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  1. Had my first drink since Christmas on Sunday. One double vodka, got tipsy on just that and enjoyed it for all of ten minutes before wondering why I used to love it so much and feeling crappy. Probably won't bother again.
  2. Thanks, that's really helpful. I've already done a vinyasa YTT. The course I'm looking to do in May is a 50 hour yin yoga training which should count as a CPD since it's still yoga. I also want to do a yoga nidra course and probably a pregnancy training in the next year or so.
  3. I think I'll be in profit by the end of the tax year on a cash basis and will definitely be in profit on a traditional accounting basis though.
  4. Thanks. So that's normal for the traditional accounting method that HMRC are talking about here? How much more of a ballache is that over cash basis? You can do can cash basis or traditional as a sold trader under 150k, over that you have to do traditional.
  5. This Time

    Tax question

    I've recently finished my yoga teacher training and want to do a few more trainings that would fall under the scope of CPD and thus be allowable as expenses. I've earned the square root of fuck all this year so would like these trainings to count as expenses for the next tax year. I've got my eye on one in May - can I book and pay for it now or would I need to wait three weeks for it to count as a 2019-2020 expense?
  6. The thing is even the token Muslims can turn into Jihadis. You often hear that terrorists used to drink etc but became more devout.
  7. I actually read the post you replied to and thought "Stokie's typing has really come along".
  8. Yeah, Andrex used to be really soft and discernable from supermarket own brand. Now I'm 99.9% sure their "classic clean" is the exact same toilet roll as Morrison's own brand (the pattern is the exact same minus the Andrex logo and there as sandpapery as each other).
  9. Sucralose is bad for your microbiome.
  10. Private just lets you skip the queue.
  11. I can't watch the video - what's going on?
  12. Chuka makes me shudder. He's more Blair than Blair himself.
  13. Fishy tomatoes? Eugh, fishy EU pork is bad enough. Fed some pork belly to the cats last night as it tasted like rotten fish.
  14. That's from last April and is saying that once we signed the withdrawal agreement we'd owe the £39 billion even if we ultimately left without a deal at the end of the transition period.