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  1. Wahoo

    The thought police have arrived

    Just talk and talk and talk and talk....like a nutter. Talk about everything. The weather, nature, science and music. Just talk and talk and talk. Copy politicians and don't answer the question. Let them try to tease out something they can use. They'll give up. Just gibber away.
  2. No 7 looks well pissed off but knows his place.
  3. Wahoo

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I know Madeira well. If you want to live with loads of Brits in massive English style houses then go to Monte at top of the cable car. But you will get many days of cloud in the winter. Funchal is always sunny. The cloud forms behind and doesn't approach the coastline. If you want to go to possibly one of the most spectacular places on Earth...then it's the Valley of the Nuns. I've walked all the way down through chestnut trees to the villages below. Walking the Lavadas is amazing...but choose carefully. Black graded ones can be terrifying. The interior of the Island reminds me of Scotland. A good start and really beautiful lavada starts at the trout farm. You can take a bus there. The Lavada starts behind the restaurant. You'll be walking along sheer drops...but safe....and through tunnels and beautiful forests.
  4. Wahoo

    Moving Abroad Or In The UK Where Would You Go

    https://www.pureportugal.co.uk/property/rmtr9-renovation-project/ Hows this for a couple of stone houses in Portugal for 9K Euros. This would be a piece of piss for me to re-roof with massive beams. I'll buy the properties. I'll re-roof so you'll just have to finish inside. I'll sell them to you with full habitation licenses. Any offers?
  5. Wahoo

    Altcoin thread

    I think ADA (Cardano) is well worth a look. Very similar to Ethereum, enabling developers to run block-chain based applications, like smart contracts. But the Block-chain architecture appears far better. It has a 'cryptocurrency layer' and separate 'computation layer' for designing / running contracts. In Ethereum both layers are knitted together. ADA is at an early stage hence priced at $0.045. I've bought and holding them on an exchange. I don't like leaving coins on exchanges and usually transfer them to my hard wallet. But the Nano S doesn't support ADA yet...although this is changing with the next ledger update. I'm just going to park them for a couple of years and hopefully they'll overtake ETH. As always DYOR
  6. Wahoo

    Revolut card adding cryptos this Thursday

    All the more reason to use Ripple.
  7. You don't see kids out exploring and playing. The World's far too dangerous. Paedo's around every corner.....not. Society is getting seriously dysfunctional.
  8. Wahoo

    Tally ho!

    I lost all my chickens to a fox....my fault I forgot one evening to shut them in. A vet told me that old foxes get kicked out of their territory. These are the ones killing peoples birds. Hunting removed the old foxes. Don't know if it's true...but each to their own. If you want to hunt...hunt. If you want to shoot...shoot. If you want to fish....fish. If you want to fly drones....etc etc. Otherwise there's nothing much left to do in this country.
  9. Wahoo

    Break it down in few words, how was your day?

    Went to the pub at lunchtime. Back home at 1.30. Dinner previously cooked and prepped. Opened bottle of champagne. We ended up dancing and laughing around house. Stress free. No family or relatives.....heaven
  10. Wahoo

    Gatwick Drones

    hahahaah...very good. No idea. Probably wet and pissing down
  11. Wahoo

    Gatwick Drones

    I'm friends with his best mate....they were very keen cyclists. All very odd and a professional job...just saying.
  12. Wahoo

    Gatwick Drones

    You may not believe this....but I actually knew that guy and his best mate.
  13. Wahoo

    Christmas is doing my head in

    I went to the local village shop. Got a fantastic beef joint and fresh turkey breast plus beautiful vegs and loads of wine. Cost me about 20 quid more than a supermarket but no stress and supporting the local business. We're really lucky having a proper butchers in the village though.
  14. Wahoo

    Gatwick Drones

    I don 't get gushy very often...but you're very good at connections.
  15. Wahoo

    Gatwick Drones

    Interesting TMT You should have been a detective.