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  1. I like the Indian engineers I've worked with, most are middle class and are genuinely nice people and at 1 tenth of the cost of someone that actually knows what they're doing what's not to like for the bean counters?
  2. I've been in a couple of places that in source....bring in dozens, of cheap useless foreign engineers who hardly speak English, won't share information and promote within. To say this is a bad situation for British workers is an understatement. I've also seen a certain religious group promote their own despite them being unqualified, useless loons,these a tree high flying well paid jobs Also heard tell of easties only employing other easties in some factorries Try getting a job in a car wash.... No chance. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 The British are being discriminated against in their own country.
  3. I'm having difficulty with all of it. I keep coming back to... We'll see massive inflation....the British sheeple will pay whatever they want for a house, the see it as a one way bet, no one much cares about shares. If the ex goldman sachs banker is handing out money like sweeties their aint going to be a house price crash, it's going going to collapse the currency follower by major social problems Next months budget it the most important one in our life time The question only remains... When to get all your cash out the bank and go all in.
  4. Would anyone disagree that after yesterday's cabinet shuffle they are about to unleash a tsunami of spending and QE theft? Db... Do you still see an asset pruce collapse or is it straight to insane inflation as I feared?
  5. Evolution. Who needs hair when you have hats. People with hair must be down the ebolutuonary scale. An I being hairist?
  6. RBS bids to escape bailout legacy through change of name to NatWest Group A shit rolled in glitter is just a sparkly shit
  7. Sky warning to ignore fake news, only trust the media's coronavurus info if you want to live...meanwhile ..... Watch our for those Chinese translations...
  8. Didn't know they'd done that. What an embarrassment. Cw now like the cheap suit and hair gel of the stock market world. Their 5% fall today would be like a 25% fall in old money. Pmsl. How long can they last.
  9. The posh establishment thieves have played a blinder.
  10. That's half the tory party. I'd wager Boris included. I have a very very bad feeling about this Last time I felt like this Osborne was going full on funding for lending scheme. Despite what the MsM are saying the housing bubble is teetering on collapse. Its all in now I reckon.