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  1. I’d rather trade some cash or labour for a shag than offer 24-7 servitude to any woman for 2 shags a month if your lucky I make no quarms about this fact
  2. I’ve got 2 outside walls that need masonry painting I’d rather go sleep at work and get paid 10 an hour and pay someone 8 an hour tax free to paint them
  3. Have fun but it’s not castle donnington any longer
  4. A potential client for me if he has Fried his brain lol
  5. Well I’ve just seen the dirty bitch Kerry out of the door and have stumbled on night of the comet which is a cult classic film from the early 80s so im expecting thin women and big hair I aready know it’s the basis for Buffy the vampire slayer ie a strong woman in a lead roll I will see what a budget of 700000 got you in those days probably not a lot lol
  6. That’s the problem most people way box sets up from start to finish I want constant action maybe i have a small attention span I like sex and violence basicly and if they are set in another period not modern
  7. stokiescum


    Great stuff where I work is staffed by Africans some night by up to 50 percent it’s a fucking joke
  8. That’s the thing you have the place to yourself no Myther can take your time and there’s 20 people filling the shelf’s and no fucker on check out
  9. I’ve started to watch Shaka Zulu last night I quite enjoyed it the last time I watched it and it’s well over 30 years old I bought the entire set of Blake’s 7 and would not wish it on my worst enemy it’s not aged well
  10. I’ve been known to leave a full trolly at 2am in Tesco when directed to the self service bit It’s ok if your grabbing a crate of larger
  11. Well the only ones I’ve watched that are pretty good from start to finish with no huge slow segments /padding has I call it has been game of thrones and Spartacus the walking dead got boreing and I even gave up on breaking bad which im told is worth hacking it out for I loved kingdom but it’s only 1 series and Marco Polo on Netflix has started to bore the shit out of me I did enjoy Salem but that was only 20 odd episodes in my opinion Spartacus beats even game of thrones for its levels of violence and watch ability particularly after a beer