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  1. TheNickos

    Macron - if you thought Theresa was bad...

    I thought that serious, then I saw zerohedge mentioned
  2. TheNickos

    Free bus travel for under 25s

    It should be free for all.
  3. TheNickos

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    A man’s wife had just bought a new line of expensive cosmetics guaranteed to make her look years younger. She sat in front of the mirror for what had to be hours, applying the “miracle” products. Finally, when she was done, she turned to her husband and asked, “Darling, honestly now, what age would you say I am?” He nodded his head in assessment, and carefully said, “Well, judging from your skin, twenty. Your hair, eighteen. Your figure, twenty-five.” “Oh, you’re so sweet!” gushed the wife. “Well, hang on,” he replied, “I’m not finished adding it up yet.”
  4. TheNickos

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    A duck walks into a bar and asks: "Got any Bread?" Barman says: "No." Duck says: "Got any bread?" Barman says: "No." Duck says: "Got any bread?" Barman says: "No, we have no bread." Duck says: "Got any bread?" Barman says: "No, we haven't got any bread!" Duck says: "Got any bread?" Barman says: "No, are you deaf?! We haven't got any bread, and if you ask me again and I'll nail your dang beak to the bar you irritating dang duck!" Duck says: "Got any nails?" Barman says: "No" Duck says: "Got any bread?
  5. TheNickos

    Golden shower

    +1 although i haven't yet got access to it
  6. TheNickos

    I'm thinking about getting into BTL

    had a provisional offer accepted at 2014 prices + inflation on a decent sized place in the SE. As per the above, I'm of the opinion the government would use savings to bail the system before allowing a crash. Given the decent long term fixes, you can pay down a fair chunk if income allows. Wage inflation seems to be running at 4-5% in IT (Networking).
  7. TheNickos

    End of cash

    Alcohol, the greatest medicine of all
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    Hi Guys, decided to leave the misery of ToS in rear view and come across if only for the Gospel thread on dosbods N