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  1. Hi dB. Im still following what you say and can't really argue against what your saying. Biggest commitment for most people is a house... People, believe it or not, accept it or not, follow what you say and want some guidance. Your message is not clear.. Inflation/deflation... Its a thread about deflation yet your preparing for inflation. Its impossible to set time scales but can you elucidate on how you see things playing out. For example, is it a stock market crash followed by inflation, is it a property crash + inflation. Is it just inflation and nominal House prices stay flat. Please give us a clearer idea of how you see the next couple of years panning out. I'd think many on here would agree with my comments. Its still the best thread on the Internet btw
  2. Was done by the elected chancellor before. How old are you 16? To be fair to Ed, he's realised he's ballsed up.
  3. It's just a rolling list of detected drops over a certain % fall, there's no way to filter it on twitter. You're better off using property log for what you want to do. The lion was set up for 3 reasons... 1) report those honest listing mistakes where they say reduced but the price has gone up. the So-Called BBC, rightmove and the asa have not one replied to these messages, read into that what you will 2) find that elusive current asking price index, the initial asking price released seems to me to be susceptibile to manipulation 3) sentiment changer, anyone tuning in must realise asking prices are not fixed. Hopefully when we seem some big falls more people will tune in. We get to the point of.... It was time to get off our backsides and do something sitting posting on a forum changes nothing.... Said the man posting on the forum 😁
  4. Property lions started logging post codes so will have some regional data in 6 months Edinburgh had plenty falls after the 2007 collapse.
  5. While I'm here for the day... I don't know how many know the UK property lion twitter feed. They monitor all rightmove pwopatees currently up for sale. Every 3 months they produce a current asking price index showing the real rightmove asking price level, a better measure I'm sure you'd agree than the rightmove initial asking price index. They reporting asking prices down -3% year on year and -6% down from peak!!!! Given the Midlands is supposed to be booming that some star and fits in nicely with the Halifax London data.
  6. As if by magic...
  7. Worh noting that yvette coopers husband was one of the people who hand the Boe their rate setting/money printing powers iirc. I'm not one for conspiracy theories but someone should investigate these two. Standing on a leave card then blocking leave is fraud in my book. These people should not be above the law.
  8. I'm sure the real bankers don't care where the centre is. The just want access to debt slaves and free limitless cash.
  9. Anyone who thinks the British government will deliver a no deal brexit (without massive social unrest) is mad, most likely no brexit at all now. The bankers do not want to leave the EU so we won't be leaving. I said this from the start and I stand by it. May is a bankers puppet, imho who's intention was to deliver a pretend brexit and stay shackled to the EU until they could be sure of a 2nd referendum victory. Look at what's gone on over the last 10 or so years, these people are stealing everything and enslaving nations. Get the ffff out the UK, or at least get some money out the UK. I realise a couple of years ago now they would not change tact, they can't. The monetary system is fucked. It will collapse. I've said it a hundred times on Tos... Buying a house is the least of people's worries. When they start the printing press again, get most of your money out the bank. Best case now, massive depression, worst case revolution or war Hope for the best, plan for the worse. Goodbye.
  10. Had a dream that Sean Connery died ...and venger.
  11. Yeah, but will it be May or Farage thats arrested. History is written by the Victor.
  12. If your born with a cock, even if its a small one, and no womb, can you still be a woman?
  13. May's deal is nailed on. It always was. Denocracy is a scam. Perhaps MPs will see the light and save Britain. I'd not bet on that. The stay in the EU pretition seems very well timed, more pressure/vindication for MPs to screw over the people. All theae roads lead to the bankers and their housing ponzi imho. Deregulation of bankers never ends well.
  14. Hi DB. I like to read this from afar. It's very interesting. Some alluded to the thing I just don't. I've said a few times... Are you sure we've not already had the credit deflation and the inflation has already been kicked off. Someone asked if you're expected the credit deflation, and surely a stock market crash, why the hell are you buying into it now? It makes no sense. You can make a fortune just by sitting on your hands, that's if your right about the credit deflation to come. So are you expecting a credit deflation or not? Or are we already on a hyper inflation course., looking at house prices hyper inflation is what I see. Money's pretty much (relatively) worthless when in cones to houses now. Confused.
  15. Have we missed this.... Down 25% so far and another 10% predicted this year. Happy days....