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  1. So, an ethical point. If humans could create sentient machines would it be ethical to continue to manufacture non-sentient ones? Would this be equivalent to genetically modifying a foetus to be a dumb slave?
  2. Roger_Mellie

    Trump's progress

    What the hell has Trump said? In the US this week and just watching CNN. Apparently Trump made a statement that was 'nothing short of treasonous'. They're going mental.
  3. Roger_Mellie

    Bye bye Treason May?

    if only Theresa had a Qanon equivalent to tell us what is going on... who controls Brexit? who really controls Brexit? why am I making myself look such a twat? Think logically.
  4. Roger_Mellie

    Jordan Peterson

    Great song. got one of my favourite lines: Life is is a one street, if i could paint it I'd draw myself going in the right direction So I go all the way, like I really really know, but the truth is I'm only guessing.
  5. Roger_Mellie

    The normalisation of female obesity

    I was out walking with my wife and friends and commented to a mate of mine as we were walking behind the ladies that my wife has an arse like a shire horse. Turns out that in fell-running, the class for people 14st or over is actually called 'shires'. I nearly collapsed laughing when my mate told me.
  6. Roger_Mellie

    MS Office vs Thunderbird/Apache

    I guess you must have to get balls deep into this kind of stuff to really see issues? I've got 365 at home and at work. Love it.
  7. Roger_Mellie

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Yes, but who should we feel sorry for? The-ex. If she walked away with half a million, he's built up a million in assets. A fairly wealthy man. If he was self made she's just pissed half of everything he made away on a con man.
  8. Roger_Mellie

    Weird shit wot I found on't net

    Apologies to my smoggy friends. It was, in fact, the monkey hangers what did it:
  9. Roger_Mellie

    Weird shit wot I found on't net

    Reminds me of another one a few years back, must have been about 2005. Could probably cross this with 'only in 'boro'. A man got jail for pissing on a dying woman who'd fallen out of a wheelchair whilst exclaiming 'this is YouTube material'. I dread to think what that guy was regularly watching on the internet that caused him to think his act was normal viewing.
  10. Roger_Mellie

    Odd childhood things that you took as normal

    Going to the tip! We used to have a landfill near us that we played on. Picked up all-sorts for go-karts and general mischief. It's a Morrisons now (has been for about 25 years!). If I caught my kids playing on a landfill??? The other thing was going out underage on a Saturday night. I was talking to an old friend of mine a few weeks back about a time we were in a nightclub and we saw his older brother. His older brother turned to his mate and says: look at this lot, they're only 15. We thought it was normal. My son is 13. It's scary.
  11. Roger_Mellie

    World Cup 2018 - Knockout Stage

    Hansen was shit. All the ex-Liverpool players from the glory days were shit. Ex-players are the worst pundits. I can just about take Ian Wright, he tends to be non-critical and very passionate. I used to like Ron Atkinson as a pundit, very knowledgeable, obviously he ruined his career when he called Marcel Desailly a lazy nigger. No coming back from that one.
  12. Roger_Mellie

    World Cup 2018 - Knockout Stage

    We need more like this. Too many armchair fans and pundits are the worst, particularly ex-players. Sat there in a comfy studio picking over what Southgate should be doing whilst he's down there doing it.
  13. Roger_Mellie

    Weird shit wot I found on't net

    Back in the day there was a pic of a middle aged man in stockings and suspenders fucking the exhaust pipe of his (or someone's) Range Rover that was fairly well known. Wonder what happened to it. I recall my first real introduction to the internet, early-mid 90s as first year undergrad. First time I'd ever been on the net or had an email account. My first spam email ever? 'See underage Mexicans blowing donkeys'. It's always stuck with me.
  14. Roger_Mellie

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    @JoeDavola Here you go What have you got to lose?
  15. Roger_Mellie

    The one where I offend a staunch leftie.

    There's a curb scene for everything. This is one of my favourite.