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  1. It’s not real but the bit about how you can get taken apart bit is I’ve never seen nothing like it .he would look at the board for 3 seconds a fuck off and he was avarage .easily the funniest guy I’ve ever met who could get the most puns into a conversation with anyone and I mean anyone and keep a straight face
  2. It’s good I’ve just finished watching the queens gambit on Netflix and enjoyed it .it reminded me of the time a friend from the tarantula world invited me to play him at chess I’m siting there looking at pictures on his walls thinking that’s a famous chess player and I’m sat oposite the guy playing him .my friend is Carl Portman currently winding the board of governors up in all uk prisons by geting chess into prisons .ive never seen anything like him and he says he is an avarage player loved playing him 4/5 times mind
  3. I would give points out for eating a bacon butty and a pint of larger and deduct them if you can’t
  4. your not kidding my council tax should drop to 20 a month
  5. Yep I was very jelouse when most of stoke spent all summer drinking beer and most were on at least 80% wages
  6. Wtf.ive not had one for 18 months license free well over 3 years now
  7. They just followed other country’s terrified that not doing so might turn the public against them if the death rate got to high.i don’t think there’s a master plan for a new world order.
  8. It’s a major cluster fuck those on benifits wont want it to end has they are geting extra money and lots will get used to geting paid to stay at home.should be interesting after xmas when the credit card bills arrive
  9. Well you can get chips and a large sausage here for 2 quid that will feed 2 young kids and there’s enough left for a chip butty.i fucked up the other day and set off to school to early no idea why but I thought fuck it I will go mc Donald’s drive through and get them a hash brown will keep them quiet it was rammed with kids geting there breakfasts and all the cars in the q had kids in the back no doubt more breakfasts
  10. One thing your forgetting is they are geting over 20 a week extra in benifits and have been since April .so a couple over 25 that’s over 160 a month extra.what are they going to do when they stop giveing them this extra they will have got used to it by ow.im hopeing covid carry’s on for another 12 months now I’m geting free shit
  11. Get a bike rack then a lot more choice if you want cheap a 4x4 can you get suzuki out there they are superb off road
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