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  1. Don't forget all defence projects which are designed to fart away as much money as possible, and the various government IT systems that cost billions but never reach fruition---they are all state-funded private-sector non-jobs.
  2. OK. I've thought about, again. Something still doesn't add up.
  3. Citizens' income/UBI gets a lot of ridicule, but we almost have it de facto within national and local government. The difference is that rather than being free to do what you want, you have to go through the pretence of going to work.
  4. Are people now dying more than once? Something doesn't add up.
  5. Fair point, although about 50% of Congressional Republicans accept neither the AGW nor evolution hypotheses. Career ending ridicule must be a daily hazard they are happy to accept.
  6. Who are the guys in the vid? They are only petitioning the house of congress to reopen investigations, so it will probably go nowhere. They might have gotten their suspicions from the quack sites on the internet, like everyone else. Tomorrow, they will call on the house to investigate alien abductions...
  7. My memory is fuzzy, but I seem to remember being told that the severe O.T. punishments for wrongdoing were rarely meted out, but they were written to give a scale of how bad those things were. JC himself said that the crowd could stone the slut they'd found, but the person who'd done nothing wrong should start; there was no one present who could rise to the challenge. The modern Christian church is incredibly broad in beliefs. Some people think the entire thing is a man-made fiction, but that it is helpful towards leading a purposeful life. One man, David Jenkins, was made the bishop of Durham even though he didn't believe the widely-held tenet that JC was God on his promised visit. Others have shown by their arithmetical prowess that the world is less than 10000 years old. Eye balls might roll when they all meet, but it is perfectly possible in the west that people with all those views would be sitting together on the same pew on a Sunday and sharing tea and cake together afterwards. You might encounter adherents in the west, on TV or radio or, perhaps, in the flesh, of the religion that came several centuries later who say that they, too, are peaceable. Often, the people given voice by the media are academic intellectuals. They would be viewed as apostate by the majority of those not in the west. In that belief system, apostasy is, even today, punishable by death. Were they to become the majority such that their beliefs became enshrined in law, they would make a binary choice: do I declare myself apostate and accept death, or do I embrace the literal doctrine of the text. So far, I don't think this has been tested, but it's scheduled for around 2050.
  8. Apparently, this was his prescient Thursday posting on the recent school shooting: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/1444539.html#1444808
  9. Did you manage to follow that? Researchers are saying things like there is more genetic variation within populations than across what we think of as 'races', and that there is almost no genetic variation across humans, and multiple genotypes lead to the same phenotype, and racial distinctiveness is cultural, and racial classification a recent thing. Doesn't the same logic mean, apart from that we can't breed with them, there is no difference between humans and chimpanzees, which are 99% the same as us? And it seems to fly in the face of the obvious that if Helga and Olaf make a baby, it is unlikely to have hooded eyes, malaria resistance, or take the world record for the 100m sprint. There must be more to this. Perhaps most academics are under the cosh of funding only for left thinking, or maybe no-one really understands genetics yet?
  10. Could it be something adaptive, a verbal form of 'Peacocking'?
  11. I encountered one that couldn't fly. Another person present phoned a bird of prey centre that happened to be about two miles away. They said to throw it behind a hedge so it wouldn't be run over, and leave it. I think they just aren't rare these days.
  12. We could ship it across more cheaply, or use a simple steel pipe if the Icelanders converted their geothermal power,air, and water into anhydrous ammonia. It's the perfect green energy store.
  13. How are you getting batteries so cheap? I wanted a 24V 10+Ah Li-ion battery for a bike, and, even 2nd hand they were over £100. I tried buying several old Clansman radio batteries, but I couldn't replace the cells easily.
  14. Not only are e-bike/pedelecs limited to 250W, it must be stamped on the motor, ISTR. The rules are very confusing because the EU has laws about it, and so do we, and I'm not sure they agree.