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  1. Stuey


    Detoxing is mostly crap, avoiding cigarettes and booze etc is mostly enough plus a balanced diet.
  2. Have a wander to Thornaby instead..
  3. This was always going to be the case, wake up 1st Nov in no man's land.. Or another fudge
  4. Stuey


    Ah, Grid Code isn't your I.T code as such but a lengthy legal text and code of conduct for the energy industry. It sits between legal, regulatory, trading, administration etc, so noone knows the full beef of its 10000 pages .... But if you do
  5. Another parliament session 26 Oct and emergency Bank Holiday Friday 1st Nov. Fancy a big piss up...
  6. Stuey


    Knowledge is key, but there's a knack. All the 20somethings are learning code, Python etc I dunno. Useful for the managers but not for them in long run. Meanwhile I know exactly where in the 20000 pages of Grid Code to find what needs doing
  7. Stuey


    They work under 30s like that as they don't know any better and always a fresh influx of new graduates since they all are obsessed with city living. The knowledgeable can pick and choose more....
  8. Stuey

    Tacky as fuck

    Might get one, wtf do you search for on amazon and does it deliver to amazon lockers or too big, stockton castlegate or teesside Park OK
  9. Stuey


    Fascinating discussion Don't think I'll be in the position to retire as I don't need the stress or 9pm phone calls that 50k+ requires. I suspect the biggest part of this beneficial to mental health is a fuck you fund you can live on for two years, so that walking out of a job is easy.
  10. I'd much rather they banned the endless coughing/sniffing some passengers feel the need for. Oh and maybe provide proper headphones for urban types who can't seem to go ten seconds without demonstrating how shit their music is.
  11. If it was real, why do they rely on dodgy tree ring studies so much... A lot of the anecdotal rise in temperatures is just the encroachment of urbanisation on longstanding weather stations.
  12. Every open plan office I've been in, it's always been the same two or three unhealthy cunts who bring illnesses in.
  13. University boys when there are all those university girls around.. The teesside cough.would love to know what this is about. Even youngsters have it, so not about industry.