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  1. TheCountOfNowhere

    Troll TOS

    I've noticed an influx of people from ToS who were on my blocked listed. Have the trolls realised they were trolling themselves and worked out we've all left them to it ? I'll be moving back now those wankers have moved out
  2. TheCountOfNowhere

    Skiing, what's the point

    Took advantage of my geographical position and "hit the slopes" ( quite literally ) 2 days ago for the 1st time in my life, a life that will probably be much shorter if I hit the slopes again. Why do people Ski ? AFAICT it's a white middle class thing, so show much much richer and better they are. I've seen 1 black person in a sea of white brightly dressed ( garish) people, it's like a national trust visit in the snow. Most odd.
  3. TheCountOfNowhere

    Whats happened to TOS

    I needed a hobby.... Only joking. I popped in to spread some cheer a while back only to be attacked by the usual suspects. I think they hunt in packs, but there is no one left to hunt. I messaged the mods months ago saying the trolls were killing the place and people were leaving,no response. Previously they were happy to admit the trolling was an issue and they'd been actively trying to contain them. Perhaps the websites London owners are all into BTL/London pwopatee, wouldn't surprise me. If prices head south quickly it might gain some traction again but they need to sort out some of their posters. Dosbods has a much nicer feel to it.
  4. TheCountOfNowhere

    Hijacked Container Ship Thames Estuary

    There's a landlord somewhere tonight rubbing his hands at the prospect of more housing benefit...
  5. TheCountOfNowhere

    Is the FED crashing Trumps economy?

    Its a difficult one. Chicken and egg. Did trump get elected because of the mess the low ir/QE created, against the will of the establishment, so they decide to raise rates Of did they plan to raise rates which coincide with trump getting elected because of the mess created by low IRS. either way, I'd wager we will see trump for a 2nd term. The way I see it is they had a plan and they are sticking to it. Trump is a side show. Ten years, bail out the rich, return to normal, no matter who it destroys. I hope to live to 90 so I can look back on this madness and see what really was happening.
  6. TheCountOfNowhere

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    No trust in DBs predictions?
  7. TheCountOfNowhere

    Interest rate rises

    I wish I knew. When does Carney leave? There was a lot of people expecting the fed to annouce they were reigning it in. Wishful thinking. If they dont raise the $ will be worthless. Think on.
  8. TheCountOfNowhere

    Interest rate rises

    Don't worry I've got a thick skin, and its comical to see people on my blocked list replying on TOS or here, someone hates me, because I was wrong and they were right, which means they must be crazy fuckers. Ironically had it not been for brexit i think IRs would be 2% now. My friend reasons that TPTB would like to get to April/May time when Mays banker Brexit will have been pushed through but a small raise now might get people rushing to support May. They are playing us all. I gave up worrying about these evil ####s a while ago. They really will not do what's right/fair, they're happy to see people at soup kitchens(food banks) and sleeping on the streets so they have no common decency or empathy, psychopaths perhaps.
  9. TheCountOfNowhere

    Interest rate rises

    Dunno why you are having a go at me. Go on Tos, I specifically called the last two UK rises, totally against the general opinion, I'd personally expected them to raise well before that so can't take much credit for it, someone in the city gave me the nod and I passed on the good news. People were in denial even after I called it, then the second time they became rate increase deniers and started saying rates either hadnt really risen much above 0.5% or they won't rise any further, totally bizzare behavior. It was at that point I gave up. Rates are rising, the boe will eventually have to follow. Its a mess, make no mistake.
  10. TheCountOfNowhere

    Interest rate rises

    I'm not sure they'll be forced, more, they've agreed to. That what the trolls on TOS kept saying, then kept saying again...
  11. TheCountOfNowhere

    Interest rate rises

    I said the UK will have to follow, which they will, they have done all they can to avoid it. I'm surprised they've not moved sooner but I called the 2 UK rises correctly. I'm not 100% convinced by january but that's what my man in the know tells me. The fed said this week they will keep raising. The ECb have stopped their qr crime spree and will also follow. Don't blame for their criminality or your impatience. As oppose to 120 of the won't raise and they won't raise again. You stalking me now?
  12. TheCountOfNowhere

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    This is the wealth preservation society.
  13. TheCountOfNowhere

    What's going to collapse next...

    The Fed didn't tell the gamblers what they wanted to here. In case anyone was in doubt...the recovery has begun.
  14. TheCountOfNowhere

    Interest rate rises

    I called the first US rise and the last two uk rises. Go check on ToS. The trolls were laughing...then they weren't You are talking though your backside.