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  1. When the incident first occurred, it was reported as a "packed commuter train" FFS Anyway, the victim is these scenarios is immediately elevated to Saint Jo of Cox levels, and I often wonder just how many are truly innocent. The black guy leaves the carriage after the verbals (who knows, maybe because he knows he has a violent temper and a knife in his pocket that he doesn't actually want to use), and Pomeroy follows him, quite frankly now as the aggressor. So what if Pencille called him a pussy in front of his son. Laugh about it. Mock him later. Make it a lesson for your son, but christ don't continue to poke the situation unnecessarily. As someone has already pointed out, the outfit / body language has serious red flags. How did Pomeroy seriously think he was going to reason with this muppet?
  2. Was he rescued by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt?
  3. Surprised DiCaprio has never fallen foul of a trumped up rape / sexual assault charge with one of these models. All it would take is an unhinged character on the top of the ‘sexy / crazy’ chart to decide she wants to further her world wide profile... He must do some serious due diligence, or have a catalogue of serious supporting evidence
  4. Who dies in these heat waves? Mostly old biddys I'm guessing, freeing up lots of 3 / 4 bed suburban houses in the process...
  5. Thought that was Borat for a second... Either that or a Muzzer Gareth Southgate
  6. To be fair, she still has an attractive face. That older picture does have a bit of "dad and daughter" about it though...
  7. Worry ourselves to death about falling in quicksand, acid rain, or catching AIDS
  8. Hatton Garden has been great. Proper men’s TV, like they used to make. Not a woman or queer in sight!
  9. Rowley

    Next PM

    Cunts Assemble
  10. Well considering the woman is always white, and the man is black, I can only assume you are a massive RACIST!
  11. I think it’s more to do with the DGAF attitude if you are married. Unlikely that you will be on the pull, and women pick up on that. On the rare nights we go out, I have had women coming onto me in clubs in my 40’s with my wife next to me...! Rarely had a sniff when I was younger and actually trying.
  12. Of course they should be in jail. Those secular inmates aren’t going to convert themselves you know!
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    Northern Ireland

    In one word... alcohol. Alcohol damaged development from sperm to womb, then the mental stress of living with a man who is almost certainly a professional pisshead, whilst trying to bring up a kid. I know one bloke who will go missing on a Tuesday night, or even not come home from work all weekend, then turn up (to an angry wife) on Sunday in his Friday work clothes. His (now ex) wife was on serious anti-depressants at the time. Very few families from NI who have not got serious drink issues somewhere.
  14. All true, but you are oversimplifing why people go to the gym. There is a variety of exercises under one roof, social scene, and “pampering” aspect of steam rooms etc. Also, whilst a basic outdoor exercise routine will get you fit and lean, it will rarely develop a consistent muscular tone across the body. This could possibly be done through a knowledgeable calisthenics routine, but even that requires equipment (albeit simple bars)
  15. There’s a Jewish girl I see at our gym each Sunday who has the most stunning body. Slim, (probably boobs too small for most men) and toned to perfection. All she does is a simple kettlebell routine for about an hour in the free weights area. Now, I obviously don’t know what else she does in the week, but I seriously think just 2-3 hours gym work each week, and a relatively careful relationship with food would give similar results for 80% of women. I am amazed how few girls have ANY evidence of muscular toning that would suggest regular exercise - yet i’ve just got back from Cyprus and nearly every bloke from 20 to late 40’s looks like he does some kind of weekly workout. (Could be the result of physical labour granted...)