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  1. Did you throw in that unnecessary double letter just to show how Welsh you are?
  2. FAKE NEWS. Bride looks like a POC. He hates all POCs and they all hate him. Perhaps one of the SJWs can get out their color chart (like the ones they had in South Africa) and confirm this.
  3. It's already made millions of pounds worth of improvements.
  4. Good interview. Says she is in it for the long term and it could take 20-30 years. Sadly I think it'll be too late by then.
  5. #notallmuslims but on the other hand #allwesternersareresponibileforimperialattrocitiesandslaveryincludingeightyearoldgirlsatpopconcerts
  6. Why has no-one replied since I posted? Seemed like quite a valid post.
  7. Another nice feature would be if threads were only shown as unread if a poster you do not have on ignore has posted on it since you last looked.
  8. Yup. Muslims in the UK seem to be becoming less, not more, integrated. Lot more burkas, lot more men in jim-jams, even if you account for the huge increase in numbers (doubling every 12 years). Whereas the first generation came here to work and better themselves the incomers now have no such need as everything is thrown at them for free. Housing, healthcare, education.There isn't even a need to learn the language as translators will be provided. And are they grateful of all this bounty provided for them by the hated Kaffir? Are they fuck. It's all provided for them by Challah, (Peace B Upon Him).
  9. May will be looking to the US and Trump now to bail her out. Hope he just tells her to fuck off. Her problem.
  10. My grandad stayed in an Airbnb in Munich run by nazis. All lovely people according to him.
  11. Bought this as a single. But I always considered the B side far better and a real hidden gem. The album title track Seppuku is even better,
  12. Same here. As someone said, I didn't leave the Left, they left me.
  13. Law of averages that some people will get a good experience with the NHS. What's amazing is that lefties never seem to have a bad experience with them.
  14. Or perhaps Italy and Ireland aren't shitholes (yet). Trump has played a blinder on this one. All he need do now is every few weeks or so, after the DNP has worked hard to marginalise these fruitcakes, is pop out a couple of edgy tweets and they'll be forced to defend them again and there'll be another news conference with massive MSM coverage with the Squad complaining about how Trump is trying to silence them !!
  15. I'm still waiting for him to transition into a comedian.