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  1. They import them from Africa there are dozens where I work on agency which is good in a way has I can do has much overtime has I want they cost more than giving me 15 an hour for doing it
  2. stokiescum


    Lad at work has lost 4 stone in 4 months on the keto diet he does not go the gym that’s good going concidering we do fuck all ,all night
  3. They were wrong I bought 7 years and 3 months ago and got banned after I said I’d bought with my first or 2nd post has a troll .ok so my house has probably not increased in price much but in places like uttoxeter a couple of houses I put bids on have increased in price by 30% plus
  4. Bumble I suspect is runing on Badoo’s network they are quite similar
  5. Never tried it I used Pof and Badoo my most recent experiment is on bumble it’s tinder I don’t like
  6. Not sure what to do yet but aready have an agreement in principle no rush
  7. What is it realy and what’s the fairest way to acutely calculate it
  8. Well you can spending money on my house is basicly wasting cash has I doubt my area will ever see much of an uplift in house prices however I see an uplift in my standard of liveing the nicer I make it and warmer i make it and secure it the nicer it is to live in and safer I feel but it’s not a wize investment however I have never concidered buying a house to live in has an investment maybe I’m stupid
  9. Yes it does I work with some of them but price me out of beer and I could turn to drugs I won’t but others will has an example I’d just chuck money at the problem and buy a shit load of ale and start home brewing a friends aready got a still but it’s fucking evil stuff he makes
  10. Just carry on goading people on Facebook work the pub and the daily mash like normal I might even start on the guardian web site and mums net but I don’t have a single subject recently it’s harry a slut veganism cheap tats and Brexit I don’t bother with the daily mail web site I got to many agreeing with me
  11. Got a random message tonight from someone I’ve not seen for 8 years she is leaveing the country to live in spain Wants to fuck me for shits and giggles ffs lol best mates with one of my old Xs .
  12. I’m doing my bit by fucking older women it makes them feel attractive and wanted
  13. Somethings up when me a glorified care worker is on the national avarage wage ie I should hit 30-31k