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  1. stokiescum

    Kids and cars

    to be fair i was an abusulate bellend regarding speeding in my own grandad was killed in 73 by a hit and run driver.and that sent my mum onto the happy tablets.for sevral decades.
  2. stokiescum

    A glimpse of the youth of today

    i couldnt understand a word,but if we are talking about teenagers i real think they are softer than those from bygone eras unless they have a knife,then they are indeed more dangerous
  3. stokiescum

    So it's true: Women really don't need men

    and expect to see men start buying houses together to protect themselves from female preditors,they will use the tools out there.i doubt a morgage application asks if your gay it will just ask who is buying it.with 2 names on the application form.
  4. stokiescum

    So it's true: Women really don't need men

    you choose your battles ,im to old to confrorm now.i am what i happy to see people married like im happy to see people haveing fun and not being fucked over.womens lib came at a price and thats simply not all men will conform we will adapt to a deformed society.
  5. stokiescum

    So it's true: Women really don't need men

    done my bit towards trying to continue my blood line,and name.the cousins are sadly lacking ive got 3 so 3 more than my dads 4 brothers,well one has 2 sons but seeing has they are 52 and 50 and have never left home i think there family tree ends fact my aunty used to slag me off has a drunkard and womaniser for decades,was quite comical around 4 years ago when we went a family function and she said whose is the baby and i said its mine,its with the 27 year old girl over there i was about 49 at the uncle was a bit tipsy and jokeingly said give my lads some pointers i said straight faced i cant they are both spoilt by you and you stoped em hanging around drinking and womanising with me
  6. stokiescum

    So it's true: Women really don't need men

    its going to backfire in a grand fashion,universal credit will make things even easier for men to pick and choose who they fuck once they are in there 40s,stay single lads and dont get them pregnent and the world is indeed your oyster.
  7. stokiescum

    Paris is a Shithole

    ive not travled on it much recently but ive had loads of laughts and storys to tell regarding it,some blacks tried mugging me on it once that didnt end well think they called it steaming in the 80s but they didnt realise there was 20 of us all young steel errectors from the north,and i missed geting killed at kingscross by a wisker someone called me out on that and i said i was off to see ozzy ozbourne at the hammersmith oden check it out....result my oponent shot down and i got free beers for makeing him look like a twat.i remember drinking and smokeing on it regualy.and we never paid ever.
  8. stokiescum

    Things you wish you didn't know.

    try fiting one to a veloster,5 quid would be a bargain.
  9. stokiescum

    Things you wish you didn't know.

    most are ran by pakis,i once asked one why it wasnt labled has a pakistani resturant and he simply said would you eat here if it was ...indians are generaly well liked.yet ironicly india and pakistan dont get on.
  10. yes pakis inbreed to much and has a result many of their kids end up with genetic defects,i said the same on facebook and got threats but simply said to one paki sue me for slander or whatever your going to loose its a fact.
  11. he aint a sikh,he is a muslim convert.the cynic in me he has done it to spite their religion.
  12. stokiescum

    2000 Hondurans

    i dont give a flying fuck who i take the piss out off,jews a muzzas have more in common with each other than either have to christianity.
  13. stokiescum

    2000 Hondurans

    its aready full of russians pretending to be jews,
  14. yes,dont trust people who shun bacon and alchol.
  15. stokiescum

    I'm Surprised Halloween hasn't been banned yet

    pesky christians delibratly puting there big feast dates next to far older pagan festivals.