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  1. jm51

    Trump's progress

    We know he may even revoke a White House press pass (that won't last - mark my words).
  2. I attended a Crown Court sentencing as I knew one the guys involved. Four guys, each with their own barrister. One barrister, holy fuck! No way would I would them to represent me in court. Not because she was female and not because she was black. She had such a strong Caribbean accent that she was unintelligible. The words were correct but the rhythm of her delivery was like a piss take.
  3. jm51

    The US Mid-Term Elections

    I have an interest in Trump doing well. imo we in the UK have been ruled by children whose main argument is 'Do what we want or we won't like you any more.' Reminds of the series 'Rome' where Caesar meets the child ruler in Egypt. Kid thinks that his shit don't stink and Caesar puts him in his place. Which turns out to be face down in a ditch. All of the lefty arguments can be answered with 'So fucking what?' Marxism at its finest. The producers of wealth tell the pie sharers (as opposed to the pie creators) to fuck off. They can't survive without pies but cannot make pies. Why have we been listening to them? Being a Luddite, I somehow got an extra quote at the top. Sorry, no. Not a live stream. Fuck! I'm supposed to give auntie money so that I can watch a tv program that isn't broadcast in this country?
  4. jm51

    The US Mid-Term Elections

    Probably belongs on the beeb are arseholes thread but for those without a tv, and therefore no tv licence, is it legal to watch an American stream?
  5. jm51

    The US Mid-Term Elections

    Why are odds going in for the dems? afaik, nothing major has happened. GOP took the House in 2016 and fair enough, there were regrets from some Trump voters in the first half year or so but not any more. No policies from the left except 'Orange Man Bad'. Bugger all to indicate that reps are losing ground except what legacy media says. Any recommends for a salty tears stream?
  6. jm51

    Blackhawk down we got a blackhawk down

    O. W. Grant was responsible, he has a wicked sense of humour.
  7. jm51

    The US Mid-Term Elections

    The polls get bent to make it look like a blue wave is going to happen, in order to create a blue wave. Then SNL makes it look like a red wave is going to happen, in order to create a blue wave?
  8. jm51

    The US Mid-Term Elections

    For SNL, isn't that a bit like calling Hilary a cunt on air? Perhaps it's a sort of apology for the eye patch non joke.
  9. jm51

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Dread = Nooky.
  10. jm51

    Islamification of Europe

    According to Voltaire, now that we know who we are not allowed to criticise, we also know who rules us.
  11. jm51

    Trump's progress

    No panoramic shots of the crowd at Obama rallies. Betfair odds on the gop taking the house have moved out. Just over 2 to 1 now. An extra £500k traded since I last posted the Betfair odds. Hmmm...
  12. jm51

    Google Search

    The tone of the headers on google is very left leaning.
  13. jm51

    Google Search

    I've just done a search for Blexit on ddg and google: Now I have a single word, Blexit, that I can use to have any SJWs I know prove to themselves that google is bent.
  14. jm51

    Trump's progress

    I like to follow The Betfair odds on political events. The thing about 'Smart Money' is that it can be very wrong. Understandable with sporting events, Liston vs Clay and Tyson vs Douglas etc. but politics is a different thing entirely. There isn't really an excuse for losing a bet on a political election as all you have to do is talk to a lot of people and LISTEN. Why did the smart money get it wrong with Brexit and Trump 2016? Perhaps the smart money wasn't looking to win but to influence? Current Betfair odds are near enough 2 to 1 on a Republican majority in the house. About £1.3m traded do far. An extra half a million on the dems is easily enough to tilt the odds. My guess is that the true odds are close to evens.
  15. jm51

    Songs inspired by "real-life" stories...

    David Gates: Everything I own. Seems like a oneitis torch song but it's about his late father.