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  1. Acid rain, deforestation, ozone, ice caps, barrier reef melting... always something being rammed down our throats as we are told we only have a couple of years to act. Load of them outside our office at Bank tube station. Stopping traffic for 7mins at a time, and in doing so creating an extra shit load of pollution.
  2. Nose wax kit on Amazon £10. Hurts like hell, but strangely satisfying and brilliantly effective.
  3. Rowley


    If she is anything like my mum, the guy was actually called Will Atherton, and the story was really about a parking ticket he got for overstaying the 3hour limit in Asda car park.
  4. But she wouldn’t have any NI contributions, so no pension?
  5. Saw this last night and I was screaming at the TV. She couldn’t even look up from her desk, such was the BS spouting from her mouth. Apparently Muslims were just as much, if not more, the victims of the bombs. She, and her ilk, are the real danger to us, not the 0.0000001% bombers.
  6. Rowley

    C J de Mooi

    The Dutch Police never did crack the case
  7. This to me is worse than being killed. Not being able to work, to support your family, to make love, to bear children. Disabilities that hinder both you and those close to you for decades. Possibly preventing them from pursuing their dreams and ambitions as well. The embarrassment of not being able to go to the toilet alone. Constant pain. Never sleeping well again. PTSD. Anxiety. Everyone forgets the dead quick enough. These people are greater victims. Christ knows how many people fell into this camp after MEN Arena. We hear nothing about them.
  8. How the hell can you accurately gauge the length of a snooze? Say you want a 20min snooze. It might take me anywhere between 5-25mins to actually drop off. So what time do I set my alarm for, cos i’m sure as hell not going to wake up 25mins into the actual sleep?
  9. Can you imagine if the London protests were organised by Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon? Can you imagine the reaction by the media, by the Police, by Government spokesmen? Can you imagine how long the disruption on the bridges would be allowed to go on? We are being told the Police don’t have the resources to remove Swampy and his mates, yet the first sign of a “far right” march on a Sunday morning, and all leave is cancelled and cops are being shipped in from Aberdeen.
  10. Notre Dame could be Macrons Falkland Islands
  11. Rowley

    Holland an Belgium

    It’s a typo. It’s Holland & Barratt. £7.50 hour selling weight loss capsules to housewives.
  12. Charity MIND are on Sky News telling us to worry about MP’s mental health with all this stress we’ve caused over Brexit