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  1. Austin Allegro

    Bent Archeology

    I don't think we have an 'anti-Islam message' - people here are generally against mass unrestricted immigration on grounds of resources scarcity and integration difficulties, and against radical Islam especially when it pushes things like Sharia law or violence or anything contrary to the Queen's peace.
  2. Austin Allegro

    Retire in your forties

    As I understand it a lot of the real FIRE types particularly in the US are in very high paying jobs (traders etc) and the people have made a conscious decision to save hard and then get out before they burn out; they then go into some scaled down, flexible consulting job. Their womenfolk are usually in agreement as far as I can tell either because they genuinely share the vision, but sometimes because they have 'lifestyle' ambitions to be bohemian/artsy-craftsy/digital nomads etc. It would be interesting to hear from FIREs who actually had to go back into work, eg if kids came along and suddenly their wife decided they needed a massive income, or they got divorced because she decided was 'just not happy' etc.
  3. Austin Allegro

    Retire in your forties

    As I understand it nobody does FIRE in order to lie around on the sofa all day at home. Most people do it (like me) to concentrate on a monetised hobby. If I have to go back into full time employment in a few years, my CV will show that I have been running a moderately successful publishing company. Most likely though I'll just do temping work or part time McJobs if I need to make more money; I've no major interest in getting back into corporate life and no need for that salary level because it is pitched to those who need to pay a huge mortgage and maintain a modern consumerist lifestyle, neither of which I have.
  4. Austin Allegro

    Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson

    This tends to reinforce my theory that Hopkins has been made a target for 'silencing' because she is coming out loudly with the 'wrong' views. My hope is that she will carry on, but perhaps (like Guido Fawkes) move abroad outside British legal jurisdiction; she may have to anyway to live more cheaply.
  5. Austin Allegro

    Good Obscure Films

    Thanks I like those kinds of films. 'Tea With Mussolini', 'My House in Umbria' and 'The Time of Their Lives' are all in the same genre. For a masculine equivalent, 'A Rather English Marriage' is a good one. 'A Good Year' is another good one aimed more at men.
  6. Austin Allegro

    Retire in your forties

    To a certain extent I have done this, since my late 30s I have gradually reduced my employed hours and built up my own hobby business from home, which I enjoy and don't see as 'work'. Hard (but not austere) saving in my twenties and thirties enabled me to buy for cash a small country cottage; I did also have an inheritance but still could have just about managed it without that. There are some things to remember though. FIRE is largely an American concept, because it is much easier to live a frugal life and save lots in the US than here. They still have the pioneer spirit and it seems more common for people to live frugally because, unlike in the UK, there is still the possibility that they can buy a decent house and land. It is also probably very difficult to get a British woman to get on side with you on this, as most of them seem to have this obsession with money and careers and seem to think that children need endless amounts of cash to be raised, which they obviously don't but try arguing that and see how far you get. In my twenties I had a small, cosy and slightly shabby-chic flat in London which was low rent and enabled me to save. Two English girlfriends described it as a 'shithole' - a Russian and a Hungarian girlfriend loved it. Go figure. It's typical of the modern British mentality (sad to see it to an extent on here as well) that anyone who tries to live outside the normal conventional treadmill of corporate slave - debt - spend - earn - debt gets seen as an oddball. But in truth there are degrees of FIRE; some almost burn out in their twenties to save a huge wad, others (like me) just lived a moderately frugal life and can now enjoy a moderately frugal semi-retirement.
  7. Austin Allegro

    Good Obscure Films

    She looked alright in the recent Dad's Army remake, in fact she was one of the few reasons I watched it to the end. A good little one I spied recently is The Earth Dies Screaming, very low budget British post apocalyptic sci-fi written by a Doctor Who writer (the aliens look like they're made out of old cyberman parts as well).
  8. Austin Allegro

    Far right Nazi Lama

    You don't hear the SJWs say that much these days, do you?
  9. Austin Allegro

    Should the Trades Union Congress apologise for their racism?

    IIRC some parts of the railways were a no-coloureds closed shop until well into the 1960s.
  10. Austin Allegro

    Must have smartphone

    In the 90s recession when I left school I had trouble finding work. Every time I went to sign on, I looked at the board and there was a vacancy for a shelf-stacker in Superdrug. It was always there. Eventually I took it to the clerk (an Indian lady) who said 'we will not put you forward for this'. I asked why and she said 'You are owwaqualified'. I replied that since it had been there for several weeks, they obviously couldn't find anyone sufficiently underqualified, so why not give me a chance. I just got a 'computer says no' look and 'You are owwaqualified' again. Utter toss. I hope if I ever have to find work again, I will just be able to start my own business up and not go through that sort of nonsense.
  11. Austin Allegro

    Bent Archeology

    It's absolute bollox. The Anglo-Saxons drove out the Britons, otherwise we would all be speaking Welsh nowadays. The Vikings (Danes) were even worse, raping and pillaging and destroying anything vaguely cultural, then forcing the Anglo-Saxons to pay the Danegeld and causing the partition of England into the Anglo Saxon kingdoms and the Danelaw.
  12. Austin Allegro

    Bent Archeology

    The 'we're all mongrels and immigrants and all got on famously' theory is quite a popular one. Oddly enough even the stupidest SJW doesn't try presenting the Norman Conquest in that light, due to the large amount of evidence to the contrary; that's usually presented in a 'isn't colonialism of all stripes shameful' type way.
  13. Austin Allegro

    Life/ youth extension

    I'd rather go out fit and well at 70 than linger on to 80 or older in declining health. For most of human history men died suddenly, either in battle or from a heart attack while fighting a wooly mammoth or something. Obviously one can't really plan for that, but I do tend to take a lot of exercise as I'm hoping I'll just conk out suddenly.
  14. Austin Allegro

    how dead is your local

    Sitting watching shite on a big telly eating a ready meal most likely. I think what's changed pubs most is working patterns. Up until the 90s or so most men worked in manual jobs fairly close to where they lived, so after work they would go for the six o'clock swill before going home for 'tea' and sometimes would come out again after that, particularly if they didn't get on with the Mrs. I still know some men like this today, but most are coming up for retirement. Nowadays more men seem to work miles from home, partly because mass car ownership has enabled this. So they can't go to the pub after work as they have a 30-60 minute commute, and when they get home and have their tea they're probably too tired to go out.
  15. Austin Allegro

    Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson

    This seems to be a bit more than a defamation case. The greater objective of ruining - and hopefully therefore silencing - Miss Hopkins may have been part of it. She certainly seems to be a subject of very great fear and loathing by soft-left mumsnet types.