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  1. Fischer

    Good computer tools for your trade

    I use Flange on a Goatzilla based remote Smegma server. Can't go wrong
  2. Fischer

    2000 Hondurans

    "Michelle Brané, director of the Migrant Rights and Justice program at the Women’s Refugee Commission, said it was “absurd” how few people the US is allowing in." The arrogance. They could let no-one in if they want to. It's up to them.
  3. Fischer

    Stansted 16 - seriously fucking wrong.

    Nowhere does he mention that he, his partner, or his mother have ever done any work.
  4. Fischer

    80 a day!

    How awful of the British taxpayer giving these people benefits and free housing, healthcare, and education. Taxpayers should work harder so they can give them more money. .
  5. Fischer

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    The Monarchy. Re-enforces the hereditary principle. Get rid of the German spongers. British Parliamentary democracy. The wonderful system that stopped the Iraq War, mass immigration and is now giving us a hard Brexit? PR is far better. The Rule of Law. Every country has that. Christianity. Thankfully it has little or no power or influence now. Let people believe any nonsense they want but keep it private. Ban all faith schools.
  6. Fischer

    Reality is another country

    A lot of environmentalists are hypocrites. Douglas Adams was an environmentalist yet delighted in driving his Porsche around London and flying First Class everywhere. The tube and cattle class with their much lower carbon footprints were for the plebs. I well remember a Newsnight discussion with George Monbiot where it transpired he had used a taxi to get there while his "non green" opponent used the tube. .
  7. Fischer

    Jamaican respects for the dead

    And a knife in his hand.
  8. Fischer

    Children's Characters You Can't Stand

    The Scottish one is OK.
  9. Fischer

    trans madness

    The logical conclusion is just not have mens and womens separate competitions in any sport. Just one competition. That would sort the problem. Of course a lot of women would suffer (e.g. no woman would make it to the main draw at Wimbledon) and lose their jobs but feminazis don't care about that anyway (see Darts and F1). .
  10. Fischer

    Amazon Prime - take care

    Same here. Never had any problems and returned a lot. They're successful for a reason. Enough stuff to complain about in this world.
  11. Fischer

    Sorus university eventually forced out of Budapest

    Another Jew in favor of mass immigration. It's as if they have some hidden agenda. Oops, gone all Fimble there. He was a big supporter of the Iraq War as well. Bomb millions in the Middle East illegally then let them flood Europe. mmmm..
  12. Fischer

    Maybe Austria Isn’t Fucked....

    Here's another good one. An Afghan man seeking asylum in Austria because he is homosexual has had his application rejected because he didn’t appear sufficiently gay for the migration authorities.
  13. Fischer

    Who’s volunteering for the NHS then?

    Allows the Macmillan CEO to pay herself £161,000 a year. About average for a charidee.
  14. Fischer

    Gerard Batten

    Might be a good result for GB and get him off the hook. TR has proved this week he is a loose cannon.
  15. Fischer

    I don’t care. Maybe I should but I really don’t.

    I wonder how Europe with it's awful white patriarchy fares?