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  1. Well with Schofield and this bint, at least no-ones talked about Andrew for a fortnight 😎
  2. Once you’ve lost your mojo in that arena, especially a woman wrong side of 40, how the hell do you earn money? You are literally starting again with fuck all experience in any sensible career.
  3. I'll second this. Most efficient way of removing, with results lasting several weeks. For the nose, just be quick and forceful. If using on ears, a more gentle, rocking action works best. Be warned though, both are pretty painful. I buy additional plastic applicators from eBay, and you can reuse spare wax several times.
  4. I lost a weeks worth of holidays (2 of those built up due to long service) when I moved jobs 3 years ago and it bloody stung. With the allowance left (you are forced to take 5 or so for Xmas), I’ve got a week at half term, maybe 10 days away in summer, then a long weekend or two. I’m bloody furious if some prick decides to get married on a Thursday (to save money) on the other side of the country. They’ve recently given us an extra day in our birthday month, but it still feels well shy of an acceptable allowance. Holidays are the only time we truly connect as a family. Evenings are non-existent, and most weekends we might only bond over a meal or a film (hardly social).
  5. Rowley

    Big Ben

    They might have to negative pressurise the area to prevent contaminated dust escaping. All the prep work, PPE, de-contam units etc, before any removal even starts = £££. Once inside no-one but the contractor really knows what’s going on. They could all be watching Loose Women behind those warning signs.
  6. Google has teamed up with WHO to help disseminate info via their results page
  7. But if it gets out of control, your point 2 will cancel point 4. There isn’t resource to quarantine 6 million people who may or may not have the virus. Sounds like the super-spreader didn’t even know he had it - like I said before, it sounds like only the weak and infirm are badly affected by it. As bio-weapons go, it’s pretty lame if it is one.
  8. Once infected, let’s see how the “Hands off our wonderful NHS” brigade receive that... They just want 8 trillion dollars for it
  9. This talk of a weaponised virus doesn’t make sense to me. The kill rate is far too low... unless the whole point of it is to remove the ‘worst burdens’ on the system (non-productives basically). The old, the infirm, the sick.
  10. Did the see the pathetic saps at that news conference? At the start of it, there’s some weird woman in black doing the “hands on hips” Tory power stance. The two speaking look like the last people you’d want in charge of an emergency (and the first if you were planning a diversity drive in the local civil service)
  11. Could it be BS?... they are not having to name him after all...
  12. Kids that young regularly get away with the most heinous crimes due to their age and apparent inability to understand consequences. This one is having the book thrown at him for some playground hurty words??
  13. I would read nothing into it - unless they are booking their half term ski week holiday with a fortnight to go each year (!?), then this years holiday would have been booked for months.
  14. I use John Lewis as a show room and ideas hub for my discount internet purchases. If it’s good enough to be stocked by JL (and their unrivalled buyers due diligence), then it is an almost zero risk gamble buying it on a credit card from some random Asian retailer in Birmingham.
  15. Where are these slim slender graceful women you speak of?