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  1. Couple of bottles / cans of real ale a week Occasionally a glass of red / white wine if we have guests at restaurant A pint of real ale if having a meal in a pub.
  2. I spent 6 months trying to sort out online - phone calls, letters, emails. Finally a couple of months ago someone at HMRC tells me I'm locked out of the system as I was registered in 2010 (just before I went to Saudi). That has supposedly sorted out but after the deadline for submitting by which time I had put in a manual Sent the appeal off yesterday recorded delivery - included my Dads death certificate from the Coroner. The tactic here is I give them something that they can then say - it was your fault but in the circumstances we will waiver the fine. Today the cunts from the Childcare service sent me an automatic txt saying please reconfirm your childcare account details. So I log on and go into the secure messages and there is a message saying - your child care will end because you are paying tax on a remittance basis (primal scream time) After I; Sent them a recorded Delivery letter copied to HMRC stating I am not paying tax on a remittance basis Having received a phone call from some cunt this week who said the remittance error had been resolved however they cant trace my wifes NI number even though she has a couple of letters from them quoting the number ( I double checked I had put the correct NI number in - I had)
  3. HMRC / Childcare service incompetence continues unabated I have now received a fine of 150 for late submission of a self assessment return that I submitted in October 2018 and was told it was received on the 27th october. I forgot to sign it so I put an appeal on the basis of care responsibilities for my Dad who subsequently committed suicide in December. I put a copy of his certified death cert in as evidence The Childcare service (which is part of HMRC) claim there is no evidence of my wifes employment or national insurance number even though she has received letters from HMRC with her NI number on it. Another recorded delivery letter on its way today. Post Office profits will be up this year.
  4. This was Eni so all the Italians were placements.
  5. I recall, you need to be out of the UK for at least 12 months for HMRC to accept this as foreign earnings. Assuming DT is resident in Italy a reciprocal tax agreement is in place so for tax purposes he will pay tax to the Italian Govt. What he does with his income after that is his affair. It gets more complicated if you have kids back in the UK.
  6. When you get their spend all your time moaning about how you miss Mama's / Nona's roast beef and yorkshire pudding*. Thats what the Italians I worked with in Oz spent their time doing. * in the Italians case home cooked pasta.
  7. Better than I previously read. Is this based on Coal or Biomass?
  8. Drax was 17% of full load per hour so it would take several hours to get from cold to full output. CCGT plant are generally less than 90 minutes Served by one reactor so if that goes offline so do both turbines taking the entire station out of commission
  9. Something large like a Nuclear Power station tripping and going off line. Apart from Dnorwig Sizewell B is the biggest single generating plant at about 1100MW . Coal plants are different as they have multiple generators. I think Drax is something like 6 x 650MW so usually the whole plant doesn't go off line.
  10. Old Leo can stick that up his chuffer
  11. 25 years ago I used to organise a works Xmas party where we got a whole nightclub for a night for free ( might have helped that I did the Public Entertainment Licence ). It was took big for us alone so I used to invite the local inland revenue office because it was ram packed with cracking burds --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheers All Sent off the next round of recorded deliver letter today to both HMRC and the Childcare Service. I have experience of the LG Ombudsman so anticipate the procedure is similar.
  12. I am reaching the end of the line with HMRC as their incompetence and inability to resolve administrative errors they have made is beyond comparison. I have two ongoing issues. The first relates to the additional 15 hours 'free' childcare parents can claim. We meet all the requirements except some fuckwit at HMRC has advised the Childcare provider element that I am paying tax on a remittance basis (ie to another government). I am not as I moved back to the UK in December 2016 and have almost two full tax years of of being a tax paying resident of the UK. In August they supposedly sorted this all out. We got the full 30 hours until a few weeks ago they suddenly decided again I am ineligible. This is despite the fact I have several letters to them advising clearly (mostly sent recorded delivery). This is the HMRC's fault rather than the Childcare bods because the CC people are simply reliant on what HMRC tell them. When I speak to HMRC the inbecile I get to speak to acknowledges that I am not on remittance yet is incapable of doing anything and no one from 'technical is available so nothing gets resolved. In the meantime we are set to lose 250 a month in childcare support. The second concerns a tax self assessment for 2017-18 that some fuckwit there recorded as 2015-16. Following that I got a demand for tax. During this period I was resident in Oz so have written back including appendices of their own letters stating I was not liable to do a TR for 2015-16. I have discussed on the phone. Despite this I keep getting menacing tax demands and the threat of fines. I have said both in writing and on the phone it appears someone has misfiled my 2017-18 return for 2015-16. Can you please correct and reissue under the appropriate year taking account of the allowances for that year. Nothing resolved - even the talking head on the phone acknowledges something is wrong but cant do anything a 'technical' is never available. Question Apart from emigrating what else can I do. I have already formally complained. What next - MP, Ombudsman?
  13. There is some risk they just sit empty such is the greed of Landlords. In October we offered our former landlord 375K for the house she was renting to us. It was on the market for 410K. I would have gone to 380K but the agent made it so clear that the owner wanted a sum >400K we didnt bother. 5.5 months on it still sits there empty.......
  14. Back in the day when the Chef had time to spunk in the curry mix.
  15. I'd have thought they were from Lakenheath in Suffolk. I wasn't aware that the USAF had any fighter bases in Lincolnshire.