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    Burned Out reacted to SuperTramp in THE REMAIN TRAP   
    I don't know why we are so scared of the EU, it's just a giant protection racket, that introduces over 300 new laws and regulations every month that individuals and small businesses cannot comply with.
    The result being that in another 20 years the only businesses left trading on the continent will be a small group of useless industrial behemoths rather like the former British Leyland, creating useless goods, that nobody wants, at a huge loss. All the while being swamped by low skilled labour from the third world, consuming vasts amounts of resources in the form of welfare.
    The UK is also a net contributor to the EU, if we were to walk away, we could use the extra money to lower taxes and cut some of the worst EU regulations foisted upon us in the last 30 years, which would easily smooth out any uncertainties/ups and downs after leaving.
    Give it another 5 years and the EU will be begging the UK for access to our market.
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    Burned Out reacted to Happy Renting in THE REMAIN TRAP   
    Article 50 specifies 2 years for negotiating leave terms. The default position has always been a 'Hard Brexit' unless other terms are negotiated.
    The Government and Opposition were both totally unprepared for a Leave vote, wasting the opportunity (rather, obligation) to prepare contingency plans and policies well before the Referendum.
    After election as party leader May then jumped the gun by invoking Article 50 prematurely without any clear plan about what we wanted after leaving. (The idiot Cоrbyn actually wanted to invoke article 50 immediately after the Referendum, without preparation or a plan which was even more stupid - so Leaving under Cоrbyn would actually have been worse still.)
    She then weakened her position in the UK by calling a General Election and fucking that up.

    May totally failed to prepare for the default Hard Brexit, which was criminally negligent and also fatally weakened the UK's negotiating position.
    We were under no obligation to make settlement payments to the EU. The EU sells more to us than we sell to them. They need our trade more than we need theirs. The EU has more vulnerable nationals in the UK than the UK has in the EU (?).
    May then threw away our strong negotiating hand and allowed the EU to dictate the whole negotiating process.
    We are 'led' by morons.
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    Burned Out reacted to onlyme in THE REMAIN TRAP   
    May is  puppet with 27 fists up her arse.
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    Burned Out reacted to Hail the Tripod in THE REMAIN TRAP   
    That's exactly what we voted for. It's amazing how the public discourse has been massaged to the point where it is assumed that Brexit requires a "deal". We were presented in the referendum with the "best" new deal Call me Dave could renegotiate or just leave outright , and we voted "No, not the new deal, we'd rather leave". We didn't vote for another renegotiation; we voted to leave!
    I suppose it was assumed the politicians and civil servants would spend the two years disentangling the regulatory framework rather than assuming it wasn't going to happen, so it'll be harder in the short term than it should have been.
    The opportunity for a relatively well ordered sundering has been wasted. A good deal was never on the table, because it sets a precedent for fragmentation of their 4th reich.
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    Burned Out reacted to Kurt Barlow in Bye bye Treason May?   
    If Treason does go who would we want to see replace her?
    I reckon JRM would be good - he is crystal clear in his explanations and reasoning and isn't viewed as the Lord Snooty Liebour would have you believe. 
    In reality I suspect we will get some greaser like Hammond or a PC appointment - Javid or the Jock Lezza. 
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    Burned Out reacted to Long time lurking in Bye bye Treason May?   
    please let that be right 
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    Burned Out reacted to Agent ZigZag in Bye bye Treason May?   
    The question now is how do we as individuals position ourselves economically.
    They will rape and pillage out pensions, our assets (council tax increases). Bullshit global warming through increased carbon energy tax bills all to pay for the new unelected,
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    Burned Out reacted to sleepwello'nights in Bye bye Treason May?   
    A glimmer of hope, on ITV News at Ten  Peston emphatically claims that many Conservative MPs are so dissatisfied with her performance that there will be a vote of no confidence tomorrow. 
    Lets see.
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    Burned Out reacted to Sucralose Ray Leonard in Bye bye Treason May?   
    Good. Partly why i  voted for it. Sick of the same old shite, swapping sides every decade or so and back and forth. 
    I feel we need to hit the bottom in order to start afresh. 
    Intersting times ahead. 
    May will go down as being the worst PM we have ever had. 
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    Burned Out reacted to Agent ZigZag in Bye bye Treason May?   
    What a complete fuck up we now have
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    Burned Out reacted to Long time lurking in Bye bye Treason May?   
    If the Referendum results were translated to a GE UKIP would have won 400 ish seats ....a massive opportunity for UKIP
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    Burned Out reacted to SillyBilly in Bye bye Treason May?   
    One feels a massive change coming in UK politics, I'd like to see the odds on splits of both Labour and Cons in next 2-3 years. Labour will win the next GE easily as Brexiters and conservative voters like me will go over to UKIP or abstain. Cons will split. Corbyn will be a disaster. Labour will split. Another GE with a consortium of parties having to make compromises to get a government.
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    Burned Out reacted to Hopeful in Bye bye Treason May?   
    I agree with that sentiment
    But IMO a Corbyn government will collapse through disunity very rapidly.
    Maybe another Labour Government or another party will follow rather than the Tories,
    But I feel that Corbyn will fall quickly,
    And while Tories will happily kick this Tory Government out  I think they will return to a different Tory party.
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    Burned Out reacted to Hopeful in Bye bye Treason May?   
    Brexiteers may be pepared to swallow a bitter pill because I suspect they rightly think that if Corbyn gets in that he won't be in for long.
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    Burned Out reacted to spunko in Bye bye Treason May?   
    Apparently according to a senior guardian journalist McVey is quitting overnight. 
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    Burned Out reacted to Banned in Bye bye Treason May?   
    Sky are really ramping this deal, apparently Phil Hammond has been on the phone to big business, gloating.
    These fuckers are toast and will be hated on a par with Tony Blair.
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    Burned Out reacted to the gardener in Bye bye Treason May?   
    None of this should be happening. 17.4 million voted to Leave. The majority of constituencies are for Leave (400+). These MPs are fucking traitors.
    They're insane if they think this will ever be forgotten and I'm not talking about anger with individual MPs but with the whole fucking edifice of sham democracy in this country.
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    Burned Out reacted to Errol in Bye bye Treason May?   
    Pathetic from May. Utterly Pathetic. But then I expected nothing more.
    Conservatives will pay at the ballot box if they continue with this.
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    Burned Out reacted to M S E Refugee in Bye bye Treason May?   
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    Burned Out reacted to One percent in Bye bye Treason May?   
    Dear god. We are being ruled by people that can be bullied so easily?  There is little hope 
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    Burned Out reacted to the gardener in Bye bye Treason May?   
    May has done a Chequers on the cabinet again. She thinks that the way to get things done is lock people in and bully them, after which she strides out and says all is agreed.
    The resignations over the Chequers deal came over the next couple of days.
    I can see Arlene pulling the plug and a general election. Problem is that unless UKIP put up some serious contenders then they won't get enough votes. Surely JRM and all Brexiters should jump ship / form an Independence Alliance with them and put up Brexit candidates to run against Remain Conservatives.
    This really is the time to put up or shut up.
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    Burned Out reacted to billfunk in Bye bye Treason May?   
    That's what I don't understand. Why would anyone just let it drop there? That was the crux of the exchange. By letting Treason not have vote allowed her to fudge it. It needed someone to break the meeting at the point she refused and threaten her with bloody hell. 
    "I will walk straight out of this meeting and accuse you of treachery to the whole country. You have five seconds to decide. Cabinet vote now or Treason May in tomorrow's headlines."
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    Burned Out reacted to Mental Floss in Bye bye Treason May?   
    Expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed, yet I still am.
    You know the "no deal is better than a bad deal" stuff? Well this is the very demonstrable proof of that yet here we are. Permanently condemned to vassalage to an uncaring and undemocratic institution.
    This is madness. It's what they want (tptb) but seriously binning the whole thing off and enthusiastically embracing euro lunacy would be better than what is being proposed here.
    I have rarely if ever been so angry. Disenfranchisement is difficult to take. I don't think they see the danger in what they are doing. At best that's the likes of me done with the social contract. The state can get fucked if they think that they can do what they want without my consent. At worst? Well if you make people unhappy enough don't be surprised when they finally show you.
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    Burned Out reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Bye bye Treason May?   
    Is anyone else disappointed May didn't come out dancing to Abba ?
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    Burned Out reacted to Austin Allegro in Bye bye Treason May?   
    So the following scenarios are possible:
    1. Parliament approves the deal, and we go back into the EU in all but name, albeit with even less than the little say we had before. The only hope is that Brexiter Tories and UKIP keep up the fight and people gradually see the EU getting worse, drawing us into their tinpot army etc etc.
    2. DUP blocks it, which means a GE, which is won by Corbyn, who takes us back into the EU for all eternity.
    3. May gets stabbed in the back and a Remainer cabinet stage a coup and go for a WTO terms Brexit, either before or after the May deal is approved by Parliament.
    Sadly 1 looks the most likely to me.