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  1. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Latest from The Slog ( John Ward) Nah ‘ere’s a funny fing, missus: one of Britain’s most distinguished and respected journalists, Robert Fisk, is the only UK hack on the ground in Douma. He has over the last week sent back two dispatches, the first of which brilliantly summed up Western hypocrisy about its “aims” in Syria, while the second cast yet more doubt on the existence of any gas attack in Douma. Fisk’s reports from the scene are rightly full of doubts about Russian clean-ups, the White Helmets, pro-Assad commentators and the all-round farrago of incredibility surrounding government statements on all sides. Not a single mainstream Western media company has taken the slightest interest in either retailing his doubts or interviewing the bloke. As Fisk writes quite often for the Independent, I suspect it’s only a matter of time before Boris Johnson points out that the proprietor of the paper is Russian.
  2. New MOT regulations coming in next month will be particularly hard on diesels:
  3. Trip to Hull

    A good pub, that I remember from my student days- The Polar Bear. Maybe that's where the gig is ?
  4. Trip to Hull

    & Roland Gift-Fine Young Cannibals. I remember his mum used to sell vintage clothing at the university students union.
  5. The ultimate SJW

    Funnily enough Nick Griffin now lives in Hungary.
  6. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Prosecuting, Kate Prince said he was “foaming at the mouth” Another one! Quick check his front door too.
  7. Something happening at Salisbury hospital From the Slog site: We are still asking the two obvious questions: why the demonisation of Russia, and why now? I confess to being somewhat rhetorical with the interrogatory there, because within days of the Salisbury affair reaching a peak of hoo-haa, it was pretty damned obvious why: the need for a warm-up pretext to The Big Pretext on Syria.
  8. Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria

    I'm not sure why Assad would offer safe passage to the rebels when they're defeated- just gives them time to recover and attack again later surely?
  9. Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria

  10. No- keep them in the west, the eastern German states mostly voted Afd. This is what the coast looks like , by the way. Beautiful!
  11. :Please no- we have a lovely holiday there every year on the Baltic Sea coast. Bar a few long-established Turks, it's a mussie-free zone.
  12.,0.0057545,3a,75y,300.54h,70.8t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sF4L7Uf66MEzxdto03jTGqg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 This is where the fence/shrine is. House is just up the road with blue garage door. You can ask Google to blur it out- privacy reasons- if you wish.
  13. The cult of corbyn Israel's Labour Party cuts ties with Steptoe's Labour. This in normal times would be incredibly damaging to Steptoe, perhaps even a resignation issue. But Labour's core vote seem not to care, or even to approve.
  14. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    “the package has been delivered”. Could they not think of something a bit more cryptic? Laughable.