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  1. Stuey

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Leadsom has resigned. It's on...
  2. Booked a Newquay holiday cottage in June 2010 for a bunch of mates, as I'd had a good bonus and they were still struggling after the recession. £525 but probably £1500/week now. One of the best holidays, drinking on the beach 10am until 2pm ish, back for a nap play the vuvuzela and watch the World Cup footie. Out in the evening for more booze, good food and amazing sunsets. And repeat, every single day...
  3. Twenty years ago it was a widespread tic to look at your wrist, now it's Facebook.
  4. Well they've memory holed Chateau Heartiste in the last week...
  5. I've never written a diary so Facebook posts are my main way of remembering what I've done in years gone by. Starting to feel quite precarious and wouldn't mind being able to download it all in one batch but don't think it is possible..
  6. Posh - rugby union Peasant - Rugby league
  7. And sw France, catalonia. The lengths they went to to irradicate our sport were unbelievable. Very much establishment versus the rugby league. They hated us for being paid to take half a day off from down the mines.
  8. Is this the only true English sport left? Jon Snow may say something about the audience.. (none are "tanned")
  9. There are a few studies on this stuff, although not many due to the ethics etc. Generally alcohol calories aren't the same as others, either by raising body heat, increased energy spent to detoxify, increased heartbeat in hangover, etc.
  10. Alcohol doesn't make you fat. In fact the body can not even store excess alcohol calories as fat because we can't convert it. It's the associated overeating alongside booze that does it Fair play to anyone who wants to pull 18 hour days, get rich, but then has little time to relax. It's in the genetics of those people to never relax, not for me.
  11. Stuey

    Fake Lager

    Even small towns now have at least a couple of decent ale places, it just takes a bit of research. No need to be slumming it with lager!
  12. Until the government changes the rules.
  13. Stuey


    Every five or six days, I've still not worked out where my neck ends and chest begins.