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  1. Islamification of Europe

    Could you not sue your neighbour - vicarious liability type thing for the damages to the roof?
  2. Nastiest Most Horrible Forum

    I Don't know. Its definitely not their spelling or punctuation.
  3. Nastiest Most Horrible Forum

    Wouldn't surprise me - I know two people who tried Canada and found it very difficult. One was British the other Iranian. Both had similar experiences. Anecdotally my wife said many of her Iranian friends who emigrated there have struggled despite all emigrating as skilled migrants.
  4. Who do you think actually did it then?

    Any connection with the Russian presidential election? On the subject of which does anyone want to hazard a guess on who might win this?
  5. Islamification of Europe

    My former cnut of a landlord liked using Polish plumbers who thought putting a differential pressure water supplies through the same mixer tap was sound. What this actually did was caused a backfill into the hot water cylinder. In our new place the gas valve went and the landlord sent round their plumber - a local guy called Jim which was a relief. Makes you wonder what the quantum of damage to the UK's infrastructure has been from inviting in this mass horde of bodgers.
  6. Islamification of Europe

    My wife has generally been quite impressed with British workers. She mostly works with Essex and London tradies and has found them very reasonable, responsive to instructions and fairly conscientious. They know she is Iranian and a Muslim and this hasn't been an issue at all.
  7. Islamification of Europe

    My brother who mainly does fire risk inspections did a stint of general HSE Management on a solar power farm project when things were quiet. The money was chinese, management italian, workforce Romanian, and security Nigerian. He was the only British person on site. Normally I'd be supportive of renewables projects but this provides nothing for British people. Anyway he quit after two weeks - safety compliance was appalling and from what he saw if the project is still working in 3 years that would be a miracle.
  8. Who do you think actually did it then?

    My suspicion is a faction from within the Russian state. Probably not state approved.
  9. Islamification of Europe

    My wife said to me yesterday - English go on about Middle Eastern people but have you considered how useless and lazy many eastern europeans are? She then went on to elaborate that the predominant group of Romanians and a few poles / Lithunianss working on the construction of the factory that she is building are all useless, lazy, and have massive chips on their shoulders. This also applies to two working in their labs. She told them to their faces that if she had the power she would sack the lot of them and if they have an issue with the UK whats stopping them moving back to Romania.
  10. George Monbiot dying of prostrate cancer

    Its similar to Breast cancer in that is partly hormone driven. Prostate cancer in old men is slow growing (similar to Breast cancer in old women) but if you get it young it is likely to be a very aggressive form (like Breast cancer).
  11. low fat cheese

    Except the motivation here is to prevent the spread of diseases, not to prevent the cultivation of tasty varieties.
  12. Annual Landlord Deposit Ripoff

    Which if he then drops and settles the case I am unlikely to recover these costs.
  13. Football in Russia

    The point was that the UK governments quite effective removal of the element who were likely to form a counter to the Russian hooligans left the rest of the fans pretty defenseless. The removal of this element left the England fans as easy meat to the Russian gangs. Any England fan who is planning to go to Russia is clinically insane. This would also apply to German and Polish fans and I dare say others too. Best to keep the World Cup purely Russian from a fan perspective.
  14. Football in Russia

    I did see one comment alone the lines of British Govt stopped 3000 England fans travelling to Marseilles. Russian govt stopped 0 Russia fans. Had the British Govt not intervened some of those Russians would have been going home in boxes.
  15. Annual Landlord Deposit Ripoff

    You may now understand why I was seriously considering buying a house despite the warning signs on the housing market. I am sick of dealing with these people If you prepare your case yourself they will often except a loss of wages claim.