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  1. jay67

    Change your music tastes you sexist pigs

    I have quite a lot of female musicians in my collection...Sandy Denny, Vashti Bunyan, Linda Perhacs, Holly Golightly. The bands Smoke Fairies and First Aid Kit were started by women. Also like Thee Headcoatees (raucous pop/punk from former Billy Childish backing singers.) The 90s female blues duo Mr Airplane Man, who were often the support band to The White Stripes, have now reformed and are touring.
  2. jay67

    Owen Jones

    Jones was born in YORKSHIRE and brought up in Bramhall (as you'd expect, the poshest part of Stockport)
  3. jay67

    Lottery lunacy

    That's really low..I thought you got about £100K with that. I got 5 numbers in 1999, and received £2,470. It paid for less than half of the new second-hand car I needed.
  4. jay67

    Weirdest/worst job interviews.

    As a recent graduate, back in about 1980, I was called to an interview on a huge industrial estate in Trafford Park, Manchester. It was very brief, as I couldn't answer any of the questions. It turned out they wanted an experienced Transport Manager for a company which manufactured soap products. How they thought they'd recruit one by putting a short, vague advert in a jobs magazine aimed at 21-year old graduates, without mentioning in any way what the job entailed, and paying a low-level clerical position salary, I've no idea. I'd sent my CV, such as it was, in advance too. In 1981, my series of temporary jobs having run out (there were very few jobs for anyone at that time) I went for a Community Service Volunteers interview with a very chaotic hostel for homeless alcoholics in Oxford. There was a lot of drunken arguing in the nearby entrance area. "Don't worry, it'll all make sense in a few weeks", said the interviewer. As he said that, the door opened and a wild figure entered the office. "I've been here ten effing years, and it makes no effing sense to me", he said as he picked up a book and went outside. I asked the interviewer if that was one of the residents, and he said "no, that's the Project Director!". I was told I'd got the position, and then was asked to go to the kitchens and help staff give out the dinners. I stayed over 2 years, and it was the most bizarre place I've ever worked in.
  5. jay67

    Hoax hate

    There's a thread on this over at Chateau Heartiste..looks like the young guy's lawyers are going to serve papers on all the tweeters who threatened him.
  6. jay67

    Make your own ecig liquid

    Home Bargains sell UK-made liquid for £1 for 10mls; Cool Trader for 95p.
  7. jay67

    Mr Bercow

    Bercow made Thatcher look far left in comparison. He was chairman of the Federation of Conservative Students in the early 80s, which was disbanded for being too extreme...by Norman Tebbit. They used to wear "Hang Nelson Mandela" T-shirts.
  8. jay67

    Should have kept women in the smug ....

    Bill Waddington, who played Percy Sugden, was the same in real life. He lived in my Mum's village for many years. My barber once told me that Bill rolled up in a brand new BMW for a haircut, then claimed the pensioner's discount.
  9. I buy lots of odd vintage Ebay items on behalf of my brother. The last few things were: a pack of 6 x 1960s metal aeroplanes which you put caps in to make them go bang (Ebay tend to delete auctions for caps, but some slip through the net.)..vintage toy pistols, cap guns, camping stool, industrial lightshade, and an Aldis slide projector. My oddest things were probably the magic mushrooms which were sent from Amsterdam; legal a few years ago.
  10. jay67

    DNC Primaries 2020

    I actually own a money box very similar to this one. I was given it around 1962, but it was pretty old even then.There's a little lever on the back which lifts up the arm, the eyeballs move, and coins go into the mouth. I don't know the family history of it. My late Mum was on the volunteer committee of the NSPCC Blue Bird campaign in the 1950s and 60s, and we had papier mache blue egg collection boxes by the front door. I suspect one of her relatives had the above money box to collect money for African children, and Mum ended up with it. It;s in a cupboard somewhere; not something you could display nowadays.
  11. jay67

    Is this site a balanced mix of opinions?

    Mine is even rarer...I'm an INFJ. INTJ is pretty common on websites though. Many people who work in IT are INTJs, and there's a lot of you on here!
  12. jay67

    What a woman

    If I remember correctly, Foot's jacket was actually a very expensive Jaeger car coat, bought by his wife. The Queen Mother complimented him on it. Certainly a cut above Corbyn's grotty old anorak.
  13. jay67

    The ‘StarCircle’

    Lots on Ebay, put something like " Number plate sticker Union Jack " or Brexit in the search box. (Check sizes carefully, some are tiny; others are designed to completely cover the EU flag.)