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  1. Joan Armatrading - Drop the Pilot What's the name of the B&W film and who's the actress at 2:53 who plays the usherette?
  2. If it's restricted access then it seems like it should be on a switched FCU. You should always be able to easily isolate an appliance. Not ideal.
  3. Wisconsin and Michigan aren't looking good for Trump. GA, NC, PA and AK look better. May all depend on Nevada.
  4. If Trump wins GA, NC, PA, NV and AK that will push him to 274 so he could afford to lose WI and MI.
  5. He said a lot of things without any conviction and almost as an afterthought.
  6. It raises a good point. Why don't the students set off the fire alarm, evacuate and then escape the lock-in?
  7. Over 200 to go at the Eden Project: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-53420648
  8. Obviously saves having to pay someone to stand there with a counter. Although what is stopping anybody entering regardless of what the light says?
  9. I went into my local Wilko yesterday and it was quite noticeable how empty some of the shelves were. They clearly have problems re-stocking.
  10. I remember that. The army had to call in one of the Scottish regiments to sort things out.
  11. I spent the first 20 years of my life living in Reading. The BAME area was Oxford Road. Are the ROPers moving out to the provinces to do their work?
  12. Rumours of one attacker still at large.
  13. Millions of people in Middle America will be watching with horror at the BLM protests in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle. They will all vote for Trump.
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