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  1. At the moment, the free money train is still rolling along.... choo choo..... (free money being the benefits system for the poorest and zero-rate money for the richest) When the economy hits rock bottom and lots of people lose their jobs and notice the devaluation, then they will get angry and turn against the wokerati.
  2. A proper reporter would soon find themselves unemployed unless they can secure enough "outrage clicks".
  3. No need to worry, the next revision will be... "White supremacist steals immigrants lunch"
  4. If they are lodgers then she can evict quickly. The latest no-eviction rules don't apply to lodgers. When Dad died back in April, his druggie lodger was still in the house. I became the live-in-landlord for a week to get him out legally.
  5. A useful way of thinking about this is to ignore inflation and investment returns, charges, taxes and the state pension. Your unit of calculation is then simply "salary-years". Salary is gross. 1. You saved 50% of your wages for 50 years. You have "25 salary-years". 2. You could then retire on full salary for 25 years. (bit pointless if you were use to living on half though) So in your case, they saved way too much. In my case, I am saving 40% of salary for 25 years => I will have 10 "salary-years" I can then retire on 40% of salary for 25 years. (Been li
  6. That's just step one. Next , he needs to bring their family over. Then they all get to vote on how he runs his house. I'd give it a week before he's living in the shed wondering where it all went wrong. If you want a open diverse democracy Gary, carry on.
  7. My neighbour has a around 20 acres of greenhouses and polytunnels and relies almost exclusively on EE labour. (1 UK worker). I talked to him yesterday and his biggest problem is lack of staff. He is 10-12 people short. His "seasonal" workers are nothing of the sort. They stay in his caravans all year around. The workers used to bring their families over for the summer but I haven't heard any kids there this year. I think its Brexit related rather than due to Covid.
  8. Non-levy paying companies (<50 employees, <£3M payroll) pay 0%. Others pay 5%. They have to pay wages whilst you are at Uni but the apprentice rate is so low, its basically the same as paying min wage full time whilst they are actually working at the company. Say £3h for 25/hour week = £75/week. 52 weeks = £3900 per year. Uni for 28 weeks, company for 20 weeks, 4/5 weeks holiday. £3K subsidy for taking on an apprentice. Net first year cost = £900 for 500 hours of work from a bright 18 year old.
  9. At minimum wage, that would have cost me 1.63p to read that !! I'm not made of money you know I'm hoping to get VMR-junior a job here as a degree apprenticeship. - £3K government bung to employer - Uni fees 100% paid by government - Min wage for apprenticehips very low ~£3/hr. Basically just beer money. Live at home rent-free. - No debt on leaving uni and 3-4 years work experience. - Minimum 25 hr/week commitment during work-time, 0hr during term-time. 5 week holiday
  10. It wasn't harassment, they were just trying to push the whales back into the sea.
  11. Classification as a lodger only works if it is the only or principal home. s.10 Schedule 1 Housing Act 1988 SCHEDULE 1 Tenancies Which Cannot be Assured Tenancies Resident Landlords 10(1) A tenancy in respect of which the following conditions are fulfilled— (a) that the dwelling-house forms part only of a building and, except in a case where the dwelling-house also forms part of a flat, the building is not a purpose-built block of flats; and (b) that, subject to Part III of this Schedule, the tenancy was granted by an individual who, at the time when the tenancy was granted
  12. Ricardus claimed that "he was on his mobile phone trying to cancel his Sky subscription the whole time" He then asked if Brexit was done yet.
  13. Defund themselves by giving him their wallets to buy more drugs.
  14. Ask Van Lady to get out of the van, walk up to the house and ask for Alan.
  15. They cant pay you less than minimum wage so that limits the company pension contribution via salary sacrifice. To put more in, send your pension company a cheque. The maximum you can put in is £40K per year, unused allowances from the past 3 years can be used. All this assumes you haven't taken anything from your pension so far.
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