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  1. thought they said the Pfizer wasn't that effective for obese people earlier today also saw a comment that private health providers are not covering problems related to covid vaccines, anyone with private health confirm that ?
  2. think the ham would out act her, so would be banned
  3. in France they call it a Royale with cheese
  4. what other reasons for lock downs ? financial crisis inflation meteor attack climate crisis
  5. time to kick the vaccines into touch and roll out the treatment regimes, the variants have defeated the vaccine strategy, how many need to die to support this dogma
  6. second one is right next to a big industrial park, you don't want to be woken up by reversing lorries at odd times of the night, plus any pollution, bit remoter, makes sense for car owners first one is ok, do it up as you go along and good mix of parks, walkable as you said
  7. a lot of people have affairs/meet their spouse at work, it's going to decimate the workplace colleague fornication related industries
  8. why do you say it's not going to happen ? The news seems to say it will.
  9. security services want to test how they would track domestic terrorists
  10. covid is an illusion posters go up in Cheltenham, anti covid comments too https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/cheltenham-news/posters-cheltenham-claiming-covid-19-5043255 from mary jane The Pfizer vaccine's patent number is 060606 and contains Luciferase. Let that sink in.
  11. they want the plebs back to normality, but can't go against the scientists, so this is a way to get everyone unlocked
  12. Biden's climate bod is still wedded to the CO2 sensitive models so the world will be saved
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