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  1. Exactly. There's a big uproar because the "poor" pensioners are having one of their many "entitlements" removed yet it's fine to charge the under 75s the anachronistic tv licence fee.
  2. Petition to Abolish the So-Called BBC television license: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/235653.
  3. That's a nice house. Bargain at the price!
  4. They took a long time to get water onto the fire.
  5. My GP practice is like that. I request a repeat prescription using an app on my phone and it goes electronically to my chosen pharmacy where I pick it up from.
  6. Wouldn't she be fatally damaged by that number of MPs voting against her and have to step aside?
  7. Newsreader Richard Baker at 93 Who also did the narration for Mary, Mungo and Midge.
  8. The DUP has implied that their support for the government has ended.
  9. karelian

    Bloody BT

    Don't worry, BT put their prices up so frequently that it won't be long before you can leave your contract penalty free.
  10. With electronic communication there is very little need for any information to be printed on paper, folded, put into an envelope and then for someone to put it through the door of a building. The concept of a cheery "postie" delivering your letters every morning just doesn't apply to the majority of people any more. Things have moved on. Royal Mail is well on the way to becoming just another parcel delivery service and that's what they should focus on.
  11. Anybody who is sufficiently concerned about the environmental impact of crisp packets wouldn't be buying packets of crisps.