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  1. apart from being an actor and having a shit family she may be suffering from post natal depression or other mind upset, think Harry could have been better advised
  2. what's the hierarchy of their loyalties ? globalist masters EU people prepared to pay them bribes whips party colleagues local businessmen electorate are sheep that are a nuisance and can be manipulated
  3. seems the game is to so confuse the electorate that no one will get the blame for when it fails and the impression will be it was just too difficult
  4. ashestoashes


    glue a sheeps fleece to the ceiling in winter
  5. too good to be true ?
  6. express saying 3 month extension if bill not passed this week
  7. 10-19 at half time, can they come back against les bleus ?
  8. ashestoashes


    if you're a company/country wanting to buy influence then MPs are good value for money
  9. this says saturday was an attempt to get a softer brexit
  10. exactly, so someone in tptb really does want to leave, probably related to the city
  11. it's more than cultural, the prophet said it was ok
  12. some bloke's called me out for shouting at an old woman, get the boys down here now, tooled up
  13. did the wheels on the bus spin round like a record baby ?
  14. they must have worn the packs inside as they depressurised the lunar module to open the door, then they squeezed out of the hatch backwards with the pack on