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  1. ashestoashes

    Islamification of Europe

    crazy name, crazy guy - guess we'll get used to it eventually Saudi man with three wives 'beat and raped a woman he looked down on because she was not from his country' Shadi Badawood accused of verbally, physically and sexually abusing a woman The 36-year-old is accused chasing her through a park before launching attack When arrested, Badawood, of Hull, said complainant 'had problem with Muslims' Saudi national denies rape, controlling behaviour, and two charges of assault
  2. ashestoashes

    Send the UK immigrants to Japan for training first.

    and what will the cleaners children eat if the jobs disappear ?
  3. ashestoashes


    tis a ferret, smelly but lovable and currently missing they are trying to reintroduce martens here, but I thought they weren't good for the other wildlife
  4. ashestoashes

    Suspect package explosion Tube why the sad carrot avatar or is it a gang member carrot with a teardrop tattoo ?
  5. ashestoashes

    Political activity in work

    make sure you look out for a lucky AA Pride van
  6. ashestoashes

    Explosion at Southgate

    might be the most memorable thing about the name Southgate during the next few weeks
  7. ashestoashes


    ashestoashes was created during the last dismal ashes series down under, first avatar was flames from last weeks glasgow fire, then I saw this chap in the local paper and thought it looked interesting, so no link to ashes apart from that is our final destination and each day we should be inquisitive about what's happening around us and not too serious
  8. ashestoashes

    Suspect package explosion Tube

    one minor explosion doesn't make a summer
  9. ashestoashes

    Islamification of Europe

    it's a ghetto of a different kind
  10. ashestoashes

    A new government income stream

    you've never been in the vicinity of someone smoking it, but didn't inhale ?
  11. ashestoashes

    Islamification of Europe

    disgraceful, that mayor should be a muslim.
  12. ashestoashes

    World Cup 2018 thread

    that greggs sign is making me feel hungry
  13. ashestoashes

    State Pension - incomplete years

  14. ashestoashes

    State Pension - incomplete years

    annual increase capped at 2.5%, so likely to be badly affected if inflation kicks in
  15. ashestoashes

    3 killed by train in South London

    hope they allow a memorial mural to be painted