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  1. these girls seem to have a type
  2. ashestoashes

    Paris is a Shithole

    legion d'horreur
  3. is this thread in danger of going off road
  4. forest of dean, fife, macclesfield
  5. and followers must dress like the prophet, eat like the prophet, pray like the prophet etc
  6. ashestoashes

    Amusing or interesting local news stories slow day in gloucestershire Pleasant pheasant plucked from peril after pandemonium near Paparrito's in Cheltenham
  7. ashestoashes

    Islamification of Europe

    think the boys would be in islamic dress as well, so false picture
  8. ashestoashes

    Murder up, detection down

    we need to become a self policing society
  9. ashestoashes

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    not a brown face amongst them which was surprising, should have asked where they were from didn't seem to be any adults organising things, they seemed to be able to play team games and drink alcohol without it turning into a riot, some of the girls were gorgeous all very civilised
  10. ashestoashes

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    I came across 100 french youths in a park in devon a couple of weeks ago playing team games and drinking larger and being quite noisy. One of them rushed up to me and said that they would pick up all the litter and nothing would be left, went back the next day and it was spotless. They did empty the small supermarket of food and drink which was a puzzle until realised it was them. Didn't ask what they thought of their future and why they were in the UK, but they were having a good time.
  11. ashestoashes

    5g and Bristol University suicides

    private eye issue 1479 Sep/Oct 18 had a very good article by MD about suicide, mentioned a strategy where the person with suicidal thoughts lists 20 things that they have to do before harming themselves in any way, they never got beyond no 7. Had 2 relatives and a friend take their lives and very painful for all.
  12. ashestoashes

    Poll: Male sexual thoughts

    yeh, bet you she's got a hot 80 year old daughter
  13. ashestoashes

    Poll: Male sexual thoughts

    you missed the best bit
  14. ashestoashes

    Axes of Evil

    nobody said going back to a medieval world was going to be pretty
  15. ashestoashes

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    or the husband is the rape victim