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  1. In this case, yes ... but I bet, if the same thing happens 3 or 4 more times this year, quite a few people on building sites will be surprised at how promptly their wages get paid.
  2. I wouldn't condone his actions, either, but think of it like this: the only reason we have half-decent labour laws, rather than actual slavery, is that occasionally someone does something irrational, stupid and illegal. Whether that's the Tolpuddle martyrs, or some loon who has just got fed up enough not to care, that irrationality creates a credible threat (or at least uncertainty), which others can use (perhaps implicitly) in negotiations with employers. The gentleman with a digger may not be a moral for the ages, but "pointless self-sacrifice", and indeed martyrdom, can be enormously powerful as rallying-points, even if you disregard their religious significance.
  3. You're trying to get paid twice, @lid!
  4. BurntBread

    Northern Ireland

    Being part of "the family", he gets the low crime and strong community, but I wonder if there isn't another price to pay, down the road? If, in years to come, he has a son who the para's want to recruit, it's going to be hard to say "no".
  5. BurntBread

    Chinese takeaway...

    Even if we believe the official statistics without hesitation, do we need to subtract the inflation rate (officially 2.4%) to get an indication of whether China is more wealthy than it was last year? To be honest, these kinds of stories (h/t ToS) suggest that the average Chinese consumer is going backwards, rather than getting richer at a slower pace.
  6. BurntBread

    Sackler family: OxyContin

    I agree with you: it's a scandal that pharma marketing works - which it evidently does, from the amount that they spend on it; the companies are probably more aware of the efficacy of their sales forces than of their drugs. For sure, the doctors should be able to follow the evidence, and be unswayed by jollies and research trips and getting a free ride on the career ladder through ghost-writing research papers, and ... etc. The government bodies should be immune to corruption in the form of regulatory capture. We should all be reading Cochrane systematic reviews... However, that doesn't absolve the pharma companies from acting unethically, and when there is personal involvement in the process form the rich owners, then there's plenty of opprobrium to be handed out there too. The fact the family happens to be Jewish is neither here nor there, as far as I'm concerned, but I know Carl has his eye open for patterns of behaviour amongst certain rich families.
  7. BurntBread

    Sackler family: OxyContin

    Damning court docs show just how far Sacklers went to push OxyContin. It's very tempting to say "paging Fimble... paging Fimble", but I guess any multi-billionaire family could get just a little bit carried away when there's yet another fortune to be made.
  8. BurntBread

    Trump's progress

    R4 reporting this morning was funny: firstly describing the whole lead-up, as if Trump were about to be impeached, then briefly remarked that Mueller had said the Buzzfeed article wasn't accurate, then spent some time saying that didn't mean it wasn't true. They sounded reluctant to give up on the hope of impeachment.
  9. BurntBread

    (Less) Power to the people

    Being a tenant, I have electric central heating (which I basically don't use), electric water heating (which I do use, but could do without in the Summer), electric cooking and fridge (which I use all year), and electric lights (losing which would be be a pain in the Winter, as I read a lot). No other options for power, currently. It's perhaps another way tenants are manoeuvred into feeling, functionally, an underclass. Basically, while a protracted power cut in the Winter wouldn't wipe me out, I'd have to reassess fairly seriously my diet and other aspects of my lifestyle. I hope I'd be able to measure patience against discomfort and come to some kind of accommodation, though. If it's blamed on brexit, maybe we'll get some useful government information leaflets which I can add to the junk-mail for cooking fuel. I walk everywhere, so I'm relatively robust under petrol shortages.
  10. BurntBread

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    People do get more likely to vote Conservative as they get older, and I'm pretty sure that "remain" was more popular amongst the under 30's than the over 60's, say. Nevertheless, the dying of older voters and young people turning 18 are not the only dynamics at play: people also sometimes change their minds one way or the other at different points in their lives. What seems to be the case is that net of all these effects, support for remaining in the EU has fallen over time up to 2016. I'd like to see more data, but at least we know there was a reversal in thinking between the two referenda 40 years apart - despite 40 years of older people dying and children growing into idealistic young adults. I think it's entirely possible that support for remain has withered still further in the last two years - but, as I say, I'd like to see some more data.
  11. BurntBread

    When they came for the Volvo .. I said nothing

    A friend in central London has an open fire, and I couldn't agree more. I think people are missing the point when they consider it a replacement for central heating: it's actually a replacement for television. The entertainment is higher quality, and you get to talk to the other people shivering at the edge of the habitable zone. It's also interesting taking a large axe out onto the street in zone 1 to chop wood.
  12. BurntBread

    Henry Pryor / Top of the market stats

    Where are you putting the brackets in that?
  13. BurntBread

    Dazzling Venus

    Venus was spectacular, but I'm ashamed to say I've never seen Mercury! The horizon here is pretty obstructed with buildings, so the chance of it being visible before the sun has climbed so high it's drowned out is pretty slim. "Stellarium" suggests mercury should be rising just before the sun, so if you have a clear line of sight, maybe it's not a bad time to be looking.
  14. BurntBread

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    No, there's almost no information to go on in the photograph. The identification as Diane Feinstein is entirely unjustified on that basis: all you can tell from the few blurred pixels is that it's probably someone with a similar (but shorter) hairstyle, and probably darker hair colour.
  15. BurntBread

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    I would have thought the big story here is that they've started barbequing leprechauns.