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    I think the CCTV, ANPR, phone logs and such are 'simulated' In other words the producers feed the hunters with this info as-if it had been sourced from those actual systems. Which obviously the government would never give access to for the purposes of a tv show! I suspect there are various shinanigans that go on when the trail goes completely cold, much as there are rules to stop you just hiding in a cellar for 2 weeks. Its an entertainment program after all and neither makes good telly!
  2. MrFancyPants

    Japan: a kick arse culture

    Well Sweden already tried incentives to persuade women to have children. It cost a ton of cash and barely made any difference.
  3. MrFancyPants

    Japan: a kick arse culture

    Not really. The 2050 projection of Japanese population if current trends continue is that instead of showing a nice christmas tree shape where there are lots of people at the younger end of society and decreasingly fewer at the older end you actually start to get the reverse of that because birthrates are down but people are living longer than ever. Increased strain on the government to fund healthcare for the elderly Increased strain on the government to fund pensions More pressure on the smaller younger population to pay for the above through taxes Reduced economic growth due to reduced working population
  4. MrFancyPants

    Japan: a kick arse culture

    Japans birth rate is well below replacement (~2.1) and getting worse year on year. In the mid 40's they had a birth rate of 4.5. Now its 1.5. With no real immigration they are slowly going extinct. In the UK we've chosen to fix the problem through immigration. So we are not going extinct, we are just being demographically replaced instead!
  5. MrFancyPants

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Might want to consider this strategy....
  6. MrFancyPants


    I built a retro game machine using an old arcade cabinet and an old PC. This was in 2002 so a rasperry PI wasn't an option back then. Over the years its become more of a piece of furniture than something that gets regular use. Great for having friends over though!
  7. MrFancyPants

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Best looking women of the places I've been is St Petersburg, and Poland gets an honourable mention. Its not that every girl looks like a supermodel its that the average girl is fit. In Mingerland, UK the average girl isn't. Interesting what has been said on here about eye contact. I noticed across eastern europe that you could catch somebodys eye in the street and you would feel like you could strike up a conversation and get a warm response. UK girls make a point of looking at the pavement and give off a 'I'm too good for you' vibe. Even when they aren't!
  8. MrFancyPants

    When they were young

    My brain keeps going to Edwyn Collins, but its not him!
  9. MrFancyPants

    When they were young

    Jon Pertwee ?
  10. MrFancyPants

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Back in the day I used to hang around on nights out with a couple of mates who were top 10% in looks and attitude to go with it. Women were literally throwing themselves at them. Forget having a charming personality or any kind of charisma. I earwigged enough of the conversations to see the dynamic. These guys were just blunt and didn't give a sh*t about being offensive and it didn't matter, the women just lapped it up. I think that combination of the masculine look and not caring is irresistible. Not saying the setup in the clip was real, but this does happen for real (provided you are a top 10% guy!)
  11. MrFancyPants

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    It's irresponsible. Risk of birth defects goes up massively after about age 30. At age 50 for example, chance of downs syndrome is around 1 in 40. Feminism should be teaching young women to bag the best possible man they can in their 20's, because they are not going to be a more attractive proposition to a man of means later than they are right now. Instead it teaches them that you can p*ss away your most fertile years with no consequences later.
  12. MrFancyPants

    Ben Shapiro Puts Black Lives Matter To Shame

    Shapiro just destroys lefty feelz with hard cold facts and logic in every debate. The guy is great. I hope he runs for president in 2020 to counteract Oprah's run (I'm not joking about the latter!)
  13. MrFancyPants

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    To equate MGTOW to feminism is to miss the point of it. The philosophy of MGTOW is about the pursuit of personal development and self actualization. Nothing is asked of women, in fact the men in it largely just want to be left the hell alone. Feminism on the other hand actively pursues laws, rules, and policies which favour women to the detriment of men. Thats the difference.