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  1. Put 15kg+ in a rucksack and do weighted press ups. A sturdy tree branch seven foot high for pull ups. And the same rucksack for long hikes in the evening. Just gotta be flexible!
  2. Well I'm looking for an outlet for £1.7k of April's pay if there are any decent suggestions. Topped up my craft beer and protein bar stash to the max but there's nothing worth buying at the moment!
  3. Those will be the old and the unhealthy. Businesses will then have to tailor their offerings to the younger and healthier. Interesting times..
  4. I haven't a clue how interviews or training can go ahead properly. Working from home is great if you can do it on autopilot!
  5. I've been quietly putting money on this...17/4 or better is available.
  6. Better than this bike nonsense. I see a few bike men around the Tees in Yorkshire and they look dodgy. Grown men on bikes equals avoid. Strange people.
  7. They are only doing this to extend their summer holiday from March to September. Wouldn't you?
  8. Watch what they do, not what they say. That's at least three of the key people in this tyranny now who've not thought the rules were required.
  9. Starting to get very angry now. Pubs, football, going to the beach all stopped while they piss around in their big gardens on furlough or "work from home" ie listen out for the inbox ping.
  10. I think Tuesday, they want to get past the Bank Holiday first. They are still in lockdown-justification mode. Once the manipulation starts on lowering the perceived numbers that's when things will change.
  11. Slept through it, again! Earplugs and a white noise machine do come in handy.
  12. Nights are usually still cold in this country until July, it's only then they generally stay in double figures. So camping might need to wait, plus I think wild camping is not permitted... (although no one will know if you find the right spot). Hotels have generally been housing nurses, doctors and the homeless.. Good luck with that diseased lot!
  13. Thought he was parachuted in by mi5 to do all this. Boris is the goner.
  14. Well had a good chat with an old SABIC guy from the estate, he knows that they are taking the piss with furlough as redundancy is inevitable