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  1. stokiescum

    Is this site a balanced mix of opinions?

    but does the wider population realise it,or are they more interested in daft twats eating kangero cock.
  2. stokiescum

    Is this site a balanced mix of opinions?

    no we are being softened up,we wont be leaveing europe and they will invent another tax to allegadly pay for care costs so all the gamons on here would be fucking idiots if they feel optimistic about the future,meanwhile the long term unemployed will carry on has before.i think i need to stop looking at the news its fucking depressing.
  3. stokiescum

    A Corbyn Goverment

    that wont matter has around here they vote labour because there dad did,and there dads dad.
  4. stokiescum

    A Corbyn Goverment

    we can all quit work if he gets in,the land of milk and honey awaits....allegadly.
  5. ive nothing to fear,im to tight to buy it.even refuse free ones since i stoped smokeing 2.5 years ago.
  6. stokiescum

    A Corbyn Goverment

    will teach the young what a real left wing goverments like,it could be very funny if im honest.
  7. agco sisu units,though jcb do built engines for over 70% of what they sell.oops they are finish my bad.
  8. stokiescum

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    i agree,i had a mad 12 months on pof not so long ago and many women from 40 and upwards are basicly in shared houses or bedsits this will only increase has fewer get married and rent so when they split theres no house to sell and split also the kids hiting 18 inpacts many financialy so they downsize etc.
  9. well reasin is makeing a retro comeback,however no idea how strong it is compared to the old stuff.but skunk is way stronger .my place has a random drugs test policy but they never do it i suspect they are scared to many of the staff would fail lol.
  10. i think the latest fastracks use yank engines,the only reason they even started building them was because a previouse supplier was prone to going back to the late 70s early glad to see an english producer makeing something others cant.
  11. yes im suffering it with radio and tv adverts begging for cash,another reason im bar humbug
  12. jcb have there own engine development they will build there own in time i suspect,i presume the engines you meantion are in the fast trak
  13. stokiescum

    Gaming addiction

    i got adicted to a couple of online games but one of the problems was i could make a bit of extra cash doing it towards the end,wow was one of them geting rank 14 on vanila wow needed many man hours.legend of mir was another .i quit gameing around 9 years ago after killing my 100,000 oponent on wow.i refuse to buy any gameing consul now i just end up geting carried away,my limits maybe 7-8 levels of candy crush a week.
  14. at least 60% of the patients on my unit are there because they fryed there minds on drugs ,they all started off on canabis .you dont just start out on smack.for some the start was alchol and canabis .legalise it by all means but police the roads and ban people,because shit loads of people are driveing around every day haveing smoked it earlier.the problem with spice/black mamba/monkey dust etc is its that cheap aparently your talking of 3 quid a hit
  15. stokiescum

    ASA bans gender ads in UK

    pepper pigs fucked then