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  1. See how long you can bear!
  2. Some figures here from 2017: ATT report and financial statements - key figures at a glance Status of the ATT fund as of 31 March 2017: £145m in surplus Status of the ATT fund as of 31 March 2016: £139m in surplus Total amount received in ATOL Protection Contributions (APC): £62.3m Total protected passengers 2016/17: 24.9m Number of ATOL holder failures: 19 Number of protected passengers repatriated: 282 Number of protected passengers entitled to a refund: 16,600,500-ATOL-protected-holidaymakers-in-2016/17/ Thomas Cook going down will wipe them out, surely? I'd imagine the risk is laid off in insurance somehow.
  3. Fucks like a champion, apparently!
  4. When did blackface morph into brownface? Which is more offensive in sjw land?
  5. Mob handed, probably with armed back-up, to arrest 2 youths. That's how bad these camps have become.
  6. No, it was one good speech without notes. Farage can do those in his sleep.
  7. Rumour that Shamina Begumm has been flown back from Syria. Cover for Brexit sellout?
  8. Brexit Party takes control of Hartlepool Borough Council, as 9 councillors defect from independents . Hartlepool Councillor Tom Cassidy, who joined The Brexit Party, said: "I could no longer sit back and witness the 70 percent of people who voted here in 2016 being ignored by MPs in Westminster. "Joining The Brexit Party as one united team is the only way we can stand up to the establishment and Labour Party, who now back Remain." Forming a 'Pro-Brexit Coalition' . Leading the way for the national parties?
  9. Boris Johnson's Political Spokesman Rules Out Deal With Brexit Party's Nigel Farage
  10. How do Chinese sellers sell internationally for so little? Answer- the epacket system . Explained here: Surprised Trump hasn't said anything about this massive trade imbalance.
  11. No, I get my butler to do it. He's asked me to get one of these:
  12. I get the postage down for my Ebay parcels by using stamps bought for 50-60ish % of face value. So a 3.00 small parcel 2nd class actually only costs me around £2. People sell old stamp collections for less than face value. Takes a bit of organising to get the stamps in stock and ready , but saves me loads every year.