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  1. Just scary, really scary
  2. BBC have leapt the story to headline news.
  3. PLEASE watch this and share. Definately. one of the most poignant things I have seen regarding the present madness in the UK.
  4. WTF, what twisted mind writes this within 24 hours of her death.
  5. Almost everyone I have knownfor over 30 years of watching boxing has always voiced their opinion on a boxing match based on personality, skill, temperament and record. Not once has anyone I have met said colour has been a factor. Person after person now is saying they want Tyson to beat Joshus becasue of AJ's rant. This is how divisive BLM is, it creates the race card when it didnt even exist. BLM should be buried for the threat to society it is.
  6. One of the reasons Donald Trump’s executive order on police reform has drawn criticism is that it never addresses race and racist policing. J’Ron Smith, Deputy Assistant to the President, defended the choice to omit mention of racism. “A lot of people want to make it about race but it’s really about communities and individuals,” he told reporters. “You’re trying to fix something that you can’t really fix, the heart of people, but you can fix individual pieces that deal with the real problem, which is access, opportunity.” The “goal of the order was not to demonize police officers,” according to a senior administration official who spoke to Politico’s Nancy Cook. Well done Donald Trump. You cannot tell people how to think. Thank god someone is standing up to the nonsense.
  7. Its all part of the intellectual elitism endemic throughout the progressive movement. Their ability to look down their nose at people is second to none. Especially if they are seen as uncouth and have 'working class values'. In this case it was a collective guffaw at hoe stupid these protesters are ...."oh look a nazi salute, he is so thick". As usual they are completely mis-guided and disgustingly prejudicial. (unlike the protester)
  8. I was brought up in Brighton int he 1980's , always a bit of a shit-hole. The perceived economic progress is purely on the back of money from London bidding up property prices and enabling a few gentrified places to emerge e.g North Street. However, this is wafer thin and there are very few quality jobs in Brighton and real business investment is low. Anyone I know who stayed in Brighton has remained an underclass to this progressive movement and enslaved by their landlord status. It is now a perfect example of a white upper middle class ghetto and echo chamber for the liberals to self congratulate whilst mostly avoiding the harsh reality of enrichment.
  9. If you follow the Guardian live updates you would think it was carnage. Every opportunity to highlight a misdemeanor and say yet again "violence from far right protesters"
  10. I see the riot politics have turned up. Have a bad feeling the plod will 'make trouble' even when there was none to be had. Gotta have the far right violence headline.
  11. Looking at the live stream, I think we can say that statue is pretty safe today. Only a rogue nutter on a motorbike would go near that lot.
  12. Twat, Don Letts needs to lay off the Mary Jane, have a quick check on which country he is living in, thank his luck stars on the career he has had and then, shut the fuck up. Churchill was flawed and didn't even win the post war election, BUT he was an integral part of a jigsaw that saved us from a life of tragedy and likely despair. A true hero in every sense.
  13. desertorchid

    Old Statues

    As a matter of principle it should be returned to its plinthe, protected 24/7 and then due process should dictate its removal. After which removed and taken to the museum.