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  1. Had a dream that Sean Connery died ...and venger.
  2. Yeah, but will it be May or Farage thats arrested. History is written by the Victor.
  3. If your born with a cock, even if its a small one, and no womb, can you still be a woman?
  4. May's deal is nailed on. It always was. Denocracy is a scam. Perhaps MPs will see the light and save Britain. I'd not bet on that. The stay in the EU pretition seems very well timed, more pressure/vindication for MPs to screw over the people. All theae roads lead to the bankers and their housing ponzi imho. Deregulation of bankers never ends well.
  5. Hi DB. I like to read this from afar. It's very interesting. Some alluded to the thing I just don't. I've said a few times... Are you sure we've not already had the credit deflation and the inflation has already been kicked off. Someone asked if you're expected the credit deflation, and surely a stock market crash, why the hell are you buying into it now? It makes no sense. You can make a fortune just by sitting on your hands, that's if your right about the credit deflation to come. So are you expecting a credit deflation or not? Or are we already on a hyper inflation course., looking at house prices hyper inflation is what I see. Money's pretty much (relatively) worthless when in cones to houses now. Confused.
  6. Have we missed this.... Down 25% so far and another 10% predicted this year. Happy days....
  7. Hello All. I'm keeping a keen eye on all this. It seems to me the EU and May are in cahoots to force through her deal, which suits them and the rich/bankers. They have given the MPs who have voted against her twice now no choice, they think. Its her deal or leave with no deal, which they've already asserted they don't want. Expect a new vote on mayvs deal, despite bercow and a close victory for May ( the EU). One can only prey MPs stand up to this tyranny, but facrd with massive losses when house prices collapse I'd wager they'll try and keep the plates spinning, again. She, May, should be hung for treason. It's all a charade. The democrat malarkey is bollocks.
  8. London Capital & Finance: £236m firm collapses The FCA said it was "unlikely" investors would be protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) but it was "for the FSCS to determine". If a deal's too good to be true..... "Let down by the regulators ?" No let down by their greed, stupidity and lack of due dillegence. I've seen no end of bonds offering these sorts of returns...usually related to "pwopatee". I worry about my £256 in the Skipton and it's "protected" These people are extremely naive. Never trust anyone when it comes to money ( and your wife ). They'll all be wanting bailed out of course, I hope they get f**k all. Harsh but they are adults. Looks like we are seeing the start of some kind of collapse..............
  9. I know there's a house price index thread but the Halifax index needs a special mention. House prices up 5.9% in a month, that month being February, so up 5.9% in 28 days, that's 0.2% per days, or around £500 a day An average house has earned half an average annual wage in 28 days. Total bollox of course and if they are lending 6% more on houses Mom they'll collapse (again) in 6 months. Sounds like low volume data, which would only happen when the market is in a state of collapse. 2019/2020 will see an end to this lunacy.
  10. "The Edinburgh and Glasgow property markets are quite separate and distinct and it is a reflection of the tightening of the Glasgow market that regrettably GSPC has had to close“
  11. Went sking to Italy this weekend with my children. Much better, less c**ts. Not busy at all. Coffee 1/5 of the price of France. I like it now. Arreviderche
  12. Things have taken an unexpected turn. The FED decided to tell everyone last week that they were only joking about raising interest rates after all ( much like they were only joking about keeping them at 0% and we're going to raise them any minute ). It's party time again. No one seems to think they are perhaps "talking the market up" in the same way they have for the last ten years when the shoe was on the other foot. None the less, this move has come out the blue ( 2 days after the Davos (biggest cunts in the world ) meeting ) and has startled quite a few people. I keep an eye on Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come and I hope to go they are right that we'll see a collapse before the loons go all in with their money printing. However, a number of people have started mentioning "crack up booms" since the FED changed tact and if you stand back and look at it, we could be on the edge of hyper inflation, i.e. no credit deflation. This is a terrifying prospect. I suppose this is a bit of a contraion view to the credit deflation thread though there are plenty signs of this too. I saw on TOS someone was complaining they were only getting 0.5% more on their savings rate compared to 12 months ago....18 months ago you'd have bit their hands off. Speaking to a few people in the UK things seem to have been going down hill, 2 car jackings in Brum for friends of friends and 1 threatened knee capping robbery in broad daylight. Anyway, thoughts please on... Crack-Up Boom Reviewed by Will Kenton Updated Apr 10, 2018 What is a Crack-Up Boom A crack-up boom is the crash of the credit and monetary system due to continual credit expansion and price increases that cannot be sustained long-term. Often, banks will attempt to prevent a crack-up boom by halting credit expansion, >>> TheCON: That's where we are at right now which ends up backfiring and yielding the same results that the boom would have caused. >>> TheCON: Which might be why the FED is backtracking. Both scenarios result in an economic depression when the bubble finally bursts and the economic system crashes. BREAKING DOWN Crack-Up Boom When the economy is down, one way to give it a temporary revival is to feed extra money into the system — AKA economic stimulus. >>> TheCON: QE. Providing people with credit makes them feel richer and more inclined to spend their money, >>> The CON: Those Audis aint going to buy themselves. which in turn feeds more money into the system. When people spend money, they tend to want to continue this trend and continue to buy, despite the fact that their extra cash isn't coming from actual savings. The problem comes when the government continuously pours more and more money into the system and the actual economy beneath the false expansion cannot keep up. Feeding money into the economy is a quick way to give it a short-term boost, >>>The CON: Sounds familliar. but this practice isn't sustainable over the long term. If credit expansion continues without limit, prices continue to rise until they reach the point at which the entire system collapses because it can no longer sustain itself. People can no longer afford the high prices, so credit must expand even more to accommodate these prices, which pushes them even higher. What Type of Economy Can Be Hit by a Crack-Up Boom? >>> The CON: So the FED are either doing the bankers talk and will continue tightening or go for Broke. A crack-up boom is something that can only happen in an economy that relies on paper money rather than the gold standard, >>> The CON: Pretty much everywhere then. or electronic systems of monetary transaction rather than physical. In a gold standard economy, interest rates cap out at around 3 to 6%, since credit is based on actual saved money, instead of being adjustable depending on the circumstances. However, in a system that revolves around paper money, more cash can be printed at any time and introduced into the system. This affects the value of each dollar and affects the prices of market commodities. When the government introduces into the economy money that doesn't really exist (in the form of false credit), it's only a matter of time before the economy is damaged, even if the original intention was to boost it. >>> The CON: Not even sure they intended to boost it, they wanted to save it. Maybe the $ and £ is so ****ed them have no choice buy to keep printing and take the hyper inflation. The elite will use it to buy everything and we all end up f**ked, slaves, poor, starving, soldiers. >>> The CON:. Take your pick, it's a collapse followed by f**ked or straight to f**ked. I'm loading up on gold either way. All I wanted was a fair priced house, what I'm facing is Armageddon. If DB is right we'll all get a chance to save ourselves if we see the collapse, but from what I see they're just going to go for it. Things to watch: What the ECB does. What the BOE does. Wasnt convinced by the January rate rise but if the FED are talking the market up then the BoE will raise soon, so will the ECB. If this happens then sit tight, if they back track...sell your money to anyone willing to buy it.
  13. I've noticed an influx of people from ToS who were on my blocked listed. Have the trolls realised they were trolling themselves and worked out we've all left them to it ? I'll be moving back now those wankers have moved out
  14. Took advantage of my geographical position and "hit the slopes" ( quite literally ) 2 days ago for the 1st time in my life, a life that will probably be much shorter if I hit the slopes again. Why do people Ski ? AFAICT it's a white middle class thing, so show much much richer and better they are. I've seen 1 black person in a sea of white brightly dressed ( garish) people, it's like a national trust visit in the snow. Most odd.
  15. I needed a hobby.... Only joking. I popped in to spread some cheer a while back only to be attacked by the usual suspects. I think they hunt in packs, but there is no one left to hunt. I messaged the mods months ago saying the trolls were killing the place and people were leaving,no response. Previously they were happy to admit the trolling was an issue and they'd been actively trying to contain them. Perhaps the websites London owners are all into BTL/London pwopatee, wouldn't surprise me. If prices head south quickly it might gain some traction again but they need to sort out some of their posters. Dosbods has a much nicer feel to it.