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  1. So she's not the first Maxwell to find herself in deep water...
  3. Anglepoise

    BLM UK

    Angela Davis in the pic behind her?
  4. Straight off Patel's cross Channel taxi service, then coached up to Glasgae. Streets not paved with Au, but with piss and diced carrots. Disappointment and stabby impulses kick in?
  5. 2 people arrested this morning for manslaughter on this case. The address matches a road lined with travellers and fairground people's sites.
  6. Minor offences, according to Sky News!
  7. Owen Jones is going to be conflicted if it was a group of gay men who were attacked by this Islamic loon.
  8. A man has appeared in court after allegedly assaulting a judge who was sentencing him for previous offences. Khairi Saadallah denied common assault of District Judge Sophie Toms during a short hearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court yesterday. The alleged incident happened at Reading Magistrates' Court on March 25, where the defendant was being sentenced for two previous convictions. Saadallah was remanded in custody. Deputy Senior District Judge Tan Ikram told the court yesterday that he would not be able to hear the trial due to his professional connection with Judge Toms. Saadallah, of Basingstoke Road, Reading, will go on trial at Westminster Magistrates' Court on October 11.
  9. Multiple People Reported Stabbed in Reading Park Amid BLM Protes ts, Police, Ambulance on Scene
  10. It's not the first time he's become a father though. He has at least 6 kids.
  11. This story just got a little more bizarre. Man beaten up at Waterloo and 'rescued' by the black 'hero' is a retired copper. 'I want to shake his hand and give him a hug': Retired detective carried to safety by Black Lives Matter activist thanks his rescuer for 'saving his life' after he was beaten 'senseless' by rival protesters.