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  1. ‘We are moving into a new, controlled society worse than old totalitarianism’ – Zizek on Google leak
  2. Errol


    Tatoos in anything other than tiny quantities are a sign of mental illness in my view.
  3. Yes, he was less comfortable that day because of the arm injury and the fact he had almost been killed. But after a few days off, he'll be fine. He has no problem playing pace and has played plenty as fast as Archer (and indeed most the Aussie batters have played Archer fairly recently in hotter, faster conditions).
  4. I think at some point they will have to do something about the dangers of fast bowling. Smith is lucky to be alive after today. The ball hit him clean on the neck - not on the helmet. If it had hit an artery he could have been dead. And this is arguably the best test batsman in the world. People are going to start getting killed in numbers if it carries on like this. And Smith is probably the main reason to watch at the moment. His batting is just on a different planet from the rest. He's clearly a genuine genius. I don't think the bump today will have much impact on him. By the next test he'll be back to 100% again. The way he operates in his own little world, I don't think he will be impacted at all.
  5. Selling prices will just rise to take the duty into account. No other result of this change.
  6. The Remarkable Resiliency Of Gold And Silver The price of gold continues to hold up under the enormous selling in the paper derivatives markets on the Comex and LBMA. Gold is at or near an all-time high in most fiat paper currencies except the dollar. This summer, however, it would appear that the dollar-based valuation of gold is starting to break the “shackles” of official intervention and is beginning to reflect the underlying fundamentals. On the assumption that gold can continue to withstand serious efforts to push the price back below $1500 (the net short position in gold futures held by Comex banks is near a record high, for instance), we could see $1600 or higher before Labor Day weekend.
  7. Errol


    I wish Greta would just sod off, frankly. No idea why she is getting so much attention or why anyone cares.
  8. I think we are quite rare, but you have probably met a few without realising it. We are a private bunch who have learnt to keep our mouths shut in public and not go around blurting out all our 'strange' ideas (which tend to shock or frighten people).
  9. He also apparently wasn't given a brain at birth, since he doesn't understand the impact that not carrying out the result of the referendum would have. The current situation is the most dangerous political and national environment since the English Civil War. Any attemp to subvert the referendum will have catastrophic impact, which will go on for decades and decades.
  10. That's what they did in 2008, effectively. Or at least they tried to. They are running out of road now though, short of massive, massive money printing.
  11. She looks a bit like an alien from Dr. Who.
  12. I thought this was the generally accepted version of events.
  13. Errol


    Is that picture real? Who would have that on their wall? It's of almost no artistic merit whatsoever.
  14. Sorry, where is the deep fake? Who is that guy. Never seen him before.
  15. It's ok when the French do it. But when the horrid, nasty little chinese people do it it's an outrage!