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  1. Yep that sounds like mine
  2. My Hyundai is ill they think it’s a crank sensor but there software won’t confirm this
  3. Is it her in the porno ie real
  4. Both country’s are shit holes and I’ve got friends that I see every week that will testify to that
  5. I can go 7 days before I’ve filled my bowl and have to wash up
  6. I’m geting stalked by a Tracey she keeps messaging me then deleting her acount I’ve basicly fucked her a couple of times she has some how found me on face book and messenger she is basicly a bunny boiler demanding to know why my phone cuts out er the fuckphone has been cut off lol it won’t end well
  7. I don’t bother with women that like horses they have big hands and it makes my dick look smaller in pictures xx
  8. That’s complicated I will fuck anyone with a name I’ve not fucked before has a priority and im not realy fussy about fucking someone with a name I’ve aready fucked mind im a twat I’ve added a pic for sheer devilment I’m in the pub
  9. Maybe they are the clever ones then geting me to take it
  10. Well this is the madness of the world I’ve just been given 32 inch tv that’s less than 2 years old and a firestick the reason being they wanted a tv with YouTube and Netflix build in i sometimes feel like the one eyed man in the kingdom of the blind
  11. I can exaderate who can’t I mean I tell everyone on Badoo I’m hung like a pit pony