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  1. You don't know what you are talking about.... so stop. You are making yourself look like a weapons grade bell-end.
  2. I hope Boris gets out of that abusive relationship, even if he is a sh!t.
  3. The NHS and nurses from the West Indies.
  4. Most humans are morons. It is depressing.
  5. Burned Out

    sex strike

  6. Shades of Grey? It is subliminal.
  7. Who cares about the leak... Apart from these guys... The issue is getting all lathered up and into bed with the Chinese. Insane. ...
  8. It is ridiculous. The world has gone mad I tell you. At least I am still questioning my sanity... for now...
  9. Downloaded it this morning. Will give it a bash. Is this the one where it went bad or was that #2? Still... will be good for a bit of virtual free running.
  10. Looks like the Spire area might have been open (raining down debris) but the rest might just been the roof timbers alight over the stone arches (can't remember what they are called). Pictures of roof embers glowing suspended on brickwork (not fallen through to the pews).
  11. Looks like the entrance end has been saved.
  12. No. Apathy is not a human value to pursue.
  13. Plenty of white people picked cotton also. It is a nasty task.