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  1. Anglepoise

    Hoax hate

    Ezra's Finest Hour- brilliant analysis!
  2. There's a go fund me for him!
  3. Anglepoise

    Britains Biggest Burgalry

    Tomato sauce flavour!
  4. Anglepoise

    DIY SOS - The big build

    Re- Polish workers, I remember seeing this film 20 years before they had freedom of movement.
  5. Anglepoise

    The big EU count starts today

    £65 for EU citizens scrapped! 65 x 10million! We must be rich, or daft, or both!
  6. Anglepoise

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    This would leave a sour taste in my mouth if i ever ate there:
  7. Anglepoise

    Bye, UKIP

    WELCOME BACK: Rees-Mogg Says Farage Should Be “Welcomed Back” To The Conservatives. Following Nigel Farages declaration of support for a new Brexit Party which is attempting registration with the Electoral Commission as The Brexit Party, Jacob Rees-Mogg has called for the Conservative Party to “welcome back” Mr Farage. Mr Rees-Mogg was speaking on LBC this morning. He said it would be a “very good thing” if “moderate” elements within UKIP could “reunite” with the Conservatives. However, he cautioned that now might not be exactly the right time to welcome Mr Farage back into the fold. Maybe “a little more purdah” is needed, Rees-Mogg said. Leave EU, headed-up by Aaron Banks and heavily supportive of Mr Farage declared UKIP “dead” and have been behind a failed attempt to oust Treason May and replace her with a Brexiteer. Mr Farage, who departed the Conservative Party over John Major’s support for the Maastricht Treaty, has equivicated over the possibility of a return to the blue team on numerous occasions. The comments made by Mr Rees-Mogg will only heighten the speculation that there is an element of collusion between Mr Farage, his supporters and senior Conservative Brexiteers.
  8. Anglepoise

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    It was both of them: ‘Her prompt actions, spotting them in difficulty, and the way she assisted me to put Yulia Skripal in the recovery position had a significant impact on the outcome of the two victims.’
  9. Anglepoise

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    First responder in Skripal poisoning turns out to be Britain’s most senior military nurse.
  10. Anglepoise

    Trump's progress

    Trump offers 'compromise' to end government shutdown.
  11. Anglepoise

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I think Salvini's Italy may block any extension to article 50.
  12. Anglepoise

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Momentum block-booked the front row?
  13. Anglepoise

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Looks like Diane Abbott is not as thick as I previously thought; her reception on Question Time last night knocked some awareness of the public mood re Brexit into her. Diane Abbott warns Labour MPs Leave would win second Brexit referendum amid threat of frontbench resignations.
  14. Anglepoise

    Jacob Rees-Mogg

    The Overton Window.