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  2. Some reports coming out there could be multiple gunmen, I would put a large sum on it being gang related
  3. We recently merged so our IT office is now split but I had to sit across from some young dev similar to what you describe, not only that but he wanted to make sure everyone knew he was a "geek" and not in some weird post ironic/hipster way either. He would regularly use an excuse of "well I'm a geek arent I " as some get out clause to being a general numpty. Since the merger however we have merged offices with accounts while our office gets redone, and I thought IT was deranged... We have a new starter 3 weeks in, first couple of days she pretty much told everyone how she was going through marriage problems and mental health issues, all well and good empathy given etc, 2nd week in she went to lunch and was found asleep in her car 3 hours later 2 days running, then we had a week of her being fine and jolly in the morning and making sure everyone knew she was crying by lunchtime, empathy wearing thin... it took for a women from her team to basically tell her to put whatever shit your going through in a box and keep it to yourself as no one knew her, since then she has been a totally different person. She also isn't aware as network admin that we have been notified of her sending dodgy emails to male collegues and CCing a partner in another office that she has never met.... she is going to be trouble...
  4. As we are off topic and random, did anyone watch this? I quite liked Edd, many rumours abound that the buyers of many of the cars where staged but those that have got out into the real world, are as far as I can see are well appreciated for good work, I'm like Ant Arnstead but was surprised to see him as the replacement as you could see when it moved over to the states that Edd's work was sidelined for Mike doing his "cokney" shtick
  5. codfather

    Hate Crimes

    I say restrict his mashed potato!
  6. codfather

    Hate Crimes

    To illustrate my point Mother who is allergic to cod complains to supermarket after fish pie made her ill
  7. codfather

    Hate Crimes

    They sell some concoction in America that says "Cheese" on the packet. Don't know if its consumers being more dumb or fear of litigation due to some legal issue, my guess is that its probably a little from column A and a little from column B
  8. Wasn't there some rumour that this leading/worded carefully to put everyone bar the most extreme to left lib? I'm in the same quarter as Gandhi (not saying I don't belong there and lean a little more to neo liberalism), but I whenever I have seen this site posted, everyone always seem to fall into this quarter
  9. codfather

    Hate Crimes

    Haha, I knew there was a thing a couple of years ago about people not really understanding meat and animal but this is something else. I suppose this could be due to the litigation culture that has developed though, there is always someone looking out for a scam