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  1. stokiescum


    You can’t trust them That’s true
  2. stokiescum


    And on another meeting at the local tip of all places I fell out with ones minder or his biggest best friend that was shortly after some accusations of sexual assault that started off with the standard comment what are you looking at I replied acoarding to the papers a potential rapist
  3. stokiescum


    They think its a sport in stoke I’ve met most of the famous ones from stoke male and female and one night I turned down the chance to play the world champion when he was in full shownoff mode if you think they are good on tv seem them in real life after a couple of pints with no pressure on them ie kneeling down and finishing on the bull etc he turned to me and said do you fancy your chances I said yes at pool
  4. Around here it’s the catholic schools that are the best
  5. Do they use it much though is the question but I’m guessing if your seen has trying to learn it you should fit in well
  6. Well it’s even compulsory to learn welsh which must rate has one of the most useless laungwages in the world to learn
  7. What’s the fastest any of these electric bikes can get up to legally and can they be doctored
  8. stokiescum

    South Africans

    I know quite a few s Africans most are black they are one of the nicer races in Africa some will even admit it’s got worse though I understand why they are reluctant to admit it the white one is now in Holland and the family farm was up for sale the last time we spoke
  9. Well I’ve just applied for my license to not have a license I hope I get a paper copy has no one believes me around here that you should /can get one
  10. The welsh have there uses over the years crecy agincourt and helping to defeat the northumbrians bastards when they attacked Mercia oh hang on wrong thread soz xxx