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  1. VeryMeanReversion

    which expensive cars

    I saw one of these for the first time about a year ago, thought it looked fantastic so bought the book and read up about it. Prices for the best ones seem to be going up fast and the low mileage ones on the japanese auction sites have now gone. I just can't bring myself to like the shape of the 430 but a used 460/600 is top of my next-car-to-get list and costs less than a new VW polo. I only do 5K miles a year so they will last longer than me. The long wheel base versions would be good for the dog as it could simply walk into the back floor well and lie down. I just like the idea of running a £100K barge for doggy transport when it will still cost me less to run than a PCP on a new blob-box. Maybe its time for a DOSBODS car thread or a new forum under General Discussion.
  2. I'll give her credit for her honesty and dedication to her religion. For fans of the Terminator series: "Listen. Understand. That Jihadi bride is out there. It can't be reasoned with, it can't be bargained doesn't feel pity of remorse or fear...and it absolutely will not stop.Ever. Until you are dead" However, Churchill knew how to deal with traitors. The first section of the Treachery Act 1940 read: “ If, with intent to help the enemy, any person does, or attempts or conspires with any other person to do any act which is designed or likely to give assistance to the naval, military or air operations of the enemy, to impede such operations of His Majesty's forces, or to endanger life, he shall be guilty of felony and shall on conviction suffer death." Basically "Welcome back traitor, let me introduce you to your firing squad which may contain Jews under our diversity program" Maybe we should undo the repeal of the Treachery act.
  3. IKEA Islam Kills, European Apathy Idiot Kuffar Experience Armageddon
  4. For you to even question this clearly means you are : Racist, fascist, misogynist, islamaphobic, nationalist, elitist, xenophobic, bigotted. far-right, white supremacist and hater. I'll add in homophobic and transphobic just in case the child turns out to be gender non-binary. Have a nice day.
  5. Currently having to deal with this with my Dad, aged 81 with stage 4 cancer, glaucoma and cataracts. I went out in the car with him driving a few weeks ago and there were nearly three accidents in a mile. I took him to his eye appointment last week to make sure he heard "DO NOT DRIVE" from the eye consultant who was very insistent that was the case. Yet only yesterday, he was saying how he thought he would be alright driving to the closest Waitrose as its not that far. For the first ever time, I had to say "No Dad, you can't do that".
  6. VeryMeanReversion

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    The last of the So-Called BBC middle-aged white males found refuge on the world service channel. (Business Daily, Business Matters, Business Report). Manuela Saragosa is a good female presenter. Some decent subjects are discussed. However, I think they have recently been discovered hiding in the basement so the number of SJW/diversirty/leftie/Antitrump articles has been increasing recently. Particularly annoying are the diversity related programs with absolutely no business content. For now, it's worth persevering and just fast-forwarding to the next episode when I get triggered.
  7. VeryMeanReversion

    DOSBOS Number plate challenge

    Yes. £599, £799, £499 respectively. Cars cost extra.
  8. VeryMeanReversion

    Wannabee Workers Wankered

    I'm on a good wage but salary sacrifice down to the child benefit limit otherwise my marginal rate is effectively paid at £10 net an hour after commute costs. Sacrifice allows me to keep the money until I can take it as pension, mostly tax-free. Otherwise, it would simply not be worth working more than 3 days a week, I'd rather keep my time instead.
  9. VeryMeanReversion

    DOSBOS Number plate challenge

    Unfortunately, DO58ODS was not yet for sale on but is not actually assigned to any car at the moment so there is hope. So what can you come up with for DOSBODS? This one would suit the Islam thread (look in your rear view mirror) This would suit the Brexit thread Or for you licence fee dodgers...
  10. VeryMeanReversion

    Question Time

    (shamelessly nicked off pistonheads)
  11. VeryMeanReversion

    Special needs kids ...

    My lad has Aspergers, gets bullied most days at school. Smart but low social skills gets you rejected. After physically bullying him for years, he worked up to his black belt in Karate so they stopped the physical stuff and just do the verbal intimidation instead. The anti-bullying policies in school are an absolute joke. Imagine Rimmer "Give quiche a chance" and you wont be far wrong. I claim no benefits on his behalf.
  12. VeryMeanReversion

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    It was in 2008 that I finally realised what was going to happen to my sell-to-rent fund and other savings. I decided to minimise spending and dump everything I could into real assets (rather than the government wish that I spend it all on consumer stuff). My only debt is a mortgage at <20% LTV. I have very little cash (just enough for bills) and very little cash in pension (<3%). 50% of assets is house equity. Paid £X, worth £1.5X now but development plot in garden worth another £1.5X. So 3X overall. (Subject to a housing crash) 45% of assets is in SIPP (mostly UK based equities with foreign earnings but some silver/platinum ETFs at ~10% of SIPP) - spinning off 5% divis per year. Risk of a stock market crash. 5% of assets is cars etc. (two depreciating quickly, two appreciating slowly). I just don't fancy cash or bonds. Seems like a guaranteed loser.
  13. VeryMeanReversion

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    So the wall costs $5BN (£4BN) and America kicks off about it. The EU payment is $50BN (£39BN) and nobody seems to care. I am clearly insane to think that is a bit odd. Nurse, bring me my medication !!!
  14. VeryMeanReversion

    What they do to big houses

    Yep, student debt make it even worse. As does the CSA (up to 19% of gross) for child maintenance. This is the best graph I have for marginal tax rate of income + employee NIC but this doesn't include the employee NI which adds another 13.8% for most of the salary range. I wonder if someone actually designed this and thought it was a good idea. If you have 5 kids and a student loan, you can get to >100% marginal rate. (Note: It looks like my earlier figures are a bit out of date. Employer NICs is now 13.8% and child benefit withdrawal is 17.8% fortwo kids so even worse than I said) However, the good news is that if you don't like work and have investments, you can get away with zero income tax and NICs. i.e. 1. Normal Income - 12K tax-free per person (better if from pension since no NI either) 2. Savings interest - 1K tax-free per person 3. Dividends - 2K tax-free per person 4. ISA income - All tax-free 5. Rent-a-room income - £7500 tax-free per house 6. VCT dividends - don't know much about this and don't trust the VC's I've come across so wont be doing it. As far as I can see, the tax-system rewards minimum work and living off others. Funny how the government came up with that idea....
  15. VeryMeanReversion

    What they do to big houses

    Standard UK PAYE marginal deductions at £50K with two kids. Income tax - 40% NI employee - 2% NI employer - 12.8% Child benefit withdrawal = 17% (50K-60K range). Higher % if you have more than 2 kids. I include the NI in my marginal rate calculation since I can keep both NI amounts using a salary sacrifice scheme. It is effectively salary that is taken before it even appears as your gross figure. Nice trick that one, mr Government. Very few people on the forums I frequent have worked this out although it isn't that hard. Understanding how NI works is the key. The politicians know this so keep banging on about income tax coming down rather than the two national insurance rates going up. This graph is a bit old but here it is anyway.... I have recently arranged with my employer to keep my salary down and get equivalent (risk-adjusted) EMI options instead. The options may or may not be worth anything but are taxed at only 10% if I keep them for 2 years. Other than the initial legal work, there is no additional cost to the company. Later, I can either exercise+sell (+10%) or exercise some of it to receive divis up to the tax-free amount.