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  1. I think it was Anna Soubry......and it was clearly a plant pretending to verbally abuse her
  2. You don't need two ledger devices...they don't work that way. Only buy a factory sealed device from somewhere like amazon. When you set it up you will get 20 seed words which are unique to you. Should you ever lose your device, buy another and using the seed words you will get back your crypto. So you never ever stick your seed words on your computer, phone or cloud. You write them down and lock em up. If you're worried about exchanges...just use coinbase or Binance. Send some fiat money, convert into crypto, then send them off the exchanges to your ledger. I wouldn't leave them
  3. Most Defi projects are based on ERC20 tokens and the Ethereum network.....so you could stick them on Ledger Nano S. Best to get everything off the exchanges imho......paddle your own canoe. I see you've bought a bitcoin.....nice shiny thing....bury it in your garden to keep it safe.
  4. I approached a Spanish Estate agent yesterday and suggested I pay with bitcoin...He was open to the idea. Suggested I pay all fees and tax and his commission in Euro's...but purchased the property with crypto.
  5. Why don't the fucks just print loads of phony money....like the always do? And what's the point of taxation when you can just print the stuff? Taxation is just a mechanism to crush certain group of workers. Taxation is pointless.
  6. Amazing....What an incredible mission
  7. Hutlh Qapla’ yInlIj QIp
  8. Ken Clarke.......Always stood up for the bloke who likes to go to the pub.
  9. I traveled around the Soviet Union in 1984....amazing place. Plenty of happy people. I went all around Moscow...then flew down to Sochi and met some teachers of English. I remember dancing in the village square with happy Russians. Then I flew up to Leningrad (now St Petersburgh)....lots of happy people. Just how many choices of tooth paste do you actually need to be fucking happy?
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