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  1. When Eastenders started in 1985 (?) it was just about believable, but the majority white British cast was stretching it even back then. Now it's just a joke. They should move the whole thing to Clacton-on-Sea where it might be a bit more believable.
  2. There's a difference between shutting people down for wrongthink - which many on the left seem to be doing - and suing somebody for libel or defamation of character, which is not and never has been an accepted part of free speech.
  3. 'Hurried withdrawals are my speciality...though I don't always get it a certain dusky maiden with a half caste piccannini in Brisbane will testify...hic....'
  4. I suspect 'Femi' doesn't have a very good grasp of logic. His argument seems to be: Tice said something rude about Soros. Soros is Jewish. Therefore Tice is antisemitic. It's known as the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.
  5. LOL Barnier is getting ripped a new one in the comments. Sadly I suspect though the WA is not quite as dead as we think...
  7. Possibly, though a lot of the Beechings cuts were in places where the line didn't really connect to anywhere else, or if it did, it was a branch line necessitating several changes to get to the nearest big city, making commuting unreasonable. The idea of living in a small village and commuting to a city to work only became really popular with mass car ownership. In many ways mass car ownership has saved the countryside, because without it, a lot of 'chocolate box' villages would be useless. I have heard stories for example from the post-Beeching 60s when country cottages were almost being given away (most notably in Elizabeth West's excellent book Hovel in the Hills) because most people didn't have cars so could not commute, and there was no local employment worth speaking of.
  8. O/t I know, but I hear this occasionally and it puzzles me. Do you mean to say you have never been to an evening meal with friends at a private house? That's all a dinner party is.
  9. Some Remainers seem so in love with the EU I doubt they'd have any truck with Brexit even if the EU crashed the entire continent's economy. It would just get blamed on populism or nationalism or something. Same with the old communists who refused to give up faith in the USSR - some of them still in positions of power in eastern European countries to this day.
  10. I recall an elderly cockney secretary at work who was complaining that the photocopier was broken, but she couldn't get a repairman out because she had to photocopy a purchase order for the service in advance. She referred to it as a 'Catch 23 situation.' When I was a lad I had a BMX bike. My elderly grandfather always referred to it as a 'BMK'. 'Let's go down the park son, you can bring your BMK'.
  11. Place your bets please... Insurance job 2/1 favourite Enriched gangs in turf war 3/2 Muzzers 3/1 Electrical fault/broken bottle on roof 15/1 outsider
  12. Go back to your constituencies...and prepare for mediocrity!!
  13. During WW2 most London square gardens became public by default because the railings were removed to be melted down for scrap. Orwell (I think) wrote how great it was to see working class London children having fun in areas previously closed off to them. Of course, back then, the worst crime a working class London child was likely to commit was scrumping apples or missing choir practice.
  14. Up until 30 or 40 years ago, many of these people were in long-term institutions for the mentally feeble. Granted many people should not have been in there, but I suspect many were also the type of people who just can't function in society. Expecting them to function on their own and bring up children and paying them to do so, while exposing them to the worst of the welfarised underclass, is in many ways an equally cruel treatment for both parents and children IMO.
  15. Thoreau (writing in the 1840s) said the last newsworthy event worth paying any attention to was the English revolution 200 years earlier. He was probably one of the most contented unstressed people in history.