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  1. Cardamom pods, cloves, cassia bark and a couple of bay leaves, fry them up for a few minutes, add your rice, fry that for a couple of minutes on a medium heat then add boiling water (350-400ml/300g of rice). Add chicken stock, bring to the boil then put it down to the lowest heat where the liquid simmers until it's all absorbed, give it 5 minutes then turn the hob off and leave it to steam for a further 15. Stir it once half way through to distribute the liquid. And make sure you've washed your rice and soaked it in cold water for at least an hour before cooking.
  2. Technique is everything. One of the biggest difficulties with curry is getting the chunky bits (veg or meat) to taste like they're part of the curry and not just veg/meat in curry sauce - this is what the restaurants get that many refer to as 'depth'. Roasting your veggies as you did will give you depth, like giving your meat a good marinade then sealing it at a nice high temperature. The other thing that helps with depth is cooking your spices properly. Whole spices (cardamom pods, cloves, cassia bark, bay leaves etc.) go into the oil first, then the onion (always cook your onion well, medium heat until it's starting to stick to the bottom of the pan) then garlic and ginger then your powdered spices are added as a paste - this is essential to get depth so that they cook and release their oil before burning.
  3. Here's one, probably for 'trivial things that annoy me'. The word 'frickin' or 'freakin' has entered common parlance in place of 'fucking'. But it's a totally made up word that started off life being dubbed into films like Beverly Hill's Cop so that they could show it at 2 O'Clock in the afternoon. I bet it's years since anyone has seen an unadulterated version of that film. I wonder if there's even a copy of it anywhere.
  4. Oh no! What's the problem? This is a good thing.
  5. Roger_Mellie


    You know the answer already...
  6. Have the pie first, then reconsider your position. If you're a pie lover the smell alone will be worth the trip.
  7. Buy one of these, enough for 4 or 5 days bait there:
  8. Bognor Regis. Bognor. Fucking. Regis? Nothing good ever came out of Bognor Regis, never mind pie. Ok, seriously... Somewhere close enough for XYY. Blackwell's in Norton. You can nosh me off in gratitude after.
  9. Pies are for gays and posh twats. The only proper casing for steak and kidney is a quarter inch thick suet pudding.
  10. The left are in an outrage quagmire of their own making, it really is fantastic. Not a single Labour candidate can say anything without someone, somewhere being outraged. The trick to being elected is really rather simple - good, simple, policies that a broad cross section of people can understand and vote for and don't worry about the outrage porn. That's pretty much it. As Boris has proved: get the policies right and people will vote for you.