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  1. Roger_Mellie

    Fatter and Longer than a Transit

    Why is it whenever I see this thread title, the punchline to the old royal family 20 questions joke comes to mind: 'Is it a black man's cock?
  2. Roger_Mellie

    Superior Race, Golfers?

    Yeah, they're all struggling. The younger end are now cash rich but time poor, not many 18 year olds fucking about on a golf course for 4 hours on a Saturday morning any more. It's a shame, because the subs at a half decent course are probably not much different to a decent gym membership.
  3. Roger_Mellie

    Do NOT marry an American, otherwise taxy, taxy

    As they instruct a team of senior civil servants to ring up their opposite number in the US and tell them what is going to happen...
  4. Roger_Mellie

    Formula 1 Grid Girls axed

    How the hell did that crash happen? Looked like she was flying! One of my favourite crashes is the famous flying merc that just took off at Le Mans in 99. Cant believe that was 20 years ago!
  5. Roger_Mellie

    TV: box-sets to watch

    Problem is they run out of material. Westworld is pretty much a Michael Crichton short story, getting 20+ hours of TV out of it is a stretch. We've just finished watching 'Haunting of Hill House', successful enough for a second series, but they've pretty much done the book (despite it being an almost total departure from the book). Man in the High Castle... same. Game of thrones: same, but on steroids. I gave up on Sopranos in Season 5 (I think). Some great episodes and stories, but it was done. My son loves manga, so we're just watching '7 Deadly Sins' at the minute and I'm loving it. Totally batshit and totally non-PC. The main hero is always groping tits and sticking his hand up girl's skirts. I'm amazed they put it on Netflix. I mentioned somewhere else - really enjoyed the Netflix Dirk Gently. Also totally batshit.
  6. Roger_Mellie

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    Unusual for a posh girl. I suspect it might have been you who was the issue.
  7. Roger_Mellie

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    You're right. It wasn't interesting. Apologies. I couldn't think of that many words that rhyme with Dorridge. It's an odd one. There was a young lady from Dorridge Who threw up all over her porridge So I pulled back her hair And said 'there there' It's just two gents engaging in frottage.
  8. Roger_Mellie

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    Marvellous anecdote
  9. Roger_Mellie

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    All of it? My wife comes from Birmingham, so it can't all be bad. Funnily enough I was talking to a relative of my wife a few weeks back. They've lived in Solihull all their lives and he's encouraging his son to move to Redditch because (and I quote) 'Redditch is lovely' I think the term is 'white flight'. The Asian community from sparkbrook is growing/has grown to the point where its now starting to enrich Hall Green and Shirley, Solihull is next.
  10. Roger_Mellie

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    Newtown, that takes me back. I used to Live in Perry Barr. It was a shithole 20 years ago. I used to have a girlfriend in Erdington, and if I couldn't afford the busfare (number 11, outer circle) I'd walk it, not unusual. Always taking your life in your own hands late at night.
  11. Roger_Mellie


    Just one problem... It's the back end of November and still in double digit Celsius. I can't recall such a warm November. However, I do have a nasty feeling it's going to be pretty binary this winter, +12 to -12 in a few days wouldnt surprise me.
  12. My wife's dad saw active service in WW2, and my wife has only just gone 40. Randy old goat.
  13. Roger_Mellie

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    And being able to play off 4.
  14. Roger_Mellie

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    Golf management probably has the toughest entrance requirements of any course you're likely to come across.
  15. Roger_Mellie

    Dead by Christmas

    All godly inventions.