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  1. Ex-gratia payments may be better. I suggest you pay compensation for her to drop the sexual misconduct allegations on a yearly basis. See Payments that are made between an employer and employee are normally subject to tax as they will be described as ‘arising out of the contract of employment’ by HMRC. Ex-gratia payments are an exception to that rule and fall under a tax exemption from s.403 Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003 for any amounts under £30,000.00. This is because the payments made are not made for the work that has been undertaken or for a provision of services; they are a “voluntary” payment made by the employer and are “compensation for loss of employment”. Any ex-gratia payment over £30,000.00 should be reported to the Inland Revenue to ensure that there will be no unexpected tax liability in the coming year.
  2. We simultaneously have the biggest political, medical and economic crises for generations. I couldn't care less if Cummings had gone up to Durham riding Shergar whilst smoking a spliff.
  3. After the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre, there were no flights for 3 days. It was noticed that the New York skies were much clearer afterwards. The latest lockdown reminds me of that. No flights, no vapour trails, no cloud seeding, sunny days. I wonder how many climate scientists are now updating the models to include the Ryan Air schedule. I await an alarming headline in the Daily Mail next week when the rest of the country notices.
  4. Probably the same one I saw next Thursday.
  5. In electronics, nothing is linear..... there an exponential underlying everything. Resistors are capacitive, capacitors are resistive and inductors are magic Everything generates noise. Amplifiers don't have zero output impedance so they basically interact with the speaker (reactive load). Look at your amplifier specs. If it was perfect, the power output should double going from 8 Ohm -> 4 Ohm -> 2 Ohm loads. You'll only get this claimed on the higher-end stuff. I was into Hifi in my 20's, built up a nice system over the years that would be around £30K to buy new today. I seem to be sensitive to distortion levels. When I've pointed out the distortion to other people, they just can't hear it. Then again, Mrs VMR says I never listen so what do I know. A good HiFi shop in York used to let me have a demo-room for a few hours and keep swapping kit around as long as I liked with no salesman present to influence things. Whilst looking for a high-end DVD player for use with a projector, I ended up with one that had so much better audio quality that scenes turned from "ho-hum" to "shit, that was scary". I used to be able to tell the difference between cables, slight changes in speaker position, cartridge tracking force but I don't worry about it any more. The only bit of kit I had that was affected by mains quality was an early CD player. Hifi magazines have an impossible job to do to describe sound. So they just BS as far as I can tell. I can still hear up to 13KHz, not as good as the kids at 15-16KHz. My setup: LP12/Lingo/Akito/Arkiv Audio Research Pre-amp and PSU Mark Levinson Power Amp B&W 802 Speakers One day, I'll get around to bi-amping. I found that had quite a big effect but also cost ££££.
  6. My personal strategy is based on the expectation of increasingly negative real interest rates i.e. Inflation goes up, interest rates down. Since interest rates are so low, there is no point saving more than emergency funds in cash accounts. Since economic risks are so high, there is no point borrowing There's too much money being printed, too much debt to service. I save as much as I can but not in cash. Divi-stocks for income and PM's for protection in my SIPP. Anything else goes into home improvements and building projects. I've got a good sized plot that could support 5500 sqft of buildings for family use or rental income (1500sqft -> 2500sqft so far.) At least its mine, debt-free and enjoyable to live-in every day.
  7. Using salary sacrifice with employer NI recovery, £100 in your SIPP costs you less than £60 net even as a basic rate taxpayer. (20% income tax, 12.8% employee NI, 13.8% employer NI). So you can get 60+% more silver for your net-money that way. NI is the income tax no-one seems to notice. That's why previous governments made a bit fanfare about income tax being lowered but just shift up NI instead (see below). Its particularly clever in that around half of it is typically paid by the employer so you don't even see that effective income tax on your payslip. Goose plucked, no hiss.
  8. VMR's report from the front-line as I'm putting my Dads house up for sale as executor. Before the general election, similar were selling for £525K. After the election, they had crept up to £540K (sold, not asking). Since he died during the lockdown, we are going to claim that the value is £450K for IHT purposes. (-15% is the BoE estimate for the drop in house prices) and we have an official EA/RICS valuation at that price for that date. Nothing other than cash buyers could actually buy then, I had one cash offer of £428K for a quick (4 week) sale. About a month before we get probate (August?), we'll put it on at £525K and see what happens. Another house two doors sold in a week and completed just before lockdown so these houses seem to be in demand (near good school, close to St.Albans) So rather than paying IHT, the beneficiaries would pay CGT instead. However, this can be split across 4 people (2 beneficiaries plus spouses), each with a ~£12K allowance and a 18% rate thereafter by optimising the gains to the 0/20% taxpayers. Better than paying 40% IHT. Two agents did valuations during lockdown since the house was empty. One has been in contact since to say they are ready to market the property. However, there isn't really much point until we are close to getting probate. I've still got 40 bin bags of stuff to get rid of and get the place in a viewable state. I came across some lovely old photos from ~1915 in the loft, relatives I knew when they were pensioners and I was just a kid. Of course, I'll be putting up posters in the house saying "No low offers, I'm not giving it away you know"
  9. The NHS "NICE" system uses QALY = 1 year of life in perfect health. This is then used to work out whether it is appropriate to fund treatment within the NHS. They basically put a price on life. Why not work out the QALY's lost due to the lockdown/economic measures in place? e.g. due to missed heart problems, early cancer treatment, loss of future NHS funding etc. Then the government can then optimise lockdown/economic policy to maximise QALYs and justifiably claim they are saving the most lives overall. I simply think of that as objective optimisation, I do that every day.
  10. I used half of my wife's bra to make a mask. But then I looked like a right tit
  11. Survival of the fittest. When you can get someone else to pay for it, stupidity is the optimal strategy for long-term survival. You get the maximum number of kids that will survive long enough to breed the next generation with the maximum number of kids. Any productive non-breeders and min-breeders get to pay for it, their genes will simply cease to exist. Any attempt to change this will get you classified as a Nazi Eugenicist. (although the U.S. seemed to be quite keen on it for the first half of last century).
  12. I looked into this when you mentioned it a few months ago. Unfortunately, you can make use of this allowance on your main residence only. The chance of being caught however....
  13. With enough electrons, you have enough current to turn a transistor on or off With enough transistors, you can create circuits to do simple things e.g. adders/logic/memory With enough basic circuits, you can do complex circuits e.g. USB, HDMI driven by software With enough software, you can make products e.g. phones, PCs, video displays. I write code that creates complex circuits out of basic circuits and use pre-built blocks for the interfaces (e.g. 100G Ethernet or PCI). The tools take care of the transistors although I spend a lot of time speeding things up by a few picoseconds to get it all to work.
  14. BAME = ABW = "Anything But White" Funny really since worldwide, White seems to be "minority ethnic" and increasingly so. I think Western cultures have got a bit lost since they lost religion. Personally, I think religion is a load of BS but it does hold a culture together, excludes others cultures and encourages breeding. Without religion, it stops breeding and simply gets replaced.
  15. Bought this last year with my son, adapted it to fit a 4-stroke race engine. £25 gets an afternoon on track, unlimited laps for both of us.