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  1. Wahoo

    You're dying so much younger than european women

    Then they will be accused of male privilege. On a slightly different note...I was called to Intensive care last week. A grossly over-weight woman who was close to death. Her little lungs and heart were giving up and pneumonia had taken hold. Uncontrolled diabetes didn't help. The poor woman was terrified and gasping for air. Her eyes said it all. She survived.just.....until next time. Aged early thirties. You don't see many old fat people.
  2. Wahoo

    Retire in your forties

    OMG....Really?? I had no idea. I'm really sorry. ( Anyway wanking is just having sex with someone you really really love }
  3. Wahoo

    Retire in your forties

    Bloody hell....a microbiologist. Is it true you wash your hands before going to the toilet?
  4. Wahoo

    Retire in your forties

    I'd shoot the little bastard first with an air-rifle and make a rabbit pie. Followed by blackberry fool and custard.
  5. Wahoo

    Retire in your forties

    Blackberries grow on brambles...surely?
  6. Wahoo

    Retire in your forties

    What's so bad about working? Just look at it as a game. And when you've paid of your slave debts, working gives you massive financial benefits. My advice is don't worry about the future...just live for today. These newspaper articles are as dumb as the old one's projecting the future as sitting on the beach all day,l whist robots produce for us. All bullshit. Play the work game and enjoy it. Manipulate it. But don't eat your soul out for some crap workless future. You might just as well go on benefits today for he same.
  7. Wahoo

    Stabbings in paris

    It's the modern day equivalent of a good old fashioned stoning.
  8. Wahoo

    Reported Missing

    It's time that the courts started to realise that both sexes are capable of despicable crimes. This woman is a low shit. Lowest of the low.
  9. Wahoo

    You won't be able to unsee this

    Who fucks who? Who sticks what where? Honest question because if one is sticking it into another....then it's fake news.
  10. Wahoo

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    Yes - it's the biggest exploitation and land grab ever in the history of the planet. TPTB have worked this out.....you bomb the shit out of a large landmass. You suppress and bully the indigenous population when displaced hoards migrate. (You already have extracted the wealth from the homelands since the 1980's....there's nothing left so you destroy their culture). You then move in and own the bombed land. it's easy.
  11. Wahoo

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    What it means is that the population have been invaded but don't know it.....yet
  12. Wahoo

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    Can't even be bothered to shave...an extra 10 minutes in bed.
  13. Wahoo

    Islamification of Europe

    But the sleeping lion is getting pissed off.
  14. Wahoo

    Islamification of Europe

    Go to Scotland. Buy a ruin and a caravan. Live in the caravan and rebuild the ruin at your leisure.
  15. Wahoo

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    Don't ever ever ever ever ever talk to the Police. Ever.