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  1. tainter (real hairyob1)

    Internet usage to collapse in the UK in April

    I am guessing the stats for white male teens will explode remarkably, or was explode not the right word to use; Imagine an exam hall full of teenage boys with no method of catching some porn where in come walking girls dressed for summer, and show...
  2. tainter (real hairyob1)

    Solution to the prison problem and muslim paedos

    So Rochdale then?
  3. tainter (real hairyob1)

    £10 a week

    I had a friend who took out a student loan, blew it on a stereo and then bought a sack of rice and a sack of dried peas. Not my idea of a square meal but he existed.
  4. tainter (real hairyob1)

    DOSBODS Quiz Time - Which one is the male?

    Just 2?
  5. tainter (real hairyob1)

    #ReleaseTheMemo aka Watergate on steroids

    It's like a very good box set at the moment. I am enjoying all of this cut and thrust all the subterfuge not knowing how its all going to come out. I hope they make another series
  6. tainter (real hairyob1)

    Street View World Tour

    I saw my mother going shopping on Google earth, and also my nephew sat in his car (come from a small town) Just had a look and shes still there (he's not).
  7. tainter (real hairyob1)

    Have the wheels finally come off?

    Never looked at it like that, makes a lot of sense Markets back in a bit of a state - last time I looked the Dow was down 500
  8. tainter (real hairyob1)

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    I was thinking this the moment they mentioned it - If they have full legal right to impose laws on us, that we cannot veto, then they can say whatever they like - on one front this is good, as it could sort out tax evasion so many are keen to avoid the eu investigating but on the other hand they could tie our hands in leaving as you said. The trouble is may will cave in as she alway has so someone else needs to take control. hunger games really
  9. tainter (real hairyob1)

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Took my mutt to france on a canal boat trip a couple of years ago. Had to go to the vets to get a worming thing done before I could bring her back. Put her on a table, she shat everywhere, then they shoved something up her bottom, to which she then pissed herself. Would have been very funny but the nurse gave me the mop and gestured that I should clean it. Yes, they do like everything to be put there.
  10. tainter (real hairyob1)

    You're all terrible people.

    Funny enough, this chap was an ex-ex-ex girl friends cousin ( now she was a crazy person, but thats another story). I met him once on a night out, I even think he might have been labour then. I don't want to seem mean, but he didn't come cross v well.
  11. tainter (real hairyob1)

    You're all terrible people.

    I do agree, but then Steptoe is supposedly taking them back and I am not sure, maybe thats so may years of not really having a left wing opposition or government. I was brought up with a left wing government, but knew nothing about it really. The first PM I can remember is thatcher. Edit - I am sure I typed Steptoe? Ah, sorry, being dumb.
  12. tainter (real hairyob1)

    You're all terrible people.

    I agree. Not a tory fan, but the left have screwed things up with a wonderful idea, but badly implemented. when you see your own suffering from it it bring it closer to home.
  13. tainter (real hairyob1)

    You're all terrible people.

    I am not too sure what caused it all. I voted leave as it seems my kids school have a policy of lowest common denominator, which means the foreign kids there seem to get the most help leaving the other kids to fend for themselves. I also had to stay in north london a couple of years ago, the kids come to stay with me in my hotel and the youngest said what country are we in at the train station as no-one spoke english about 10 minute slater we walked past a shop front which said in english, polish only. I guess a drinking club or something. I also have to admit to being a bit worried walking about late at night there. Some parts of london i have had to work in feel like somewhere else.
  14. tainter (real hairyob1)


    I've have a look. I have lost without exaggeration, hundreds of thousands of pounds on cars. I have had 6 Kombis which would cost £150000 today 3 Rs escorts a rare Lancia, rare alfas. I've just read that and am sad. I lived with a man who could actually do this - he'd open a bottle of a monday night, have a glass an leave it. by wednesday I had to replace it.
  15. tainter (real hairyob1)


    Ah sorry, no, no dry January for me! A neighbour said he was having a Ginuary in protest. I've had so many cars, so many that I;ve lost count. In the past 8 years, I've had 11 - I do like cars probably my weakness.