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  1. Whales wash up regualy think how any plastic bags it would. Take to stuff one of those fuckers .kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak .no need to fly to Canada. Now let’s just go to Blackpool we could put it next to the sea life center
  2. Could we not shoot and stuff the big 5 and and mount them on something like the Coca Cola lorry thus saveing thousands of flights to Africa it could also drive around London to remind the locals of home the Chinese might even throw in a dead panda if we ask nicely
  3. Bit of a mystake puting all his eggs in one basket
  4. It’s a 1600 Hyundai however it seems to do has many mpg or more than some of the brand new super clever engines cars do and some of the big bmw diesels can beat smaller derv engines cars very weird Don’t come stoke you will be disappointed ☹️
  5. My fingerprint at the moment my pc died so got the app on my phone I might have to put online banking on another laptop has I can’t find out how to overpay my mortgage on the mobile version
  6. Buggery bugger bugger fk fk fk can’t be arsed to edit it again ....more it had dropped down to 42.6 over winter now it’s regestering 48.9 but I’ve not hit any traffic over the last 60 miles
  7. I could well shit myself dureing the event however my logic is they would not waste one on stoke
  8. Not if they think they are related to the queen no but it’s not like they are buying them themselves either They are about 25 quid a pack I’ve got a cunning plan And I need to set up an eBay account but on a series note I use a normal toothbrush I’m far to frugal to pay 40 quid for a toothbrush
  9. Unopened ones and the same goes for razors them gilets ones are fucking expensive
  10. Forget obviese things like cheaper gas a lecky bills I’ve noticed I’m geting around 4 mpg out of my car now it’s warmer it could be a fluke mind
  11. You need to work for the nhs you can then steal them from the patients
  12. stokiescum


    That would have been a great wind up for Facebook a monkey on a chain see if they can get an urangrtang
  13. stokiescum


    Yes it will be free wasps for all season soon