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  1. I bet you'd still pump her after a few beers
  2. Housing costs are the elephant in the room. Health and safety isn't because the regulatory burden is an extremely cost effective way of reducing employee & public liability claims. Employee liability insurance is basically a loan scheme to cover claims. In the USA statistically you have about a 6 fold chance of dying at work compared to the UK which in part maybe due to their light touch approach to safety and health. Similar ratios with significant injuries. Consequently insurance costs are astronomical.
  3. Far too joined up thinking for MENA mindsets
  4. The formula is square root of the waterline length (in feet) x 1.34 = hullspeed in knots (NM equals 1.15 imperial miles)
  5. 6.1 kts is the hull speed for a displacement hull of that length. Ya cannae defeat the laws of physics. You could probably get away with a 5-6 hp engine on that boat. The previous owner got the 8 because it has a 6amp alterantor for battery charging.
  6. 8 HP 4 stroke outboard. The boat weights about 1300Kg so thats more than enough. Fuel economy on wide open throttle is about 3.2L an hour. Anyway plan is to sail it.
  7. The Jaguars have a lower ballast ratio than the Hunters so a bit more tender but most of my sailing will be on the blackwater which while a big expanse of water is semi enclosed.
  8. You have pegged him haven't you?
  9. You cunt. Did you have to go and knock on his coffin this early in the day. I lived there from 2012 to late 2016.
  10. The only way we will be using Australian solar is if they can get power to H2 off the ground and we start importing Hydrogen or more likley ammonia as its easier to transport.
  11. In the Uk yes. Not so in Oz. When I looked at this when living in Perth daily solar output in winter is about 60% of summer output. This works well because electric demand is air con driven. In the UK mid winter output is about 15-16% of mid summer.
  12. The trick in Oz is to orientate as much use as possible to when the sun is shining. Timeswitches help. Also anyone with solar who puts in gas water heating is insane when you could stick one of these in and operate on a time switch. https://australianhotwater.com.au/install-service-repair-systems/heat-pump-water-heaters/
  13. Decided against the complications of the swing / lift keel option and bought a 24 foot Bilge Keel Jaguar this weekend. Got a grand off the price and it doesn't need much doing. Transport is £500 but that was always going to be a factor unless I found something local.
  14. I remember back in EHO days getting a complaint about two staff in Burger King banging on the salad prep desk.
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