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    Burned Out reacted to satch in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    The politicians, the So-Called BBC, ITV, the newspapers etc etc are all for Remain. The options presented are May’s deal, Remain by cancelling Article 50, Norway with variants and Canada with variants and of course ‘no deal’. Characterised by the mass rejection of ‘No Deal’ as in no to a no deal.
    ‘No deal’ is classic Orwellian Newspeak used by the media. No deal is not a deal that has nothing in it. It is a deal, an arrangement that exists already and is used throughout the world as a means, to trade using WTO rules. No deal with WTO is not a blank piece of paper it is a defined framework with numbers that enable country X to sell / trade stuff with country Y using a proven set of rules
    So the Second Peoples’ referendum if we have one (I do not think we should have one) there can only be two options in a referendum (yes or no, in or out, option 1 or 2) would be Remain or Leave
    Remain; hitch up to the EU and look forward to relinquishing more powers to the EU, retain Freedom of Movement, join the Euro and the EU army and at the same time have any influence we may have diluted by the collective. Have all laws set by Europe. Eventually become a vassal state to the EU super-state.
    Leave; adopt WTO terms for now and negotiate other deals in the future. Decide who we want to come and live here (this may be a mute point as we have signed the UN Migration Pact) and retain the pound Sterling. Make our own laws. Remain an independent country.
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    Burned Out reacted to Van Lady in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    IMO there will be riots in some areas of uk if the referendum result isn’t honoured. Remain voters with a brain are also disgruntled about the delaying of carrying out the result of a democratic vote. Leave the eu won the vote.
    I think I read it on Dosbods......a comment about the hypocrisy of knickerless Sturgeon who wants Brexit reversed......if yes had won the Scottish independence vote and the no voters were trying to thwart the result she would support democratic voting results wholeheartedly and denounce those trying to subvert it.
    Most MPs are self serving twats and I think more of the population are waking up to it as the uk living standards continue to decline
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    Burned Out got a reaction from stokiescum in The health benefits of Beetroot juice   
    Some lingerie or roleplaying might help.  Perhaps don't have her every day. 
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    Burned Out got a reaction from stokiescum in The health benefits of Beetroot juice   
    Some lingerie or roleplaying might help.  Perhaps don't have her every day. 
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    Burned Out reacted to spygirl in Murder is ok, if your husband is a bit of a wanker.   
    Its different for girls ... apparently.
    A link from soemthing I was reading.
    There are no winners in the case of Jemma Beale, the 25-year-old woman given a 10-year sentence this week for a series of false rape allegations. She reported four separate incidents, between 2010 and 2013, claiming she had been sexually assaulted by six men and raped by nine, all strangers. One of the accused was convicted and serving a seven-year sentence when he was exonerated on appeal in 2015. Southwark crown court found Beale guilty of four counts of perjury and four counts of perverting the course of justice; the prosecution described her life as a “construct of bogus victimhood”.
    Woman jailed for 10 years for making series of false rape claims
    If this were fiction, one’s next question would be about Beale’s mental health: plainly, no one turns their life into a construct of bogus victimhood for fun. But there is no place for that question: to ask anything about the perpetrator, especially anything that might mitigate her mendacity, would be to minimise the suffering of the victims. Even those accused who were not deprived of their liberty must have had a life-alteringly horrific experience.
    Stupid article. Writer needs shooting.
    Noone wins. True. But a large number of men seem to have fucking lost.
    How many blokes jai.ed for rape get defined by made up crap like 'oh, is his mental health' or the insane thing -above in bold.
    Blatantly untrue. You have a fuckign example of an attention loon that you are writing about - she did for fun/enjoyment attention/whatever.
    Its up there with 'No woman would ever kill her own child'
    Women kill their babies all the fucking time. They need jailing.
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    Burned Out reacted to dgul in TESLA   
    If I suddenly became very wealthy (lottery win, say), that's exactly the sort of thing that I'd do -- buy up some fields and get planning for a temporary structure with some strange named company behind it (something like 'StarSource' or 'GreyComms').  I'd probably do a bit of night-time noise on a few nights, and perhaps get strange night-time deliveries.  Then, after a year or so, I'd take it down, but leave the high-security fencing and cameras. 
    The other thing I'd do is to buy a few fields on the side of a motorway and then, during a dark night, get some guys to rapidly build a prefab UFO and then very discretely light it up, and get some of the guys to prance around in funny suits, then, after a few minutes, turn off the lights and dismantle the thing.  I'd probably leave a few circular scorchmarks, etc.  
    Obviously they'd both need a fair amount of pre-planning and a trustworthy team, but then that's exactly what 'very wealthy' will buy you.
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    Burned Out reacted to One percent in Macron - how long before wheels fall off   
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    Burned Out reacted to wherebee in Something happening on the M6   
    I think a trucker called another trucker a rude word online.  Full police response requested.
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    Burned Out reacted to Virgil Caine in WTF has happened to the British Army   
    I rather liked this take on the recruitment campaign from the Army Rumour Forum

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    Burned Out reacted to OurDayWillCome in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    The end of our current political system - all these smug bastards that think they can ignore and insult the majority of the population have no idea what they are doing.
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    Burned Out reacted to The Masked Tulip in Heathrow drone,   
    Has anyone considered the possibility that really tiny aliens are trying to make contact?
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    Burned Out reacted to Ina in Man stabbed on train   
    My bff’s son is a 30 year old copper based at Xxxx.  He is a top bloke as are the whole family.   I discuss this regularly with them all.  The family consensus is that 90% of the Police are with Katie Hopkins and 10% are SJWs.  The issue is they do not know the 10% and dare not speak out otherwise out of a very lucrative career in disgrace.
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    Burned Out reacted to Rowley in Man stabbed on train   
    It is a coordinated effort from the very top. All police forces and incidents are handled in the same way. There must be Police members who themselves are puzzled at this approach. Strange that no one has ever spoken out or even resigned in disgust.
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    Burned Out reacted to GBDamo in Identity shirt - offensive and transphobic   
    No she is not, typical left deciding on a social direction and then making up words to try an cow people into following, always under the snide insinuation that to not agree makes you somehow akin to a Nazi.
    What the fuck does it mean to be 'transphobic' mean anyway, afraid of Transexuals?
    To have concerns about the direction or implication of new legislation does not to any sane person automatically equate to a hatred of those the law was intended to protect.
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    Burned Out reacted to Fischer in 9/11 Case to Reopen   
    It was much more than comparing Ivana.
    So calling Trump a "blundering buffoon" isn't ad hominem and doesn't make you sound like a petulant child?
    You're coming across like a typical SJW like the one in the TR video.
    Lashing out with name calling then claiming to be a victim when someone challenges you.
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    Burned Out reacted to montecristo in 9/11 Case to Reopen   
    Nope, not banned but expect counter arguments.  Like you making counter arguments to pro Trump statements.  Free speech is the core reason to why we are here on DOSBODS.
    Merry Christmas by the way.
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    Burned Out reacted to Fischer in 9/11 Case to Reopen   
    He blundered his way to a multi-billion pound fortune, then a successful TV career, then took on the two most powerful political parties to become leader of the Free World.
    What a blunderer.
    I'm sure he could talk some lessons from on anonymous internet loser like you !!
    P.S. How does his wife compare to yours (if you have one).
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    Burned Out reacted to montecristo in 9/11 Case to Reopen   
    Well the Korean leaders disagree with you.  No offence, but I rate their praise of Trump more than your criticism. 
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    Burned Out reacted to maynardgravy in 9/11 Case to Reopen   
    The re-examination is mostly down to Richard Gage and the Architects and Engineers for Truth movement. They funded the research that proved the NIST report to be a pack of lies. Didn't make much impact in the MSM for some reason...
    Besides anything else I look at it like this - if 10,000 conservatoire trained musicians like myself tell you that you're sharp, you bet your ass you're sharp. If 10,000 Master+ arhitects and Engineers tell me without hesitation that WTC7 can only be explained by controlled demolition then it's a fucking demolition. 
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    Burned Out reacted to XswampyX in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Quite. That's what people voted for... a quick fuck you to the EU and then a quick negotiation for mutual trade.
    Anything less/more is not Brexit.
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    Burned Out reacted to XswampyX in Brexit Betrayal thread   
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    Burned Out reacted to wherebee in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    bet you they paid a legal/consultancy firm and were charged royally for a cut and paste.  Someone junior is getting a bollocking right now...
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    Burned Out reacted to Wheeler in Smelly ponds   
    Send the landlord an email saying his pump's broke and his pond needs cleaning.
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    Burned Out reacted to Stunley Andwin in Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness   
    A real top quality soyquake here, one of the very best.