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  1. jm51

    Becoming a sperm donor

    For the most part, the richer the country, the lower the native birth rate.
  2. jm51

    Best/worst British films

    Given the star quality of the cast, 'The Bedsitting Room' (1969) is dire: The best of it is in the trailer.
  3. jm51

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Depends on the old hag. If he isn't already in a relationship with that specific older woman, then no. However, wife goggles are a thing. Mother Nature has done the yin yang checks and balances thing rather well imo. If a woman in a ltr/marriage is reasonably agreeable company over the years, she will, to her man, never age because of his wife goggles. She might despair seeing yet another grey hair or wrinkle but he still sees the girl he fell in love with and to him she is just as young as when he first fell for her. If she is 50 and has been married for say 25 years, then she can stay with hubby and be his eternal 25yo hottie or she can find a new guy that will see her as a 50 yo woman.
  4. jm51

    Films to cheer you up

    'Made in America' with Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg. Also a young Will Smith. Some good slapstick moments.
  5. jm51

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I had just one conversation with my dad about politics: Me: Should they bring back hanging? Dad: Yes. Me: Should they bring back corporal punishment? Dad: Yes. Me: Should they kick out the coloureds? Dad: Yes. Me: Are you going to vote National Front? Dad: I'm not voting for those nazi bastards.
  6. jm51

    Starting your own business

    I heard of a loose knit consortium of tradesmen that provided a reserve pool of labour for each other. If one got busy, they'd hire one of those having a quiet spell by the hour. The rate was a bit over double the minimum wage iirc. Extra labour when needed and no full time employees.
  7. jm51

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Strong and independent when a burd does it, rude when a bloke acts similar. I try not to be rude to people with manners but if somebody is rude to me, then they have given me permission to be rude back.
  8. jm51

    Bye bye Treason May?

    What if Corbyn wins with a large majority? He's keen on nationalisation which is a no-no to the EU. Can see him telling the EU to fuck off and doing what May should have done. Choice between being a puppet state of the EU or standing alone as the new Venezuela.
  9. jm51

    Happy State Pension Equality Day!

    That could well be the end game. Doesn't take much thought to realise that open borders is incompatible with a welfare state. Hello gimmiegrants, here's some money. Tic toc...Sorry peeps, we're broke, no more welfare. The gimmiegrants fuck off and the indigenous either work or starve.
  10. jm51

    Trump's progress

    My son was talking about how they've got Trump now, matter of days, blah blah. I hadn't heard of any of the reasons he gave, including posts here so assume its more of the msm narrative. He hadn't heard of things like the actual results of Warrens dna results showing 1% or less Native American ancestry.. Both sides are rubbing their hands while saying 'Arrests are coming any day now'.
  11. jm51

    The numbers only DOSBODS weekly weigh in

    15st 0lbs. My suits that have been too small for the last 8 years or so now fit.
  12. jm51

    Shop shop shoptastic flop

    Lumpenproletariat: A pejorative used to describe ordinary people that don't give a shit about Marxism.
  13. jm51

    Jim Davidson - out of place in 2018?

    My local indoor market has a popular butcher, cheap meat and the guy is a character. Was there yesterday and there was about a dozen women at the counter, mostly middle aged. Guy was on his usual form: 'To me, women are just sex objects.' 'I got some last night, that's why I'm in a good mood'. Some women made a half hearted attempt to call him on it but then he'd double down and still be funny. Guy is a natural comic and completely immune to embarrassment. The ladies were giggling and laughing. And spending.
  14. jm51

    Carnivore diet

    afaik, there haven't been any scientific studies on the ZC diet apart from the study of the Innuit/Eskimos. Plenty of anecdotal evidence though. It's not a diet you can dabble with. ime, for full benefit you need you be 100% zero carb and falling off the wagon even in a little way can have you needing to wait a month to get back to full benefit. I don't think that the corporate plant growers have much to worry about. Even if fat wasn't demonised, I couldn't see more than ~5% of the population wanting to stick to it.