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  1. Tommy punches a migrant in Italy

    don't think this'll be allowed to gain momentum
  2. Telford, twinned with Rotherham

    £2000 must make it consensual
  3. Islamification of Europe

    think heathrow just recruit from the local population
  4. Islamification of Europe

    fake speculation, no litter was dropped
  5. Islamification of Europe

    2.50 tr arrested for dropping litter in hyde park
  6. Nasty bridge collapse in Florida

    ban smoking guns, this guy says he's found a smoking gun
  7. Clif High

    oh, the wonderful things that he's predicted
  8. Nastiest Most Horrible Forum

    try saying you hear a difference when using different digital cables in a hifi forum.
  9. Toys R us gone

    at least they save money by having the financial advisors and administrators working for the same company (behind chinese walls obviously)
  10. Who do you think actually did it then?

    other - cia/mic getting public ready for war with russia
  11. Snow Track.

    the snow in cheltenham isn't deep enough to cover the blood left by the 6 dead horses from the racing
  12. Snow Track.

    the road repairer institute have said that you might as well use the cardboard box
  13. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    are they trying to isolate agent Steptoe ?
  14. mapping

    I can create one for £6m
  15. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    salisbury cathedral spire is 123 m tall, how did they do that before metric measurements