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  1. the last great crash took many years to bottom, at the moment we are in the period after the first plane hit the twin towers unaware whether it was an accident or not
  2. can we have a protest ironic clapping/pot banging night, clap against PFI, fat cats, incompetence, lack of PPE, cover ups etc ? Saturday would be good
  3. problem with Centrica is the nuclear assets are largely the old AGR stations that have crumbling graphite in their reactors. The LSE chat is about Centrica being in a death spiral, time to get out ?
  4. the state of play seems to be long term vaccine/immunity is unlikely treatment likely further phases likely mutation to lesser disease likely becoming endemic likely
  5. how many with it will try and spread it as a form of protest/terrorism ?
  6. someone said the council had told them, but only thing I can see is 72 hours on plastic or stainless steel and 24 hours on porous things like cardboard
  7. virus can live on dog's fur for 72 hours - please practice doggy distancing
  8. reading a few comments about impact on FTSE 100 companies due to outsourced Indian operations being affected by the virus, guess it's early days, but hardly would have been factored in during the original plans.
  9. where are all the joggers and cyclists, can't be a pandemic without them ?
  10. Dr Hilary on ITV good morning said it had side effects and someone died listening to Trump the other day, so it can't be any good
  11. wonder if they're concentrating on flour for the commercial bakers so people can buy bread instead of home baking flour nice perk anyway