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  1. Three boats with 36 migrants found off Kent coast So we can trust that all of these economic chancers will be sent packing, right back to wherever they came from, right? Right ... ?
  2. Agree. Except this time they've miscalculated. The issue at hand is too important and too vital to the nation's very existence. Ignoring the result of the referendum will lead to civil war or the sort of politcal upheaval this country hasn't seen in 100 years. Any idea that they can somehow ignore the result of the referendum and then have everything return to normal is just insane.
  3. It's hilarious that pro-remain/EU people are trying to spin staying in the EU as a 'change of direction' as well.
  4. Jess Phillips MP laughing at a call for a debate on male suicide rates, life expectancy and other issues specific to men:
  5. So all the white people could move into Africa, take power gradually and then make posts like Michael Moore when the indiginous Blacks start to complain? In any event, Moore is at the highest level of cuckery.
  6. As far as I'm aware China has a massive AI industry. Are they only employing white people as well? Indeed, many believe the Chinese to be leaders in the field - and not a white person in sight. These people also need to get through their heads that 'diversity' is not something to be aimed at. Diversity = weakness and has been the downfall of empires throughout history. Far better to hire the best AI people. If they happen to be all white men then so be it.
  7. I agree. She's either totally mental/retarded or working in concert with the EU and others to thwart leaving the EU.
  8. Macron - a snivelling excuse for a human being: Some people found it funny ...
  9. 'Accidental' fire started in two places simultaneously?
  10. Searching for Brexit stuff, or even just 'Farage' seems to just bring up BBC/Sky/mainstream sources. Pathetic from Youtube, really.
  11. Already seen reports on social media linking this to terrorism. There have been multiple desecrations of Catholic churches in France just in the last week.