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  1. refusing to complete a test plan without a design document telling what to be tested is supposed to do to start with.
  2. It’ll become institutionalised by pension funds as an income stream imo. They’ll eventually build too or at least fund it.
  3. Who actually bothers with high street EAs these days? Surely it’s all RM and then just viewings. The days of shop fronted EAs are numbered.
  4. I had high hopes when I saw this thread in the unread listing. But alas, no bloomin pics of tits!
  5. Top marks. Also using the DE and now just use that with shave oil.
  6. Irrelevant nowadays as the bank can still pursue the owner for years after for the difference in price.
  7. Don’t blame you, with IRs as low as they are, the only real way is up. Decent long fix and some security will negate any proper falls. Personally, I was more worried about Corbyn turning my savings in £ to confetti so did the same.
  8. Imagine how many crims will need to trade in their old notes!
  9. Now the police can spend a million quid investigating the burning of a cardboard anyone really that bothered?
  10. Still some good 10 year deals at 2.4 with no fees (HSBC/First Direct). If the inflation occurs at pay rockets it could be a winner!
  11. I'm all but convinced the can will be kicked forever. We've had Greece, Italy, Ireland and yet the show goes on. I see a long drawn out process of wage increases although i could be totally wrong.
  12. I thought that serious, then I saw zerohedge mentioned