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  1. Downloaded it this morning. Will give it a bash. Is this the one where it went bad or was that #2? Still... will be good for a bit of virtual free running.
  2. Looks like the Spire area might have been open (raining down debris) but the rest might just been the roof timbers alight over the stone arches (can't remember what they are called). Pictures of roof embers glowing suspended on brickwork (not fallen through to the pews).
  3. Looks like the entrance end has been saved.
  4. No. Apathy is not a human value to pursue.
  5. Plenty of white people picked cotton also. It is a nasty task.
  6. Using their logic, Bank Station at rush hour is one of Britain's favourite places to go for a walk.
  7. Yeah... because the So-Called BBC has a reputation for not being inclusive...
  8. Well... one... she can never be a guy. The UK is just as corrupt. More subtle due to various laws but corruption abounds in this country. Take the honour system as one example.
  9. Been meaning to watch this (11 episodes) which honors and continues the original series. The new stuff is just garbage IMHO.
  10. Good old Slim Goodbody.... Sorry......
  11. At this rate nothing will get through the HOC. The Tories could wither of course but we have already spread and lubed up. The EU are not going to give us anything other than vassalage.