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  1. Haha It's all crumbling down for Fat Carl. People aren't in the mood for his gas mark 14, 88 minutes bs.
  2. Haha You truly are the piece of shit I took you for early on. An overweight pot smoking Jock.
  3. Because it would demolish The Good Friday Agreement. That's why. Sorry.
  4. I'll be okay. I've got a Lenovo ThinkPad #Invulnerable #Idiot
  5. Okay - I stand correctd. I didn't know that you were talking about other cases (outside this conversation). If that is true then it's bollocks and unacceptable
  6. The david lammy thing is a nonsense - we'll see how far his idea gets Well if it's not genetic then it's environmental - i've given the reasons I consider why they go wrong. It's the same reasons white kids go wrong. I know that when the environment improves peoples' behavour improves (generally speaking always the exception with sociopaths etc)
  7. why are the findings no longer valid? has anything changed? has the situation for young black boys in London improved immeasurably?
  8. what point are you making? I know what a yardie is I have never said that gang culture is not a major problem in the black community in London or that gun and knife crime is out of all proportion to their numbers I said 2 things i) there are no no-go zones for white people in london - even for really white looking people with expensive clothes ii) uk gang culture is not attributable to african ancestry - if it is, how do we get white gangs in shit parts of town in other parts of the country?
  9. first link on that googlesearch is the Telegraph, that bastion of left-wing cuckness - the guardian links are towards the bottom of the page, but don't let you prejudices cloud your judgement as i said dismiss what you want, it's all the same to me
  10. of course I did - what do you expect when you post? and then i posted a diverse brethren nicked pdq we rarely see our more diverse brethren brought to account so quickly. if you post wasn't about speedier legal proceedings for a white person what was the point of your original post? If I've read you wrong then i'll back down and eat crow
  11. surely what i've bolded means it involves minors (kiddie-fiddling) I remember reading the story when they originally rescued and he struck me as a major fuckwit