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  1. thought the punchline was going to be - then his mate says I guess you want to leave the cuck party now
  2. what's the story about, I'll get depressed if I watch the video ?
  3. thought his documentary about Afghanistan was quite good
  4. honkeys don't go shopping, you've got online and supermarket delivery, jury would say you were trying to incite trouble by being in an urban area on a Saturday
  5. people really need to switch the phone off and live in the moment
  6. they're not actually asking you, they are telling you that they haven't been accepted
  7. it means watch out for pickpockets preying on elderly people
  8. ashestoashes


    fiercely seasonal means you eat turnip from november to april once the salted pig is finished
  9. ashestoashes


    does Viz need to be updated then ?
  10. unless there's cctv I think it's likely they fell mid embrace when the driver braked and the young gents then helped them down the stairs and were verbally abused for their troubles
  11. thought he had a navy coloured korean car, a Songsung blue or something
  12. old engines overheat, fly too fast and paint bubbles, not enough spare parts, pressure spikes in cockpit, can't see horizon at night, unstable in flight - obviously not enough planners on this job