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  1. Why would you declare savings if it has no interest on it. People are just simply doing the obvious thing and ignoring money that generates no income. Or Huge drugs and prozzie ring run by Romanian mafia channelling the money through illegal sex traffickers buttholes.
  2. Very brave, he clearly really does not give a fuck what people think of him. I would say, however, that those thoughts represent a far greater proportion of the general public than the BLM mob
  3. Jim Davidson consolidated his position at the top of the pile with his diversity rant IMO.
  4. Not sure if Jim Davidson rant has been posted on here, but jesus he doesn't mince his words does he. 4.20-4.40 was such a lol I spat my tea out.
  5. Spot on, if reality hasn't dawned on you by 25-27 then you are one of the chosen few (ignorance is bliss). I had an existential crisis at this time. Its when you realize: If I am like this at 40 I will be either a) dead or b) a very poor twat.
  6. I set up an e-commerce company around 2001. We sold wireless equipment bought from Shenzhen. We bought our best selling equipment for approx. 4-5 GBP each direct from the factory. We could sell each online for 150 GBP and they were even for sale for 80-90 on ebay. We were the only company dedicated to selling these items online in the UK. The early days on the internet really were a golden opportunity. The same products today are half this price to buy today and I suspect more than double at cost. Market system in action.
  7. Don't forget a real life Colonel Kurtz can be found hiding away in his own forum (GEI). I do believe he was Dr Bubb on HPC, a prolific poster, who became a pain in the arse as he progressively moved towards insanity and was banned.
  8. Progressive libtard mate just come back with following rant. Dont want to pick it apart, but may have a point: infuriating coming from a guy who has repeatedly touted billions in arms sales to a brutal regime in Saudi Arabia, vetoed a bill to end US involvement in the war in Yemen, massively expanded bombing campaigns across the world, including a record number in Afghanistan, increased the Pentagon’s budget for the fifth consecutive year to the point where it’s now near Iraq-year levels, added billions to a Pentagon ‘slush fund’ specifically for war funding, and has bragged about sending
  9. Goes to the heart of the problem with liberal progressives, it is image over substance. It is enough to talk about rights, and fairness and equality, as long as you look the part. But in reality they are human, and their acts become hypocritical and disingenuous.
  10. But it wasn't, players always hit extra balls to the back of the court . Certainly the trajectory and speed was not ideal but an emotional outburst it was not. He basically said something of the sort straight after the game but back peddled when he saw the media outrage. Anyway taking thread off topic so will shut up now!
  11. I seem to be contrarian on this one. The whole of the internet is denigrating Novak for his "outburst". I say bollocks, it was an accident, everything about the incident , his body language, showed immediately what a mistake this was. Nothing intentional about it at all. But now this: “As for the disqualification, I need to go back within and work on my disappointment and turn this all into a lesson for my growth and evolution as a player and human being." and this: “I apologise to the @usopen tournament and everyone associated for my behaviour. I’m very grateful to my team and
  12. Now I wouldn't want to advocate rude or politically incorrect behaviour but I feel it is my duty to support Avanti. Any suggestions?. Remember : "It's all about Pride"
  13. Its because deep down we don't believe the ladies can actually understand and/ or be as passionate about the sport as us chaps. We want commentators to live and breath the sport and to give us some time alongside their knowledge and insight. In a quality commentator they will also have a turn of phrase or comedic touch that actually adds to the pleasure of the event. I am afraid in my 50 years alongside the opposite sex I am not sure any woman can do this in the sports i enjoy.
  14. On a slightly different note I have been convinced for a while now that the BBC has known the license fee was doomed long term and has been positioning itself strategically as a future lucrative media company aligned with the Hollyweird mindset. This will ensure its long term survival.
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