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  1. Rowley

    katie price shot down allegadly

    Can’t remember if Price did this or not, but many, many mothers (always mothers) of disabled kids regularly appear in the media trying to convince the world that having a disabled kid is especially rewarding, almost like others are missing out. Now I understand it is their duty to unconditionally love, but some of them are actively trying to prevent tests that would highlight such issues early in the pregnancy. It’s almost like “I have to suffer, so should someone else” or “I don’t want to be the last parent in the UK stuck with a Downs kid”. Of course, they are nearly always talking about a kid under the age of 8...
  2. Rowley

    katie price shot down allegadly

    Combined, no doubt, with many evenings of partying before she realised the pregnancy.
  3. Rowley

    Best places to live for Young people

    Ha ha, you can just imagine the silly old cunt of a journey who wrote this at BBC HQ. Where are "Tinder Subscriptions per 100,000", "Distance to nearest county line dealer", "Cheap gyms and meal prep services"...
  4. Rowley

    Time's Up for The Grand Tour after homophobic jokes

    Great point. I suppose different groups of people are now exposed daily (almost forced) to face different styles of comedy, tastes, political view points etc, and for some it must be a genuine shock to find people making throw away, crass jokes about race, gender, class etc. For others, it's just the usual tame pub banter.
  5. Rowley

    Great Guy's Fitness Update

    Well done buddy. After a few weeks, regular exercise just becomes "part of your routine". It's amazing the difference it can make to your outlook on life and self-worth / confidence.
  6. Rowley

    Alex Salmond

    Two seconds of eye contact with a woman in the queue at Subway sandwich
  7. My dad regularly comments on the same. How many layabouts and work shy family members who haven’t got a pot to piss in will buy a dog as their life falls to bits. Divorce on cards = buy a dog. Lost your job = buy a dog. Cos that’s exactly what you need when the purse strings tighten... another mouth to feed!!!
  8. When we moved into our house, the previous owners had just done a loft conversion with 3 Velux windows / rear dormer. Good chance they might have pissed off a few neighbours at the back who felt they had lost privacy. Anyway, gutters at front needed cleaning, and when I went up, there were a number of sun dried dog turds on the roof, where presumably someone had tried to throw them through a recently constructed (and open) velux window
  9. They’ve become a bit of a “must have”. You are not a proper family until you get a dog. Loads of families at kids school have recently got one - and ask them about it 3 months in, and none look happy! I get the impression people think the kids will start behaving and their marriage will be rescued if they buy a French Bulldog Never been walked, then the owner wonders why it’s ripped the new baby’s face off at the first opportunity
  10. Rowley

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Having watched a few of these videos, and suspect it is just raw practice. Insults and accusations fly straight off him. He never seems to lose his cool, or let emotion get a foot hold. Very few politicians who could debate with that level of personal intensity, close up with a stranger who could physically attack them at any minute.
  11. Rowley

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Civilised and generally agreeable people
  12. Heard it was close to Practical Completion. Working in construction, you can't under estimate the damage here... M&E services, ceilings, floors, decoration, shopfront glazing & entrance (that they will be lucky to get in 6 weeks), reception desk, feature lighting, IT / PoS systems. Thats on top of the strip out costs, and structural surveys required to the ceiling above (you see the main steel exposed above the door). There would have been HUGE penalties for late delivery on this hotel - very unlikely to open now, even if they can find alternative access and a temp reception. Fire regs probably requires that entrance to be operational. Could be another 10-12 weeks to sort this.
  13. Rowley

    Anyone go to the gym?

    I remember a documentary about lifters a while back, that said most of them do it to impress OTHER MEN (not in a gay way), rather than women. It is a competition at the gym, rather than a pulling aid. I suppose a bit like successful businessmen getting wealthy by just concentrating on the work at hand, rather than thinking about the day they will get rich. I don't think you need to be huge either. Just a decent shaped body in well-fitted clothes. I just wish I had realised this back in my teens, rather than my 40's.
  14. Rowley

    Islamification of Europe

    To be this concerned about the non entity that is right wing terrorism, they must be shitting it the general population are about to cotton on to what’s happening
  15. Rowley

    Islamification of Europe

    Sky News main story about far-right extremism. Got a black cop (natch) stood over loads of seized weapons, most of which are obviously just collectable items for weirdos like samurai swords and shit old pistols. (Think of that gay hillbilly's shop from Pulp Fiction). So apparently, more white people are now arrested on terrorism charges than those from "an Asian background". Apart from Jo Cox (which is questionable in itself), can anyone think of an organised right wing terror attack that killed someone recently in this country?