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  1. #ClapForBankers Boris Johnson says we must also 'clap for bankers who make our NHS possible' Boris has lost the plot and he's selling is out tp those ####s in the city. Its revolution or war now tgat awaits your children. No amount of savvy investing is going to save them. Last post for a while folks. Good luck.
  2. Boris Johnson says we must also 'clap for bankers who make our NHS possible' Boris has shown his true colours since winning rhw election. This cunt thinks the people dont count, its all about the bankers. He is an utter and total cunt of a man. The Uk is fucked, seriously fucked. Get out. #ClapForBankers You'd have 2 quid ya fooking knob.
  3. Boris Johnson announces a third off for first time buyers Developers will be putting their proces up 40% Holy fuck are these people stupid, evil, naive or psychopaths? Im done. Goodbye britain.
  4. Someone just posted this on twitter The comment being "It is striking that the real statistics today do not concur with estate agents' propaganda that the housing market has been booming." Enjoy.
  5. My boomer in laws said house prices will rise now as everyone wants a bigger house now they'll all be working from home. I have no idea where they got this gem as they dont see anyone at present!!! Msm pumping out their magic. Been looking at a few areas, London, SE, Northants, SW and i see what you're all saying, the initial asking prices have gone balistic. Agents desperate to get listings id say, the question is will people buy.... The whole house prices only go up mantra thing will ensure they do... That and the new term funding, negative rates, mad prop schemes, MSM propaganda machine etc etc bloody etc. They just wont stop. The game is rigged. They could have stopped at any point in the last 20 years, at every point they double down. It's monetary/systematic collapse or forever hpi and as we all know nothing goes up forever!!! Talked to a few people recently who are now saying... Howz the CV19 bailouts going to be paid for, lumped on their children's shoulders is the consensus, they now see little hope for their children, they still aren't able to make the connection between the bankers, house prices and the plight of their children though. So today, boris tells us he's going to spend on infrastructure, Austerity is over, the plebs will celebrate... No idea of the wall of inflation that is coming, how much poorer we all will be. Who do you vote for to stop this? We all know there is no one willing or able to save the uk. So it's every man for themselves.
  6. Good friend of mine was made redundant 8 weeks ago now. No work. He's now trying to get any job as he has bills to pay, children and a BIG mortgage ( no laughing at the back please ). Anyway, he nearly came to blows with the EEs who were doing some digging work on his road. This could get very nasty. The clever ones will see it and get out.
  7. With more than 77,000 cases of Covid-19, India’s capital, Delhi has become the country’s biggest hotspot. The BBC's Aparna Alluri explains how this appears to be an opportunity missed.
  8. Some comedy for a Sunday night AFTER THE BAILOUT, BAILEY PLOTS THE BANK'S EXIT STRATEGY Now, however, Bailey is looking for a way to reverse it. He, and presumably other members of the Bank’s monetary policy committee (MPC) are starting to feel uncomfortable with the size of the Bank’s balance sheet.
  9. Was this posted The pound is now an emerging-market currency in all but name, according to analysts at Bank of America, who say that Brexit has turned it into a mirror of the “small and shrinking” UK economy.
  10. It's worth recycling a Clement Attlee quote: "Over and over again we have seen that there is in this country another power than that which has its seat at Westminster. The City of London, a convenient term for a collection of financial interests, is able to assert itself against the Government of the country. Those who control money can pursue a policy at home and abroad contrary to that which has been decided by the people." We are being robbed by these c**ts and people think it's great. When their ponzi comes down they wont suffer