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  1. Bananarama or more specifically Keren Woodwood. Can't blame Andrew Ridgely for ditching the music career and moving to Cornwall, surfing and banging Keren.
  2. Didn't Ozzy Osbourne also provide vocals for that?
  3. Not specifically aimed at you but simply vocalising my point that I don't give a shit about this girl along with all the other Jihadis*. She committed her crime - supporting a slave trade state built on the most horrendous human rights abuses. I agree with Spy - let the people whose lands these crimes were committed in deal with the issue. In turn we can help them financially. These people are brainwashed and 99.9999% of the time are irretrievable. If they return they will present a constant threat to people in this country either directly or as the poster girl for the cause (my wifes words and she is a Muslim)
  4. We can solve this problem using British Foreign Aid. I am more than happy to help pay for all the rope and timber the Iraqis, Kurds and Syrians need to resolve the Jihadi issue. These countries have been war ravaged and we have a duty to help.
  5. Meanwhile in Bradford https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12282969/man-admits-sex-chickens-wife-filmed/
  6. This is good. With Sarahs help we need to build these self sufficiency skills for DOSBODS Island. An opportunity to fly the flag
  7. Cloaca If they see a cock its probably XYY's and that only if they are looking in a mirror.
  8. I'm sending up some of my boys to see you. They haven't had much to do since the lockdown and and the banana bill is costing me a fortune.
  9. I'm really Eddie Hearn (one of Billers most famous residents)
  10. We live in a suburban area so weasels less likely. We do have foxes though. As Bas Vegas Council still have us on black bags you can't leave them out over night as the foxes rip them to pieces. We know they are foxes as next door - security bloke has filmed them.
  11. This will be a 2021/22 project if it goes ahead. I am using this time now to think about the pros and cons hence the thread in the first place. Consult the DOSBODS sages
  12. Externally the wall is about 8 feet but I see the problem. I assume its really a night issue?
  13. Wouldn't keep them at the allotment and most associations prohibit poultry anyway. We have an L shaped boundary area which is the rough area of the garden. I could fence them off into this area and ideally keep them off the lawn area. How the fook does a fox get over a 6 foot wall?
  14. Good point - rats and mice were my other concern.