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  1. stokiescum

    Groped On A Plane

    maybe,im not a big travler on planes but i cant beleive how scummy the british can behave on them.they treat the girls running the planes like scum.i was stunned by how many think its normal to lob food everywhere and threaten the cabin staff.and think its normal behaviour
  2. stokiescum

    jails taken over by the inmates

    true id go for that,the yanks can deal with em why cant we.i go for firm but fair at work those with the mental capacity know if i say something i mean it,but they bully others.its a bit embarasing if a huge african shouts at a patient if you dont get changed i will get mark,the african care worker might well be 6ft 3 plus and around 15-19 stone and they ignore them but if i walk to there room and im under 12 stone they do has requested.its not like i hit them i dont i do simple things like tell them im the only person on the unit with a ciggerete lighter and they can forget a cigg for 12 hours,the patients know only regular staff carry lighters and hiting me is a silly idea.has no one gets a light.then they can explain why no one on the unit gets to smoke for 12 hours to the other patients
  3. stokiescum

    Finding Money on Street

    some dum fooker droped a penny around 1068 and i found it,it was a derby mint coin of william the conqurer not in great nick but i sold it for 320 quid ,with that i bought 1000 tw. shares maybe around 8 years ago.since then ive had dividens of close to 400 quid and the shares are worth about 1700.or is useing a metal detector cheating.
  4. stokiescum

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    suitably educated lol,i met a bird off pof who i think ive meantioned before who was earning close to 50k has an acountant at stoke hospitle.50k might not be much down south but it puts her in the top 1% of stoke.add her husbands maintanence in to the mix he was an artist and god knows what she earnt.she wanted a real man has she had a son with asbergas ie he might hit out ,aparently most of her previouse boyfriends had all been terrified by his jelouse threats he was 17 and about 6ft tall.he tried to scare me and within 5 minnutes i was teaching him armlocks and takedowns ie we got on.i did things in bed no one had done before to her ie up the arse made her dress up she just had a problem with me haveing my 3 year old every weekend off which is understandable.the end result was she was honest and said you live in a terrace in a shit hole street but your the most manly man ive ever met and probably the best educated man ive ever slept with.quite an ego boost when you have 5 cses,s.she just couldnt handle the fact i had a 3 year old son.
  5. stokiescum

    jails taken over by the inmates

    well my unit has a nice mix,its got the guys that enforce legal /moral boundrys and the guys that dont and let em take the prizes for guessing which group gets hit the most.even the moral of the unit goes up and down depending who is working on a given night.its weird realy.
  6. stokiescum

    jails taken over by the inmates

    they can be pinned down and knocked out by an injection up the arse very rapidly btw,something a prison cant do normaly.however our guys are not locked up.we have secure doors and fences but we cant lock them in there rooms.but we can stop them leaveing by force.a prison can secude them my hospitle cant .other hospitles with a higher grade than mine do have the paddeed room etc.but it costs money a normal guy in a prison costs about 1k a week.we have people on 2 staff to 1 patient it will be at least 6k a week.the system is trying to get more violent patients into hospitles where its cheaper ,has many of these places are for profit they are axcepting more violent patients has its where the cash is.its not so bad if you have regular staff but more and more rely on agency staff who simply run off at the first sighn of trouble but are happy to report you if they decide yourve gone over the top lol
  7. stokiescum

    jails taken over by the inmates

    i would end up jailed myself if i was there but just how do you control them
  8. stokiescum

    jails taken over by the inmates

    the prison population should be on the front page of the mail tommorow,however i think at least 25 percent of them have mental health problems and its cheaper to jail them.
  9. stokiescum

    jails taken over by the inmates

    i thought about becomeing a prison officer then realised its 6 months training and your thrown to the wolfs by there acusations ,i also dont think id be able to cope with it mentaly has its odds on id twat em back if i get hit.however how do you control the fuckers if they know there are no the touchy feely left wing way the way to go or do you batter the fuckers ?
  10. stokiescum

    Cultural Appropriation

    your lucky her husband worked
  11. stokiescum

    Cultural Appropriation

    well i went out for a meal with a police officer friend about 12 years ago who spoke perfect urdu has he was from sparkhill will tell the tale on here one day all i can say it was a pisser after the meal
  12. stokiescum

    Go home then

    my heart bleeds for him im on 6 shifts next week thats 72 hours and no doubt half of it will be spent dealing with a 22 stone monster thats wants to kill me,because half of the imigrents i work with are from agencys and simply dont give a fk and run off yet are happy to report me if i aparently go over the top dealing with him.kunts....
  13. stokiescum

    Cultural Appropriation

    the irony is most indian er paki resturants are selling food that was created just for the english 150 years ago.
  14. stokiescum

    A plague on all your houses

    i now vote for labour because im voteing for chaos,i didnt vote over bretex has i dont think we will be allowed to leave and i knew my area would be high to quit has it turned out it was out by a huge margin in fact one of the highest in the uk. im a wacist kunt i want out.
  15. stokiescum

    DOSBODS mugs

    ive got a few bits from my yearly bender in glemsford its a metal detecting rally but ironicly far from being full of just boreing old men its not what you would expect.the rally is called skunkys and its invite only.they normaly have limited edition hoodys made up .the last one was skunkys and lets get hammered on it. the joke is the phraze hammered,coins used to be hammered the irony being ive seen more drugs there that at any rock concert.the organisers name gives the clue away.its a massive piss up and a lads weekend away.the clientel well some are fromhomeless hostels but into metal detecting right up to the top ranks of one of the biggest firms in the world,the only clue i can give is alphabet.he hired a lorry that brought a 45 ft thing in that would not look out of place in space 1999 it expanded up and sideways and even had its own island in the kitchen.its reputed it cost him 6k for 2 im game ps ignore me im pissed like normal.