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  1. mid october I would stay north, then you can do a trip to lake garda and day trip to venice etc otherwise you'll burn them out in 2 weeks
  2. You're taking on a lot for 2 weeks. I would have done the driving up north, that way you can go to Lucca and Sienna. Florence had the art museums and cathedral, but outside of centre just a normal town as bombed during the war. Hired a car at Naples and stayed at Sorrento went to Naples and Capri by boat and car along the amalfi coast. Driving around Naples is nerve shredding so wouldn't recommend, trains are good and can get buses or boats along amalfi coast, driving there is also hairy, how I wasn't wiped out by buses etc I don't know. Pizza at Naples was best I've had.
  3. mine has a squeaky clutch pedal, something honda can't seem to get right as even the later ones have it. I've had to resolder the lcd display for the radio/temp etc (known issue), had to replace a component in both the side mirror control units so they would fold in electrically (known issue). The remote is erratic, sometimes won't open the car, might be something to do with damp. not a drivers car though the engine doesn't burn oil and it accelerates away once the vtec kicks in so can hold it's own around 80
  4. one that doesn't want their car nicked
  5. obama and clinton criticised for referring to easter worshippers instead of christians
  6. I'm becoming more of a remainer eu army and removal of veto on tax - think there may be rebellion
  7. you sound like a bit of a snob
  8. you should have put in a claim for all the supplements you missed previously
  9. this is the crisis to usher in more government control, it's insanity
  10. karma changes colour to suit
  11. his brothers also - a most understood trio pretty far right wing comments