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  1. Stuey

    World Cup 2018 thread

    I had to put the red button on, radio5 commentary and no whiny voices.
  2. Stuey

    The bent football thread.

    I used to be able to make a packet on rugby league, where games are higher scoring than union - bookies would price winning margins on the union margins distribution. So I'd take the higher margins as a longer tail to the distribution in league. I used to write out these bets in bookies so they probably weren't tracked very well but lost the edge when online betting came around. Clearl some analysis was done whereas before the odd £1k to & 2k win three times a season went under the radar.
  3. Stuey

    The bent football thread.

    So easy to miss frame ball... It's the nerves innit.
  4. Stuey

    What happened to Charlie Dimmock?

    At least she won't be mistaken for Ray Parlour now
  5. Stuey

    Energy Shortage Thread

    In terms of renewable energy, a lot of attention now is on 'gravilectricity' - simply heaving a massive weight up or down to assist the system. Much fewer losses than pumping water up and down hill apparently, less friction. It will still be more expensive than a nuclear plus gas setup that a sane country would use, however.
  6. Stuey

    MH370 was murder / suicide investigators conclude

    Remote hijacking of this and the one that went into the Alps IMO.
  7. Stuey

    Central heating on

    Balcony door open here!
  8. Stuey


    Too much at uni really, turned me Mgtow before the phrase existed. I've since seen friend's lives messed up by relationships so each passing year vindicates.
  9. Stuey


    Wouldn't class myself as Incel but 35 y/o bloke not had sex since I dunno 19...yet I feel v lucky not to have had to deal with today's feminist shrikes.
  10. Stuey

    Worst ever beer

    Sometimes a bad beer is useful for 'resetting the palate' after a few hoppy or flavoured craft beers. A tactical John Smiths or something similar. (CAMRA member since I was 22)
  11. Stuey

    so how do you make men

    I don't know but do whatever my parents did. I sometimes wonder if they had a plan.