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  1. I wonder if that's because people in India (and Pakistan and Bangladesh, as former parts of the Indian empire also) are quite keen on the So-Called BBC and look up to it as a good source of news, whereas people in most African countries never developed such a close relationship with the mother country, mostly because they were colonised only for a relatively short time (about 100 years as opposed to about 200 years if you count the conquest of India from the date of Clive's defeat of the French colonialists).
  2. Excellent point. I have suggested this several times to Remainers but all I get is a blank look. I have come to the conclusion that most Remainers are in favour of Remain because it is the lazy, 'small c' conservative, seemingly 'safe' option while at the same time appearing to be progressive because it is seen as counter to horrible reactionary ideas like patriotism and 'Little Englanders'. It's a win-win situation for lazy, conformist thinkers. My official 'line' on Brexit now with Remainers is that it doesn't matter whether we Leave or Remain, the political landscape has changed forever and the mainstream parties are finished with the EU itself not far behind. The reaction of people to this usually tells me whether they have thought properly about Brexit or are just parrotting dogma from the Guardian, BBC etc.
  3. I saw that sketch when it was first shown to a studio audience at a recording. I had a fit of hysterics - laughed so much I couldn't stop, like I was stoned or at one of those Pentecostal churches, and ended up with a really sore chest and mouth because of it. When it was broadcast, I noticed they'd lowered the volume on my howls of laughter!
  4. All that Brexit has done, IMO, is bring to the fore ideas which were always there, but which were blocked by the media and the state from discussion. There has been opposition to the EU project since its inception but anyone who voiced such opinions was branded a lunatic (viz the famous BBC 'swivel eyed loons' comment). This idea that somehow Brexit has 'caused' a disaster is like saying the Second World War was 'caused' by Hitler invading Poland. Had we stayed in the EU and there had never been a Referendum, we would still be facing similar problems because UKIP would have risen as a political force. It's all part of a sea-change in politics which is happening across the western world, not just in the UK.
  5. And it's all over the So-Called BBC and MSM, with salivating reports in every news bulletin. You can bet the same thing will happen with the anti-Brexit march in London today - there will probably be at least a million people if not more and images of huge crowds will be plastered over the media. The London Evening Standard yesterday was pushing the march for all it was worth. Yet nobody will stop to point out that even if 6 million people sign their petition and 3 million people march, that is still less than the number of people who quietly voted Leave.
  6. Very good explanation! Lefties have been scaremongering about the 'rise of the far right' or 'the spectre of Fascism' etc for as long as I can remember - certainly the mid 1980s and they've probably been doing it from the moment Hitler shot himself in 1945!
  7. The sad thing is that the civil servant who wrote this probably wasn't a Muslim - in my experience Muslims who reach that level of public office are generally quite respectful of Christianity - but is more likely to be some self-hating cultural marxist whose understanding of Christianity is largely based on what he or she read in a Dawkins book. What's even sadder is that, had this been a civil servant selecting passages of the Koran to show that Islam is not a religion of peace, he or she would now be out of a job and quite possibly dead as well.
  8. I had to rewind the video to check out skills of the young lady in the tartan skirt in the last number. Zut alors!!
  9. Excellent post. Brexit is certainly a symptom of a new world order emerging. Only those with their heads in the sand think that Brexit or 'populism' is to blame for all the upheavals we have been seeing in the UK and on the continent. That is like blaming WW2 on the German invasion of Poland. I think the Tories could have made a success of Brexit but they are too stuck in the past. The general mindset seems to be from Edward Heath's era, that Britain is a small irrelevant country that has to team up with its neighbours to survive. There may have been some truth in that in the 1960s but global economic conditions have changed now and the country needs to retain a strong and proud cultural and economic independence that will in turn enable it to thrive in a global market.
  10. Yep. My guess is they'll find some precedent under the Emergency Powers Act, Defence of the Realm Act or some such to force through May's deal.
  11. I wonder how much Sky reported on the non-stop death threats being issue to Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins, Timmy Robertson, in fact anyone who utters 'wrongthink' in public. *Tumbleweeds*
  12. Yes, that's probably why the petition for this is suddenly becoming popular.
  13. Thanks - nice song with a good pastiche on traditional Anglican church music and English folk music. Mr Frisby has done some other good videos on youtube, well worth watching, very much Dosbods type humour.
  14. By the looks of the men on there I think some of them could manage a fiver's worth!
  15. In my experience, looks in a man aren't that important to women. This is borne out by the number of attractive women who are paired up with ugly men. What seems more important is the man's relative status within a group. That could be in conventional terms of wealth/power, or just being the manager in a provincial office. The importance is relative, not absolute, status, within a group which the woman is part of. This is probably why 'career' women think that men will find them a better catch if they list all the amazing achievements of their wage-slave lifestyle, because that is how they view men; they don't understand that men are only interested in looks and, in long term relationships, personality; they usually don't give a stuff about relative status because they realise it's all BS.