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  1. desertorchid

    Never mind the rape - just get on with the race-baiting

    He moved to Hollywood in 1986. This must be his "nearly 40 years ago". Otherwise he is referring to London. I doubt there where "black areas of the city"anywhere in NI during that period.
  2. desertorchid

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    My 3 passionate remain friends have seemingly accepted defeat. Now claiming they don't care anymore. Acceptance is coming, lets hope an olive branch is not offered.
  3. desertorchid

    Islamification of Europe Diversity update. What will the SJW's make of this.
  4. desertorchid

    new films

    creed and creed 2, brilliant
  5. desertorchid

    Take That is Back

    On boy bands: Almost deserves a thread of its own but if you want some comedy gold make sure you watch this: Real life Spinal Tap: Bros documentary becomes surprise Christmas TV hit
  6. desertorchid

    Immigration white paper week

    "The law will take effect in April 2019 and create two new visa categories. The first status grants residency for five years to foreign trainees who have completed their education or have certain skills and Japanese-language ability. Residents under this category will not be able to bring their families." "The second status grants residency to more highly skilled workers for one to three years and can be renewed indefinitely for long-term employment. Visa holders may also bring their families." Sounds very sensible to me.
  7. desertorchid

    Immigration white paper week

  8. desertorchid

    Immigration white paper week

    This is the opposition in Japanese parliament to the signing of a new law to allow skilled foreign workers to come to Japan. Despite a huge labour shortage this is hugely contentious. Simply worlds apart from the UK .
  9. desertorchid


    About 10 years ago worked in a North London Jewish school and had a Jewish girlfriend. These are very blunt, yet realistic observations. Unfortunately these character traits, and the push to acquire further wealth by penetrating other communities can lead to a general dislike of them. Some very bizarre rituals behind the scenes of the orthodox variety.
  10. desertorchid


    I can say with utmost certainty that a night on the tiles with Elon would be a complete blast. A moron, but not dull.
  11. desertorchid

    Excessive credulity in smart people

    Are we not just attempting to differentiate between intelligence and wisdom. The first can be acquired at any age, on any subject. However, the vast majority of dosboders are slightly older and generally done more 'living'. Marriage, divorce, friendship, jobs, mates, fights- all of this tends to increase a general understanding of people, what makes them tick, , their motives and the 'way things work'. This is wisdom. Therefore a university professor who has never graduated, or a super bright millennial, will be seen to make dumb mistakes due to their lack of awareness. * I would like to add , however, I do know people who have lived full lives, who still appear utterly clueless. Wisdom does not come automatically.
  12. desertorchid


    There is lots different strategies. I stick it in 5 years, which turns over quite quickly and choose my desired interest on Friday. Rates tend to tick up over the weekend as demand outstrips supply.
  13. desertorchid


    I am invested in 7 or 8 different p2p providers all with very different ways of working. If you have any specific questions about any, just ask. FYI Ratesetter is one of the 'Big 3'. The other 2 being Zopa and fundingcircle. The scale of their operations are significantly bigger than others, of which there are now dozens. I consider Ratesetter a reliable platform and have been with them almost 8 years without gripe. Would recommend. Look here for more information:
  14. desertorchid

    My Word! Average household monthly spend

    Blow all you guys out of the water, your spending peanuts - our household outgoing is 9-10K per month, (although do live in Hong Kong.)
  15. desertorchid

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Because, i suspect if i did a full in depth analysis of everything TR has said and done over the last 20 years (which I have not, just read, and watched snippets) I am sure I would conclude him as being a full on racist. He is merely changing his agenda as he goes along to suit himself. This does not take away from the fact that racist is so badly misused by the liberal media that the vast majority of people who are accused as being so, are not. Once again though, TR is correct on his assertions about the coverage and political handling of the mass rape cases.