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    you're just bit ter
  2. professional courtesy between lawyers
  3. ok guys, slacken off with the campimg puns
  4. this one seems good value - £60
  5. a few wet camping trips might curb your enthusiasm
  6. ashestoashes


    who's mountie ? he was allowed to buy womens panties (small) in jail
  7. ashestoashes


    there was a comment about Epstein was never even in a NY jail because all the pictures are from when he was arrested in Florida
  8. ashestoashes


    her father was famous for being tossed off
  9. ashestoashes


    she had good shock absorbers
  10. would need 2 - 3 hours exercise + mental stimulation
  11. if you go to a classical concert or theatre you're looking at a lot of grey heads in the audience, imagine that in 20 years time, that's why we have vibrant immigrants
  12. good work WP, will the widow get much of a pay off ?
  13. saw about 5 dutch MGs in convoy while walking the dog today, no pics, but nice to see