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  1. They'll inch towards a 12 hour nighttime curfew. We have to follow Chinese orders otherwise the next virus is released.
  2. Always thought they could figure it out from NHS direct calls. Or sewage...
  3. They've picked off the muzzer Labour areas, now former mining areas in northeast and south Wales...might be a step too far?
  4. All our open plan office were mocking the restrictions and policies yesterday. The will seems to be there, just needs a spark.
  5. Thinking up some really antisocial ideas now. Fuck this second lockdown shit.
  6. Masks everywhere in office now from today apart from at desk. So lots walking out to return to Supposedly Working From Home. All the collaboration that has built up over last six weeks will soon be wasted.
  7. Complete bedwetting in the office today. Masks away from desks. On site gym closed (so instead people sign up for busier city gyms instead!) And no apparent knowledge or words of caution about valid exemptions.
  8. Maybe they have detected it was genetically targeted at the west/western genetics. Could explain the over reaction.
  9. Will it be relaxed for Christmas. Or the screw tightened to fuck us all up.
  10. Meanwhile I know many who look knackered from having to deal with kids from 6am. And the wife. Then work, if they can, from 9am. And then they turn up in Zoom stroking their fucking cat...
  11. That's alright though as they can have two sunny weeks in Spain in summer...
  12. When you hear others' stories, you are glad to be as you are. 24 Hours a day locked up with anyone will cause issues...
  13. Yeah I had people say to me living alone I'd have it tricky. Au contraire Mon Ami...
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