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  1. According to the article the money's going to some foodbank charity she uses, not into her pocket, so I guess somebody realised about the £16k limit as well. Or she could just be a genuinely generous person who wants to help others, I make no judgement.
  2. In what way has Britain been 'multi faith for thousands of years'? Only one faith was officially allowed from around the 7th century until 1829, even the Jews were expelled for 400 of the last 1000 years. It seems the case may have been more about incitement to violence (which is generally not an acceptable use of free speech) but if that is the case a judge should not go making politicised remarks like the one above, which suggest what the real motive for the prosecution was.
  3. IIRC the right to remain silent was removed under Thatcher or Major I think, ostensibly something to do with IRA I think. The Guardian I recall went absolutely apesh*t over it but seemed strangely quiet a few years later when Blair quietly got rid of double jeopardy (done so that the Stephen Lawrence case could be re-opened).
  4. Good idea but imagine the number of drongos that would kick off in shops and cause grief for working people and shop keepers when the system began to be implemented. I'm fed up with it all. As mentioned before, watch some of Bald and Bankrupt's videos for an idea of real poverty. One of his films in Moldova shows the absolute state of the place; the country has been systematically looted by corrupt officials so that now it looks like a colder version of an African tin pot dictatorship. Whatever our problems in the UK, we have nothing on that level. People in Britain have such amazing opportunities that the majority of the rest of the world can only dream of, yet so many people spend their time moaning about their lot and demanding more handouts.
  5. When I saw her I actually thought it was Lilly Allens giving a hard luck story about how all her wealth had disappeared because of Brexit or Tories or something. Sorry but I just don't care any more. These stories are designed to tug at the heartstrings of the guilty middle classes and to perpetuate the 'evil Tory austerity' myth. What the Mirror calls the 'brutal' universal credit scheme provides this woman over £300 a month (and she's probably getting other stuff as well like housing benefit). That is for doing nothing, and to which she has never contributed, and is paid for by taxpayers who work hard for their money. If people want to see real poverty they should watch the excellent videos of Bald and Bankrupt on Youtube. I was very moved by the story of an elderly man who lives alone in a run down shack in the Chernobyl radiation zone. He is the last person left in his village and all his family are dead. Pensions there are about 40 euros a month. A meal in a cafe costs about 1-2 Euros. Do the math. That's poverty and that's a white Christian in Europe.
  6. Austin Allegro


    When I first visited India and saw lots of men squatting on the ground staring into space, I thought they were meditating.
  7. Thanks for this, I like the occasional trip to EE - I've done Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Lithuania and on my list is Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Albania, Georgia, Moldova and Transdinistra then I'd like to do some of the 'Stans' as well. Trouble is I only like going in spring/summer as they're so bloody cold the rest of the time.
  8. I think that probably is the case in planned spit-roasts, but in this case it was a spontaneous thing, maybe they thought saying 'I'll go first while you wait outside' might kill the mood. Just when you think you know all there is to know about perversion something new pops up, as it were. I was looking at some of the pics of an attractive 'older lady' who I noticed on one of the threads here. I did an image search and found a fully clothed one, not at all dodgy. But it was part of some forum where men phone each other up and describe to each other what they are doing to said celebrity during an imaginary spit-roast! What the...?? Is this even 'a thing'?
  9. That will look nice when you've plastered it! (only joking). I would just go to one of those big charity furniture shops and get a decent solid wood wardrobe (not chipboard). Either that or go on Ebay/Facebook loads of people will practically give wardrobes away if you pick them up.
  10. Austin Allegro


    If only some western government could use its know-how and resources to run the place properly, the Indians would surely welcome that with open arms...oh, hang on...
  11. To give Bojo the benefit of the doubt, if he'd forced through Brexit using emergency legislation, the Remain establishment and media would have gone ballistic, he would have been accused of staging a coup etc and quite possibly the Supreme Court etc would have colluded to depose him. Just look at the fuss they made when he legally prorogued Parliament! So the only way round that was to get a GE and hopefully a Leave majority after that. On the other hand, he could just be another globalist opportunist using Brexit as a means to remain in power. We're unlikely to find out as I think we've had the last of the big Brexit showdowns now. Assuming we have a Tory victory the devil will be in the detail and there won't be any big confrontations over the Boris deal, it will just be thrashed out in long debates in Parliament and most people will lose interest.
  12. Austin Allegro


    The only reason the light coloured bits have less open crapping is because they are high-altitude places where it's too cold!
  13. That's a bit strange. Is anyone really frightened of the ridiculous Ruritanian sabre-rattling of desk clerks like Verhofstad, Junckers and Tusk? The problem is not with them, but with our own leaders. If a strong unified Brexit Parliament had been in place, the Brussels mob wouldn't have said boo to a goose.
  14. It's odd because I have never met one single person that says that. I've met Brexiters, Remainers, Neutrals, Remainers-turned-Brexiters and Neutrals-turned-Brexiters but never a Brexiter turned Remainer!