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  1. After hurling racist abuse she now, typically, tries to portray herself as a victim. "Lecturer says she faced online abuse after Question Time clash with Laurence Fox" Hands up anyone on here who has not had online abuse? .
  2. I think flood control would be better than a membership cap. A limit on the number of posts allowed per day. eg. 5 Make people think before they post. Many interesting threads on here get swamped with the usual suspects posting, frankly, self-indulgent, self-referential, boring shit of little or no interest to anyone apart from the people posting. e.g. A thread being "pinned" has a different meaning for me.
  3. Fischer


    She's in a top Swiss ski resort now. Fair play, gets around a bit for someone who's against unnecessary travel. But we've stolen her childhood !!!!!
  4. Exactly. Could have given 50 cities £2bn each to spend on a tram system and bike lane network.
  5. Another fucking hypocrite. "She writes a blog, Birdgirl, has been at the forefront of the fight against racism and for ethnic diversity within the environmental sector and is involved in Extinction Rebellion, Youth Strikes for Climate and Youth for our Planet, stopping species loss. " "Globe-trotting British schoolgirl, 16, becomes the world's youngest bird watcher to spot 5,000 species after visiting 38 countries and seven continents" Flies all over the world to do something as trivial as bird watching !! We've stolen her childhood !!! And we're supposed to listen to this privileged, race-baiting, little twat. .
  6. It's being aware of and being sensitive to peoples of different colours, cultures, and sexualities. Except whites, or straight males, of course. .
  7. Fischer

    Immigration Map

    It's no coincidence that Bradford is the birth defect capital of the UK. IIRC 80% of Muslims in Bradford marry their cousins (20% marry their sisters). The Beeb even made a programme about it. Who'd have thunk it. "Sorry, this episode is no longer available". While nearly every other one in the Born in Bradford series is !!
  8. Fischer

    Immigration Map

    Since Bliar and Gormless Clown let rip with immigration health spending on health as more than doubled (in real terms). And it's even more shit now. But we are continually gaslighted by the like of the So-Called BBC with how good immigration is for the economy and there wouldn't even be a functioning NHS without immigration. I think people at last are finally seeing through this shit. Hopefully.
  9. It would be OK if they did follow up adverts with a single white mother struggling to look after a brown kid on their own.
  10. I was going to say you could throw a blanket round here and it would land on one but it seems loads of people have done that already.
  11. Fischer

    Owen Jones

    But they never mention that white countries like Britain were the first to outlaw slavery and that their are currently 6m slaves in Africa.
  12. Fischer


    Cos women in provincial cities are all shrinking violets. A walk round the city centre of Newcastle or Cardiff on a weekend evening only confirms this. Full of demurely dressed women heading home early after a trip to the theatre or cinema. FFS Fat Slags wasn't fiction - it was a documentary.
  13. World's best manager up to Xmas. Dirty Lids lost again (to QPR) and are imploding again. Trains em too hard or something.
  14. Wasn't as good as when Ben Elton came on board but had it's moment and worth a look. Stands up well against what passes as comedy nowadays.