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  1. Had some great nights out at the Stow when I lived in Leyton: The sign was a notable landmark on the North Circular Road, just before the place that advertised 'Veneer of the Week' Anyone remember that? Shadbolt's.
  2. From last week's Popbitch mail out, so may be bollocks: >> Food for thought << Eats, shoots and leaves late Julie Etchingham appeared to have a little bit of trouble getting Boris Johnson to shut up during Tuesday's debate. If any other future moderators have that same trouble, they might want to ask him how he enjoyed his lunch at Olivocarne. They're unlikely to get a satisfactory answer out of him but if the story whistling around the newsrooms and chambers of Fleet Street holds any water, then it might just break his stride for a second. Chatter among the media set is that the "lovers' tiff" with Carrie was sparked by a rather long lunch that Boris had at the Belgravia restaurant with another young lady of his acquaintance. One that went so well, it ended up spilling over into the evening. Though Olivocarne closes between lunch and dinner service, staff allowed Boris and his ladyfriend to stick around after hours to enjoy the peace and quiet. Once they were left alone in the empty restaurant and staff went back of house to prepare for evening service, the two lovebirds supposedly chose to share one final, rather meaty course on one of the banquettes there...
  3. God, Thatcher is magnificent in that clip. I was too immature and lefty to appreciate her at the time. Imagine Treason May's reaction to the question at the end- she'd have done done of her idiot dancing!
  4. Richard Tice , Brexit Party. Lucky chap!
  5. I saw them at Knebworth in 1979- opening for ..... Led Zeppelin!!
  6. Maybe she's an alcoholic? Nato boss praises Angela Merkel's wine-drinking stamina German chancellor is rarely the first to leave a drinking session with other politicians, claims Jens Stoltenberg.
  7. What a clown show UKIP has become. This is the latest communication from the NEC. They want to run the leadership election without Batten. He's seeking legal advice. Dear member, The final deadlines for the lodging and withdrawing of application papers have now passed. The party now has nominations for the following five candidates: Richard Braine Mike Hookem Freddy Vachha Ben Walker Helena Windsor Each application to go on the ballot is subject to vetting and NEC approval , a process that will be completed over the weekend. Kind regards, Piers Wauchope Returning Officer
  8. This was the first offence:
  9. He got a suspended sentence for a similar offence outside Canterbury court.
  10. Going from the licence plates, that's in Bavaria. Much less 'cucked' than the rest of Germany' they won't put up with that shit for long!
  11. UK Ambassador to US to Resign Amid Scandal Over Leaked Cables.
  12. Worse than this guy? he's always on LBC - it's like a 1 Minute hate slot against Trump. Never says anything positive.
  13. No idea what's going on now- chaos in UKIP! UKIP Leadership Election Dear members, By the time you receive this, you may have heard the news that the NEC ruled on Sunday that Gerard Batten should not be allowed to stand in the coming election for the leadership of the party. Gerard chose to submit his nomination papers shortly before the deadline for nominations after having said before then that he was not going to stand. Several potential candidates decided not to put in nomination papers that afternoon once they discovered that he was standing after all. The NEC therefore decided to allow me to extend the deadline for nominations until 5pm on this coming Thursday, 11th July. The shortness of time is not to encourage new candidates, but to allow those who were disadvantaged by the sudden lodging of paperwork from a candidate who is now not standing. The rest of the election timetable remains the same. I will make a further announcement on Friday setting out the full list of candidates whose names will appear on the ballot paper. Kind regards, Piers Wauchope Returning Officer
  14. Caprice, Tania Bryer. Branson, Tamara Beckwith..