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  1. jay67

    In memorium

    What happened to Eric Pebble, and his unfeasibly large coloured fonts?
  2. Just signed...over 111,000 now.
  3. Trivia note..Angela was the granddaughter of Labour politician George Lansbury. Angela's daughter Dee Dee was a minor member of the Manson Family.
  4. Maybe Tommy should have called himself Aardvark Party and got to the top of the list. I've got the North West voting paper too. Looked up on Youtube the person at the top of the Brexit Party list, who I hadn't heard of before a few days ago..Claire Fox.A few speeches there (impassioned, good ones) and a long quiet interview. She has an interesting background..a lifelong left wing activist, the Director of the Academy Of Ideas, and a former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party. Have made a mental note of this in case some idiot tells me the Brexit Party is right wing!
  5. jay67

    Tourists Fuckoff

    Er..no. Sleights. (I'm presuming it's a quiet village..I don't know the area at all.)
  6. Yes, the Brains was better than the Marstons. But as is customary with most of Home Bargains' random items, it sold out within a week and is no longer on the shelves. I should have bought more.
  7. As a true Dosbod skinflint, I shall be having a Marstons EPA later, £1-09p from that fine purveyor of completely random beer, Home Bargains. Last week I had the rather good Rev James beer from Brains brewery in Cardiff, which was 99p a bottle.
  8. Just noticed on my form that there was an anti-Brexit party called UKEUP, just above UKIP...hmm. How was that one allowed?!
  9. Just vinyl records here..though I may have a sealed pack of coasters somewhere which I bought from a charity shop.
  10. jay67

    Tourists Fuckoff

    I had no idea that there were so many tourists in Whitby..just thought that there would be a few Goths around in summer season! A friend and her very elderly mother moved recently from central Whitby to a quiet village nearby, solely because of the tourists.
  11. He worked for a week at Selfridges after graduating, where he had to refold towels disturbed by customers, and put them back on the shelves. His family firm, wallpaper/fabrics firm Osborne & Little, was founded by his father and father's brother in law.
  12. (I didn't write the bit about Yaxley_Lennon...it appeared by itself!)
  13. I received my voting form today, in the North West. Only one choice allowed on form. I'll be voting Brexit Party on this occasion, though lean slightly more towards UKIP. Noticed that Nigel's party is near the bottom of the form, as it's designated The Brexit Party. The Labour Party is higher up, as they've called it "Labour Party." Same with the Greens. Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is at the bottom, with no indication of his status..I understand he's running as an independent. The bloke just above him has 'Independent' below his name. No "famous" Brexiteers here, apart from Claire Cox, whom I hadn't heard of before the campaign.
  14. Idris played Stringer Bell in The Wire; he was the second-in-command of a gang of drug dealers. Very good in it, too. One of my favourite scenes was when he attended an evening class in Economics to improve the business!
  15. There was a wonderful quote from Deirdre Barlow's mother, Blanche, in Coronation Street.... "Good looks are a curse, Deirdre. You and Kenneth should count yourselves lucky!"