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  1. Roger_Mellie

    Quentin Vicious... Sex Drugs n Dinner parties

    No way was Cliff Richards sitting on a clean toilet when he wrote 'wired for sound'
  2. Roger_Mellie

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    There's a book I'm trying to bring to mind... might be the fourth protocol (fantastic book, btw, well worth reading if you haven't already). Rogue Russian elements (I.e. not in line with their own government) despatch their worst operative to the UK knowing he will be caught, thereby alerting the UK authorities to the wider plot. He gets spotted immediately trying to enter the UK with documents he doesn't actually need. Truth is at least as strange as fiction. Another part of the book talks about how the Russians see the trust of the UK population in the police as a strength and actively seek to undermine it. Life imitating art indeed.
  3. Roger_Mellie

    I have a cat on my boobs

    I love my cats, in general they're marmite animals. I lost one a few years ago, my favourote, one day he didn't come home. I was distraught, really put things into perspective. After that I couldn't help thinking how I'd feel if one of the kids didn't come home. People who have their kids go missing and never find out what happened. Horrific.
  4. Roger_Mellie

    Netflix/Amazon Prime bargain bin shitty movies

    It's long, but not that long. Maybe half way? I thought at the end they could get another series out of it. Problem I had with the series is that it was so fragmented it became difficult to care about anyone.
  5. Roger_Mellie

    Islamification of Europe

    I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  6. Roger_Mellie

    Netflix/Amazon Prime bargain bin shitty movies

    American Gods should have been outrageously good, the source material is off the scale, but they managed to completely murder it. The story is beautiful and immensely deep. I really liked The OA. Next series is due soon. It doesn't really matter what's going on. The question of whether she's telling the truth or just batshit is enough to sustain it. I think both Netflix and Amazon suffer from licensing issues in the UK so we never get the best films. Having said that Amazon prime is pretty good at the minute, some decent films on there. Netflix though.... We've just watched Howard the Duck. My 9 year old said it made his eyes bleed. It's much worse than I remembered.
  7. Roger_Mellie

    The big teacher thread

    Long division is the algorithm. It doesn't matter how many digits you have.
  8. Roger_Mellie

    So. Who is it. No names!!!

    I can't imagine a more underwhelming reveal.
  9. Roger_Mellie

    So. Who is it. No names!!!

    So I did a bit of digging and found out who this is. Then I wished I hadn't wasted 10 minutes of my life again, if I could change that 10 minutes I'd do it in a Heartbeat. I'm sure it's a story that would have been at home on an episode of 'Trisha'.
  10. Roger_Mellie

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Yep. All of the above. I'm still struggling to comprehend the utter pointlessness of the article (aside from the blatant propaganda). They run up a 21k bill, but it's covered by insurance, which probably cost them £50. So a non-story from the get go. What do they think happens when you get treatment on the NHS? The magic health fairy pays for it? You still run a bill up that is covered by insurance. It's just administered differently. Incidentally, I did once run up a whacking uninsured hospital bill that I never paid. I was sweating right up until the day the statute of limitations for legal proceedings on the recovery expired. An uncomfortable 3 years.
  11. Roger_Mellie

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    This is a cracker... Get through to the last two lines. I shoukd have known it was suspect when I saw the picture of the fsmily. Ticks every single box.
  12. Roger_Mellie


    Tornado steakhouse Madison, look it up. 28 Oz ribeye served with a Yorkie. To be fair the Yorkie was shit, but what do you expect in Madison. As the waitress remarked 'we're not known for our Yorkshire puddings'
  13. Roger_Mellie

    I'm under attack by the Workplace Diversity Nazis

    Yeah, instead of me getting the kickback via I used to book my work travel through a cashback site. But I stopped as it's borderline fraudulent and I like my job. Good whilst I had the balls though. Kickback... Our cards used to be settled by us, then the company found out that in order to be above board with their kickback they had to be centrally billed and paid i.e. paid off in full by the company every month. A company would have to be nuts to leave the cash facility on in those circumstances. Massive PITA though.
  14. Roger_Mellie

    I'm under attack by the Workplace Diversity Nazis

    These policies are usually dictated by people who never travel. We've had the cash facility on our cards switched off. Having it switched back on again temporarily has to be signed off at an insanely high level and you only stand a chance if you're going somewhere *really* remote. We've also got the company travel agent. I was booking g flights a few weeks back, found the ones I wanted on skyscanner at the right price and asked a secretary to book them through the agent. Then I get a note back saying they're £3k more expensive through the agent, I'll need to choose different flights. We had a bit of back and forth and some kerfuffle but ultimately I had to go with the alternative. 5 hours longer each direction. How can the agent be £3k more expensive than skyscanner when the irony is the agent is almost certainly booking then through either Skyscanner or Expedia.
  15. Roger_Mellie

    Brown has aged

    At least he's stopped smiling. That obviously coached rictus grin he used to wear looked ridiculous.