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  1. Everything is insane when you consider clever people earn big bucks to aspire to spend so much on so little .maybe the real clever people aspire to earn half has much up north and get 4 times more house
  2. Step son in the royal engineers was told it was often policy to blow stuff up in the way ffs .and they blew a lot of stuff up because it was a logistical nightmare to get it back or to stop others getting it .
  3. Trust me it was not funny seeing everyone’s posts in summer in beer gardens when the pubs were open or there gardens drinking every day and getting paid to do it.a lot of those people won’t have jobs soon they just don’t realise it
  4. I surpose I was lucky to have worked through it until sept most of my friends are still working now
  5. No idea think one might be back with an x.I get the impression he refuses to tow the line with regard to society and it’s expectations. Both work
  6. Think he gets down at times and I know a few people have made derogatory comments.offered him a place at mine in the summer but he declined .I don’t like to ask about his state of mind.it must be harder in winter .there’s a place near Ashby he goes a lot they have fire pits etc .he has never meantioned plod harassing him .this is the inside of his little van that’s his brothers rig in the background
  7. Well here is a friend of mine that lives in his van his brother does to a lot.him and another friend are relocating just in case they get fucked up by snow.no prizes for the main reason they live in vans.but he goes all over the midlands and seems to enjoy himself
  8. Brothers and sisters he has seen the light
  9. Yes from March till sept I was moaning my bag off about no free shit and working 54 hours a week.and going to pox ridden nhs hospitals.wish I’d of kept my mouth shut
  10. On the schools 3 times a week live chat it’s the main question .I’m not expecting them but I’m going to piss myself if I get them.
  11. This is correct there’s a very good chance I will get emails next week that contain vouchers for free food.logic tells me I’d not get them has one kids in full time the other 2.5 days.we will see what next week brings
  12. Well compound interest works marvels over 5/600 years.
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