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  1. Austin Allegro

    London murders overtake New York

    If there is any truth in it (it's Huffington Post so I won't be clicking on it) it could be because the 'youth' are more likely to be spending time outside, hanging around and getting into trouble, than if it's cold, when they will be inside relaxing on the sofa with a 'jazz woodbine' and less likely to be getting into confrontations.
  2. Austin Allegro

    Explosion at Manchester Arena

    Was the 'Millwall Battler' (Roy something) actually discredited? I recall there was an incident where a gang tried to goad him into racism/violence but didn't really succeed and it all seemed a bit staged.
  3. Austin Allegro

    Send them all back I don't care

    This is the fundamental difference between anglo-saxon culture and most other cultures in the world. Our laws and systems of governance are traditionally are 'bottom up', ie, they come from the people and then enter into case law and precedent. Most other countries have 'top down' systems where rules are decreed from on high by a powerful minority; this is was particularly the case in the countries of the Soviet sphere of influence, the Ottoman Empire and many other places from which we allow limitless immigration, but it is also a principle of the EU, whose lawmaking is based on the Napoleonic Code. People living under these systems learned that rules were not there to help them but to hinder them and thus should be ignored.
  4. Austin Allegro

    Explosion at Manchester Arena

    Yes- make out that it's all the fault of the emergency services/local council/government policy etc and not the fault of the person who caused it. Eg with Grenfell, the emphasis has been on government/council policy and fire safety planning. Very little about what actually caused the fire.
  5. Austin Allegro

    Universal credits starting to bite?

    Yes this annoys me a lot. People in the UK, especially the MSM, seem fixed on the idea that there is only the bloated NHS (which is, of course, 'the best in the world') or the American system, which they think means people just lie dying in the street while people laugh and spit on them. IMO this is done deliberately to prevent any rational discussion of how healthcare should be provided in a civilized country, just as 'racism' is used to shut down any discussion of immigration.
  6. Austin Allegro

    Another shop goes bang: Harold hill

    Recently Radio 4 had a programme about 'digital nomads' - those people who can live anywhere in the world because they work remotely from laptops. At first, the programme was positive about it but this being the so-called BBC, it had to digress into a separate issue which was complaining about how digital nomads were 'taking over' the centre of Lisbon (which is apparently becoming very popular as a sort of hipster/backpacker/international young professional hangout) and driving out the 'native' population because the rents were going up. Can you imagine the So-Called BBC ever saying anything like that about immigrants taking over London? Absolutely unthinkable.
  7. Austin Allegro

    Explosion at Manchester Arena

    Somebody posted (I think somewhere on this site) a checklist of things that the media always does after terrorist outrages. The points I remember were 'praise the emergency services' and 'find an ordinary Muslim affected by it'. It was uncannily accurate, so much so that I think there must be a rulebook that they follow after these events.
  8. Austin Allegro

    The Pursuit of Physical Perfection and Good Health

    Urgh - I think that must be it - it's a very cheap stuff called 'cooking bacon' which I initially thought was a good deal, but the texture is wet and slimy and it has a nasty slightly off taste to it.
  9. Austin Allegro

    The Pursuit of Physical Perfection and Good Health

    I have recently gone back to the old fashioned method of buying a joint or a chicken from the local butcher, and keeping it going for a week in various dishes. By the end of the week the bones are boiled for stock and then given to a friend's dog. It doesn't cost much and I get the satisfaction of helping a good local business and getting good quality meat. I find a lot of supermarket meat is pretty horrible nowadays, particularly bacon which seems to be full of water and with a nasty taste, as if its rotten but has been chemically altered somehow to taste 'fresh'.
  10. Austin Allegro

    Women's emancipation destroys civilizations?

    Follow the Hat! No, Follow the Beard! Etc
  11. Austin Allegro

    Women's emancipation destroys civilizations?

    For that reason I have paper copies of my most important books - those on survival topics, first aid, maps etc as well as a few cultural artefacts such as the OED, King James Bible, Shakespeare, works of Plato etc.
  12. Austin Allegro

    Islamification of Europe

    Come on now. How on earth can the Koudenhove-Khalergi plan be properly implemented if people do things like this at the borders?
  13. Austin Allegro

    The Happy Fluffy Pink Unicorn Thread.

    Those sex robots are getting more and more realistic, aren't they?
  14. Austin Allegro

    Women's emancipation destroys civilizations?

    I have a flint and striker for emergencies, and my ten year old nephew who is in the Scouts had to show me how to use it, so maybe there is hope!
  15. Austin Allegro

    Scumbag College, Oxford

    My point is though that those institutions still exist in Oxbridge, whereas they have gone from many other universities, or were never there in the first place. The Oxford Union has, I believe, had speakers like Tommy Robinson, so hopefully some concept of free speech still exists there.