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  1. See, there are advantages to being single. When this happens to me I just have to lie in it as my husband is occupying the other side of the bed.
  2. The other bit of fun is USB C to headphone jack cables. You'd sort of expect that they'd all do the same thing but apparently not - to guarantee that it will work you need to buy one made by the same manufacturer as your device.
  3. This Time


    How long do you have to give it? I watched a couple of episodes and the sound was really shite which made it almost impossible to follow the dialogue and the whole thing just felt like style over substance.
  4. As the daughter of a narc, that reads to me like a phrase carefully crafted to trigger Meghan while making him look perfectly reasonable
  5. I really wouldn't if you're healthy - you're bound to find a load of things that look like tumours and all sorts of other things to stress over.
  6. That's nothing new - I believed the same thing as a teenager in the 90s.
  7. In her defense we don't really know anything about him and he's not covering himself in glory by airing their dirty laundry in public like this. My father is cluster B of some description and his super power is knowing exactly what to do or say to make the other person have a shit fit while coming across as perfectly reasonable. He permanently fucked up my mother who was "a sweet young thing" when she met him and once they divorced he moved on to me. He'll zone in on an insecurity or sore spot and make tiny little targeted digs that nobody else will notice until the victim blows up apparently out of nowhere and he can parade this as proof of their unreasonableness. When I eventually cut him out and explained why to my mother she knew exactly what I was talking about because he did the exact same thing to her. For all we know, feigning poor health is his way of gaining control of a situation and making it all about him. Easy enough to bribe a Mexican surgeon to say he's had heart surgery I'd imagine.
  8. Probably had something to do with her producer husband. She wasn't huge but she was definitely plump.
  9. She was pretty chubby when she started on Suits.
  10. This Time


    Quorn has given loads of people severe GI symptoms, killed at least two due to anaphylaxis and is blamed by many people for causing long term health problems due to mould toxicity.
  11. Well she won't be able to financiallly rape him in the divorce until he had some of his own money.
  12. It's not a real illness, it's a diagnosis your doctor gives you so you'll go away and leave them alone.
  13. When they reboot again in 20 years they'll just have to pretend this doctor didn't exist like they did with Paul McGann.
  14. I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Mine appears to have been Coeliac disease. As long as no gluten comes into the house and I don't eat or drink anything prepared elsewhere except for completely gluten free restaurants (plus Wahaca who seem to be shit hot on cross contamination) then I'm fine.