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  1. As she has never lived as a white person how can she possibly substantiate her claim. To not to be proud of your colour is not to be proud of yourself. You are who you are.
  2. I'm not too sure this was happening in the 80s (for me 90s) but agree the seeds were sown. Any surviving ww2 veteran is at least 93 years old. Korean and Egypt vets in their 80s. The BBC do know of our history but choose to ignore it.
  3. Complex situation. Israel permanently on front foot as a sign to others. They are not woke.
  4. chicker

    Escape from LA

    Both defeats but used as a rallying cry for the nation. Dunkirk spirit/Remember the Alamo
  5. chicker

    Escape from LA

    The Brits have Dunkirk, the Yanks the Alamo.
  6. Was thinking about this recently. Anyone who started work before 1990 had a good chance of working with men who had served in WW2. I started work in 1976 and worked with at least 4 veterans over the years. National service ended in the early 60s - so theoretically we still had men of in the work place who had military training in 2008. I think these people would have had influence and it seems that union membership has declined at a similar rate to their retirement. NB I'm aware that there are plenty of other factors in the decline of union membership.
  7. chicker

    Escape from LA

    Surely there are some gun toting patriots that would help out? Weekend out at a nice house with your AR and bowie knife. Hollywood film in the making! The new Alamo.
  8. The anti Japanese feeling was worse. British POWs had a bad war. Again I suspect the Atom bombs were not "unpopular" at the time.
  9. The British public didn't have any doubts about Bomber Harris s raids at the time. Revisionist rubbish. Every city in Uk was being bombed , kids evacuated, no sleep. Do you thinks anyone was saying "Oh let's not be too hard on those lovely Germans".
  10. I'm amazed that the knee thing is still happening. At all levels doubts are being voiced about BLMs political intentions. Are all concerned oblivious to these questions?
  11. The early 90s gave many people the oppurtunity to buy a house. They were cheap, even in London. Bought in 93. Been going up ever since.
  12. Very succinct Frank. I wish my wife was that straight thinking! Btw. Got me thinking about my own house - we moved for schools but maybe it's time to move on.
  13. chicker

    Escape from LA

    Thats the mocking shit.
  14. That singer ginger has sold a load. That ginger long jumper has won a few golds. That Paul Scholes has scored a few goals.....
  15. Enfield london borough a strange place. The north side is mostly green belt. The east side is shite. Wonder where the fly tipper comes from?