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  1. Stuey

    luxuary items

    Fish, meat - don't mind paying £5 for a couple of steamed salmon fillets, or double that for a large fillet steak. A fresh Gillette Mach3 razor for each weekly clean shave. The odd extravagant taxi fare when I've had enough of train scum, eg Sheffield to Preston. Interesting fruit like mango, pineapple or strawberries for a morning snack in the middle of winter
  2. Stuey

    Favourite Food?

    Crispy duck in pancakes, with all the trimmings.
  3. Stuey

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    That is a mood I have heard more and more among leavers - lets see them try the stitch up; and let's see what happens when they realise we are their bosses.
  4. Stuey

    Fuckin' Weather

    Commences 26th Jan ish. Euro, US, UK models all in alignment and over last 36 hours. One model had a minus 13C over Leeds yesterday (for in two weeks)
  5. Stuey

    Fuckin' Weather

    Merely the amuse boucle...
  6. Stuey

    Fuckin' Weather

    Looking like December 2010 in about eight days.
  7. Stuey

    Latest additions to M+S's list of shit-towns

    The Stockton M&S shut last summer shortly after I moved here, I think I managed two visits. The food prices weren't much different to city centre Manchester or Preston. They still have a 200-year lease though
  8. One they might listen to?
  9. A good MGTOW propaganda message
  10. Stuey

    Trivial Things that annoy you

    People seem to be partaking in competitive coughing in our office at the moment. As loud, rattly and conspicuous as possible
  11. Stuey

    Andy Murray

    Tennis (like bowling in cricket) must leave some pretty damaging asymmetries.
  12. Only if there are no pedestrians likely to be about. They won't have seen your lane markings. There's a couple of poorly designed junctions around Thornaby that have lane filters, and of course only about one-fifth of Teessiders indicates
  13. Stuey

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I don't see how this can end without mass civil disobedience of some sort...
  14. Stuey

    Ultimate betrayal

    Well I suspect about 50% of kids are being raised by "fathers" who aren't.
  15. Stuey

    Ultimate betrayal

    All men should get "his" kid DNA tested at birth.