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  1. I take back what I wrote earlier, that Soph was largely influenced by other older people. She speaks very well off the cuff in that Dankula interview and is clearly highly intelligent. Interestingly, Styx in the above video makes the point that the haters only started going after Soph when she started doing those off the cuff interviews, because they realised she wasn't just reading off a script but was actually a highly functioning individual with anti-mainstream opinions, and therefore a threat.
  2. I was wondering that too. I suppose no security firm wants to admit the possibility their client might get covered in eggs/drinks etc as it could just as easily be something lethal.
  3. IIRC our constitution already has such safeguards - I think it was Norris McWhirter who brought a court case of treason on these lines against HM Government when we joined the EEC - but of course it was just ignored like anything else that stands in the way of TPTB. If we had a codified single-document constitution that specifically prevented surrender to foreign powers, it might make a difference, but again, TPTB would never allow such a thing to be drawn up. The vagueness of our present constitution suits them very well, which is why you don't get them agitating to change it.
  4. She's attempting to broker a compromise that will please Leavers and Remainers, not realising that this will p*ss off both groups. It seems to be an inability (I'm sorry but this is a trait more common in women than men) to take clear sides and instead try to build consensus, where consensus cannot really be established. Would she, for example, say something similar about a General Election if her party won? 'A lot of people voted for Labour but quite a few voted Tory as well, so to reflect those views we will be forming a joint government with both Labour and Tory politicians'. Of course not! But this is basically what she is saying about Brexit.
  5. I think most church women will be aware of this and I suspect a certain amount of encouragement of male attention is tolerated or even encouraged on the grounds it could produce new converts. I suspect though it would be carefully monitored and regular status reports on progress to conversion would be expected. If you take too long to find salvation, then 'date night' is off and you'll find yourself sitting with elderly ladies instead! (Wasn't there some cult called 'hookers for Jesus' years ago?)
  6. I just keep a file in the cloud with all my passwords listed but in a way that would be very difficult or impossible for anyone else to understand, eg things like 'Bank PIN number = Auntie Flo's old house number plus the year I graduated', 'My grandfather's dog's name plus the year he died' etc.
  7. Most mainstream churches won't care too much as long as you're not actively opposed to Christianity. I used to sometimes attend a very small church with few members and the vicar asked me if I'd be on the PCC as secretary. I said I wasn't sure because I lacked belief. I said I viewed Christianity as metaphor rather than fact and he replied (I always remember this). 'That's quite alright - often the metaphorical is more real than the real.' As for Christianity being cucked - sadly this is often, but not always, the case. There are a few Dosboddian clergy and laity but they are hard to find. The evangelicals for all their faults do tend to have a more socially conservative outlook and are aware of the challenge of Islam, whereas the more liberal mainstream churches can often be 'Guardian readers at prayer.'
  8. I'd be interested to hear more about this. What do you use as an official address for post, doctor, car licence etc? Do you find most properties have good broadband? This is what put me off a similar lifestyle as a I need a good connection for my online business. I looked at several holiday places in Malta but all of them required me to set up some broadband contract for a minimum of six months which was a right faff.
  9. Seminarian or ordinand, I think. The evangelical churches (where the hot tottie is found) tend to very much dislike any half-measures when it comes to religion. You're either committed 100% spending most of your time and money on church matters or you're a heathen. People like me who view God as a higher power rather than a 'person', who think Jesus is a jolly good chap whose example is worth following but who is not our 'imaginary friend' and who try to quietly live according to Christian principles without too much interest in 'churchianity' aren't considered 'real' Christians. If you do, genuinely, want to find out more about Christianity I would suggest a middle of the road Church of England church...but don't go expecting to meet hot young women because there are very unlikely to be any!
  10. The problem is you would have to do it for much more than an hour a week. I'm pretty sure such a woman would want you to be praying with her daily (evangelicals usually have what they call a 'quiet time' where they pray and read the Bible every day for about an hour; she'd most likely want to do that with you) plus attending numerous house groups, church meetings etc. Would you be willing to attend, say, outreach sessions where you had to talk about Jesus to random strangers? All your socialising would be with church people as well at things like Alpha courses. Holidays would most likely be at Christian retreats. TV and films would probably be religious documentaries watched together. If you're not prepared to do all this and give a convincing performance, you're likely to get labelled a 'backslider' and you'll find your wife slipping away from you and getting more and more frustrated because you're not on the same page with her. Remember that evangelicals are Protestants and are able to divorce, I suspect many would be quite willing to initiate divorce on grounds of incompatible beliefs - evangelicals often cite the Biblical verse about 'uneven yoking' to support hostility to marriages between mixed religions or even mixed denominations of the same religion. Of course, it could go the other way and she might drift away from the church - but once that happens she's likely to fall into the arms of Chad and may well want to make up for 'lost time'!
  11. The British Motor Museum at Gaydon, Warks, is well worth a visit. I went there with a friend and we didn't even notice that we'd been there about three hours. The place is packed with old British cars of most makes (I think it's all the companies that eventually made up Leyland, IIRC the Rootes Group are not included). The halls are full of DOSBODIAN men exclaiming things like 'My dad had one of those!' The steam railway museum at York is similarly absorbing. I found the Dowager Queen Charlotte's royal carriage from about 1834 or some ridiculously early date to be fascinating. RAF Hendon (actually at Colindale, London NW9) is the equivalent for military aircraft and I think it's free as well. Easy to get to on the M1.
  12. Austin Allegro


    FFS this is such typical ignorant metro-bubble stuff. The idea that all immigrants are here to seek 'safe refuge' and have said goodbye to their old countries and are now going to become British. It's an outdated concept based on 1930s ideas of immigration - again, it's the 'progressive' left actually being regressive by clinging to worn out ideas while thinking they are still relevant. I reckon most of these immigrants will come to Britain to get what they can (who can blame them) and will be going back and forth between here and their own countries as and when it suits them. We've seen this before with Africans and Indians sending their children back to their old countries for schooling because private schooling in those countries is very cheap and often better than state schooling in the UK. Of course Somalians are going to do the same if they can - why on earth would they send their children to some dodgy inner city comp?
  13. I've said before that German opposition to migration is likely to grow not because of 'racism' but because the immigrants start doing too many things 'nichts in ordnung'. You can preach to a German endlessly about how he should accept migrants because of his national collective guilt over WW2, but it's more difficult to tell him that he has to accept people that put the bins out on the wrong day.
  14. LOl some very funny replies on Twitter feed!
  15. Either that or they run a fashionable right-on charity. (Usually with themselves as the main beneficiary)