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  1. Pit. Make sure there is a random board on the table.
  2. Waking Life... Lucid dreaming... Not so scary...
  3. ... .... .... Just to be sure....
  4. Fair enough. On this occasion, putting aside his past (we all make mistakes), he did something admirable and brave. You can see he stopped those thugs assaulting an old lady (in Italy it would be attempted murder nowadays). It is good to see some passion on the subject when for the most part people are much to apathetic. The police a good example although they are for the most part they led by donkeys. Pretty sure if we saw the same scene acted out by Doulas Murray or Paul Joseph Watson we would give them more leeway than we do Tommy Robinson only because he has a past fighting for his community in the only way he knows how. I have a feeling a lot of the antipathy directed at Tommy Robinson is media driven or snobbery (maybe not you). Kind of the equivalent of shouting "racist" like those boys did, when what he was doing was "stop vermin assaulting the vulnerable... ist". In the video, he admits he maybe took it a bit far (with his kids in the car - crazy) but he then goes on to name and shame. Which is arguably what we need and more on the lines of Douglas Murray and Paul Joseph Watson. Anyway, the focus should be on those three dirtbags, not Tommy Robinson. Focusing on Tommy's actions is a clever way the media, etc. to divert the focus away from the appalling actions of the three creeps. "Look, a racist. He's bad! What a bad, white, working class racist" Even though he did nothing racist. A logical response would be, "Those three are very, very bad hombres. Great that someone had the guts to stand up to them". Stay safe.
  5. Touchy! I didn't know Tommy Robinson was advocating a position as your spokesperson. That must really be annoying! Do you know him? As for keyboard warrior.... "fuck off you cunt" Big man!
  6. Yeah... Way to point out the "not acceptable behavior" in that video... make sure to identify the party who is a "thug". Do you work for the So-Called BBC?
  7. 2009 blows that all out of the water.
  8. They have learned nothing from the Philadelphia War Bond Parade. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/philadelphia-threw-wwi-parade-gave-thousands-onlookers-flu-180970372/ This is why people buy toilet paper. People don't want to die with a shitty ass.
  9. I do bonds. It means central banks are going to cut rates even more than they have already done (4 more cuts in the US after the most recent 50bp). Then more QE from those that cannot cut further (EU). They are hoping the virus is placated by a cheaper rate on its mortgage to stimulate demand. It can reflect a flight to safety but corporate bond yields in safe names are still out there (EDF 2050's still a bargain today). This is a problem though because this crisis is not due to a only a demand shock but both a supply & demand shock (low confidence = lower consumption, dead people and quarantined workers = supply clusterfuck). The only way to help the supply clusterfuck is for fiscal loosening (governments borrowing to prop up workers mortgages, bail out struggling SME's, prop up airlines, fire up the helicopters). They hope to keep things ticking over until the Kung Flu is gone due to warmer weather killing it (usually a prediction from people who believe China death stats and who said the Chinese had it all under control). Crazy day today but some FM's either do not have long enough memories or have been suckling at the teat of central bank bail-outs so long they are way to complacent over the impact of this Commie Flu. I expect more chaos next week as the penny finally drops.
  10. Yeah. That is why China is building hospitals and have run out of test kits. Stock market opportunity... might be able to sell at a profit in 2027.
  11. Because they are lying or stupid, just like the majority of humans. Disappointing but it is what it is.
  12. Call them by their real name...