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  1. excellent adverts

    My favourite advert was a poster in a Post Office: £1,000,000 a month or your money back.
  2. DOSBODERS school of Skinflintism

    The only cleaning product in my Kitchen is Stardrops. Washing up, laundry, worktops and floor, it does it all. fwir, it works fine with dishwashers too. I used to get all my shirts from charity shops. Most would be well out fashion so I'd unpick the collar, using a specialised little tool, then sew the shirt back up and hey presto, a granddad shirt. I get silk(?) shirts from Thailand now with Mandarin collars. Good price but the sleeve buttons don't stay on long. I've learned to give those buttons some extra sewing when I first get them.
  3. Favourite 60’s songs

    The only man ever that said on his deathbed that he regrets not having worked more. RIP Ken.
  4. Islamification of Europe

    The Buddhists in Myanmar have been killing Muslims. Given the usually peaceful nature of Buddhists, I'd guess that there has been some serious shit happening previously. There have been reports of Hindus killing Muslim cattle truck drivers in India. Christians in the USA killing atheists that work at abortion clinics. Where the muzzers do deserve some credit though is that they are far better at killing Muslims than the Buddhists and the Hindus. (So far.)
  5. Financially Feckless

    Can a person that is not feckless be called a feck? What happens if the feckless become extinct? Everybody living like we are in the Great Depression only worse, not a single penny wasted. With that much of an economic downturn, how does the feck build his/her nest egg? The good type of feckless has an attitude of 'Get it, spend it, get more'. What better way to keep an economy thriving? Todays problem is not the feckless being feckless but the fact that way too much of their income is being drained by high rents and house prices. The less they have to spend on being feckless, the less money is sloshing round the economy, meaning less money to be accumulated by fecks.
  6. I’ve been abused.

    Working class = matriarchy. Middle class = patriarchy Upper class = 'Whichever partner brought the most money/clout to the marriage'-archy. (There's probably a word for that but I don't know what it is.)
  7. Big explosion at convenience store in Leicester

    If there was a vodka factory, I can't see it being an insurance scam. Unless Kurd, the shopkeeper, didn't know about the scam and the scammers didn't know about the vodka. What scammer would torch a load of sellable vodka and leave a distillery for the insurance guys to find? Kurd is holding her phone for whatever reason when he sees turf warriors approaching and legs it. They do their thing with the petrol and take off. Maybe they took Victorija with them? Has there been any forensic confirmation of her death yet? By now, the police have probably got a realistic idea of what's been going on. They know Kurd is lying so they have him under arrest as well, even though he might be the victim of a turf war.
  8. Trump: balls of steel

    fwir (and probably misunderstood) if no Brexit divorce deal is reached within the 2 years specified by the Lisbon treaty, then it is like an annulment, we go our separate ways as if we had never been in the EU. Meaning no alimony payment.
  9. John Major

    About a week before the referendum, I told my brother that I'd be voting leave for reasons of sovereignty. His reply was that he would take a higher standard of living over sovereignty any day of the week. ok then, give up your sovereignty on Monday, get a better standard of living on Tuesday but have an ever decreasing standard of living from Wednesday onward. Nothing can be done about that because no sovereignty. Westminster might be full of asshats but they are our asshats and we can bin them at the next election.
  10. Trump: balls of steel

    Like this?
  11. My enemies enemy is my friend. Just like the Japanese were honorary aryans to the Third Reich, ropers are honorary feminists.
  12. Genuinely great bands

    The Stones have written almost as many great songs as the Beatles so why aren't they up there on your list?
  13. Trump: balls of steel

    If a government spends money that stays within that country in order to increase foreign currency coming in, it is a form of dumping. btw, we do like Trump. It's just the so called BBC and the skyshouters that doesn't like Trump.
  14. John Major

    My son was talking on the net to some Finnish guys he knows and the subject of Brexit came up. They want the UK to leave. At first I thought it was to help their own EU exit/reform platform but no, they want shut of us. They see us Brits as whining bitches and believe that they'd be better off without us. Estimates say Europe is likely to have 76 million muzzers by 2050 so it's a very good idea for us not to be part of Europe. Without the Human Rights Act bollocks, we can deport anybody, even knowing that they will be executed when back where they belong. Immigrant with no skills? Go away. Immigrant commits a crime here? Deported asap.
  15. Big explosion at convenience store in Leicester

    economic madness if they are in it for the £££ Unless they have a niche market for it?