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  1. Mozza Interview

    Which bit, the 15 months for false imprisonment orthe multi-million contract?
  2. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Oxfam got there before you. Nothing new under the sun as they say...
  3. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    This. The problem is stopping it impacting on the productive sector. Comedy or not, why not give it a go? I do a bit of errr... outreach stuff (please don't hit me) for A Level science and maths students. And I teach business ethics when I do it. It's great seeing their spotty little faces light up when their mind gets blown. So not all things that aren't 'hard' maths or science are useless. I give them a list of topics to discuss and we get through 2-3 in 90 minutes, they do the talking, I just lob grenades in. Last one started with AI. My first question 'who would buy something from a robot?' garnered a universal response of 'no' from the class. Then I asked who used Amazon.... You get some really smart kids, gives me some faith. One of the other things I talk to them about is organisational structure. I like to get them leaving thinking it's a really bad idea to want a boss (which most of them do). What's become clear to me from doing this is that for most people at work the boss is a replacement of their parent.
  4. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    It's funny isn't it... I see late 80s videos of my hometown. It was beatiful. Spotless, well tended, it looked like people were actually taking pride in it. Now it's like downtown Karachi. Litter everywhere, no greenery, poundshops, charity shops. Whatever. Yet were supposed to be richer and better educated than ever. I don't get it.
  5. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    I can see why. I would argue 'we are where we are'. If you were to start from scratch, blank sheet, no pain on transition and you could magically go from one situation to the other instantly that some kind of laissez-faire faire capitalist system is probably best. But we have countries, cultures and centuries of inbuilt biases to deal with. The taxation and benefit system isn't going away, so why not tweak it towards putting people to work in national industries?
  6. Very, very poorly

    The irony... Feeling absolutely chipper this morning. Going to have a day off work to rest just to make sure. The human body is amazing, still felt like death warmed up 12 hours ago.
  7. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    I often wonder about this... The government's strategy for dealing with the fact that there just isn't enough to be done. 35-40 years ago a kid could have been verging on retarded, left school with no qualifications on the Friday and started with the council on Monday, digging ditches or sweeping roads. Now that same kid goes to college. It's odd. How would everyone feel if there were a small number of very large nationalised companies that nominally were set up to make a profit, but werent productive and only really existed to keep people in gainful employment and make them feel useful. Say, they always had a vacancy for one more gardener or one more junior secretary or cleaner. I probably haven't got the model quite right, but you probably get the gist. Preferable to keeping the workshy and low IQ on benefits or in education?
  8. Very, very poorly

    The pot ain't for the piss It's more like a little spoon inside a pot. If my wife loved me she'd do that bit.
  9. Very, very poorly

    I knew it... Nothing we can do. It's viral, take a pot and drop a sample in at your GP in the morning. In and out in an hour though, at least they didn't keep me waiting 4 hours for the news.
  10. Very, very poorly

    Say what you like about the NHS... Arrived at the drop in centre 20 minutes ago, already seen by the triage nurse. She reckons I'm next in with the doctor.
  11. Very, very poorly

    Thanks for the kind words. It would come as no surprise that I also hope it is nothing serious
  12. Very, very poorly

    Well, finally giving in and going to the docs. I thought I was getting better but today has been tough!
  13. Mozza Interview

    My favourite example of this is what the media did to Tyson Fury. Fair enough, a loudmouth gyppo and not the brightest guy, but saying women should be in the kitchen or on their back is hardly crime of the century. Ditto saying you hold homosexuals in the same esteem as paedophiles, yeah it's not pleasant, but so what? He got absolutely crucified. Boy George - ex heroin addict and nobodies idol did time for actually detaining and torturing a rent boy in his basement - gets a multi-million contract with the beeb. What gives?
  14. Rat deterrents

    I'm not even sure he's gone that far... He only *thinks* the cat is trained. In reality the psychopathic kitty is just pretending to be trained to get food.
  15. It's all about surface area. In the dry, slicks give the highest surface area twixt wheel and road, hence a high grip. In the wet, slicks give the highest surface area between wheel and water, hence upside down in a ditch.