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  1. I would say it means less congestion because you are spreading traffic out that would normally all take the direct, quickest route from A to B over multiple different routes. Its dynamically recalculating all the time so once the 2nd choice route is no longer the quickest (because people start using it), a 3rd choice is presented, and so on.
  2. There are some things missing from the free version. I don't think you get live traffic or lane assist, but as a basic satnav its ok.
  3. Don't understand why you would deliberately try and make your life more difficult though just to have the satsifaction of being able to navigate without a machine ? Nothing wrong with having a general sense of where you're going but when it comes down to navigating off-motorway at a B road or street level it becomes a real pain having to stop often to check your position. A smartphone with Waze is a no brainer. You can get a 2nd hand android phone that will run it for bugger all now. I use it on every single journey, even if I know where I'm going because it reroutes me away from traffic, tells me about lurking police, potholes, speed cameras. Invaluable. You should be carrying around a phone while driving anyway...otherwise what is your plan if you ever break down? Walk aimlessly for miles ?!? Waze isn't perfect because it does need a data connection for the initial route planning so if you have the need to restart the app and you're in the middle of a no data area you're a bit stuffed. For my drives across europe in the summer I have a spare old smartphone in the glove box with Sygic installed, which works with offline maps. As I said, 2nd hand android phones cost nothing. So I have all bases covered if the main phone malfunctions, or there is no data.
  4. Then surely the problem, ultimately, is with men. Male thirst is so powerful that women can increasingly blow up to any size and not worry about not getting a bloke. If being obese suddenly meant men wouldn't look twice at you, the vast majority would shape up pretty damn quick!
  5. Quite! In the pre internet era, women could only choose from men in their immediate social circle or be approached by random strangers. Your competition was a small pool. Now with dating apps its limitless. #metoo has effectively killed off the PUA and cold approach scene. Is it worth the risk of ending up facing assault charges and having your life ruined just because you don't meet somebody elses subjective standard? The online stuff plays into female nature to try and snag the 'best' possible mate. Women are in the workforce, earn their own money, and don't need a man for that. Those that don't work will be propped up by the welfare system. The stats from online dating are quite clear. Women are aiming for the top 20% of men...because they can. Consequences of making bad decisions have been societally removed. Throw into the mix an increasingly feminised society where men are treated like a slave class, under the guise of 'equality' its not really surprising men are, to a degree, checking out. "Where are all the good men" ?
  6. Smoke and mirrors. Fat creep. A size x now is not a size x of a few years ago.
  7. The chart actually shows that women rate 80% of men as unattractive (if below average=unattractive). Let that sink in! So most of the women are aiming at the top 20% of men. "Conversely, male market participants face a virtually unchanged opportunity set, if not an increasing number of opportunities." .....unchanged meaning no opportunity at all unless you are top 20% ??
  8. Almost certainly will not work. As mentioned earlier, you should be able to use screen mirror, under the Google Home app.
  9. Left out the most important bit of info. Which phone/how old.
  10. "Luke doesn't want to break off the relationship prematurely. Instead, he hopes that regular visits, social media and a lot of commitment will help keep it going." No Luke, what social media will do for you is give you round the clock anxiety about what your GF is up to when the pics of her cuddling up to guys better looking than you start popping up!
  11. Absolutely true. There is no biological pathway to convert alcohol calories into fat. The consumption of alcohol puts your body into a different mode; the problem is the food you eat after goes straight to the fat stores. The kebab and chips after a heavy 'session' if you will...
  12. Why would women give average Joe chatting them up in real life half a chance when they have a long queue of 'hotter' guys msging them on Tinder ? The #metoo movement is increasingly labelling any unwanted attention by men as some kind of assault.