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  1. stokiescum

    The new Doctor should be a woman

    Smith and tenant nailed it
  2. stokiescum

    Out your Labour MP as a Posh Twat

    I’ve been out for a beer with that naughty Tory for uttoxeter snd burton that was sexting them young barmaids for naughty pics ironicly both our girlfriends at the time were both wearing stockings and suspenders I know because I hoisted my girlfriends skirt up to show him he was most impressed we lamented the end of the 80s when beasicly it was compulsory attire for young women I’m not surprised he got caught Anyway he must be posh if he ain’t happy with Tesco leggings
  3. stokiescum

    clean air zones

    well defra are looking at the a50/500 no news on that yet but it passes straight through the midle of the city has our council were to daft to think of a ring road,if they go after that its the main route from the m6 to the m1 in the midlands they will nail tens of thousands a day
  4. stokiescum

    clean air zones

    id heard nothing about this until last week until my indian friend said he was moveing his shop,but stoke probably has the most inept council of any city in britain its going to end up a cluster fuck basicly.
  5. stokiescum

    clean air zones

    well we are geting a few red routes in stoke this is surpost to be to clean up air quality,ones in the next street to me.if that does not improve air quality the next steps a caz aparently(clean air zone) and the council claim they cant stop the goverment doing this and imposing charges to what cars are likley to avoid this tax and how much is it likley to be ? aparently derby,leeds,nottingham and sevral other cities are geting the same treatment.they are talking about october for the next lot of tests this will fuck up nealy all of the local shops has no one will dare stop for anything.
  6. stokiescum

    Change your music tastes you sexist pigs

    has anyone meantioned florence and the machine or do you get a yellow card and a straight red if you link her ?
  7. stokiescum

    Why are the royals suddenly giving the plebs advice?

    a bit hard for me to coment what with my spelling.but i think margret was a poster boy for the drinking and smokeing is bad for you brigade.mind i bet she had fun.
  8. stokiescum

    Why are the royals suddenly giving the plebs advice?

    yep thick has fuck,and her family were to unless they were to interested in social ellervation.
  9. stokiescum

    Why are the royals suddenly giving the plebs advice?

    but they realized diana was basicly thick has fuck and had a good pa team and had a pert arse.she also loved a bit of cock,charles might have been fucking about with one woman but she was fucking about with far more.
  10. stokiescum

    The new Doctor should be a woman

    the 2nd and 3rd doctors since the reboot are the only ones worth watching,i managed a few of peters and 15 minnutes of jw.but to be fair to the girls the actor who plays missy realy pulls it off.and riversong is a bit of a ruthless kunt.has in fact so are some of the origional doctors if needed.the only time i can remember real a hint at how evil the dr can be since the reboot was family of blood when he granted there wish in a monkeys paw way.
  11. stokiescum

    Change your music tastes you sexist pigs

    im a bit biast and not many women are any good in the rock genera,doro and nightwish apart.ramstein,disturbed 5 fingered death punch etc etc are just going to sound shit.but what next compulsory listening to paki music or opera.
  12. stokiescum

    The Big Barry Bonanza Boycott the Bastards Thread

    I steal the blades so not sure that’s an economically viable option
  13. stokiescum


    Fuck I can’t get on a bus because half of them around here are smelly bastards never mind share a car we even call them bus wankers
  14. stokiescum

    Brighton tragedy - man killed last night

    He might have been looking for some pork sword and there was a mix up due to launwage barriers
  15. stokiescum

    Bit baldist mate

    its phycological picture me at a mighty 5ft 7-8 against your avarage apha at the same age the first thing im going to point out is the gray hair and hint at a lacking libedo,will they twat me er no because at that age they are to mature .they will go for wealth etc has a hint of there worth even your avarage alpha will tire of the pysical me why so many here are even bothered by them.i concider them weak has they need a pack s adulation .get that in your mind basicly they need a pack .....i who is realy the strongest....