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  1. Not surprisingly, the MSM are portraying this as a reaction to Christchurch. God forbid if anybody had described Christchurch as a reaction to Muslim atrocities.
  2. Works for a George Soros funded organisation. Quelle surprise. "George Soros provided the organization's seed funding and continues to support it."
  3. I've never been to a country and thought "What this country needs is more Muslims"
  4. Pub urinal bores have gotta be the worst. "Room for a small one !!" "Is this where the big knobs hang out" "You don't buy beer, you rent it !!" etc, etc
  5. Anyone mentioned Monica Queen yet?
  6. Fischer

    thirsty work

    Flabbotamus's defence - "An alcoholic drink is legally defined as having over 2% alcohol, yeah." "But my mojito was only 12% alcohol so I don't know what the fuss is about." "Is this is cos I am black and a woman?"
  7. Who'd have thunk it. BBC putting a negative spin on the Mueller report and leading with "Trump tried to sack Mueller". Could have sworn they would have gone with a "Trump cleared of collusion and obstruction" type headline.
  8. Very telling clip at the end there "I think spying did occur". i.e. The Trump campaign was spied upon by the agencies. Hopefully "Time to turn the tables" means he'll go after them !! Meanwhile Barr relaxes by performing in a local bar as an Elton John tribute act.
  9. Wonder how many attacks on Mosques in the last couple of years? Probably very few as we'd have soon have heard about them. Just placing a bacon sarnie next to a Mosque means front page headlines and a prison sentence.
  10. Better still just to have sawn his hand off and driven away. Would be priceless seeing the faces of the crowded platform at the next stop seeing a train coming in with a human hand attached to a window !!! The next low bridge would sort out the two on the top.
  11. There's a manual override. BTW Did you know? Each new DLR train has to undergo at least 30 hours of route learning before it is permitted to drive the route itself. This is done by attaching new trains to the back of experienced trains, especially on Sundays. They can become sentient. TfL's coded public announcement for a DLR train becoming sentient is: "Would Mr Turing go to the control room please." It has reportedly been heard twice.