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  1. The better you are as a player, the more likely you are to play away from home.
  2. What's the point of training them for management? They're not the sort of people that you can trust to make sensible decisions are they?
  3. People post a tl;dr here of what NeonRevolt wrote so I don't have to. Thanks for that.
  4. jm51


    Bots are rife too. Some profit to be had in bot hunting though. Find bot, probe for weakness and then exploit that weakness. Some time ago, owners of bots on Betfair woke to find that their account was in the red. That wasn't supposed to be possible but it happened. Was turmoil in the markets a while back where shit went crazy. Trust your many millions to a bot and sure as eggs are eggs, there are people looking to exploit your bot.
  5. fwir, the character Kit Ramsey in Bowfinger (Eddie Murphy) is based on Tom Cruise.
  6. The worst you have to fear from potheads is that they keep to the speed limits.
  7. Make the curry with minced beef. It tastes just like Quorn so she won't notice.
  8. jm51


    It's a battle against yourself. The desire to have fun versus the desire to make money. If 888 still has the replay option, then that would be the best site to start with. Replaying your hands after a session is most educational. wtf did I ...why didn't I...etc. The fish never review their play. With 888, you don't need to buy replay software. What kills the profit is the rake. The 'pros' have a rakeback deal. For a better profit, learn online then have a regular home game. No rake and less able opponents than you.
  9. I remember Ivor Cutler. He ended up with an intolerance to noise and had to cover his ears when the audience applauded.
  10. I managed to d/l the series 'Big Breadwinner Hog' (1969). Wish I hadn't. Bloody awful and spoiled my memory of the show. 'The Prisoner' has stood the test of time imo.
  11. 'Things We Lost in the Fire'. Halle Berry is the wife with a white husband but she does become a widow early on. 'Made in America'. Not a marriage but Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg get together. irl too.
  12. Where have all the good men have gone? Gone to young burds every one. When will the deluded old scrapper burds ever learn?
  13. I'll be needing some walking boots soon. Current ones were from Aldi about 4 years ago. Not fussed on waterproof as I won't be doing treks. At most I'll be on an organised walk. Urban walking otherwise. Any recommends? Would prefer cheap. If I buy expensive and they don't last, I'll be well pissed.
  14. There was research into the effects of various scents and it was found that the scent of lavender could increase penile blood flow. Now I know why old ladies are so keen on lavender.
  15. 20 years ago I knew a woman who worked on an adult autism ward. She'd often come home with bruises and/or a cut lip etc. She was telling me that that didn't used to happen before tptb got all wimpy wrt using violence to combat violent patients. She said they used to have big tough guy nurses. Not nasty people but the sort that were stable enough to deliver a good thump when necessary and then be sweetness and light once the patient started behaving themselves. Amazing how many people with mental health problems that allegedly cannot help being violent straighten up and fly right once they know what's coming if they try being violent again.