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  1. Anyone else agree that we should ditch it? It was never massively funny, has the recursion problem and distracts from serious conversations about current events.
  2. Islamification of Europe

    And all the publicity Lauren Southern got when she was refused entry. Spectacular own goals.
  3. Tommy punches a migrant in Italy

    Haha, some goat fuckers were shouting Alahu Ackbar and someone piped in with Alan's Snackbar.
  4. Islamification of Europe

    Looks like thousands at speakers corner.
  5. st patrics day

    The pubs still close on Christmas and good Friday, everybody gets doubly pissed on holy Thursday and Christmas Eve to make up for it.
  6. st patrics day

    Welsh, Scottish or English - nobody's quite sure.
  7. Snow Track.

    Snowing in SW London, not sticking though.
  8. low fat cheese

    I don't have kids and still care deeply about the future of the planet, the human race and the other species we share the planet with. You don't need to have kids to care, you just need to not be a selfish cunt - unfortunately Merkel, Macron and May are probably all selfish cunts.
  9. Celeb boom bust

    She looks worse than Kate Mulgrew who's 20 years her senior. (The picture below is the absolute worst picture I could find of her).
  10. low fat cheese

    Seeds can contain viruses (amongst other things) and plant viruses can have very wide species ranges - you could devastate multiple crops by introducing novel viruses from imported seeds.
  11. Tube incident

    the So-Called BBC has a couple of photos of him - easily mid 20s.
  12. And they say that property is expensive

    I saw one round here recently too.
  13. SMS scam

    Customer service at Debenhams is great.
  14. And they say that property is expensive

    Who'd want to live in Yorkshire though?
  15. Career advice

    I'm glad to hear that works as a business plan. My idea was to do private lessons in people's homes at reasonable rates for ill people and once I had enough clients that were well enough for group classes to find a space to teach in.