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  1. 😂 Very good point though. Rough guess would be toilet weighs in region of 900kg if solid?? Not easy to carry through the gift shop in an overcoat pocket
  2. How is something 19000kg PER TONNE??? 1000kg per tonne every day of my week
  3. Some of Brands shows are a fantastic listen, and although he’s moved over to the Luminary subscription service, a load of his old podcasts are still on ITunes. Never liked the other guy, and hate him even more since he did those condescending “we are not an island” HSBC adverts. Probably still to this day, the most obvious anti-Brexit advertising campaign by any business.
  4. The Burr show is very funny, but wish he would tone some of the shouty delivery down. Surprised to hear he is married to a black woman, as from previous specials I've assumed he is Americas red neck comedian of choice!
  5. Do NOT let your 14 year old anywhere that stuff. I have tried many different brands and they are all snake oil. Headaches, brain fog, and even acne (apparently they use hormones in the dairy industry that carry forward in whey protein and exaggerate teenage acne symptoms... I am 44) have all come my way. This is aside from the potentially more serious long term effects from carcinogenic additives, colouring and sweeteners. They are no substitute to proper food based protein ie a meal. Creatine in small doses may help, but make sure he is drinking enough water with it.
  6. Why wouldn’t they split the leave vote? Shit deal, shitter deal, remain
  7. Fast track conveyor belt for Muzzers
  8. What a stroke of genius it was, dishing out “free” cash and insisting that little blue flag went up on the door. Especially when many of the benefactors are leisure based operations or not profit making in their own right. Bounce along in your carefree happy place to that museum, tourist attraction, or club, and get subliminally brainwashed every time that the EU’s generosity is making your life better.
  9. A country that mostly doesn’t want anything to do with us anyway
  10. Strangely my mum brought up the “5 year rule” the other day. Guess it must have been a social norm from the 50’s / 60’s that was instilled in them
  11. We’ll be on Part 6 by the end of next week at this rate
  12. If, as people have suggested, he is following the Trump playbook, then the strategy is to pull out these obstacles on a regular basis and defeat each one until the opposition just look childish with no proactive policies of their own. Either that or he is a total bumbling cunt.
  13. Christ, Cuba has an enviable medical provision
  14. I think that says more about the electorate than the party