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  1. All the guys that do overtime where I work me included they have gone and set a load of agency on telling them either come full time or no work .so to give them shifts they have taken all our overtime ,this will save them quite a bit of money and cost me about 540 after tax every 4 weeks in short I’ve just had an 8k pay cut ffs 😂
  2. There are definitely more cars on the road this morning
  3. I used to watch topless darts if anyone remembers that
  4. I want one I can put seeds in you can’t beat a selfie with bits of nuts stuck in your teeth
  5. Yes your right I’m still not fireing on all cylinders after last night wee tipple
  6. Only those that aready own a house this could get interesting but the question must be what do the banks know about that we don’t yet
  7. I’ve got my flour sealed in freezer bags I presume it doesn’t go off and I will soon be able to buy a very cheap newish breadmaker that was panic bought
  8. Fuck off ive been vindicated that haveing a stash is a wize move if anything my stash should be substantially larger .i was working on the assumption it would be needed for one person ie me .I’ve since realised I should have thought about covering for potentially more people and a longer period we are going to get off light compared to some country’s lockdowns .so once this is over I’m realy going to build a huge stash and board part of the loft out to house it
  9. Some charities are milking this surposed pandemic
  10. Well I’ve got a sky box now and have had for 6 weeks I’m still not paying it has it’s the Xs box to a be rude joke there if I think hard enough
  11. We won’t be out of this dilemma by then mind are we realy out of the shit that blew up in 2009
  12. Quite a few mps are siting on the fence in the middle of the river on this issue Blair would have loved to be in charge dureing this chrisis
  13. The thing is how big will the pain be in the future to repay all this,I’m expecting another 2 years added to my working life to pay for this shit show