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  1. VeryMeanReversion

    Operation Nookie 60

    Sorry to break this to you but that's clearly in the Tranny Category. When she says "dont touch me there", you'll soon understand why.
  2. VeryMeanReversion

    Islamification of Europe

    Tommy Robinson supporters should be wearing hats/clothes with English Heritage or National Trust logos. Difficult to spin that as far right nazis.
  3. VeryMeanReversion

    Judge Kavanagh

    It's not mental illness, just an inability or unwillingness to foresee consequences. Feelings change much faster than facts so why bother with consequences. I often see this with Mrs VMR. Rational discussion is futile, best to change the subject to fluffy animals.
  4. VeryMeanReversion

    jury service

    Just keep mumbling "Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Robinson" and stare at each court official continuously until they call security. You'll be home by lunchtime on day 1.
  5. VeryMeanReversion

    The cult of corbyn

    This one made my day. Derek Hatton was kicked out for being too left wing many years ago but is now welcomed back. Far right now will soon mean anything to the right of Derek Hatton. The Dalai Lama joined the far-right with his anti-muslim extremist views last week. I now propose Mother Theresa, this quote of hers has definite anti-equality tendencies. MT: "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."
  6. VeryMeanReversion

    SJWs ruin linux

    Everytime I see one of these SJW stories, I think of this.
  7. VeryMeanReversion

    Retire in your forties

    Cough, cough, err, are you sure about that? It looks like you can't go below zero income tax. "You can only claim relief against the amount of Income Tax you need to pay in the UK." "However, tax relief will be limited to the amount which reduces your income tax liability to nil"
  8. VeryMeanReversion

    Tommy Robinson thread

    The daily mail runs with a "how many skinheads can we find" picture. I wonder if they asked the guy in the shorts to move out of the way. Gotta keep the narrative going for the masses.
  9. VeryMeanReversion

    Far fewer cars in the future

    Only 50% ?? Its already 70% effective marginal tax rate at £50K due to income tax, employee NI, employer NI, child benefit withdrawal (2 kids) I'm explaining to a possible new employer that I won't see the benefit of anything above a £50K+ salary as I have to sacrifice anything over that into SIPP to avoid the 70% taxes. The only motivator to move to a new employer is a high probability EMI option with an effective tax rate of <10%. Maybe Corbyn will stop that instead. Meanwhile, if you get tax credits and housing benefit, your marginal tax rate can be -300% (i.e. earn £10k, get £30K top-up - see Moneyweek tax credit article). ....drifting back to topic... Cars are freedom from having to travel with other people. Priceless.
  10. VeryMeanReversion

    Loft insulation advice

    That's what I did with mine. Two layers of 75-80mm foil-faced bought from "secondsandco" (Kingspan seconds). Cut to size, foam any gaps, rockwool at the eaves. You need a gap between the insulation and the felt for airflow. (I used a breathable membrane - Daltex was consider best at the time) This makes the attic a "warm-roof" . You must not then have insulation between the house and the attic. Note: Building regs is required for a change in a thermal element. I retrofitted an existing loft like this then did a couple of extensions the same way.
  11. VeryMeanReversion

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I'm in! 1. Billionaire in Venezualan Bolivars 2. Handsome as a frog 3. Can be CEO of my own company, just takes a few online forms 4. IQ 80+ (hope she doesnt notice the 1 is missing) 5. Body of a God.
  12. VeryMeanReversion

    Tommy Robinson thread

  13. VeryMeanReversion

    Far right Nazi Lama "The Dalai Lama, told an audience that 'Europe belongs to the Europeans' and that refugees should return to their native countries to rebuild them." I await his holiness being called far-right Nazi scum. His views on deluded scrapper birds are yet to be revealed.
  14. VeryMeanReversion

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Happy days in prison 1 but gets moved to prison 2 with a different religious profile. Gets told he should self-isolate (put himself in solitary or with the paedos). Declines their kind offer. Gets moved from the cells to the "Block". Empty room, blue pad on the floor to sleep on. Other inmates throw sh1t into his rooms so has to keep windows closed on the hottest days of the year. Exercise in a cage on his own for 30 minutes a day whilst being threatened by other inmates. Threats from other inmates including tampering with his food and to attack his family. Does not eat for a week until the rations he can buy arrive. Rations in cans are the only way to get untampered food. Rations limited to £12/week but much of that gets spend on card for wife and phone calls to family. Not much left for food. Claims contempt is a civil offence, penalty should be fine rather than prison. Claims never told of charges against him, refused access to his lawyer many times. Insults the muslims, gets arrested for a hate crime. I watched the whole video. He comes across as genuine, not making things up but I suspect he may have misinterpreted some of the legal processes that are being used against him. The courts can't possibly be that bent ???? This guy will just not give up. He makes the Terminator look like Arnold Rimmer. I wonder who will play him in the film??
  15. VeryMeanReversion

    Jobs Are Like Dating

    Send him a bic pic