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  1. This Time

    Explosion at Manchester Arena

    Has he really not been cast out into the wilderness yet?
  2. This Time


    I reckon he's waiting til they put a bit of meat on.
  3. This Time

    Royal Wedding or Cup Final.

    Wouldn't you be? I'd need several G&TS to get through that.
  4. This Time

    Royal Wedding or Cup Final.

    I'm sure I saw yesterday that Charles was going to walk her down the aisle. This thing already has nearly as much plot as Charles and Diana's whole marriage and they're not even married yet!
  5. This Time

    Dinner parties getting far better

    MDMA and food really don't mix though. I'm calling this fake news.
  6. This Time

    Who loves Foxtons?

    I'd suggest jelly made out of estate agents years but I think salt prevents it setting.
  7. This Time

    Interesting Visit to Barclays this morning

    Me too. Wish I could be arsed to do more really. Been doing a lot of decluttering for our upcoming move so hopefully we'll be able to actually put everything away in the new place which should help (as will lack of carpets).
  8. This Time

    Mumsnet, are the all there?

    Presumably an AIBU thread? It tends to go a bit mental on that forum but the others tend to be more civilized.
  9. This Time

    Royal Wedding or Cup Final.

    Just checked Google maps and it's on there with some ineffectual looking bollards of peace.
  10. This Time

    Royal Wedding or Cup Final.

    Does Paddington still have that big ramp from the street straight onto the concourse that you could easily drive a lorry down?
  11. This Time

    Royal Wedding or Cup Final.

    Yeah, a royal wedding during Ramavan probably isn't the best idea. If they don't target the wedding they'll go for somewhere else while the plod are busy.
  12. This Time

    Here come the hillbillies....

    William's kids are very cute but then so was he until his late teens.
  13. This Time

    Here come the hillbillies....

    Suits (the only thing she is famous for). He looks more like Philip than Hewitt.
  14. This Time

    Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2018

    Superman's girlfriend. Kidder played her in the 80s films opposite Christopher Reeve and Hatcher played her in the 90s TV show.
  15. This Time

    All the really fat people at work drink diet drinks

    They've done studies. When you drink dust* drinks you eat most/all of the calories your body was expecting later on so if you drink gallons of the stuff assuming it's 'free' calorie wise you'll binge eating later to make up for it. *Autocorrect that I've decided to leave as it amuses me.