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  1. jm51

    Islamification of Europe

    I'd been watching the YT interview with Peter Hyatt about the McCann case. Ended up watching other stuff of his involving people I hadn't heard of, less emotive. Seems to know his job wrt statement analysis. 'Why would I harm xyz?' is a way different answer than 'I did not harm xyz'. A few days later, I watched the discussion linked. The German minister did not say that crime rates have gone down in Germany. What she said was that the official statistics show that crime rates have gone down in Germany.
  2. jm51

    Jams and preserves

    Free vodka? If it's 90% abv or higher, try this: Apple Pie Moonshine: In a 1 litre bottle, put in one cinnamon stick and 250ml of 90+% abv spirit. Top up to 1 litre with apple juice. Best ime is the cloudy apple juice from Aldi. Is close to 25% abv. That's plenty as it goes down like nectar. Can add a touch of whatever else you'd put in an apple pie, eg. nutmeg. In the rare event of a bottle lasting a full week, you can decant off the cinnamon stick. btw, apart from strawberries, almost all fruit can be made into wine. Doesn't matter too much how long it takes, keep buying 25 litre fermenters until you've got plenty of country wines.
  3. jm51

    Smallest books in the world

    The irony being that the extra taxation they didn't want to pay was to be used in defending them from the French. imo the real reason for them wanting independence was so that they could renege on their debts. At the time, America couldn't match Britain for good quality products so almost everything worth having was made in Britain. British merchants were owed a lot of money.
  4. jm51

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    According to the article, she is worried about her toyboy dumping her. So she is not as deluded as many burds that really are scrappers compared to her..
  5. jm51

    Ahh was pikey

    The pikeys would be easier to deal with if just a few of our laws were applied to them. Regular people selling scrap metal now get paid by cheque. Pikeys get paid in cash because (allegedly) no bank accounts. Cheques for everyone, (ID needed,) or no sale. That would make a big reduction in metal theft. Also, crush their uninsured and/or untaxed vehicles. Less income and higher travelling expenses will make their lifestyle less attractive.
  6. jm51

    Question Time

    You might be surprised. He has solid frame. No hint of the weasel about him. Unlike the other 'please like me' toffs that we've had to endure. The working class sometimes take to certain toffs and I could see JRM getting on fine with manual labourers in a pub.
  7. jm51


    I watched it in an Imax cinema and thoroughly enjoyed it. If it is possible for the style of a movie to be more important than its substance, then imo Dunkirk is the one IF you watch it in an Imax cinema. I suspect that on the small screen, it might be as meh as the original Star Wars was compared to cinema viewing. After reading interviews with Nolan about the making of the film, the alternative title is 'It's All About Imax'. Huge technical problems with Imax. You can't really film indoors as the camera is too bulky and noisy. All the indoor scenes were shot on 70mm. Imax cameras go through film stock at an alarming rate so only 2.5 minutes of shooting before needing to reload. Lots and lots of landing to reload when shooting the aerial scenes. To have cgi, they'd have to go Imax > digital image > cgi > Imax. The amount of detail in an Imax image is huge compared to 35mm. Would be far more expensive than regular cgi. So either not enough budget or Nolan didn't want his Imax images messed with. I suspect the latter. I also suspect that he didn't care much about the non Imax scenes. They were only there to give some semblance of a storyline that tied together the Imax scenes. Whatever historical inaccuracies there were, I didn't notice because I was engrossed in the experience. The aerial scenes were fabulous. Awe inspiring even. Real Spitfires too. I learned after watching the movie that some celebrity was in it. None of the acting got in the way of me enjoying the experience so I guess he can act as well as anyone else in the movie. It's a feelz over reals movie. I can read up on what really happened there but the movie showed me what it must have felt like to be there.
  8. jm51

    What are the odds on this!

    Imagine what people in their 60s thought of the 1960s.
  9. jm51

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Not all druggies lose their humanity, there are some crack whores who are decent people. Decent AND cheap. What's not to like? Pretty safe too if you select wisely. The savvy ones build a soft harem of regulars who only get intimate with her, so a closed shop health wise. My last one got herself sober so haven't seen her for a few years. I'm happy for her and sad for me as I miss her somewhat. Not just for business either, she'd watch movies with me and stay over sometimes. Can't be bothered going through the process of 'interviewing' potential replacements. From what working girls have told me, it's not the pron that causes the non performance, it's the deathgrip when jerking off. Takes the girl a month or so to get them off 'The Hand'.
  10. jm51

    Islamification of Europe

    I can remember being told time and time again that the first duty of a government was to protect its people. Usually in response to a curb on our free choices, like what we smoke and when we drink. They wielded control because they were protecting us. Now that they are blatantly not protecting us, why should we give a fuck about whatever it is that they are trying to tell us?
  11. jm51


    Ask around to see if anybody knows who keeps ferrets. Even if that ferret keeper doesn't go ratting, they will probably know somebody that does. Some people view ratting as sport and would welcome the opportunity to rid you of rats. Usual mo is to place nets over some of the rat holes and then send in a female ferret. They're a bit bigger and tougher than a rat so rather than fight, the rat will exit the nest sharpish. To be met by terriers that kill them with one bite.
  12. jm51

    Threatening neighbour - advice needed

    I'd have an outside light (halogen?) with motion detector fitted. As bright as possible.
  13. For fractional reserve banking to be sustainable the banks need to put all the magic money back into circulation. Otherwise there comes a time when there is not enough money circulating to service the debt. Oh hang on.
  14. jm51

    Films to depress the f**k out of you

    'The Last American Virgin' Has a brutal ending which is so true to life that all young males should see it.
  15. jm51

    Trump's progress

    I am so hoping that he wins a second term, the schadenfreude will be glorious.