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  1. Just voted (UKIP) . Polling station seemed markedly busier than at the same time a few weeks back for the locals (30ish % turnout).
  2. Sadly I don't think UKIP will get much out of this election. However, some of the debates their candidates (principally Carl Benjamin - a future leader?) have had on the streets have been epic. Here's one of the best:
  3. Brexit Party rally from Olympia.
  4. an hour ago- Ugh, worst beer I've ever tasted. Left me with an awful hangover too, felt like I'd been hit in the head by a brick,1,,,
  5. Tommy derangement syndrome´╗┐.
  6. LOL- the only four black people in this town are with me!
  7. Northumbria Police later confirmed a 32-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of common assault,
  8. Another 100,000 votes in the bag. Thanks Mr Soyboy!
  9. Farage attacked with a milkshake in Newcastle. You can hear him berating his security guys at the beginning.