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  1. Assuming you don't have it, I'd guess it's because you either have not been exposed to the virus recently, or you have some short term immunity.
  2. No we wouldn't. If I've not had SARS am I immune? I did say long term immunity.
  3. Politicians now say "look" when they mean "listen". This forum claims we "said" something when quoting what we "wrote". What's going on?
  4. I've only skimmed that for now, but it's interesting. It does appear to be in contradiction to what I thought previously, which was that there was little evidence of long term human immunity to corona viruses. I'll try to get the time to read it properly and also find supporting evidence published somewhere with a less obvious agenda. Note, I'm not saying it's not true just because of where it's published. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me
  5. While agreeing with all you posted, I guess I'm thinking more about the longer term. The tech giants rely on the spending of the little people like myself. While furlough and similar schemes allowed spending to continue, there's still the upcoming mass unemployment. How much Chinese tat will be purchased by the millions around the world who lose their jobs? Will the displacement of high street spending to online be enough to maintain their recent highs?
  6. Looks like many people do, judging by today's performance.
  7. Which is great if the assumption of herd immunity is valid. As far as I'm aware, nobody knows for sure that this is the case.
  8. I was completely taken by surprise by the speed and levels the markets reached during the covid recovery. I still can't see any good news to justify it, only a reaction to currency dilution. With the US being strongly down for the last 3 sessions, I'm wondering what folks thoughts are. Contrary to popular opinion here it's pretty clear to me covid is here to stay for the foreseeable. What's not clear is how long people will obey restrictions to protect the vulnerable. If they do - how can the frothy, service economy recover? And how long can money keep being printed? Thoughts?
  9. I've not seen anyone questioning the price of these masks. FFP2 masks with behind the head fastenings can be had for about £1 each in quantities of 10. However, when the government procures 50 million of poorly tested behind the ear ones, they pay 3x the price!
  10. Yes, I guess they must have hosed down all the roads before taking the photo. They surely wouldn't have photoshopped in that blue sky.
  11. It's just as crazy around Glasgow. We considered a few houses and all went to a closing date/sold within a week - we only got to view one before it went to a closing date. These are in the 200-250K region - a stretch for us and more than 8-10x local average salaries I'd estimate.
  12. Pass rates were up across all levels, despite the number of downgrades. They've got to fill the univeristies somehow... Foreign students
  13. Formerly


    Just to clarify - I wasn't commenting specifically on their pastimes. Just a general condemnation of the world!
  14. Formerly


    I guess that this is understandable. In the initial period of lockdown, to which the article referred, a lot of other routine pastimes would not have been able to go on. However, as it became clear that this was going to be an extended change of lifestyle, I would hope that people find other things to occupy themselves.
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