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  1. allowed him to judge at dog shows and advertise dog food etc, maybe get together with clare balding and create a horse meat brand of dog food
  2. 80 year old with a mortgage and no pension, it's like the baby elephant in the room
  3. ashestoashes


    people with one foot on the throttle and one hand on the fire extinguisher
  4. watch the base of the canape doesn't rot through and deposit the contents on your shoes
  5. ashestoashes


    picture of the jurors car park
  6. if there was an incoming fireball that was going to cook the earth and the only way to stop it was for each country to build a shield, would it take 30 years for agreements to be put in place to do something about it ? No, that would be seen as an emergency.
  7. looks like global warming has been fixed for the US as average temps decline since 2016[]=uscrn&datasets[]=climdiv&parameter=anom-tavg&time_scale=12mo&begyear=2016&endyear=2019&month=10
  8. he has tweeted and he is pushing for military base security to have live bullets as it was the local sheriff that stopped this attack
  9. argued that he just meant he was a creepy old man
  10. jury says he didn't insult unsworth, oops
  11. money or your life, joking, just give me your life
  12. they have one on the ground to create fuel for the one in the air
  13. ashestoashes


    good for the planet the indian love of bureaucracy means there's much opportunity for an official to make some coin
  14. if the dog's having trouble walking might be because the nails are a bit long
  15. what sort of numpty would they have working out of a post office advising entrepreneurs ?