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  1. It depends what grade of SS you have. Saying SS is rubbish is a bit sweeping given the variety of alloys available. Mine are X50CrMoV15, which have high corrosion resistance and high hardness. Not as hard as carbon steel but they do keep a lovely edge for a decent length of time and you don't have to worry about them rusting from atmospheric moisture. I've had ceramic in the past, had one that lasted about 10 years, really liked it but I prefer my steel knives.
  2. I think it was this thread where I mentioned the car park redesign at Teesside park to include bollards of peace. My wife told me I was talking bollocks. Anyhoo, she ring me tonight to say 'I'm at Teesside park and I think you're right, wherever they haven't put massive steel planters between the carpark and road they've put big bollards.' What a world we're living in.
  3. Iranians are some of the best people I've ever met. And the women are hot.
  4. They don't need to take-over. But when/if it goes tits up get ready to be poor and find out how equipped to hardship you are.
  5. Roger_Mellie


    Odd tatoo on her neck, is it some kind of cult symbol?
  6. I'm not sure you really get it. If China is fucked then we're all fucked. Everyone. Everywhere. If China goes under look forward to global war, famine and a break down of society globally.
  7. What came first: inventions or IP protection? On China... It's difficult to overstate China's importance to the global economy. They have over 50% of production in pretty much any basic chemical or material you can think of. What they don't have is oil.
  8. I like the way he's dressed as a farmer's wife.
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    Got to say, I definitely would. Ghislaine that is, not the allegedly underage bird that Randy Andy rogered. Edit: having said that, are we seeing a stunt double here? She's got a very appealing rack in the pics with Musk, but not much going on in the underwear shot?
  10. Rather than 1:1:1 I think mine was more 50:30:20 carbs:protein:fat. You're right though, switching the carb:protein was difficult, and expensive. The only way I could do it was with protein shakes. Doing it with quality meat (not Tesco value turkey mince) would have put about £50 a week on the shopping bill.
  11. If you eat what many would consider to be a 'normal' diet it's pretty hard to move away from this ratio. When I was training and necking 3 pints of protein shake a day I could move the needle on the macro tracker. But that's the only way I managed it.
  12. I was about to call you out for being fussy, then I looked. Bloody hell.
  13. Of course the difference is the level of physical activity. When you're on your feet all the time and fighting I would guess meat is superior, but you could probably get away with eating anything. Trouble is sooner or later as a Roman soldier or a Mongol warrior, you were going to end up with a fork up your arse so I would guess the long term effects of various military diets throughout the ages remain unstudied. Like with anything else you have to start with a question: what is my aim?