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  1. Jeeeeez..... I feel so sorry for you guys having to endure all this stuff. Utter cock.
  2. And don't forget the dog scandal. Petra died two days after her debute.....so they found a look alike and pretended it was the same doggie. Dirty filthy lying bunch of *********s
  3. Do we celebrate by becoming divorce raped, homeless and suicide? (Just asking for a friend)
  4. My Nissan anti-collision device kept giving false warnings when it saw bus shelters. Always the same shelters. Some owners have had brakes slam on for no reason and drivers behind getting frights of their lives. Dangerous piece of shite. They can be triggered by spiders and leaves under the bonnet.
  5. One of the most powerful disruptive developments to the current status quo of Govts and Bankers is blockchain technology. People forget that bankers are just middlemen, and this technology will wipe out all these non productive leeches. And the current developers have worked out that there's going to be one mother fucker of a confrontation between this industry and those in power. Hence decentralisation. The latest generations of Crypto are undergoing the process of complete decentralisation; no one can control and manipulate it. No Govts can shut it down. They'll try to ban it by
  6. No it's not. Gold has a minimum value based on valuations of mines, diggers, dredges etc. Bitcoin has a minimum value based on electronic mining equipment, premises, expertise etc. It's been calculated, after the last halving which removed miners with outdated processing capacity, that bitcoin has a minimum value around $5K. Gold is a speculative rare product. Bitcoin is a speculative rare product.
  7. Marriage is a Contract between Two People and The State. But the contract is flawed because one side can break the contract and keep everything. Best to avoid at all costs.
  8. That's not iron oxide he's pouring in but aluminium powder. The aluminium is mixed with iron oxide, and being more reactive than Iron, aluminium removes the oxygen from iron oxide. It's an exothermic reaction. Creates a lot of heat. The same reaction is used to weld railway lines together or destroy ships...as we found to our cost when exocete missiles slammed into our warships. So this article isn't scientifically correct. If you burn iron oxide (rust) you just get hot rust. It's also fake news because aluminium is a difficult metal to produce using electrolysis and a lot of
  9. The steam train would be an amazing efficient engine if developed over the last 100 years. Highly efficient and low energy. The internal combustion engine would develop the same way....frictionless ceramic components returning 200mpg or more. There isn't enough lithium on the planet for electric cars...and currently they have a short lifespan. Portugal in the 1970's is probably a good indicator of what's coming. People won'rt put up with this crap.
  10. This would make a good N.A.
  11. Swapping is a great idea. Until Europe gets trashed and boats start sailing backwards....we'd have to swap back again.
  12. Have they looked in the local primary school?
  13. Very informative. When this Pandemic started, I seem to remember you stating that it was impossible to make a vaccine against this virus. Have things changed and moved on quickly due to research? Or is this vaccine just more bullshit?
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