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  1. Dosbodeers Drying Out

    Went to the pub last night, 3 Guinness and a glass of red. Enjoyed watching man utd lose but the booze didn't taste as brilliant as I imagined it would after 30 days alcohol free. Need a new policy for February but not sure what is suitable. Maybe only drinking at weekends? Not drinking at home?
  2. Dosbodeers Drying Out

    I'm looking forward to a beer on Wednesday night watching Spurs v man utd. Been a long month and I'm strangely emotionally fragile. Has anyone got any suggestions for a less boozey February than I have in mind?
  3. Mark E Smith dies ...

    Saw the fall in Germany. A punter threw a pint of lager over him, smith disapppeared stage left and then appeared in the audience and punched the bloke straight in the face. The band continued playing and he went back and joined them. He didn't mention it at all! They were in there smart suit phrase and he didn't appreciate it being ruined. Rip you old git.
  4. Blue badge fuckwittery

    My nearly 90 year old dad who is in a care home for dementia is fitter than 80% of the staff. They use him like a shopping trolley . When the staff go shopping they take him with them to carry the bags . He loves being useful and helping the fat women (as he calls them) to do their chores. Btw he pays his own way before anyone suggests he's put down. On Blue badges , I offered the rest of my parking ticket to a Sparks but he just grinned and pointed to his badge. London tradesmen love access to a blue badge, its a racket
  5. Dosbodeers Drying Out

    Im at 16 days too but feel angrier than ever . My new years resolution was to disassociate myself from toxic people . Trouble is Ive worked out my family are toxic. Better have a drink to forget it. Roll on Feb
  6. Dosbodeers Drying Out

    Doing the dry january thing . Today I started thinking about a large glass of red wine about 4pm and I'm still thinking about it. Does my body know its Friday night ? Its my 3rd dry Jan. Dont remember much about the other 2 so they can't have been that painful. BTW normally drink everyday but never much more than 3 pints and half a bottle of wine. Probably sounds a lot but its nothing compared to my friends intake.
  7. sisters

    My mum , uses my twin sisters as allies or an attack weapon to get her own way. Failing that a reason on emotional grounds to be accommodating to them beyond reason. Both ways they win. Both my sisters have failed marriages, been made bankrupt and are unrealistic about their limited talent. Most of their scheming is via my mum who carries a guilt complex about the possibility that her parenting had been poor. Any criticism of my sisters is like criticising my elderly mum. Whilst my mum is alive I probably have to grin and bear it . When shes gone I can't imagine my sisters and I will keep in touch.
  8. Mad Friday (did it even happen?)

    Agree. Very quiet in the pub for the Friday before Christmas / Local spoons were expecting a big un on Thurs with loads pf staff on and Friday night bouncers . Us 6 middle age men had no trouble finding a table. . England is changing and the culture shift is noticeable.
  9. Smashed glass on our Car

    30 odd years ago on a Saturday morning my neighbour (male and burly) knocked on my door and handed me my car wing mirror, He said he had seen the guy who had ripped it off, apprehended him and after a word or two this guy had promised he would be along at mid day to give me the money for its repair/replacement. I thanked my neighbour but being hung over after a boozy night out I went back to bed thinking this guy wont show but sure enough at midday a bruised teenager (similar age to me)knocked on the door and handed me £30 and apologised. It transpires my neighbour had given this lad a good slapping , forced him to give him his name and address and said if he didnt turn up to pay for the damage he had caused he would be coming to see him again . Thats how you get your car repaired after mindless vandalism.
  10. Whos got a tattoo?

    Obviously Spygirl is a sceptic , seems 2 of us have seen WW2 army tattoos . Haven't seen my ex work colleague for 30 years and he's probably brown bread. Was your father a Londoner
  11. Whos got a tattoo?

    Did you read the post ? Airfield guards ? Btw I completely believed him. He was in combined operations an early mish mash of marines and paras. He was involved in destroying airfields but you needed to kill the airfield guards to get onto the airfield. He was one of a small group and specially trained. A specialist engineer by trade and wasn't one to gossip.
  12. Whos got a tattoo?

    Mid 80s a soon to retire male work colleague was wearing a short sleeve shirt . He had a faded tattoo - dagger with a snake twisted around it . I aked him the background to it and he told me that he operated behind enemy lines in ww2 and everyone who went into combat in his unit had the same tattoo, if they didnt they were outcasts and couldn't be trusted. I asked why and he said if captured you can change your accent, your clothes and your appearance but you can't get rid of that bloody tattoo ! You are commited and theres no going back. At his leaving do after a few drinks he let slip what his role was . He killed airfield guards in silence by either slitting their throats , garroting them with wire or strangling them with his bare hands. This old fella had killed loads of people but he was proud (not boastful) that he was good at his job and was grateful that he survived . As he said this he patted his arm displaying his dagger and snake . Sorta puts you off vanity tattoos for life ..........