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  1. Of course, this UN poverty expert has actually lived in poverty and so knows all about it...
  2. Look at it from the other direction... On the right is what he could have given his wife, on the left is what he actually gave her. I'd say it was her that was short-changed. It's not only women that get content and fat.
  3. A few pivotal moments in my life, but the best thing I ever did was leave home 3 weeks after my 18th birthday and never look back.
  4. Course it is. Do it then post a pic in the 'where am I' thread. It's one that I might stand a vague chance of recognising. Unless you decide to take your car to a random Welsh village (which is where everyone else seems to be) for valeting. Which probably is overkill to save a few quid on the going rate for a full valet.
  5. That's why you have a car. It's not like you have to organise a coach trip.
  6. Roger_Mellie

    Where Am I?

    No idea what that means Do you know where I am or not?
  7. No, no, no. At the risk of making another local reference that no one gets... Take your car down to Kirklevington Grange. Forget EE gangmasters and money launderers, British jobs for British convicts is where it's at. Full valet for £15. And they do a cracking job. It would cost me more than that to buy all the stuff from Notes that I would need to do the job to the same standard.
  8. Roger_Mellie

    Where Am I?

    I'm not in China. The sign on the building is baffling me - it's neither a clue nor a red herring. I just hadn't noticed it
  9. What would the world look like if they'd succeeded?
  10. The post was asked what's TCas? "It's a bathroom shop in Stockton" was my outrageously witty reply. Of course, the joke is it's not TCas, but Tecaz.
  11. I thought you of all people would get the joke. It's actually Tecaz. Well I thought it was a funny in-joke for the locals.
  12. It's a kitchen and bathroom shop in Stockton.
  13. Couple of mates of ours adopted two kids (brother and sister) from this kind of background. It's been a hell of a slog but they've done an amazing job. Even now though, after over a decade the kids still need ongoing psychological help.