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  1. I like the idea of a PM having to go to the palace once a week and have Lizzie say to them: 'What the fuck are you playing at?'
  2. I once had some hobbyist engineering mags from the mid 50s. One article was about a building in London that used water from the Thames as a heat source. An electrician mate of mine reckoned that the numbers quoted for the kw/hrs generated and the wattage of the motors used meant that it was only using 25% of whatever leccy would be needed to generate the same amount of heat.
  3. 3m is about 12 days worth of world population growth.
  4. I'm guessing that rather than give us energy and/or shorten our sleeping hours, vit D enables us, as it did with our ancestors. This is what we're supposed to feel like. Modern living is like running a crippleware app. Kinda works but could be so much better.
  5. Eldest is 10. They keep the coins as 'treasure' and play with them once in a while.
  6. I only get pressies for my 5 grandkids now. Rather than buy them soon to be landfill, I get them a 1oz silver coin or bar.
  7. Comparing it to Spanish flu means no talk of Hong Kong flu in the late 60s. Estimates of 30% of the population catching it and 80k dead. No masks, no social distancing, no lockdown. Back then, the nhs was fit for purpose and didn't need 'protecting'.
  8. For most knives, the angle of the shape is 20 degrees. Getting one side to the correct angle creates a burr. When the other side is shaped, there is a smaller burr on the other side. Repeat until the burrs are minimal. The honing is to put a 45 degree angle on the very edge of the blade. That's what does the cutting. The 20 degree angle is so that the knife is thin enough to part the material being cut.
  9. I can accept that a car using a gallon of diesel causes more pollution than a car using a gallon of petrol but by how much? I drove a Ford Escort diesel when on the taxis. It did 50mpg round the houses, no motorways. Round the houses, a petrol Ford Escort would give half of that mpg or less.
  10. There are plenty of examples of Christians fighting Christians and Muslims fighting Muslims. When was the last time Jews went to war against other Jews?
  11. I have a ceramic paring knife. Sharp enough to slice grapes to less than a millimetre wide.
  12. imo, some guys get passionate about footie because it gives them a pass from being stoical. They handle whatever life throws at them with hardly a flicker of emotion. Except when their team loses a big match. Then they cry like a baby.
  13. I've only just started watching it, so can't post on the movie thread yet but Netflix has a Sophia Loren film 'The Life Ahead'. (2020) It's a well known plot, old lady and young street wise boy get to know each other. Seems a good movie to get acquainted with the flow of the lingo.
  14. fwir, the main reason that Brits have trouble learning another language is that we aren't taught grammar at school. Those that do know grammar learn that [this] comes before [that] etc. with another language. It's like a cheat code for them.
  15. Upgrade (2018) For a watchable movie on a low budget, it's as good as the first Rocky imo. In the near future, a quadriplegic gets offered a hi-tec implant to make him able bodied.
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