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  1. Yes. My Smart Meter (gas) is telling me we are using 15 quid of gas a day (BS). I have asked Octocunt energy to test the meter. They said they will but if it isn't faulty I will be charged. Id like to smash the 'Smart' meters off and have the old dial ones back.
  2. Should have bought a Leaf for under 40K and supported British workers.
  3. I remember going to a Primary Health Care Trust event with my boss in the late 1990's- we were EHO's from local council. Got to the venue - at a hotel. Massive line up of Beamers, Audi's etc. My boss said - you want to know where all that extra NHS money and pointed at the row of cars.
  4. Nice Video from Calais
  5. Found this site today. Haven't tried it but looks promising https://www.vouchercloud.com/supermarkets-vouchers
  6. I hope not. I hope Emily Dave. and Diane win - they are a great message to the public as why we don't need a Labour govt whatever the shortcomings of the Tories.
  7. My MP is a hardline Brexiteer. He shall get my support. As much as the Brexit model on the table is a disappointment its 100x better than a prospect of a Labour Government
  8. I was quite shocked as to what we have to pay for South Essex compared to Cambridge. 'She' ain't making the mistake on doing that exercise dance routine on Ellen again.
  9. Frank Hovis - the George Smiley of DOSBODS Mrs B might do her nut if I turn up with another load of Geese etc.
  10. Round 2 today. Freezer filled with steaks, chicken, lamb and beef joints, another goose, salmon and Venison. Years supply of dishwasher tablets and a good few months of bog paper. Security guard looked at me a few times but didnt say anything. Thank you Lidl
  11. Says the man who spent 3 years cracking one off to Rupaul videos
  12. She has a daughter and is a prospective MP for the Brexit Party.
  13. According to Mrs B the permanent answer is the Iranian Beauticians Fanny laser treatment.
  14. And these cunts want open borders. Spending on the environment is good especially if you get a return. Energy efficiency and the more viable renewable technologies because they reduce import needs and should provide more local employment. Tree planting in certain locations will significantly reduce flood risks
  15. Come on - don't play all innocent with us.