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  1. They don't give a shite about women in their 20s and 30s either. Your oestradiol is higher than mine! But then everyone's oestradiol is higher than mine.
  2. I'm off the diet now. Hypochlorhydria was definitely the cause of my diarrhea but I wasn't able to reliably stop it with betaine due to apparently needing a variable dose and every time the diarrhea comes back my sodium drops. The year completely off carbs seems to have fixed my gut disbiosis - I'm not getting the painful bloating from carbs anymore. I'm slightly towards the constipated end of things but that's probably from the inulin fibre I've been taking to ensure I'm bunged up - I've been phasing that out and will have none today. I was trying to eat fairly low carb still (under 100g) but that's just resulted in a voracious appetite and I've put on about 4kg, all on my stomach, in just a couple of weeks. Starting today I'm aiming for 150-200g of carbs with similar protein and fairly low fat to see if that helps at all. I had my water deprivation test which was a very clear positive for DI but it turns out the only time they have someone in that hospital who understands the test is when I'm there. They fucked it up, probably came close to killing me and are refusing to diagnose or treat me. Fortunately I had an appointment with another hospital and while she doesn't understand DI either, she's at least treating me even if she does want to repeat the test. They've also done an MRI but I'm waiting for the report. I'm seeing a pituitary specialist next week so should get a diagnosis then and will hopefully start replacing some of my other hormones (I've got no oestradiol or testosterone and lowish cortisol plus most of the symptoms of low growth hormone).
  3. We were really interested in a house until we realised it was circa 1980 timber frame. Took me a while to persuade my husband it was a bad idea and my architect brother in law didn't see the problem other than possible mortgage availablity.
  4. In fairness, the rest of the summer has been utter shite.
  5. That's a lot closer to what I was looking for - looks quite rough inside though.
  6. Most of won't have such a shit endocrinologist and will be prescribed either a more absorbable format or enough tablets that swallowing them is actually effective.
  7. I'm just asking if anyone has any clever ideas of what to keep my dose in!
  8. A dose lasts anything from six to 18 hours and there's risk of seizures, coma and death if I over medicate.
  9. That's how they prescribed it pretty much but I don't absorb things well anyway and these tablets are notoriously crap if you don't dissolve them under your tongue.
  10. Needs to be roughly spherical inside or lots will stick in the edges - the dose I'm taking weighs 1/20 of a gram.
  11. I'd quite like something that doesn't make it look like I'm carrying illegal drugs.
  12. I'm taking a quarter of a tablet as a medication. I've found it works best if I powder it and put it under my tongue plus I can accurately weigh the dose. I need to let it wear off before I take the next dose so this would involve taking it in the middle of the night and when I'm out. Can anyone suggest an appropriate container to store it in? Best I've come up with is a contact lens case. It's the right size and shape but the one I got has ridges on the inside - it's such a tiny dose that I risk losing half the dose in the ridges. Or if anyone knows where to get a contact lens case that's smooth inside?
  13. It's not a massively common name combination - they're all just idiots.
  14. It's all different emails though - the first few were at least similar to my name but the the last few have been completely different. I'm forever getting signed up to stuff by people with the same name as me though.
  15. Lately I've been getting a lot notifications from Google that people have added my email address as their recovery email (about five times in the last week). Any idea what's going on?