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  1. How's she a fraud? That one passed me by (probably because I've only heard if her because she went to the same yoga teacher training school as me).
  2. Yeah, I got shadow banned from a sub of people who only eat meat for pointing out that halal slaughter is cruel.
  3. She looks fatter than she is because her arms and legs are disproportionatly big and she's pretty short to boot. I reckon she's easily a 12 in a lot of styles in a lot of shops.
  4. He voted against Letwin. Does that mean there's a chance he's reformed?
  5. I need help deciding who to vote for. I have a choice of: 1) A Lib Dem that looks like a paedo and is a Lib Dem 2) A Labour candidate that wants to cancel Brexit 3) Tory incumbent who lost the whip for trying to stop Brexit 4) An independent who doesn't even have a Twitter account so fuck knows what he stands for If I hadn't made the mistake of voting for the Tory last time I might have just voted for him this time but I've spent the last two years wishing I hadn't voted for him. The Tory canvasser swears he'll be a good boy and do what Boris tells him if he gets back in though. I don't want to spoil my ballot so that leaves the Tory or the Independent. Do I even want Boris's deal to get through? I gather it's May's deal but without locking us into permanent vassal statehood? So it's shit but realistically the only way we're actually going to leave?
  6. Crap, do you think I just got myself on a list?
  7. That sounds really interesting and useful, thank you. I've just signed up.
  8. The Boys is an absolute masterpiece of modern television. We weren't too sure about it after the first episode but I'm so glad we stuck with it. It has possibly the best character development of any TV series I've ever seen - each character just has layer upon layer of depth to them. Film has descended into formulaic mediocrity but we are in a golden age of TV and The Boys is a shining jewel. I almost don't want to watch season two in case they fuck it up.
  9. Yeah, I'm always amazed how people know what gave them food poisoning given how variable incubation times are - there's no way I'd guess that the leftover turkey I ate a week ago made me ill. I assume that everyone only gets food poisoning as part of outbreaks large enough for the DOH to get involved.
  10. Has the word sensational changed meaning without me noticing?
  11. This Time


    Oh look, the more Hindu an area is the more public shitting goes on (with the notable exception that muslims also appear to like shitting in the street).
  12. This Time


    It's the religion.
  13. This Time


    That would require being able to see that there was something wrong with the current way of doing things along with a desire to change it rather than just accepting that that's how things are.
  14. There must be many more people who voted remain but are ashamed of how remaoners have behaved, don't like how the EU has behaved or just don't like the precedent that overturning the referendum vote would set. My husband is in the last category - he'd rather we'd voted to stay but would rather live in a democracy.