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    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    I think in words, just know the solution without having to think about it or set my subconscious a task which it completes at some random point in the future and goes bing with the solution.
  2. This Time

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    My navigation skills, sense if direction and ability to remember areas I've been to before are all pretty good actually unless you put me in Covent Garden.
  3. This Time

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    How many here can't visualise things? My husband says it's quite normal to be able to basically project a hologram of an object, say a bus, in front of you with your mind. All I can do is briefly get a flash of red and a sense of bussyness.
  4. This Time

    Just eat. Just Feck off

    I've used them but I have a pathological hatred of phoning companies (I'll walk a mile and a half to place an order at the butcher rather than phone them) and would always check if I could order directly through their website.
  5. Ball gag. Made of pig skin.
  6. This Time

    Four weekly bin collection, Conwy, Wales

    Well so far this is a bit of a disaster. We were supposed to get new Wheely bins but they didn't turn up in time so most of the street are probably confused about why the rubbish wasn't collected last week and their recycling wasn't done this week as all the notice we actually had was a 'to the occupier' letter which must people will have ignored and a pamphlet that would have got lost in the sea of junk we all get through our letter boxes.
  7. This Time

    More Tory tax breaks for landlords

    How many renters want to actually buy the flat they live in? I'd want way more than a 22% discount to buy this shit hole.
  8. This Time

    Four weekly bin collection, Conwy, Wales

    Ours have just gone to biweekly collections with the added fun of making it more complicated. One week they collect landfill and paper, the next week they do other recycling. We've had mixed recycling as long as I've lived in this borough (about 7 years), how have they suddenly lost the ability to separate the paper from everything else?
  9. This Time

    Father ted goes down the rabbit hole

    Plus your brain doesn't mature on lupron making it useless as the whole point is to delay transitioning until they're old enough to make the decision. Doctors who give this shit to kids (and other "treatment") will hopefully be facing child abuse charges in the not to distant future.
  10. This Time

    Dr Who Bingo

    12 was quite grumpy but he didn't swear.
  11. This Time

    Father ted goes down the rabbit hole

    A good 80% of them identify as lesbians and most of them keep their penises. The ones who get into an impotent rage about lesbians not wanting to fuck them are probably in the majority.
  12. This Time

    Father ted goes down the rabbit hole

    You have Pete Burns on ignore?
  13. This Time

    Dr Who Bingo

    Oh, the new series has started then? I used to count down the minutes. Might watch it when it hits Netflix.
  14. This Time

    Father ted goes down the rabbit hole

    Nah, the trannies started it by starting to insist that they be treated like a woman in all circumstances despite still having a penis, including insisting that lesbians accommodate their "lady penises".
  15. This Time


    Two thirds of amputations in the US are due to diabetes, I'd assume it's similar here. If they're trying to paint lard, or even smoking, as the main culprit then they're spreading fake news.
  16. This Time


    And most of them could be prevented if they didn't tell diabetics to eat lots of carbs.
  17. This Time

    Bloody BT

    We got phone, fibre internet, TV (we asked them to take it off the package though) and two sim only deals (2g data, 1500 minutes and unlimited texts) from Virgin for £39.
  18. This Time

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Just when I thought it was impossible to be more embarrassed by our prime minister.
  19. This Time

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I think he's pretty short - 5'6" or so.
  20. This Time

    Sugar and Alzheimers - Huge impact

    My guess is hydrolysed Soy protein and wheat protein - that's what most of the frankenfood that vegans pretend to themselves is just like meat is made of.
  21. This Time

    The normalisation of female obesity

    It's impossible to be healthy and obese as obesity is a symptom of a fucked up endocrine system.
  22. This Time

    Central heating on

    We've had ours on but we had guests from Hong Kong last week and it would have been mean not to put the heating on for them.
  23. This Time

    Are we going to like Jeremy Hunt now then?

    Gove just burried the teachers in pointless paperwork.
  24. This Time

    Carnivore diet

    I've been looking into this after someone posted the video below on thread somewhere. I've talked before about how a keto diet has helped a lot with my various symptoms. The big one that I still suffer from is brain fog which has been linked to inflammation plus I've not been feeling great lately and my knees are feeling inflamed. I'd started to suspect dairy since my increased symptoms date from experimenting with vegetarian food in preparation for my yoga teacher training at a Buddhist temple (don't worry, I've switched to a different course!) but I know that I have issues with at least some plant foods so figure in for a penny, in for a pound. Has anyone tried it? Does anyone fancy trying it with me? I'm thinking I'll probably start in the next few days once I've had a bit of time to figure out the logistics of eating only plain meat while not subjecting my husband to such a boring diet.
  25. This Time

    The normalisation of female obesity

    I think you'll find that the founder of antifa looks more like this.