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  1. Burned Out

    Bye bye Treason May?

    At this rate nothing will get through the HOC. The Tories could wither of course but we have already spread and lubed up. The EU are not going to give us anything other than vassalage.
  2. Burned Out

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Horse shit. May's deal is Remain +. Brexiteers must not take her deal. If you think we can negotiate a trade deal with that withdrawl agreement you are sadly mistaken. May's deal is incomprehensibly idiotic. Better to force them to abandon democracy which will result in them being destroyed.
  3. I wouldn't be the first time a British plane flew over Germany without landing...
  4. Burned Out

    Question Time

    Every time I watch this program (once a year) I give up on humanity for another year... and wonder how a cull would work...
  5. Burned Out

    Judge Kavanagh

    That is what I remember her from!
  6. Burned Out

    This killer Pret Baguette

    From the So-Called BBC article... She should have checked.... But Pret is culpable. Their food is not freshly handmade and it is pre-packaged. No indication the plane diverted as if it was an emergency. Abdoulaye-Djouma Diallo, the general manager of the branch at the time, told the inquest he was "confident and sure" he had put stickers on the tills and fridges. However, Mr Hyam said a health officer from Hillingdon Council visited the branch in May 2017 and reported "there were no till stickers to be seen at the till area". What are the laws on allergens in food products? Sesame is one of 14 allergens that consumers must be made aware of when it is used as an ingredient in food products, according to EU Regulations However, the EU rules say individual member states are responsible for deciding on how information about non pre-packaged food is provided to the customer The UK's Food Regulations 2014 allow freshly handmade, non pre-packaged food to not be individually labelled
  7. Burned Out

    The Second Invasion of America

    Taking the Mick... surely
  8. Burned Out

    RIP Bandit

    The best!
  9. Burned Out

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    The Irish passport form has its titles in Irish Pub Font? Ha Ha Ha! Wonderful!
  10. Burned Out

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    What are you blathering on about now? Having a conversation with yourself now? I hope you get better soon.
  11. Burned Out

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    Why would you support that?
  12. Burned Out

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    That is sad. I will light a candle and pray for him tonight.
  13. Burned Out

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    Wow! A real racist! Tell me, does it only extend to derogatory internet posts or are you like, violent and shit?
  14. Burned Out

    Age based taxation; they really have lost the plot

    I've taken my name off the organ donor list this morning. This is too much. Do we need a goldbug thread now for advice on the best way to hide gold coins up the arse?
  15. Burned Out

    Why are millenials obsessed with Nazis/Holocaust?

    Isn't it the only history they teach in British schools? That, and something about how Henry VIII?