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  1. Why would women give average Joe chatting them up in real life half a chance when they have a long queue of 'hotter' guys msging them on Tinder ? The #metoo movement is increasingly labelling any unwanted attention by men as some kind of assault.
  2. No apology necessary, I'm not saying I believe any of it I'm just passing on what he said It at least makes for an interesting dicsussion. By conflict I meant some disagreement. Maybe it went something like... "you allow us to abduct random humans and conduct experiments on them and we'll show you how a bit of our saucer works" And we replied "you can have cattle mutilation and thats it" Playing devils advocate, maybe the system they come from (Zeta Reticuli...40 light years away) element 115 that powers their reactors is a naturally abundant element but they don't have many of the other elements we take for granted on Earth.
  3. 1. Pretty much a warp drive of some type I guess, yes. 2. The ship(s) didn't crash. He said there were 9 but only worked on 1. Also said as part of the indoctrination process they had background notes to read that described E.T. had been visiting earth for the past 10,000 years and the alien technology present at Area 51/S-4 was part of a hardware and information exchange programme that ended in 1979 due to some unspecified conflict between us and them. They then buggered off home, to return at some future date and the stuff they left behind is what Bob was hired to reverse engineer.
  4. Actually there are a lot of Bigfoot sightings where the creature is seen just ambling across the road and it is picked up in the headlights! The sheer number of similar recorded sightings I'm inclined to think there is something to it.
  5. In the late 80's, a scientist named Bob Lazar came forward with claims of having worked at a secret facility just south of Area 51. His assignment was to reverse engineer the propulsion system of an alien ship (yes it was a classic saucer!). What they found out at the heart of the ship was a reactor powered by an exotic, and at that time undiscovered element high up in the periodic table, capable of producing gravity waves. Interstellar distances were crossed in a series of hops by creating a gravity distortion big enough to fold space so that the source point and destination point were close together. Within a planetary atmosphere a local distortion in front of the ship was created. Large enough so that it is perpetually falling/moving forwards.
  6. Yes because they have accumulated years of experience but are still young enough compete physically. It varies from division to division, but generally there is a noticeable decline in a fighter from early/mid 30's on.
  7. You can't really compare anyone else to Tyson. He won the WBC title aged 20 which was really remarkable. As for reluctant to fight....twice a year is pretty standard for the top guys these days. GGG, Lomachenko, Canelo all follow this.
  8. Exactly! Like I said, the guy can fight. Absolute fair play to him, he really put it on Joshua. There will be a contractual rematch, and Ruiz will be brought over to London for that. I doubt it will affect AJs star power much at all to be honest. The rebuild/comeback is a story that can easily be sold and will sell even more tickets. Where it might get tricky is if the sanctioning bodies are not happy with the rematch and decide Ruiz has to fight someone else next. Probably unlikely as they get a load of sanctioning fees everytime AJ fights.
  9. To be fair this is sometimes true. In 2017 Joshua was set to fight Pulev. Knowing that Pulev might pull out at the last minute, Eddie had pre-warned Takam to be on standby and in-camp in case he had to step in as a late replacement. Pulev pulled out and so thats exactly what happened. There was nobody on standby this time, hence the last minute offer to Ortiz which was turned down, and then Ruiz.
  10. The thousands of travelling fans who have already bought their non refundable air tickets would disagree.
  11. Where to even start with you even follow boxing ? Ruiz was a late replacement because Miller failed a drugs test. He is the best opponent that could be secured at late notice, and actually a very good fighter. But because he doesn't pass the aesthetic eye test he must be rubbish ? Please go and watch the Ruiz v Parker fight and tell me he can't fight. Joshua has the best cv of any active heavyweight and has gone looking for the hard fights. Fought Klitschko. Voluntarily. Probably the biggest one punch hitter of the last 10 years excluding Wilder. Got put on his backside. Fought Parker. Voluntarily. Fast handed aggressive Kiwi with a string of KOs. Fought Whyte. Voluntarily. Known as a hard hitting body puncher. Got buzzed badly with a left hook. Fought Povetkin. Mandatory. Known as a hard hitting bully fighter. Got his nose busted up. Fought Takam. Voluntarily. Got his nose busted up. Made multiple offers to both Wilder and Fury, the other best heavyweights in the world, for career high paydays, all turned down. How many offers have they made to him ? Zero!
  12. Blimey are the Farage fan-club in attendance tonight in the QT audience ? Nige getting good support