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  1. 10 nights off costs between 5-8 quid a night to get drunk .depends what I’m drinking basicly
  2. Well you can get pissed for a fiver if needs must so let’s say 10 nights off over 28 days that’s every night sorted for well under 80 quid my mates will spend more on one night out .
  3. 6 attempts at suicide it’s a fucking boat surrounded with water ffs
  4. My mum would not let me stoped my sister has the biggest risk has well due to where I work and the fact I visit real hospitle quite regularly .my lad has also been school every day including the bank holidays with kids whose parents are key workers .ive been burton on tent Macclesfield north staffs and tommorow morning after work I’ve got to go Stafford hospitle has a friends haveing some vertebrae fused so much more chance of me comeing into contact with it my mum is determined she ain’t geting it lol
  5. My lockdown consisted of me not visiting my mum nor the pub I’ve seen her for the first time today in 14 weeks .it could well be a few more if the virus kicks off again locally
  6. Totaly correct still got that flag which was confederate that was on top of that pole somewhere .was donnington
  7. stokiescum


    Em pretend to be married ..,,,evil
  8. Who gives a fuck the planets had how many great extinctions ,the lefty’s can’t deal with apathy or fact .most are like what .? you simply can’t have an intelligent debate with them and I’m has thick has fuck
  9. stokiescum


    Im fucked then I can’t pretend to want a woman to settle down with on dateing sites .hang on it means I can go the brothel and fuck a 20 year old it’s cheaper and less hastle and they also pretend they like it
  10. Well I’m not even at my house tonight but I only brought 6 pints with me so I’ve finished her vodka off and am now starting on this camp drink I should just come out of the closet
  11. It’s the irony how we are expected to go all nuts when A certain protected group is killed or insulted but ignore it when they are killing each other .im a perverse fucker I find it quite funny .you won’t find me saying it’s naughty for Muslims to Chuck gays off high buildings has an example .but I will comment on the sheer number of Muslim grooming gangs because up to yet we don’t have them lobbing gays off high buildings .id probably be the first for a swan dive due to my camp dress mob rule is always the answer it’s how governments get overthrown
  12. Well the good news for most of you is in back to work tommorow so I won’t be posting much .i don’t bay for blood i just sit back and laugh has the left eats itself .it matters not if it’s the trans lot vs women or that Harry Potter author vs others .ok I should not smile has it becomes evident that some groups of society prey on others but the government try’s and covers it up nor should I look at governant statistics of the prisons and there race and religion .i simply don’t give a fuck I’m to old and apathetic but I suspect your reaction would be similar to mine if it happened to one of your own .no doubt it was as just a bit of bad luck they were all gay and got stabbed to death xxc
  13. My captains hat is very gay particulate if worn at a gaunty angle .it could transpire he stabbed them all to death because he was gay and they refused a 4 some or it was pure bad luck he stabbed 3 gay men to death thus avoiding a hate crime sentence of 40 years .