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  1. The dreaded Blakes 7 effect!
  2. They have been buying up huge quantities of oil and gas. Basically ordered all their refiners, storage facilities to fill to the brim. I don't know what the story is with Iron Ore and Coal. In terms of Iron Ore other major suppliers are Brazil and surprisingly Iran (14 MT per year) - who won't have many markets. Coal - Russia., Mongolia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan although in terms of scale an order of magnitude lower than what China produces.
  3. Kurt Barlow

    Let's BRAG

    No need - your bitches can use their tails.
  4. As this announcement has only recently been made I am cautiously hopeful that no time limitation currently applies.
  5. My mum pegged it in 2016 but would fall into this category. Could I claim on her behalf as an executor of her estate? I know she would want me to.
  6. I generally do ignore you. You started this you infantile, attention seeking twat - 23 minutes ago.
  7. I see you can get basic TIG / MMA units from Machine mart for £150. The welding gas is cheap too. Might give it a go although the advantage of building a unit without it being welded is that when the inner pot burns out you can easily replace. How many people on here have you on ignore?
  8. We know full well your syrup cost you £199.99
  9. I must admit the Barlow household is doing its bit to conserve water
  10. Cheers I am going to built one and I may not need to weld. Basically I am going to use two slightly different size stock pots. The inner pot I will take the handles off and drill holes about 2cm up from the bottom and about 5cm from the top. The inner pot will sit inside the outer pot and be bolted to it - I will use washers between the two to get the rims of each pot the same height I shall then cut a hole in the lid a bit smaller than the diameter of the smaller pot - this will then sit on the top and reasonable seal the gap between the pots and the lid. If too much air leaks in the wrong direction (outwards) I shall seal with some stove door rope stuffed in the top between the inner and outer pot. and above the higher air holes. For the stove ring and to allow flue gases out I shall drill holes through the lid and put bolts in to form the stove ring onto which you can sit a pot, frying pan, kettle.
  11. Just shelled out £450 for a new Aqualisa powershower. Going for the same model as I can't be arsed to put in a seperate shower pump etc and can just slot this one in on the old fittings. Ticks the made in the UK box. https://www.aqualisa.co.uk/
  12. No harm in a bit of Dosbodgery for 30 quid!
  13. Do you know where I can get one with a round outlet. All the ones I have seen have a square / rectangular outlet. The advantage of the one I propose to use is I can trim off the bolt holes and file it down to fit tightly in a 40mm pipe. I can then drill a 40mm hole in the side of the outer pot to insert in. The 150mm length of steel pipe keeps sufficient distance to prevent the plastic fan casing melting.