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  1. This Time

    What if I don't Want Halal?

    Proper stunning renders the animal practically brain dead. You might be thinking of reversible stunning which is used by the slightly less strict halal abattoirs (the ones supermarkets use so they can claim that all of their meat is stunned to avoid having to admit that some is halal).
  2. This Time

    Bugs, Changes & Glitches - report here!

    Is that why we look like TOS all of a sudden?
  3. This Time

    Bent Archeology

    Exactly. Nothing wrong with it - native Brits should do the same.
  4. This Time

    Bent Archeology

    That's much better than what Carl does, thank you.
  5. This Time

    Bent Archeology

    He asked me to write that, I was happy just downvoting him.
  6. This Time

    Bent Archeology

    I haven't name called. I just think all the Jew bashing looks bad and would have put me off had it been all over the Islamification of Europe thread on TOS. If we want to bring other people around to our way of thinking before the collapse of civilization then coming across as Stormfront denizens isn't the way to do it.
  7. This Time

    Bent Archeology

    We're all against Islam and unfettered immigration but it's only really Carl that has a problem with the Jews. I just worry that he's here to make us look like neo-nazis to detract from our anti-islam message - for all we know he's laughing about how stupid we are to his mates down the mosque every Friday.
  8. This Time

    Bent Archeology

    I've said it before that I'm not going to bother trying to debate you when you never say what you think. As far as I can figure you've smoked far too much weed and are on some paranoid trip that the Jews are out to get us after watching a load of anti-Semitic shit on YouTube. Unless you actually say what you think and why you think it without just referring us to aforementioned anti-Semitic videos then I'm going to keep thinking that and downvoting you so we don't attract the wrong sort of people and turn into Stormfront mark II.
  9. This Time

    Bent Archeology

    Sorry! Almost forgot: Is it the Jews?
  10. This Time

    Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson

    Am I allowed say that I can't stand Jack Monroe?
  11. This Time

    BBC too shit to compete laments DG

    Yep, they're screwed. Due to their SJWness I won't even bother pirating the new series of Doctor Who.
  12. This Time

    how dead is your local

    People at my husband's work don't seem to go to the pub much anymore. I can't go anymore because I get glutened every time.
  13. This Time

    Carnivore diet

    Reintroduced fish on Thursday which seems to have been a bad plan - my knees are bad, I've had my first bout of diarrhea on this diet and I feel really drained. Back to ruminants, salt and water for me.
  14. This Time

    Carnivore diet

    Yeah, I'm good thanks.