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  1. Schoolgirls turned away from Priory School, Lewes, Sussex, and the police in attendance because they want to wear a skirt and not 'gender neutral' trousers. Note the teacher wearing a skirt:
  2. Just rip the stupid sign off.
  3. It's the senders responsibility to reimburse you and then claim on the RM insurance. They purchased the insurance not you.
  4. karelian


    Something not right with the kid:
  5. There's this petition also: Leave the EU with No Deal in October 2019.
  6. Crimebodge is on the case:
  7. Argue with who? TV Licensing? https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/faqs/FAQ104
  8. No it doesn't. You can own as many televisions as you want without a TV Licence. A TV Licence is required to watch or record TV broadcasts or to watch/download from BBC iPlayer.
  9. Exactly. There's a big uproar because the "poor" pensioners are having one of their many "entitlements" removed yet it's fine to charge the under 75s the anachronistic tv licence fee.
  10. Petition to Abolish the So-Called BBC television license: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/235653.
  11. That's a nice house. Bargain at the price!
  12. They took a long time to get water onto the fire.
  13. My GP practice is like that. I request a repeat prescription using an app on my phone and it goes electronically to my chosen pharmacy where I pick it up from.