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  1. This place also has a lot of unanswered questions: Aparently used to bury dead cows....! It would appear that the Egyptians added writing later...in a very amateurish fashion. It's a mystery how these structures got down there.
  2. You can't date stone but you can organic material. There must be grass / seeds / stuff trapped within the joints of polygonal monoliths. Can we not just pull a couple apart and test whats trapped inside?
  3. And what about this Carving from the Temple of Seti I at Abydos.
  4. This is interesting: How did the Sumerians know about this?
  5. Good point based on the assumption that oil resulted from decayed organic matter......and once used up it's gone for ever. What if oil is constantly being produced deep in the Earths mantle. Heat and pressure causes the fusion of atoms into larger molecules.
  6. Are there not ancient rock formations in Scotland that have been fused together by a possible nuclear reaction? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitrified_fort Everything goes in a cycle. Water cycle, carbon cycle, rock cycle etc. We look at history as being linear....It started here and we have ended up here....along this timeline. Perhaps history is cyclical....with the nuclear age being the end and new beginning. These weapons will be used one day...just like whoever invented the bow and arrow ended up using it. I could put a logical argument together that the pyramids are actually over 26 thousand years old....but most people just laugh at me. But the evidence is there.
  7. Has everyone ditched their crypto's? Definite bull-run underway with BTC.
  8. It makes me VOMIT.......Victim of Medical Intervention
  9. I wonder if it's just a massive land grab in disguise. TPTB end up owning that region. They don't give a shit about millions of displaced people and the swamping of Europe. Great post.
  10. And the Swedes are prosecuting Assange on some weird charges. The country is fucked.....
  11. I decided to join the AA last year.. I logged in and across the expected yellow background was a great big rainbow and a statement...'Proud to be supporting LGBT' I only wanted breakdown insurance...so I joined the RAC instead.
  12. Reminds me of Boris Yeltsin
  13. A form of Government that hates Western values and Christianity.