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  1. If we're not supposed to eat animals then why are they made of meat.
  2. Margays only have two nipples.
  3. Runners are wankers. Yet to meet one who is not an intense, humorless so and so.
  4. The loony left think their is no problem that cannot be solved by simply shovelling more and more of other peoples' money at it.
  5. Try "american inventors" in Google search. Never knew they were overwhelmingly black !!!!I
  6. Eh? The bible isn't the word of god. When did that happen?
  7. Fischer

    New Phone

    It's all about the signal and transmission. A Moto G doesn't send out a sense of smugness and superiority.
  8. FFS no Hope Sandeval yet. or our very own Louise Wener. Close the thread.
  9. Fischer

    New Phone

    Still on my first mobile from 2004. Anyone beat that?
  10. How about some kind of flood control. Say, 10 posts a day. Surely that's more than enough. Make some posters think a bit more. Or 5 a day plus one for every net upvote.
  11. "Most attacks have taken place in low-income, vulnerable suburbs in the biggest cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo." The cunts love that word. So the people throwing grenades and bombs are the vulnerable ones !!
  12. Touring the States at the mo (in New Orleans now - shithole) and life looks really bleak here for ordinary Joes. I can see why Trump won now. So much is shit here or barely working and the Dems campaigned from their walled mansions on things like transgender toilets. Totally deluded.
  13. Confirmation, if it was ever needed,t hat these people are mentally ill. .
  14. It is a truth universally acknowledged that wherever you go in the world, whether within a continent, country, or city, the blacker an area the bigger a shithole it is. Black people seem always to end up bottom of the pile. Could someone explain that in a non-wacist way. Cos I'm struggling .