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  1. It'll be a great irony if they ultimately have to kick us out.
  2. How on earth do you get through Monday! Just getting on it Friday and Saturday leaves me a bit fragile until Monday evening.
  3. If we go back, they know it'd be at threat every five years as voters would coalesce around single issue party. Once there is one party
  4. All this terminal thinking on certain dates has been shown to be wrong, this is likely a ten or twenty year process. Given this is going to be a generational thing and the SJWs aren't breeding... Which cohort are breeding faster, chavs or immigrants?
  5. Nothing Sunday to Thursday. If I have arranged plans for Saturday, nothing on a Friday either.. Half the time it's constant drinking from clocking off on Friday to bed Saturday night, around 50-60 units. Usually starting at a good pub with real ale and finishing with voddy and diet pop at home.
  6. Ha, oh yeah, my geography around there isn't great.
  7. The Carters Rest in Wroughton is worth a visit.
  8. Parts of Preston Guild Wheel are pretty decent, dogs mostly kept on leads as well.
  9. It got blamed on pilot's mental health, but friends and family all said he was fine. It was at a similar time to the one in Asia which was hacked as well.
  10. Remote controlled crash like the one into the Alps?
  11. Think I've met you at a camra beer festival
  12. Even trimming would make things a little better. Seriously though, why do you consider that acceptable?
  13. Online recommendations are good for some things but not others. I use them often for real ale pubs in towns new to me. Every town has always one good pub minimum, but can be tough to find by walking around.
  14. Nose hairs. They serve no purpose and if I'm bored in a quiet place I'll grab them out. Then you have blokes with them growing down and visible below nostril. Ffs sort yoursens out!