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  1. ...Is so full of skeletons the doors don't shut properly.
  2. Weird. In normal times the middle class is seen for what it is - the backbone of a properly functioning economy. People who do valuable jobs and can afford to spend money beyond the essentials. The rise of the middle class in emerging economies was often pointed to as a bellwether of increasing global wealth, I suppose the newly minted Chinese and Indian middle classes are ruining their countries too?
  3. Saw this old fella parked outside my house, 15 years old and more little dings than a Korean primary school, but it's a hell of a lot of fun
  4. Funnily enough, mine matches my 3 steps for success with any woman: Leer, Ogle, Rim.
  5. In the event of a crash I fully expect that all seats are terrible.
  6. Roger_Mellie


    Going to be a lot of disappointed people. This is Yewtree 2: Yewtree on steroids. Mo this of titillation then a big damp squib and some dead people vilified
  7. Roger_Mellie


    If you're talking recognisable names of the UK or US establishment in court for sex crimes, not a chance. Prince Andrew? Forget it. These people are protected.
  8. Not so much these days. They've lost their way a little bit.
  9. Roger_Mellie


    How high profile?
  10. Roger_Mellie


    Bet it doesn't. But just to be sure, what outcome would you consider to reflect the gif, just so we can make sure there's no backtracking.
  11. There's a clown one from the US where the victim pulls a gun and the clown shits himself. Edit - it's actually Stockholm. 4.00 in:
  12. That's the first thing that crossed my mind.
  13. I know I'm being insensitive but she went to a hotel room with a group of Somalis. What did she think was going to happen?
  14. That's proper 90s indie cash in stuff. Dodgy played the May ball at my uni in 1999. As did Republica. Republica had a couple of decent singles. This gets turned up loud if it comes on in the car:
  15. I'm having Life of Riley played at my funeral. Such an amazing song that means so much to me. I really like Pure as well, Ian Broudie is a brilliant lyricist and song writer. Probably one of the UKs best ever.