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  1. Venice Carnival to be halted due to coronavirus outbreak.
  2. Coronavirus: Italy orders mass closures after COVID-19 cases quadruple.
  3. There's no one there to give them the Canning Town treatment?
  4. Well, the funeral seemed to go successfully. Quite a spectacle actually, with two glass-sided hearses each pulled by a pair of white horses. But what's this? Most of the town centre pubs closed for the day to avoid any trouble. That's raciss! Billy Welch, spokesman for Britain’s Gypsy community, said he would take up the matter with the national Gypsy Council. “This behaviour is just pure racism,” he said. “Imagine if businesses shut their doors during a funeral for a member of the black community, or a Muslim, or a Jew. There would be a huge outcry.
  5. Travellers moaning about parking arrangements. Also, many pubs in the town centre closed tonight, to inconvenience the rest of us!
  6. Funerals are tomorrow. Big procession around town. Thousands expected to attend.
  7. The confirmed cases on that one cruise ship (70) are more then the number of "highly specialist beds" (50) in the whole of the UK. Yikes!
  8. Son aged 13 is supposed to go skiing in France at the resort where the 5 cases just found Leaves on Saturday. Not sure what to do now.
  9. Copenhagen Airport Terminal Cordoned off due to Coronavirus Suspicions - Reports
  10. From the same site, reads like the Sunday Sport: London Daily News BREAKING NEWS: London club shut down for killing patrons and selling as meat
  11. This article is the most pessimistic I have read in the mainstream press. Mentions Corona as a possible Black Swan event:
  12. Coronavirus Death Toll in China's Hubei Province Reaches 479, 16,678 People Infected
  13. Weapon was stolen from a shop minutes before the attack