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  1. Ive kept my LGPS. Assuming I don't go back into LG (left when I was 36) if I was 65 today it would be 8K a year for life and a 24K lump sum. Also Mrs B gets 50% if she outlives me. Ive got another final salary pension scheme - currently worth about 2.5K a year from contributions. Also got 15K in private schemes (need to consolidate), 25K in SIPP and $95K in Australian Super.
  2. I started paying 20 a month into Martin Currie Pacific in 1991 from my student EHO wages*. 20 Into MC Europe in 1994. * I wish though I had joined the LG Pension scheme then as opposed to when I graduated as that would have got me an extra year for very little in the way of contributions.
  3. I drip fed into two funds from my student days (20 quid a month) . One was Martin Currie Europe and the other Martin Currie pacific. They both did very well. I stopped paying in 2005 but combined they are worth about 20K - rolled over into my SIPP and ISA.
  4. I don't think he is on drugs. Probably gets through a 24 pack of Fosters each week. He chain smokes Lives on takeaways - breakfast, lunch and dinner. He spent 15K on the agent 3K on the doggy jabs and ticket 3K on a bulldozer drivers course on a whim because Uncle Knobhead in Oz said there is a shortage in SA (ticket he got isn't worth the paper its written on in oz)
  5. He got 180K from the house and to date 45K from investments and savings. There is about 3K left minus the 740 to placate the new buyers. He will spunk the cash in 2-3 years. I sorted out the cash side of the estate and he burned through 45K between May and December.
  6. Yup. The silver lining in a very dark, large cloud for the last 13 months was 180K from the house sale dropping into my bank account on Thursday afternoon.
  7. No idea. Another cousin in her 20's overstayed for the best part of year back in about 2005 but she was an extremely good horse rider and worked on an outback farm rounding up cattle and doing fence repairs. The Farmer paid her and her mate $400ish a week CIH plus accommodation. They would then head off for a long weekend EOW in Sydney to Partay. Bruv says he plans to set up a window cleaning business as my cousin pays $100 to have hers cleaned plus this will fast track his route to skin cancer...... I want the fucker to stay out there for as long as possible.
  8. Do you buy Investment Trust Shares? I like these for their stability and spread risk and ease at which I can get exposure in different global markets will still trading on the FTSE. About 40% of my SIPP is Investment Trusts and 15% my ISA.
  9. Just bought another 3000 shares in Mcbride at 66.7p in my SIPP. McB is one of my favourite cyclical shares I watch and buy in the troughs and usually sell out at 140-150p. Recent profit warning that profits 15% down but still a profitable company with growing European operations. Across my ISA, SIPP and Inv Account slightly over exposed now so won't buy any more and will offload some if the price exceeds 100p.
  10. The cover story is that the dog was Dads and since he died Bruv doesnt have the time to care for him so Aunt / Cousin have agreed to adopt him.
  11. I assume a return ticket isn't on the cards? Apparently bro has done all the paper work / jabs etc needed for dog importation. I suspect my Aunt / Cousin will simply adopt the dog irrespective of what happens to Bro so there would be no need to put the thing down.
  12. Tourist. Some BS about applying for an Onshore VISA once there. The Migration agent (scam agent) who charged him 15K apparently has a job and VISA lined up (need a Jimmy Hill Icon) I said to him if I were you I'd get a ticket with a flexi return. Re the dog - just use a cover story that your cousin / aunt is going to adopt him. Have already seen the FB pictures from Adelaide.
  13. Bruvva has finally arrived in Australia as we completed on the house on Thursday. Today I get an email from our socilitor saying the buyers are demanding 740 quid to pay for skips and damages to the Garage door along with a load of pictures. I feared this would happen. Luckily I held back 6K of the estate money half of which is his. So I have paid the buyers 740.00 F&F settlement via our solicitor and have deducted from his share. The cunt can swivel if he expects me to pay half the cost. I took a an inventory of pictures just after my Dad died and Bruv was still on holiday in OZ Taken a series of pictures since and a final full set Also codacil in the will makes it quite clear that if he decides to live in the house for the term of the codacil he is 100% responsible for maintenance and taxes. The cunt can sue me if he doesn't like the fact I paid the costs out of his money.
  14. If they are clever they will tell you that the Median is rarely the same as the average