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  1. Quite agree. All London mps need to do a 6 month tour of duty there housed in a tower block. If they survive I reckon they deserve their salary.
  2. My local, busy early evening with trades men because it has a car park. Quiet by mid evening unless football or band on. All drinks £1.50 more than spoons, 200 yards away. Young people rare in both of them.
  3. chicker

    Trip to Hull

    M62 is great road to test out a new car. Completely empty Road and doing 120 when spotted speed cops on lay-by. Braked hard and got pulled over. They showed me their camera and clocked me at 98 mph. Happy days. They were polite and chatty. Thought my car was a good buy....
  4. When Glasgow had strict Sunday licensing laws Paisley became very popular place on the sabbath for a boose. Bethnal green and surrounds had similar appeal (mostly brothels and strip clubs) being just outside the city of London. Where there's a will there's a way.
  5. chicker

    Trip to Hull

    Hull not the horror place it's made out to be. A poor city so few fancy restaurants but the people are more liberal than you would imagine due to its port and loads of students. Visit the avenues if in town at the weekend and visit some great bars. Polar bear was once a top gay bar but still locals happily drunk there.
  6. Sounds like you are handy enough. Get your point about the electrics but your father can't sign them off. Why don't you get a sparks to test? Covered on all angles then.
  7. For me mcmullens beers are awful. How they away with them in this day and age I don't know. The small brewers have proved that making decent beer is possible. Unfortunately my fave is fullers esb but is to strong for an evening session.
  8. We need to get back to being physical. Wash the car, mow the lawn, clean the windows and don't take the easy way out by paying Ees a pittance to do these jobs. In many ways we have been part of our own downfall. As brits we have deskilled and weakened our own position in the market place. Also play sports preferably team games with a wide ish age range of men. The locker room and competition is real education. Women hate all male environments as they think they are a threat. Local team sports have been destroyed. Get muddy, get bruised, be elated and deflated but don't go shopping with the missus accept at Christmas 🎄.
  9. Went to the pub last night, 3 Guinness and a glass of red. Enjoyed watching man utd lose but the booze didn't taste as brilliant as I imagined it would after 30 days alcohol free. Need a new policy for February but not sure what is suitable. Maybe only drinking at weekends? Not drinking at home?
  10. I'm looking forward to a beer on Wednesday night watching Spurs v man utd. Been a long month and I'm strangely emotionally fragile. Has anyone got any suggestions for a less boozey February than I have in mind?
  11. Saw the fall in Germany. A punter threw a pint of lager over him, smith disapppeared stage left and then appeared in the audience and punched the bloke straight in the face. The band continued playing and he went back and joined them. He didn't mention it at all! They were in there smart suit phrase and he didn't appreciate it being ruined. Rip you old git.
  12. My nearly 90 year old dad who is in a care home for dementia is fitter than 80% of the staff. They use him like a shopping trolley . When the staff go shopping they take him with them to carry the bags . He loves being useful and helping the fat women (as he calls them) to do their chores. Btw he pays his own way before anyone suggests he's put down. On Blue badges , I offered the rest of my parking ticket to a Sparks but he just grinned and pointed to his badge. London tradesmen love access to a blue badge, its a racket
  13. Im at 16 days too but feel angrier than ever . My new years resolution was to disassociate myself from toxic people . Trouble is Ive worked out my family are toxic. Better have a drink to forget it. Roll on Feb