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  1. Bollocks, Branston just wants to get up to the Moonraker space station before Hugo Drax blows the world up.
  2. Statistics are meaningless - we're in a glass half full/empty situation and the government has chosen to view it as empty. If Bozo announced on telly that from now on, nobody must ever leave their house again because models have shown 100% of the UK's current population will be dead by the year 2250, then most people would obey.
  3. For obvious reasons, this story has not been in the MSM so I've been having trouble following it. I understand that the restaurants did not actually serve food, it was more a sort of protest opening - but I haven't been able to find out if this was a one-off or a continuing act of disobedience. Polish restaurateurs are also organising a rebellion (again, not mentioned in MSM as far as I can tell).
  4. I came to the conclusion in October that it isn't going to pass. If we lock down the entire economy for a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate, then logically we need to do that at all times, for ever, because we are never going to be without risk. There will always be some respiritory virus or other around which causes people to die, partly because that is the natural order of things, and partly because we are hugely unfit as a population. As far as I can tell, the government's policy is permanent lockdown. I'm not saying that will happen, because I think other things will intervene, but the
  5. For the last 15 years or so I've gone on holiday in December or January to southern Europe, places like the Balearics, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Algarve, the Greek islands etc. Most days it's been between 15 and 18c, in the shade, which means that in the sun it's very nice, warm enough to sit out at cafes etc and fine for walking, cycling etc without getting heatstroke. It's a bit too chilly to go in unheated pools, but sea-swimming is perfectly ok if you keep moving and don't just stand around like a Daily Mail sidebar girl. Yes you get the occasional wet/overcast day and most of the
  6. I've pretty much given up, to be honest. For a long time I tried hard to keep the 'old normal' going, in the hope it might encourage others. I always go unmasked, indoors and out; I tried having zoom chats and zoom pub quizzes and even hosted a few sparsely attended 'speakeasy' nights in my cottage. I tried keeping up the sceptics end of the debate on social media and in real-life meetings in a positive, polite way. But there's no point now, I think. A sort of national, possibly global agoraphobia has taken over, tinged with a vicious streak of hatred for anyone who doesn't 'believe'. I
  7. I'd say the majority of people are Sheeple. The Royle Family is for them a documentary, not a comedy. People follow the herd. When the herd do things like chase HPI and emulate the Kardashians, that doesn't matter so much. When the herd are led by people who are c*nts, they will act like c*nts.
  8. I agree, it's all going to be a big bowl of Polo holes. Best the Trumpers can do now is to have a parallel investigation of any further potential leads on fraud evidence, and a campaign against the use of postal votes and other dodgy practices. If they can ban it in France, they should be able to in the USA as well.
  9. It must be a bit awkward if you're not gay and actually do have a friend called Dorothy, especially at parties when explaining to strangers why she invited you.
  10. Biden's not even in power yet, and already an old white man has lost his home and his job...
  11. Or as we used to say at school: 'Ken Hom?' 'No, he go out!'
  12. And yet I bet Biden and his crew still talk about 'ethnic minorities' even though he is one. In fact people of his ilk will still be banging on about the rights of 'ethnic minorities' when the USA is like Zimbabwe and white farmers are getting murdered. To hell with them. America's done, anyway. The best we can hope for is for it to turn out something like Costa Rica or Argentina.
  13. Most definitely. I was speaking on zoom to some friends who are nice people but very much of the zeitgeist. I joked that once Trump is gone, the media won't have anything to write about any more. One said 'I'm just glad that when he's gone things can go back to normal'. She didn't mean with regards to Covid, just 'things' in general. That's partly why, I think, there is such hatred for Trump, because he upset that complacent sense of 'normality' that the west has been lulled into over the last few decades. He made them think, or at least react, and people don't like th
  14. Possibly - there's been rumblings of 'we need to get back to normal' by a couple of state governors, including Cuomo in NY who was aggressively anti-Trump. If for no other reason, then dropping the fakedemic now would provide a 'Biden Spring' for the USA. Let's face it, he's not likely to be remembered for much else anyway.
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