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  1. US government involved, nothing could go that far without some sort of serious backing....
  2. available in most town centres too #beached
  3. This one stood one: "Looks like ET's nut sack. Refrain from to many hours in the sun people!"
  4. Ive got A few friends who couldn’t live without office life. One spends 2 hours a day commuting plus another hour getting ready. That’s 15 hours of tv, garden or sweet f a they could be doing at home per week. Not to mention fuel costs.... soon as lockdown was relaxed, alarms were set and ready!
  5. TheNickos

    Next house

    Choice A gets my vote. 2 pads would be ball ache and taxing.
  6. If I had a pound for every time the count touted leaving Britain I’d be a millionaire. but yeah, more of the same policies as always.
  7. I had to close my account years ago given I was on the verge on telling people truthful statements. Friend A “my life is so difficult, I’m a stay at home mum that could work but chooses not to. I’ve got no money, blah blah blah” Friend B “I hate my life, why did I settle down with a Mrs and some other pricks kids” ? Would have liked to say, “thanks for your life update, but no one gives a fuck”.
  8. I mentioned tear gas / water cannon to some friends recently when trolied and the responses were shocking. End of the day, these people are largely moronic yuppies jumping on the usual anti this or that bandwagon.
  9. Nonsense, I’m as much an asshole online as I am in reality
  10. 6 pints of Birman Del Borge Lisa. Good stuff!