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  1. Why haven't we bombed them yet..
  2. Nevermind the Welsh, what about the cunts who start a sentence with So.
  3. Preston tomorrow apparently, I wonder if any will have the good sense to hang something on the wires..
  4. Stuey

    Not Right

    Looks like the next Eliot Rogers
  5. Stuey

    Baked beans

    I'd never have beans plain or on toast. A recipe I like (as a side) is a can of beans, a pack of pulled beef or pork, and some El Paso spice pack. Instant 'pit beans' like from any of those new American bbq type places
  6. Old CDs which I've lugged around with me from one abode to the next, most unplayable and without cases
  7. Summer Idiots - people who think it's OK to make a racket outdoors until 11pm because it's warm.
  8. Corned beef and red onion. Peanut butter (crunchy).
  9. Attempted to watch BBC so called Breakfast this morning, as not much else on but the agenda of the presenters was disgraceful. Eg smirking and smug when talking about Trump being criticised. Therefore it has to be Countryfile ffs
  10. I'm being paid too much already but Unite agreeing wage, I will presume 3.5% or a couple of k
  11. Stuey


    I get it bad in Feb and March from silver birch, itchy eyes so bad the only relief is by pulling out eyelashes. It works for whatever reason. I can't have raw apple and pear either as my throat gets itchy, same allergy. Cooked or fermented apple is fine, eg apple sauce. When it comes to May through to July, I'm laughing...
  12. I think the living and working in city centres has passed its peak, which might go some way to help things. Take Manchester or Leeds, a lot of people are stuck on £25k a year analyst jobs and paying £750/month rent. There's a steady churn of thousands of graduates keeping a lid on wages, while the desire for student-style city living puts a floor on rents.. I got my best career options when I was willing to interview in Blackpool, Preston and Teesside.
  13. Possibly in competition with football clubs for his time.