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  1. Don't get citrate - it's nicknamed magnesium shitrate. You want gycinate or bisglycinate.
  2. I did consider it as a career at one point. The advice was to get a biology or chemistry degree rather than forensic science.
  3. I was right to be suspicious of how this stuff smells - I ended up with contact dermatitis after using it for a few weeks. I was wrong that the Shea butter didn't make a difference though. I'm using the normal quilted version now and it's just not as soft - better than itchy bits though.
  4. Except none of it is as soft as bog standard Andrex was a few years ago.
  5. I assume you're talking about the delta 32 mutation that makes you immune to HIV?
  6. Poor Junker, stuck in a tiny hotel room that's only the save size as my entire flat. However does he cope?
  7. Men have better things to do with the time.
  8. I really hope mine go to the wall. Bunch of utter cunts. It doesn't occur to them to knock on the door instead of just using their keys.
  9. This Time

    Sleep Apnea

    Could be your thyroid. I'd also have potassium, magnesium, zinc and B12 tested. If I was a betting woman I'd put my money on B12 and/or zinc deficiency given your history of veganism.
  10. This Time

    Next PM

    What do the numbers mean?
  11. Voted UKIP since I'm in London.
  12. And I've got a case of too many parts of the NHS involved so everyone thinks it's up to someone else to do stuff. I also appear to be an episode of House. Endocrinology are working on the assumption that it's diabetes insipidus which is fair enough as it needs to be ruled out before restricting water intake because water restriction with DI is really dangerous. I'd basically already ruled that out before my hyponatremia because I'd been craving shed loads of salt and untreated DI should make you hypernatremic. I thought hypoaldosteronism because that makes you need to wee a lot as the kidneys can't hold onto sodium but they've ruled that out because there's basically no sodium in my urine. I've kept researching and suspect that what I actually have is autoimmune hepatitis which can cause excessive thirst and fits perfectly with all of my symptoms and lab results. If I have that then I should really be fluid restricting. Worried that I might die, I got an emergency phone appointment with my GP surgery. They say they can't refer me to hepatology/rheumatology or do any of the blood tests to at least get me started because one of the hospitals I've been dealing with should be doing it. I managed to talk to hospital number one - guess who they say should be doing the referral? That's right, the GP.
  13. Thanks. Feeling a lot better, just tired now. Turns out that not all of the drunk people in A&E are actually drunk. I came in, slurred, was difficult to get sense out of, sat then lay on the floor and puked all over myself and one of the cubicles. It was a weird and scary experience because even though I was acting drunk there was a part of me that was still completely aware, understood what everyone was saying and knew the information they wanted but the part of my brain involved in communicating that wasn't playing ball. It was also pretty scary how quickly it came on, I thought I'd come down with the flu. Luckily I called my husband to come home and look after me and still had the presence of mind to decide that flu plus seeming to need a fuck tonne of water probably wasn't a great combo so I should probably go to hospital.
  14. Well the NHS really did their best to kill me yesterday. I've been waiting for an endocrinology appointment due to excessive thirst but ended up in A&E with low sodium. They tried to treat me the same way they would someone who drank too much water while running the marathon which is deprive of all fluids and test again in six hours. There are at least two conditions where depriving fluids without constant medical supervision and blood tests by people who know exactly what they're doing is really dangerous! Luckily I'm fully aware of this so refused to do it without an endocrinologist seeing me first. Endocrinology said to drink to thirst.
  15. I've never understood the Idris Elba thing - does nothing for me.