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  1. Get it down yer. Chances are there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Having said that I buy all my meat at a farm shop. One week stop by and pet the pigs, the next week no pigs in the pen and we buy pork. They have goats roaming around all over the place as well, fuck knows what they're eating but they make a surprisingly nice curry.
  2. They dont understand it. You have to use terms they hate like excluded, assault, harrasment, failing duty of care etc. Etc. That's the language they understand. We had an incident last year, my youngest, ginger Mellie got kicked and called a ginger cunt. This is primary. After I calmed down and my wife talked me out of going to see his dad I called the head, very leftist, inclusive teacher woman, and said there was a pattern of behaviour consistent with harrasment that had led my son to be excluded and if there was another incident I'd have to call the police. She absolutely shit h
  3. My passport never works at Newcastle. I have no idea why, it seems to work everywhere else. As others have said, the e-gates are weird. I've been at schipol when the queue to get into the schengen zone has been back to Gate E and for some reason they don't have all the e-gates open.
  4. 40??? He's had a fucking hard life. I'd put him closer to 60. If the parents had any sense they'd all pull the kids out.
  5. This is one of my favourite Enfield/Whitehouse sketches, there's loads of them, but this is a good one:
  6. In my experience they are by far the most prepared people I've ever dealt with. Every single meeting they turned up with reams of paper with absolutely every relevant detail, result and communication printed out to be referred to. They also like planning, but in that respect I find them to be like many cultures they get arsey when you out-do them at something they see as their strength. So if I wanted to put a Japanese project partner on the back foot I knew I had to do 2 things - turn up insanely well prepared and have the next steps of the project all ready to be planned out.
  7. Love Japan. I might have mentioned it before So many good experiences there in every aspect. But... I do find the excessive politeness grating after a few days. Leave the hotel room, go down in the lift, lift door opens, receptionist runs round bows at me and gives me an 'Ohaio gozaimasu', then as I leave the lift, she runs round me and bows at me again as I leave the building. Every hotel. Every day. Edit:they're also still insanely sexist. I know of one company that puts its female grads on reception, whilst the male grads go on a fast track program.
  8. So... Hands up if you haven't worked out that the laptop is another nothing burger yet. Nothing happened last week, nothing happened this week, nothing will happen next week.
  9. Well, well, well (no pun intended) just browsing facebook (should be working) and saw a post from a woman I know advertising handyman services... Hmmmm... Looked at the name of the handyman, suspicions confirmed - it is her husband. This guy has worked offshore since the day he left school 30 years ago. Top house, range of flash motors, high maintenance Mrs., I wonder if he's thinking he can get get buy doing odd jobs now his offshore gig has obviously finished.
  10. Eating more is addressing a symptom. You need to worry less. Or deal with whatever it is that causes you such crippling anxiety about everything.
  11. I can only speak as I see. My 11 year old has 3 kids in his year claiming to be trans and another handful openly out as gay/lesbian at the age of 11. How on Earth could he not be confused by that, he still thinks his dick is just for peeing out of.
  12. They don't know what they're talking about. Oil and LPG are 2 of the few things China still imports from the US in significant quantities.
  13. We've really managed to confuse the fuck out of our kids. As Keith Chegwin points out, it's really very simple.
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