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  1. We're caravaning just outside Valencia in the mountains. Beautiful weather......magical exploring forests. Freezing at night but about 18C in the day. I love all this global warming shit. We'll be home end of March.
  2. Wahoo

    Climate Change

    Could someone tell me how we are going to get all this hydrogen? It's not in the air.....so how are we going to get it?
  3. Wahoo


    Just put the fucking fork down. Job done.
  4. Isn't 2020 when it overtakes China as having the most people of any country (crapping on the ground)? Super indeed
  5. Wahoo

    midwinter murders?

    I reckon electric carving knife....the turkey was cooked early.
  6. We were told to stand up to bullies....but the bully is now setting the narrative.
  7. Wahoo

    Lessons in Road Rage

    For me yes....for my partner she opens the door and falls onto the road.
  8. Wahoo

    Lessons in Road Rage

    Have to admit I've a 2 year old Nissan Navara NP300. Absolutely love it. Very comfortable drive, loads of power, selectable 4x4 and brilliant for towing caravan down to Spain. You're safer in a big vehicle.
  9. Wahoo

    Lessons in Road Rage

    The Nissan Anti-collision radar device is known to be faulty and sometimes cars carry-out an emergency stop. Drivers too close have been known to slam into the back. Just wondered if that happened in this case.
  10. Wahoo

    Lessons in Road Rage

    Were you selling pegs and lucky heather.
  11. Joe's a fecken pervert. Should know better.
  12. ....I speak basic Spanish and wasn't sure what mamada was so google it. Google just happened to be on images.
  13. And they have excellent metallurgy skills....metals are the backbone of the engineering gang industry.
  14. There's nothing wrong with your computer.......you've got fecken tourettes