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  1. Rowley

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I have a very opinionated cousin who is the polar opposite of me in just about every way. He has been very vocal on Facebook about “the idiots that voted for Brexit etc”, “thick racists etc”, with all his SJW mates diving in with comments. His job? He runs a small media / film company whose main (only?) client is The University of Sheffield. The vested interest is astounding, but of course never mentioned. Forgot to say, most of the films seem to dwell on foreign students (usually girls) excelling at science or some other typically male subject. One big BS PR exercise for an imaginary immigration policy.
  2. Preferably to with a fresh migrant to make them feel welcome
  3. Rowley

    Helicopter crash at Leicester City

    How the hell is there not some sort of locking pin on the nut for such a crucial piece of controls???
  4. Rowley

    Children's Characters You Can't Stand

    Bagpuss. What a fuckin depressing programme that was. Went to the National Media Centre with the kids recently and you can watch archive TV shows. This appeared and we watched 5 mins together. It just sums up 1970's TV perfectly - everything brown and orange, like you are watching through a pair of old tights. Even as a 4 year old I knew it was shit, and one day in the distant future I would finally be basking in some slick American box set in glorious Sky UHD.
  5. Rowley

    Sorus university eventually forced out of Budapest

    Disgustingly biased comment article in The Sunday Times by David Aaronovitch about this, prattling on about how much Soros believes in free speech and democracy. It is quite simply an astounding piece of one-sided writing. I struggle to believe even David himself holds such polarised views.
  6. Rowley

    Water water everywhere but not to flush the loo

    If it was that much of a problem, you’d go to Tesco for a number 2 everyday.
  7. Rowley

    Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder?

    Don't know much about boxing, but Fury always appears so unconventional. It's like Bruce Lee getting into a fight in Wetherspoons on a Friday night. He might win, but there's a good chance some scally will crack him over the head with a bar stool before he can unleash the much practised one-inch punch.
  8. Rowley

    Family History

    My dad has been OBSESSED with our family tree for as long as I can remember. It has really pissed me off over the years. Firstly, it is hideously boring. It's in the same ball park as someone at work telling you about a dream they had last night. He will regale family and friends at parties for as long as they can stand about his research success and frustrations. Made me a framed family tree to hang in the spare room which I can see as I type. It gives the person the illusion of interest as the deeper they delve, they are almost certain to come across someone with a tasty criminal record of sorts. Then they can kid themselves they were just a misunderstood Robin Hood type figure robbing and stealing to support his family, and not a medieval meth / prostitute addiction. Secondly, THEY ARE ALL DEAD. I feel like I have played second fiddle to a bunch of dead people all my life. He hasn't been a bad dad, but I can barely remember any memorable occasions when we did stuff father and son. (Ok, it was the 70's and 80's, so is unfair to compare to todays standards but nonetheless...). However, he was forever disappearing to public libraries across the country to sit for hours pouring over dusty marriage / birth / death certificates, or grainy microfiche records, usually only to come back in a defeated mood. I mean, good god, these people are gone. What about the ones still on earth TODAY? Surely, there is a circle of priority somewhere? Thirdly, it is a classic Sisyphean - it will never be completed. In fact, probably the best thing that could happen to anyone beginning their research is that you fail within a couple of generations. Once you get bogged down in the 1790's after YEARS of this bullshit, social records start becoming unreliable, handwriting can be misinterpreted, vital certificates get burned, water-damaged or ripped. He will go to his grave feeling like a God-damn failure because he couldn't find out who gave birth to some random geezer 250 years ago. Baffles me that in 2018 this is a leisure time hobby of choice...
  9. Rowley

    Islamification of Europe

    Both The Times today for a long train journey. Big picture of the Syrian kid on the front page with the story tucked away somewhere like page 6. What I found odd though was that within the body of the text, that took up half a page, at least half the story discussed TR and TR's version of events. Of course, every usual effort was made to discredit him such as referring to him as "convicted fraudster TR, real name Stephen..." etc, but it seemed an odd that so much of the story centred around TR.
  10. Rowley

    Beware, the Twatterati.

    Whilst growing up from the ages of about 11 to 17 (in a predominantly white, middle class suburb of South Manchester), a huge, "out of all proportion" number of transgressions against me and my group of friends were by black kids. Menacing threats against the person, attempts to rob me / friends of our money or bikes, poorly executed muggings on the bus etc. These were kids who by all accounts should have been in the minority. The persecuted minority apparently. However it was they who were the intimidating aggressors. It wasn't until I went to Uni when I met an educated black person for the first time. Was quite shocked, as the first was a particularly posh, wealthy lad from an almost aristocratic family in Africa.
  11. Rowley

    Islamification of Europe

    Video of the sister getting pushed over now. Donations over £80K. This is slowly turning into that photo of the drowned boy on the beach.
  12. Rowley

    Islamification of Europe

    Has anyone mentioned this bullying story in Huddersfield yet? Terrible and upsetting video of brain-dead yob picking on a smaller refugee kid, but my God, has Christmas come early for the lefty, globalist, SJW brigade. Both bully and victim have faces blurred out on the MSM, but the Daily Mail manage to slot in a photo of Tommy Robinson next to them! (As bully had shared posts from him on FB - obviously being so thick he doesn't actually understand the message TR has been trying to convey). His address was all over the internet last night (some keen detective work had found his mum had been done for a racist incident recently, and surname / road name was published), with apparent police protection now at the house, but if I were him I'd be just as worried about angry TR supporters as the RoP'ers coming round. Reading the MSM, you honestly would think no black or asian kid has EVER bullied or battered a white kid in this country.
  13. Rowley

    I don’t care. Maybe I should but I really don’t.

    Even for the Europe figure, how many of these are by ethnic minorities? As an aside, these stats for violence are often trotted out, as if women are totally blameless victims. Of the male perpetrators of these violent acts, how many of them had a caring mother who did her job properly? Who loved the child unconditionally, paid him attention, treated him with kindness, respect and patience? Almost none I will wager.
  14. Rowley

    Men's Winter Hats

    Mens winter head wear seems to jump from casual woolly beanie, straight to "trying too hard to be trendy" David Beckham flat cap. Neither I am comfortable with.
  15. Rowley

    Not My Cousin Vinnie

    Most Joe Soap's even know not to take photos of military aircraft whilst in Greece. That's a European friend BTW. This (educated and informed) buffoon who apparently specialises in "Security Studies" thinks it wise to potter about asking questions about the Arab spring and the state response in some dusty, backward hellhole. If he is a spy, he's worse than Jonny English.