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  1. I loved New Order. So fuckin good. Can't believe that is 35 years old. Just stunning.
  2. When these 'greatest ever' titles get thrown around I always wonder how Ronaldinho's days at Barcelona get overlooked. He was an utter genius. Another one destined to burn-out rather than fade away.
  3. No drugs! Platini too giving it the teapot. Nothing at all dodgy about him, either. lol.
  4. Found it - it was Falcao Edit: fuck me, some shocking defending though. Didn't remember that. Just sat back and let him get on with it.
  5. Iconic. Reminds me of that other one from '82. The Brazillian who looked about 100 - same sort of reaction. Forget his name now.
  6. Radio 4 got Peter Reid on tonight to do a bit about Maradonna. He glossed over his own statuesque contribution to that goal
  7. Battiston, wasn't it. Utterly clattered him. '82 was my favourite world cup - probably cos it's the first I can remember. Rossi, Platini, Zico, Socrates.... great WC.
  8. If I was tasked with plugging some holes in the nation's finances then BTL would look like a great big fat sitting duck. Just sat there, side on, presenting a nice big juicy target. Couldn't miss. They wouldn't be able to get out quick enough. Boom. Feathers everywhere...
  9. Well there it is. That's what passes for 'art' these days, is it? Michelangelo must be spinning in his grave.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKcc_I9NXvM Intro... "distant echo of faraway voices boarding faraway trains"
  11. Fuckin love it. AC/DC winning the intro thread
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