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  1. jay67

    Have we got everywhere covered? England

    Another one from Cheshire here..moved around for a few years, then returned in the early 90's.
  2. jay67

    Cars for the non-petrolheads

    Another fan here of Toyotas and Hondas. (Year 2000 Yaris owner currently.) If you're going to be doing a lot of motorway miles, an Avensis would be better than a Yaris..more road presnce and less tailgating. Friend with a 2005 1.8 Avensis gets 40+ mpg on average. Nissans were great until the year 1999, when they merged with Citroen. Newer Mazdas have Ford mechanicals I think. Bit worrying that the Yaris is now built in France; hope other models aren't affected!
  3. jay67

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Yes, that's true. Rollo Tomassi's Dual Strategy/Epiphany Phase theories..the sexy Alpha for genetics, and the Beta for provisioning. (Women might not want to be treated badly/too indifferently by the Alphas, but it goes with the territory; Alphas don't take the woman too seriously, and can get another one very easily.) Supplicating Betas are regarded as very low sexual market value by women, but the benefits are houses, cars, holidays etc. I think Omegas are the chubby basement-dwelling blokes who can never get a girlfriend. Sigmas are Alphas with loner-ish tendencies who don't particularly want to lead groups. Eg Clint Eastwood in the sphagetti westerns, or the bloke in the long leather coat in The Wire who made a living robbing the drug dealers. Think that's right anyway.
  4. jay67

    Lease everything

    I bought a year 2000 Toyota Yaris in January 2007, for £3995. It's still going well, and has never broken down. If I'd leased a small car at, say, £120 a month instead, I would have paid out £17,000 in that time.
  5. jay67

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Too many pages to check back whether it has already been mentioned, but have read elsewhere that a few years ago, Kavanaugh's mother, then a county court judge, approved the foreclosure of a mortgaged property belonging to the Ford family. No ulterior motive there, then..
  6. jay67

    UKIP release interim manifesto

    There are Make England Great Again and Make Britain Great Again hats on Ebay. Also a Youtube news channel called MBGA.
  7. jay67

    Old Musicians who can still cut it

    Dave Brock is still fronting Hawkwind, at age 77. He looks a lot healthier than poor old Nik Turner, who is a year older.
  8. jay67

    Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2018

    Peter Benson, who played garage owner Bernie Scripps in 'Heartbeat' has just died. Surprised that he was only 75.
  9. jay67

    Famous people you've met

    Mine are very minor. In the late 50's and 60's we had the Morecambe & Wise Show producer, Johnny Ammonds, living next door. Allan Clarke from The Hollies once came into the newsagents where I had a weekend job in the 70's, wanting to buy a box of matches. The boss refused to serve him as he just had a £10 note. Also met Arthur Brown at the bar of the Witchwood pub in Ashton Under Lyne, after a gig.. He was friendly, but as barking mad as you'd expect.
  10. jay67

    "They wouldn't call it that now"

    I'm a bit surprised that you can still buy Um Bongo! (And Blackjacks,though they no longer have the golliwog on the wrappers, like Trebor used to do.)
  11. jay67

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Probably on Tinder.
  12. jay67

    Jumpers for goalposts

    Wow, lots of stuff here I'd completely forgotten about! I spotted some Blackjacks in a packet at Home Bargains last week, so they're still around. Anyone remember the Esso Tiger In The Tank campaigns? We used to try and blag their promotional stuff from garages..never got a Tiger Tail, but had a few stickers. I got sent some petrol coupons in the early 70s when there was an oil crisis or something, but they never needed to be used. Bubblegum cards were very sought after by kids. I had lots of Batman ones (sold to an American collector for nearly £100 around 1990.) Still have a few Mars Attacks ones (very violent) and had my American Civil War ones (also very violent)confiscated by my parents. One bubblegum variety had fake Confederate banknotes inside! There was an ice lolly which had coupons inside which you could collect to get Space Cadet badges..we used to pick the wrappers up in the local park so we didn't have to buy as many lollies. There were outdoor cigarette vending machines in our village, and a bubblegum one nearby which had Monkees badges to win if you were lucky. (I got a Micky Dolenz one.) The Sunday evening kids show Tingha and Tucker was incredibly dull.
  13. jay67

    Finding Money on Street

    Have been recording the amount of money I find on the street/floor of shops for over ten years. It varied from a few pence to about £12 a year. The only major amount I ever found was in 1966, as a very underage paperboy taking a short cut through a pub car park one Sunday...£95 in a wallet! (£1700 in today's money.) Took in round to the owner's house in the next village. His wife said that it was due to be paid in at her husband's workplace, and he hadn't realised he'd lost his wallet. Got thirty shillings reward. The husband never contacted me.
  14. jay67

    Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2018

    In the late 90's, Charlie Kray was up in court on a major drug-smuggling charge. For reasons best known to himself, he had chosen a character reference from...Mad Frankie Fraser. He got sent down for 12 years.
  15. jay67

    The end of Dr Who?

    Little bit of trivia here...a strong contender for the role, which was ultimately given to Sylvester McCoy, was Chris Jury. (Eric from the Lovejoy series) (My favourite Doctor was Tom Baker; preferences seem to be related to whoever was around during our teenage years. I couldn't cope with all the background noise and poor plots in recent years, and gave up.)