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  1. Don't forget (when using the remainers rule book applied during the EU elections), Brexit parties won 30% of the vote and remain parties 10%. So resounding vote to leave.
  2. Yes, A friend of mine (Remainer) posted this on facebook saying how afraid he was and made comparisons with 1933 Berlin. All I saw where good humoured very ordinary Brits voicing their opinion and concerns respectfully. The teenagers talking of indoctrination was interesting. I chuckled at the ' oh no, not the Guardian'.
  3. Owen Jones at a Brexit Rally
  4. $44m settlement for Weinstein Quite a price for freedom. You would think if his behaviour had been truly abhorrant they would want to see him behind bars. edit..there is a criminal case to follow, could end up behind bars
  5. Good - Wonder Years Bad- Seinfeld
  6. I actually quite like Four weddings, but that sketch was utter utter bilge.
  7. Couldn't TR become an MEP now it appears Britain is heading towards a Brexit extension and participation in the upcoming EU elections?
  8. He moved to Hollywood in 1986. This must be his "nearly 40 years ago". Otherwise he is referring to London. I doubt there where "black areas of the city"anywhere in NI during that period.
  9. My 3 passionate remain friends have seemingly accepted defeat. Now claiming they don't care anymore. Acceptance is coming, lets hope an olive branch is not offered.
  10. Diversity update. What will the SJW's make of this.
  11. On boy bands: Almost deserves a thread of its own but if you want some comedy gold make sure you watch this: Real life Spinal Tap: Bros documentary becomes surprise Christmas TV hit
  12. "The law will take effect in April 2019 and create two new visa categories. The first status grants residency for five years to foreign trainees who have completed their education or have certain skills and Japanese-language ability. Residents under this category will not be able to bring their families." "The second status grants residency to more highly skilled workers for one to three years and can be renewed indefinitely for long-term employment. Visa holders may also bring their families." Sounds very sensible to me.