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  1. china said Australia was going to have to pay
  2. we need an ancient marinator
  3. ffs or EE picking veg like machines in UK farms
  4. mainly to give jobs to monkeys else they play havoc with the tourists
  5. worry about Thai monkeys, ignore the thousands of bar girls imported from the countryside to the cities every year
  6. they'd be too busy typing out the works of shakespeare
  7. good they're diversifying away from oil and gas to HR
  8. if she's not been touched by the hand of god then she must have been brainwashed
  9. feed mine lightly steamed broccoli, just in case
  10. thought it needed an animal reservoir from which it would pass to humans in the spring eg chickens or pigs. As it doesn't infect other animals won't it just die out ?
  11. if only they'd left a clue FREEHOLD VACANT ADVERTISING SITE Full description Tenure: Freehold ** For sale by public auction on 14th July at 12:00 ** Location & Description An advertising site adjacent to 54 Highland Road in a mainly residential area within this popular seaside resort, about mile from the seafront and a mile from the town centre. Accommodation 2 x 48 sheet advert hoardings
  12. also next to the busiest shipping channel in the world, which have ships that would take quite a lot of stopping if they lost engine and steerage