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  1. VeryMeanReversion

    New Car Registrations

    A simply way to look up car reliability is Average is 100, lower is better. Not all cars covered but enough to see what you are risking. MX5 comes out at 16 Audi 3 = 136 Audi Q5 = 283
  2. VeryMeanReversion

    Bye, UKIP

    Tommunists !?
  3. VeryMeanReversion

    Sexual Assault - what is it?

    "Offence". I think this is the key word to explain your example and a lot of the current changes in society and the mainstream media. A little background: Political Left and Right has ceased to mean LEFT = state-controlled, RIGHT = private-controlled but has become "politically correct" or "politically incorrect". Political correctness in this case is now being used to mean "capable of causing offence". So "far right" now means "capable of causing offence". and "left" now means "always correct" Free speech is capable of causing offence -> anyone that does this is is far right Hate speech is anything capable of causing offence to a member of a protected group -> lock'em up, its a police priority now Pointing out the consequence of stupid behaviour can cause offence. -> anyone that does this is is far right On the other hand, being nice to everyone to ensure offence is never taken has become a virtue. You end up with constant appeasement. Of course, the consequence is that you get taken advantage of. Anyone aware of this can simply claim to be offended when they don't like the facts and use that to attack the source of the perceived offence. Claiming to become offended has become a source of power. It is simply a sign of no confidence or ability. I see examples of this every day. Todays R4 news is that UKIP is lurching to the far-right by inviting the far-right Tommy Robinson to be an adviser. Hmm, they are both politically centre or a centre-left as far as I can tell. No evaluation of the facts are required, just their ability to offend and unwillingness to appease. Trump (75% brilliant, 25% idiot) is willing to offend if he thinks something is good for America and just does not do appeasement. Treason May is the appeaser who "believes with every fibre in here body that her Brexit statements are true" whilst JRM points out that the facts contradict that view. Belief or facts, appease or risk offence. Take your pick and live with the consequences. So in the OP case, no offence was taken when you were pinched, quite the opposite. If you do it, offence will be taken if you are insufficiently attractive in the view of the pinchee so you get to lose your job. Selective prosectution is the other issue. You will be laughed out of the police station if you report it. You will be prosecuted if you are reported. [xyy- mode] Fuck off, the lot of you snowflakes. [\xyy-mode]
  4. VeryMeanReversion

    Have I been radicalised?

    Reasoned thought has become an unsuccessful evolutionary strategy. It simply helps build a environment good for non-rational thinkers who find it easier (less energy expended) to believe things and breed faster. No point being the clever rabbit working out the meaning of life when your mate is shagging all the does within 5 miles. You may figure it out but he has three hundred little bunnies that will eat all your food. When someone else pays for your mistakes, the only person that really learns anything is the person that gets the bill. You can see this effect in many dosbods posts where many have decided to minimise income and others want to leave the country. I thank Gideon every day for the pension freedoms that enables my escape plan from this madness. ....veering back to topic.... Wiki : Radicalization (or radicalisation) is a process by which an individual, or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme political, social, or religious ideals and aspirations that reject or undermine the status quo or contemporary ideas and expressions of the nation I would say dosbods clearly falls into this definition and would suggest that dosbods often lurks into the unthinkable category. “I'd far rather be happy than right any day." "And are you?" "No. That's where it all falls down, of course." "Pity", said Arthur. "It sounded like rather a good lifestyle otherwise.” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  5. VeryMeanReversion

    Shock news! Men & Women are different

    Drama teacher. My son has been diagnosed with Aspergers and is basically a mini-me. He is very practical, low on empathy and just wants the facts to get on with things, would make a good engineer and with enough work and in the fullness of time, a contributor to dosbods. My sister in law is the complete opposite. Drama queen and completely useless at everything, yet very bright. She doesn't get a diagnosis, only housing benefit and a lifetime of taxpayer support and EU grants for drama projects. She does of course, believe in all the SJW causes. My diagnosis for her is "f**king useless". Looked reasonable in her time but had more red flags than the Khmer Rouge and has of course, turned into cat lady. Just opposite ends of a spectrum. I'm a fan of Rollo Tomassi, learnt a lot from his blog (start at the beginning). Once the obvious is pointed out, it becomes obvious !! MGTOW sounds interesting but my satnav can't find the postcode.
  6. Collective ownership of land might be better than the current situation where the crown owns everything and we just get a freehold at best. Have a read of "Who owns Britain" if you are interested. I'd rather like my house to be my house. I'd rather not have a Marxist in charge of housing policy where you eventually end up with him and his mates owning everyone else's house with a thin veil of pretence that it's in all our interests for him to be looking after us peasants.
  7. VeryMeanReversion

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Just had this from Gerard Batten in a UKIP mailing. At the next NEC meeting on Sunday 18th November, I intend to propose the following motion: “There should be a ballot of the UKIP members asking if they approve, Yes, or No, of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson) being allowed to join UKIP. This ballot should take place at the earliest opportunity, e.g. in the next edition of Independence Magazine. “If a majority of Party members vote in favour of the proposition, then the Chairman and NEC will consider his application at the NEC meeting following the result of the ballot. They will then make the decision whether to waive the relevant rule or not based on a majority vote of the NEC.” Personally, I'll vote yes. Their will be a msm outcry which will bring the issues further into the spotlight. Interesting approach by Batten. He is going for the Youtubers with their higher viewing figures rather than the mainstream tv/paper sources. Could turn into a lot of votes. Batten is still working far outside the Overton window (interesting concept worth looking up) which will mostly polarise opinions. Robinson has risen above the mainstream attacks, I wonder how the others "influencers" will cope with sustained attacks.
  8. VeryMeanReversion

    A world without empathy

    "A world without empathy." We call it the engineering department.
  9. VeryMeanReversion

    Happy State Pension Equality Day!

    Total income 62K Pension contribution = 10,500 (do this via salary sacrifice if possible to avoid the NI and see if the employer gives you their NI savings - many do). If you don't do this by salary sacrifice, claim back the extra 20% on the tax return. Childcare vouchers are a salary sacrifice scheme so the 1450 comes off declared salary. Scheme not open to new applications so make sure you stay in it. So total salary is 62000 - 10500 -1450 = 50,050. Not quite trying hard enough! So better to bung another £50 into pension or to charity (membership of English Heritage or National Trust would be enough and have some nice days out). Better than going through the child benefit paperwork.
  10. VeryMeanReversion

    Happy State Pension Equality Day!

    There was no advance notice of the withdrawal of child benefit if either parent earns £50K, making my effective marginal tax rate now 70+%. Should I get "amends" as they didn't tell me before I had the kids??? Fek the WASPI's, welcome to the path towards equality. As pointed out above, they still have it better then a male that did the same job for the same pay for the same time.
  11. VeryMeanReversion

    Happy State Pension Equality Day!

    [/TommyRobinsonReporterMode] Emily Pankhurst, formerly Emmeline Goulden, leader of the far-left terrorist group WSPU , convicted of multiple arsons and assaults on police offices. [/EndTommyRobinsonReporterMode] Funnily enough, she was commemorated in 1930 with a statue in Victoria Tower Gardens, next to the Houses of Parliament. That's politics for you.... Personally, I'm all for equality of pensions based on life expectancy. Taxpayer contributions to defined benefit pensions should be made gender neutral, no extra benefits for females based on longer life expectancy. Retire to twice as long, get half as much per year. That's equality for you.....
  12. VeryMeanReversion

    Saudi embassy fire

    Probably having an indoor barbeque before the meat goes out of date. Anyone for Khashoggi burgers?
  13. VeryMeanReversion

    What no Budget thread?

    Some ramblings.... The advantages of the increase to the £50K for the higher income tax band turns out to not be as good as expected since the National insurance UEL (upper earning limit) also moves up to £50K. So the £46,350 to £50000 income tax rate goes 40->20% but the NI rate goes from 2-12%. One hands gives, the other takes away ..... However, I've just noticed that there is a third hand. The marriage allowance threshold will also go up to £50K. This is usable if your partners income is below £12500. So for those of you that use salary sacrifice to stay under the £50K child benefit threshold that have a non-working or part-time working spouse, you will need to put a claim in for this rather than receive it automatically. This will be worth £250 net. The £50K threshold is now becoming a ceiling. If you include employer NI contributions (you should), the effective marginal tax rate goes from ~46% to ~%73% (including child benefit to £60K). If you are paying back student loans then add another 9% to both. Nobody seems to talk about NI, that's how the government have been able to appear to be lowering taxes whilst doing nothing of the sort. Gotta stop that goose hissing. This shift is clear below for basic rate only. Salary sacrifice helps avoid some of this since pensions are not subject to NI. So avoid 73% in, pay <15% out. (due to 25% being tax-free, 20% on the remainder, potentially less). How are normal people supposed to work all this out? (Answer - they aren't.) Personally, I'm keeping my post-sacrifice income to £49,999. I've turned down good job offers with 25% pay rises as all I could do is sacrifice the increase and wait years to see it back whilst paying higher commute costs now.
  14. VeryMeanReversion

    Risk from organised crime worse than terrorism

    They don't like the competition.
  15. VeryMeanReversion

    Google Search

    On a PC, I use the Opera browser, filters out the ads and clears cookies when you close. For my Android phone, I use DuckDuckGo and clear everything when I've finished. (easy one touch rather than using several menu selections).