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  1. I think this chap has managed to take the 'look at me' and 'I'm offended and upset' to a whole new level
  2. TBH I think muslim terror existed a long time before Tony Blair cunted the country up
  3. Accept New Labour's role but public mistrust on what the ultimate aim of the EU was started, i believe, with Major forcing through the Maastricht treaty with Labours help due to the opposition of his own party. The mistrust was reinforced by Blair and Brown being 'economical' with the truth when it came to EE immigration. I think the original estimate was for 5000 people to come to the UK.
  4. I think Major knows that he is largely to blame for the vote to leave. That's why he can't accept the vote and can't help carping on from the side-lines. Until he sold out the UK by forcing through the Maastricht treaty voters at least thought Thatcher was fighting the UK's corner and they liked the image of her waving her handbag around making Jonny foreigner give us our rebate. Once people saw British politicians like Major bare face lying about Europe and getting away with it they began to question what the whole thing was for. Seeing Blair and Brown acting in the same way reinforced that mistrust.
  5. Uncivilservant

    No shit

    Maybe they could make the chap sit on the pan for half an hour playing games on a phone. That might do the trick.
  6. Uncivilservant

    No shit

    if that fella dies the shit is going to hit the fan
  7. This ticks a number of SJW outrage boxes. New York University issues public apology for 'racially insensitive' meal served during Black History Month New York University has issued a public apology and fired their director of food service after students pointed out the watermelon-flavoured water and collard greens the school was serving during Black History Month were racially insensitive. College of Arts and Science sophomore Nia Harris noticed the offensive meal when she walked into Weinstein Passport Dining Hall - before alerting the deans of the school and NYU’s President Hamilton of the insensitive and “stereotypical” meal. In her letter, which she also shared on Facebook, Harris wrote: “It is with great sadness and frustration that I even have to send this email.” President Hamilton wrote: “We were shocked to learn of the drink and food choices that our food service provider - Aramark - offered at the Weinstein dining hall as part of Black History Month. It was inexcusably insensitive.” Serving racially insensitive watermelon flavoured water and collard greens (whatever they are) during black history month. Twitter outrage. Grovelling apology...sack the person responsible. Surprised they haven't changed the name of their dining hall though www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/new-york-university-apology-racially-insensitive-meal-black-history-month-a8223521.html
  8. Not about revenge, they have done nothing to me. Its about sending a message.
  9. Better do it before the surviving Beatles fellas are given council houses in Brum and share the skills they picked up in downtown Raqqa with the locals
  10. They look good. But if you are some poor fella relying on it to protect from an IED you as you are driving through some sand based shithole I suppose looks are secondary.
  11. Is this down to the UK being almost constantly at war for the last 60 odd years and Germany for obvious reasons, not getting involved in wars. As a result the German economy has not had to take the hit of helping protect the free world nor has their defence industry had a chance to learn lessons of crappy kit. Like those crappy Snatch Land Rovers.
  12. In other words I'm a twat and the normal rules that apply to everyone else don't apply to me, cause I'm a twat.
  13. They should be forced to watch while their parents and any other family members we can find are shot in the back in the head. Then they should be buried alive with the still warm bodies. They are cowardly fucking shits who deserve to die along the excuse of the parents who brought them into world.
  14. I beginning to think the world has gone completely fucking mad... https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/feb/09/polyamory-trans-documentary-love-unlimited
  15. The only lezza couple I have ever known, one relatively attractive the other a full on obnoxious shaven headed harridan in lots of denim. The attractive one was quiet and unassuming and nice, the harridan kept banging on about how men wanted to watch two girls get it on. We fell out as after a few beers I told her I wouldn't mind watching her misses in a solo act but the thought of seeing her with clothes on made me feel physically sick.