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  1. Computing Forever with his thoughts on Google : Google Censorship: Taking the Football And Going Home -
  2. It won't work. Indeed, it will have the opposite effect. People will flock to the things that are banned or 'quarantined'.
  3. Black Pigeon latest - Google's Censorious Urges are Playing a VERY DANGEROUS Game -
  4. And I would say this video is seriously scary. We are deep, deep into 1984 territory here. Everyone needs to watch this.
  5. Everyone stop using Google and any google tools (Youtube etc). You have to make the active change and just 99% stop using them.
  6. I must say, Skegness is looking good this year!
  7. Probably just the Chinese. Or the Chinese. Perhaps the Russians being 10 years + ahead in missile technology has something to do with them reverse engineering alien tech?
  8. Presumably a correction in the gold sector is coming up. The shares have just gone insane - including Barrick, gdx, gdxj etc.
  9. Black Pigeon's latest: Impermanence & Malleability of Society, Culture & Morality -
  10. So ... cucked, soy-boy and strange feminazi woman. Hmmmm ...
  11. How did people manage before mobile phones? I also take the dog for walks and go to remote places. Never once taken a phone and never once needed to. But then I manage on a permanent basis to not have a mobile phone on at all. I have one, but it sits in a draw at home and is never used (zero calls for months now). Life goes on in the same way it did before mobiles existed.
  12. I don't think this is even an issue. What happens in private between a man and a woman is not relevant. The Police already confirmed that there was no offence and nothing to investigate etc. Couples row and fight all the time - not sure why everyone is so interested in it.
  13. Don't take your phone out for a walk. Nobody needs their phone on a walk - unless they are managing millions of dollars minute by minute or a President of a country or something.