren't in any way poor, my parents just had that austerity era mindset, but would happily spend hours playing with us etc.
  6. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I have seen so much stuff about 'players' on dating profiles that I reckon some women just fall for them again, and again, and again. It's a kind of silent scream of protest, their brains have not quite grasped the fact that the 'good' men are the ones they instinctively dislike and that the combination of 'good man' and 'player' they are searching for is a logical impossibility. It's like a man wanting a woman who is both Madonna and Whore. It's also possible that they meet a 'good' man they find attractive, but drive him away with nagging, bad behaviour, shit tests etc and so in their minds he becomes a 'player' because he didn't stay around, even if he might have been willing to at first.
  7. The Sweden is fucked thread

    Presumably they will have to prohibit the publication of the names of convicted criminals as well. Mohammed bin Saladin al Waktoum is a bit of a giveaway.
  8. They don’t make them like they used to

    If you look at photos of ordinary people from before about the mid sixties, most people seem to have a genuine look of happiness on their face when at beaches, in the high street, in factories etc. After about 1967 a spoilt, bored, sullen look creeps into the faces of younger people. Compare pictures of, say, the Isle of Wight festival in 1970 with those of, say, holidaymakers in Blackpool in 1960 and you'll see what I mean.
  9. Bare armed whores

    Sounds like most of the women who get in touch with me via online dating! Don't forget the leather jeans and the Mazda MX5.
  10. They don’t make them like they used to

    If anyone's wondering if Sister Wendy Beckett (that nun with the teeth) is still alive, yes she is, aged 88.
  11. Steptoe spied for Czech secret police & Soviet Union

    He probably bored the Russians to tears by reading out the kind of letters he read out during PMQs. 'Deirdre from Oldham would like to know if her bin collections would be more frequent under Soviet occupation...'
  12. Baby news

    Oddly enough, no...since moving to the countryside I've realised it has about as much connection with rural reality as Eastenders has with the actual type of people living in the east end these days.
  13. Baby news

    So two homosexual men have (presumably) paid a woman to bear the child of one of them via (presumably) artificial insemination, treating her as a sort of brood-mare. Shouldn't the So-Called BBC be up in arms about women's rights, children's rights, rights of the mother over the child, etc etc? They would be asking this in any other circumstances. Daley however seems to be one of those BBC golden children whose actions are beyond question or reproach.
  14. The big Oxfam thread

    It occurs to me that charities have replaced churches in the minds of the British public. Most youngsters will have no connection with the church and very little understanding of it. News stories about sex scandals in the church therefore are unlikely to have much resonance or meaning for them. Dodgy goings on in charities is likely to shock the millenials, however. I think somebody posted on here the horrified reactions of some people to the alleged antics of Mr Brendan Cox. I'm not saying dodgy things are not going on in charities - just that the scandal-hungry press may be taking a closer interest for the reasons above.
  15. Baby news

    What strikes me as particularly odd is that they don't even mention which one of them is the father. Or did they both have a go with the turkey baster so that they couldn't be sure, like giving a blank round to one man in a firing squad?