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  1. Eight of them on one Plymouth street alone: https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/local-news/gallery/eight-barber-shops-mutley-plain-3220728
  2. It was announced by John McDonnell in September but never made it into the Labour manifesto.
  3. Reading the Wikipedia articles it seems that Boris Johnson was unable to get the 'super-majority' as per the FTP Act (unlike May who did in 2017) for the December election so introduced a separate Act that was supported by the Lib Dems and SNP but not Labour. If so then Labour didn't want the election?
  4. The FTP Act caused considerable issues for the last Boris Johnson government as the opposition were able to keep them in power as a minority government unable to properly govern. Hardly surprising they want to repeal it.
  5. Lisa Nandy appears to be from the right of the party (Blue Labour?). With Momentum in control I can't see her taking over and I agree that it will probably be McDonnell's protégé Long-Bailey.
  6. I have MISB copies of all of those sets. TBH at some point I probably will open and build them as I don't think I could bear to part with them.
  7. LEGO is a premium product and commands a premium price unfortunately. There's some pretty good discounts on Amazon if you keep your eye out.
  8. I do. I have a collection of about 760 MISB (Mint In Sealed Box) LEGO sets going back to 1979.
  9. Boris has just been speaking from Sedgefield. Symbolic as it was Tony Blair's constituency. Now Conservative.
  10. Fear of heights is Acrophobia (not Vertigo). I have a fear of heights, particularly unrailed edges. I'm barely able to watch YouTube videos of people climbing to the top of tall cranes, radio masts, etc., as my palms get drenched in sweat and I feel ill.
  11. I think Keir Starmer will replace JC as Labour leader.
  12. I'm ploughing through a litre bottle of Southern Comfort.
  13. Remainers, Hillary Clinton, Jeremy Corbyn, your boys took a hell of a beating.