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  1. I also find rescue hens die at about a year....but they do have a lovely life for that time and only cost a pound each. I've had some success buying fertilized eggs on ebay if you have a broody hen. Trouble is you'll get cockrills. One turned into a huge monster and terrified all the hens....particularly the older ones.....so I got rid of him. He used to have a go at me when I entered the pen. Rats can be an issue.....get an airgun and kill them at night is the best method IMHO.....otherwise you're putting down poison. I agree with spunko.....get a small number and let them roam the garden in the day. They'll feed themselves. Just remember to shut them up at night though. Electric fences are a pain, as the grass grows up and shorts the circuit. You're constantly faffing around keeping the circuit insulated.
  2. I'm sick of hearing this shit.....'Have you seen the WebCams?'....blah blah blah 'Beaches are crowded'.....blah blah blah 'That pub needs reporting'.... We're a Nation of narrow minded brain-dead tossers.
  3. There's a big expat community here: https://www.andalucia.com/mijas/pueblo.htm I can speak basic Spanish but it's bloody exhausting, as going Spanish - English - Spanish in my head. I don't believe all that bollocks about not living with expats. In this village the shops are owned by English.....even the supermarket. I just want to get pissed with mates in the sun until I die
  4. Are they still scamming? I thought that had been knocked on the head. Agreed that the safest route is buying something established.
  5. If you go inland a bit prices drop, it's quiter and not so hot in summer. This would do me fine: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/72286737#/ or something a bit older https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/76274308#/
  6. I'm thinking of going down this route: https://www.immigrationspain.es/en/non-lucrative-residence-visa/ It gives you residency for 5 years....then you have the option of Spanish Citizenship and free access to their healthcare system which is excellent. I'm currently 62. You renew at end of first year, then again at year 3 and 5. You need to have an income of about E26,000 for each year....or just have the money in a Spanish bank. You need to have E52,000 in bank at end of year one to cover the next two years etc. My State pension kicks in before the end of 5 years.....but I notice that the absolute c***s who run this country have removed the inflationary indexing if you move to Europe.....ouch. I'm thinking.... buy a Static here and a decent place over there during the residency period.....so can access the NHS until I take citizenship. Always fancied a villa with pool somewhere along the 'costa's'. Currently been spending the winters with a caravan over there....so know the area from Valencia down to Malaga well. I recommend Torre del Mar area......beautiful and unspoilt. Perfect climate.
  7. Wahoo

    Dr who

    No...because you're a big fat bastard.
  8. Why so many programmes on TV about living abroad recently?......Brexit has shafted us up the arse and these programmes are saying....'Oh look...you could have lived here...but now you're marooned in a shit-hole'....because the cost of medical insurance is beyond your spending limit. You had the choice of 27 countries....now 3
  9. Couldn't agree more....we had the option of 27 countries to live in ....now 3. Opps....mixing up two different fecken germs
  10. Wahoo

    Dr who

    Seriously un-sexy.....in so many ways.
  11. Wahoo

    Dr who

    Knock knock..... Who's there? Dr....
  12. Guilt.....don't tell the Mrs or you'll be signing divorce papers.. We won't either.
  13. Big fat bastards everywhere, consuming tax payers money.
  14. Wahoo

    Dead badger?

    Farmers don't shoot badgers. That's just bolloxs. There's too many of them and they're tough....so when hit stagger to roadside and die. They have an excellent sense of smell and will dig up wasp nests. But they also roam around hoovering up all the ground nesting songbirds....one reason why skylarks are in decline.