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  1. He doesn't actually need to like art, music or fine wines but all public figures are acting at some level, so when in Rome ! Look at Farage , the odd pint down the boozer makes him the peoples favourite. I reckon 90% of the time he's down the pub its PR and its being filmed. Hope that someone on here is gonna prove me wrong. TR has many good traits but after Jimmy Saville people need a lot of convincing fund raising for charity is genuine. (Not suggesting TR is a paedo)
  2. I completely agree with you, face to face I think he's excellent. The machine behind him needs to be equally coherent and charismatic- difficult to do I know but it must be the aim. Look at Geoffrey Boycott , still being associated with things 20 plus years in the past. He should come out of prison and exhibit his artwork (water colour landscapes of course) , publish a book of romantic poetry and profess his love for classical music. Whats he going to do ? Campaign to get back into Luton FCs ground. Btw . I hate landscapes and listen to The Clash . So probably does Tommy.........
  3. TR could do with reading and listening to Matthew Syed. His view of true diversity is enlightening. TR needs a varied input into whats happening In the UK at present. He seems bombarded with either left or right extremes, both equally as bad for forming strategy.
  4. Tommy and his followers need to find a better way of presenting themselves. They are too easy to dismiss as losers. Antifa are far better at marshalling and organising themselves and whilst not having any interest in their political stance, they have learnt from the past eg stop the city protests and more recently extinction rebellion. The moral high ground must be taken and establish who the bad guys are. TR is too easy to tarnish with the right wing, ex con tag. It will be interesting in how his release from prison , is presented PR wise.
  5. My father 15 years into dementia and now 91. Been in a home for 3 years and still physically Ok. Sportsman,non smoker, hardly any alcohol, grammar school education and I think there's a few years still left in him. His side of the family are indestructible. His grandfather was in WW1 from the first day (BEF) to the last. Seems reasonably happy in the home and I visit every fortnight even though he thinks I'm a cab driver on a pick up!
  6. Btw got done for speeding in Ireland , France and USA . Paid on the spot fine in Detroit as the cop was very keen to show me his weapon ! Been breathalysed approx 13 times - all back in 80s and 90s. Never guilty . I think you would call this profiling in modern day terms.
  7. 3 points but normally average 6 since system came in. Done 2 speed awareness courses and got a point once for no water in my windscreen wiper bottle. I respect speed limits on minor roads but having driven a lot in Germany my boundaries are a little askew for the Uk.
  8. Although I find Harry and Paul amusing and enjoy 2 blokes chewing the cud I can't believe how the working class (predominately white) are now becoming extinct in London. For a laugh I now start off conversations with "its changed a bit round here" with any 50 something working bloke I meet in London. They might be white, black or Asian but the replies are similar. What the F*** is happening things were a lot better back in the day. Cliched I know but where else do i get I get info from ? The MSM ? Don't pull my pisser London.
  9. Stokiebot would be cool. Maybe see if it can turn some confirmed lesbians.......poacher turned gamekeeper
  10. Good workers full stop are hard to find. Recommendations are always best and it usually helps if they have played sport. Kids whose dads are trades people , normally know the score. But to clarify if their dads are lightweights the kids will be.
  11. Aherne had edge - like Gazza, Winehouse,Best and Morrison etc complete personal fuck ups. Yes they were/are nasty because they aren't happy with life. Are they charismatic ? For me yes.
  12. Caroline Aherne, funny enough to be a bloke. Married Hooky and drank/drugged herself to death. A truly wild person .
  13. Yes in 2 subjects but I don't mention it in company. Never bothered to collect certificate for either.
  14. Doing a degree in my late 50s as a piss take. Its an ex Poly and the majority of the students on my course are unemployable. Why a young person with any drive and talent would waste their time doing a degree I don't know . Maybe exclude medicine,engineering and law degrees. Also the BAME shite does my brain in.
  15. If Gas Safe were as motivated as the RSPCA there would be convictions all over the place. If you look at the stats , the number of boilers sold doesn't tally with the numbers of boilers reportedly fitted. There is no desire to rectify this situation, the usual lip service when someone dies is all we get. Make the home owner responsible for checking the fitter is qualified and fine them if they allow unqualified people to work on their property. Worked with waste. I no longer get streams of pikeys knocking on my door to clear my rubbish when work is going on in my house. 20 years old it was 3 or 4 a day.