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  1. That lunatic actually supports the Peoples Muhajadeen of Iran who according to Mrs W are far worse than the Mullahs and they are lefties.
  2. There are a lot of claims on Iranian expat sites that the sanctions don't apply to imports of Crude Oil into Syria. Now if that is the case the seizure of the Iranian vessel was illegal. Can anyone confirm with a link. I can't find anything on the EU sites actually detailing that supply of crude oil to Syria is subject to sanctions and if it is whats the legality of interfering in an arrangement between two states, neither of which are in the EU.
  3. What worries me is they know my son has a British passport. On entry to Iran they kicked up because the picture in his Aussie passport is from when he was a baby. My wife showed them his UK Passport which is more recent. They said why didn't she use that. Her reply was that the Iranian Council advised her to use the Aussie passport when applying for the Tourist VISA> Probably another case of a security guard offering a fast track around security for $20.
  4. Hope not. My wife and Son are flying back from Iran tomorrow by Iran Air
  5. An off road EV is going to have 4 electric motors which offers at least 2x the redundancy factor of a single ICE. In fact you could even carry a spare motor.
  6. Ok for 0.1% of situations like in your Siberia example ICE maybe preferable. For everyone else EV will be preferable for everyday commuting, going to the seaside, or Tesco's or round to Mum and Dads.
  7. If they crack aluminium - air batteries then we will be looking at batteries with an energy density in the region of 2kwh / kg. This will wipe out petrol and diesel for all but a few niche applications. With flexible solar becoming lighter and more efficiency we may see a time when its actually easier to go out into the bush in your electric EV and recharge using 20m2 of solar panels when you take a break.
  8. Apart from Aeroplanes the rest could utilise non fossil fuel liquid fuels (Ammonia / hydrogen) or electric. With the falls in the costs of wind and solar and with the prospect of commercial floating turbines the UK could theoretically power Europe. The sooner we eliminate the reliance on whats passes through the arsehole of the Middle East (Hormuz) the better.
  9. Similar recipe. I pre-soak the liver in milk for 24 hours. Then rinse before cooking. Pre-fry some chopped onions then put these aside Prepare some stock - oxo beef Lightly fry the liver. Add onions, add stock and plenty of sage Serve up on a plate of kale with carrots and new potatoes.
  10. Slightly off topic but I just been in Tescos and bought 550g of Lambs liver for 1.21 which is enough for 3 good size portions. Packed with protein, vitamins (A, B, D) and minerals and dirt cheap. A surefire winner for the Dosbod Skinflintati
  11. His restaurants are shyte. I have been twice (work do's) and one time I had Spag Carbonara that tasted like pasta glazed in wall paper paste. I couldn't detect any bacon, herb or garlic flavour.
  12. Yep. I try and eat Liver (lambs) at least once a fortnight. Dirt cheap and packed with vitamins and minerals that are easy for the body to absorb.
  13. Aspartame decomposes into Formaldehyde and Formic Acid (which is also what happens to Methanol) and strips away the Myelin and destroys your nerves.
  14. Anyone had an epileptic fit while watching that?
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