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  1. Well if you are Tom Kerridge or an amazing chef you can get away with it. Random pubs simply can't.
  2. France Suffers Most New COVID-19 Cases In 2 Months
  3. Agree. They are charging London prices (or just below). And it's a pub not a restaurant. Absolute joke.
  4. Yes, I mean the economy - such as it is. But the people working from home are also spending a lot more money in local shops, bars and restaurants. It's just London and the big cities that are missing out.
  5. Fairly obvious that any reopening of schools in England will lead to rampant spread of the virus: Covid-19 may spread more easily in schools than thought, report warns
  6. Cases still shooting up. A few more weeks and it will be out of control in England - just before heading into Winter. The way I see it the UK is going to follow Europe - we are just a few weeks behind. And it's coming back in Spain, France, Germany, Greece etc etc. So expect local and then a national lockdown in late September-October time. Winter is going to be hell.
  7. I don't expect any significant return by workers to the big cities. But then most of these people are working from home anyway, keeping the economy going. Commuter trains, car parks and routes are largely empty still. Center of London itself is still mostly empty (or at least 80-90% down).
  8. Could have done all that over MS Teams just as easily. No need to have waited either.
  9. Interesting that he seems to think that nobody is calling for or expecting a gold pull back. On the contrary, I would say that most people who matter (i.e. people who've been watching gold for decades) would entirely expect a pull back. Wouldn't surprise me at all. Possibly the more contrarian position is to call for no pull-back. This would catch out far more people, and leave those waiting for lower prices in the dust. In any event, I certainly wouldn't bother selling gdx or gdxj. Presumably he is a trader. Otherwise, it's all just noise. Gold is still going to $10000+ (probably more like $15000), so bickering about whether it pulls back to $1500, $1700 or even $1200 just seems pointless. It's the same pointless discussion that people have been having since 2000 - arguing about pull backs, when they should have just been buying regularly and ignoring the noise. This still applies. Gold is still massively cheap and would be even at higher prices than now.
  10. Were lung capacity and cardiovascular system tests results available from pre-Covid and post-covid? I would like to see this in all cases. 'Feeling well' won't cut it.
  11. It's not the death that I'm worried about. Never have been. It's the long term impacts on the people with the virus (lung impairment, virus in bodily organs, brain changes etc etc). So ignoring the deaths, how many people have serious long term impact from the virus. And I would call even a 1-2% impairment of the lungs 'serious'. How many others have issues with loss of senses (taste etc), how many others have other strange issues which are slowly being documented around the world. Ignore the deaths and focus on the acutal long term health problem the virus is causing, as it leaves 50% of sufferers with life-long injury.