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  1. Inevitable reaction that comes from working with Petroleum Geologists for about 5 years.
  2. I have been putting British Garages out of business for years by buying British built Toyotas
  3. Is this the Canadian version of Mr. Benn?
  4. By British (& british based foreign owned) manufacturers, from a consumer perspective I meant firms which assemble and sell finished products. Ex. British Manufacturers - Ebac, Numatic, Rolls Royce etc British Based (foreign owned), Nissan (cars built in Sunderland), Toyota (cars built in Derby)
  5. It was said in jest - primarily to wind up XYY (who didn't take the bait) with his southern poofta banter Ebac on are my shopping list when we replace the WM and if we need a dehumidifer.
  6. No - I quite like Greggs But I get your point. I suppose its similar to Toyota assembling cars from imported parts.
  7. Ah but do they have a UK produce sourcing policy or are their sausage rolls stuffed with danish & dutch bacon & sausage meat.
  8. As that cunt Dyson is increasingly moving production abroad I though its worth compiling a list of UK manufacturers (and UK based manufacturers) who haven't done the dirty on the UK who we should try and use our spending power to support. For starters: EBAC (Washing machines, dehumidifiers). Based in Durham and keeping a few hundred northern twats in work Numatic (Henry etc vacuums). Based in Somerset Please add to the list
  9. That line is basically whatever the woman decides it to be. My former Polish stalker went down this route. I started a relationship with her with good intentions I then found that all she ever wanted to do was go on and on about her Ex. I probably let it go on for longer than I should have. After 6/7 months ended the relationship and was clear with her that it was because she had a huge amount of baggage relating to her ex and needed to resolve that before embarking on another She then decides that as I wasn't as serious about the relationship as her it was a form of rape.
  10. Certainly when I was growing up the Covent Girls (Bateman Street - Cambridge) had a certain reputation Those parties on Grantchester Meadows in the late 1980's.........
  11. Vicars daughters are the dirtiest of the lot!
  12. I think many people struggle with Geological time and the processes that can happen within that. The Sediment layer in Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world is several km thick
  13. Sedimentation followed by millions of years of pressure - from km of sediment sitting on it and heat (km's of sediment act as a good insulator) Surprising really as Omanis are Obadis and I don't think the Wahhabis are that keen on Obadis
  14. Omanis are generally reputed to be the nicest Arabs in the Gulf. I used to get phone calls from Saudi Water Engineers who couldn't work out how much Chlorine to add to potable water tanks when the Chlorinators broke down.