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    Carnivore diet

    I've been looking into this after someone posted the video below on thread somewhere. I've talked before about how a keto diet has helped a lot with my various symptoms. The big one that I still suffer from is brain fog which has been linked to inflammation plus I've not been feeling great lately and my knees are feeling inflamed. I'd started to suspect dairy since my increased symptoms date from experimenting with vegetarian food in preparation for my yoga teacher training at a Buddhist temple (don't worry, I've switched to a different course!) but I know that I have issues with at least some plant foods so figure in for a penny, in for a pound. Has anyone tried it? Does anyone fancy trying it with me? I'm thinking I'll probably start in the next few days once I've had a bit of time to figure out the logistics of eating only plain meat while not subjecting my husband to such a boring diet.
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    Carnivore diet

    I took a melatonin last night which had vegetable cellulose and vegetable magnesium stearate in it. It could be a coincidence but my asthma is really bad today.
  3. This Time

    Carnivore diet

    The worst studies I've seen have been in The Lancet, it's a shit journal. The MMR and autism study was The Lancet, as was the PACE trial.
  4. This Time

    Carnivore diet

    It's in The Lancet.
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    FFS Handshake

    She'd probably be pretty if it wasn't for the hijab.
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    Bloody Metric

    And what about people with degrees from Imperial?
  7. This Time

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Yeah, that's a BMI of 18 which is underweight.
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    Carnivore diet

    £2.98 in theory, cheaper in practice as I frequently find mince reduced to around £2.18 a kilo.
  9. This Time

    Carnivore diet

    We don't have ant requirement at all for fibre, it's probably actively harmful. Unlike any other type of food, you can get everything you need from meat. The grass fed v grain fed thing is more of a US thing - British cows are almost exclusively fed on grass, hay and silage, the small amount of other stuff probably isn't worth worrying about. Look up Joe and Charlene Anderson. He's in his 60s and looks in his 30s, she's in her 40s and looks in her 20s - they've been eating nothing but steak for over 20 years. She was also very ill with Lyme disease when they started but is the picture of health. All of the meat gives you cancer stuff is very poor science anyway. All those epidemiology studies tell you is that the sort of person who ignores dietary advice by eating lots of red and processed meat (for the two are normally lumped together) tend to get slightly more cancer - those people will be doing all sorts of unhealthy things. The effect isn't even that strong - they've correlated eating more red/processed meat to an 18% rise in the risk of cancer - you can't really draw any conclusions until you get at least a 200% increase (smoking is around a 2000% increase).
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    Carnivore diet

    The theory is that our digestive system is much smaller than other primates while our brains are much bigger so in order to get enough energy and nutrients, early human must have been eating food with high nutritient density i.e. meat. Our digestive systems are most like that of a dog and while dogs can eat things other than meat most people would be happy to class them as carnivores. Then there's the fact that plants produce toxins to protect themselves from being eaten. Some people are more sensitive to these than others -gluten's the obvious example of this.
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    Carnivore diet

    The brain fog is years old and my husband is also ill so I reckon the cold is actually a cold.
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    Islamification of Europe

    Filthy habit.
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    Carnivore diet

    Day 18. I realised yesterday that I'd probably be quite happy living on just meatballs with the odd roast and steak so I've decided to go all beef as of today. It's looking like I have issues with pork because I feel ridiculously cheerful all of a sudden. I've still got this cold but my brain fog has been better the last few days and I'm getting stuff done despite being ill (normally a cold wipes me out completely).
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    Westmister car of peace

    Last year's Westminster attacker was black and I think the goat fucker who was arrested outside Buckingham palace with a machete at around the same time was also black.
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    Carnivore diet

    In the last two weeks I've had one tin of tuna, one seafood mix and one fillet of salmon so some seafood but not a lot.
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    Carnivore diet

    Day 15. After the rollercoaster that was my weight in the first week I've been consistently lighter each day this week and am down 2.5kg and 1.5 inches around my waist. Sleep is still fine without melatonin and I've started dreaming lots - I don't normally remember my dreams. My appetite has decreased - I'm now eating more like 2000 calories a day. I can't report on how I feel because I've had a stinking cold for the last few days.
  17. This Time

    Operation Nookie 60

    Are you by any chance using the word "nookie" around women? If so, that's your problem right there.
  18. This Time

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I do find it difficult to trust the man which is why I didn't contribute to the legal fees appeal last time but did send money via PayPal.
  19. I've been happy with EDF for years but they've gone shit and have been ringing me all the fucking time despite me asking them not to. Does anyone have a recommendation?
  20. This Time

    Does anyone actually like their energy supplier!

    I'm happy to sing the praises of Breeze. Our electricity went bang on Saturday. UK power networks came out and said we needed an electrician and for our power company to come out and turn it back on and change the meter. He sucked air through his teeth when I said we were with a tiny company as he wasn't convinced they'd send someone at the weekend. I had no need to worry as they have someone monitoring their emails out of hours so got someone out about an hour after the election left. It's also really nice to be able to ring them and ask to speak to whoever was dealing with you before.
  21. This Time

    Carnivore diet

    That's primarily a US practice, British cows eat mostly grass, silage and hay.
  22. This Time

    Carnivore diet

    Veganism is the least ecologically sound diet as growing crops is terrible for the soil, terrible for diversity and kills far more animals than raised cows for beef.
  23. This Time

    Carnivore diet

    It's less smelly, you don't get hot fat spat at you and it's twice as fast.
  24. This Time

    Carnivore diet

    As promised, here's a cost breakdown. I've gone for two days where I ate a lot of calories to show how different the cost can be depending on what you eat. Most expensive day: steak (350g bavette steak from morrisons) - £3.50 pate (home made with chicken livers and duck fat) - £0.40 lamb stock (had to buy bones) - £0.40 pork belly (500g, Sainsbury's) - £2.50 Duck breast (150g Gressingham on offer in Morrisons) - £2.00 Leftover roast lamb (Morrisons, £7 a kilo) - £2.00 Totals: £11.80, 3209 calories, 268g protein, 238g fat Cheaper with similar calories and macros: pork belly (500g, Sainsbury's) - £2.50 pate - £0.40 meatballs (almost a kilo of 20% fat beef and pork mince from Sainsbury's) - £3.00 pemmican - £0.45 beef jerky - £0.45 Totals: £6.80, 3395 calories, 241g protein, 268g fat I'll try making the pate with fat from the pork belly once I've got through this jar of duck fat which will halve the cost, I was getting the pork belly in Morrison's before which must be a slightly different cut because it was rendering less fat. Stock will be free from now on as I've amassed enough chicken bones from buying skin on chicken thighs and deboning them myself (plus the cats get the odd bone). I've not included any savings from reduced to clear items but even not great reductions add up quite quickly.
  25. This Time

    Carnivore diet

    I'll go into more detail tomorrow ( remind me if I forget) but it's averaging about a fiver a day.