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  1. Fischer

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Not a single black person. Racist cunts. Nobody in a wheelchair. Raspberryripplephobes.
  2. Fischer

    Mass popular uprisings or civil war (not UK)

    The gif that keeps giving.
  3. Fischer

    Dancing videos

    Can't believe no-one has posted the greatest living dancer.
  4. Fischer

    Islamification of Europe

    Someone should ask if there's a tailored pocket for a bomb.
  5. Fischer

    Mass popular uprisings or civil war (not UK)

    Fuck em. Life is hard and stressful for ordinary working folk in the US (as in the UK). Last thing you want when going about your daily life is some attention seeking unemployed/unemployable living with their Mom types blocking your way while you're on your way making a valuable contribution to society. Black Lies Matter blocked the trams in Nottingham !! WTF have ordinary people in Nottingham got to do with "violence" against blacks in the US. If I were the driver I would just have carried on and sliced them in two. Would be doing society a favour.
  6. Fischer

    Mass popular uprisings or civil war (not UK)

    Someone needs to turn that into a gif to save having to re-wind it dozens of times.
  7. Fischer

    DOW down over 3%

    Nasdaq down over 4%. Mid October is when crashes normally happen. Would dent the Republican's vote in the mid-terms if there's a crash.
  8. Fischer

    Four weekly bin collection, Conwy, Wales

    The Washington Monument syndrome, also known as the Mount Rushmore Syndrome, or the firemen first principle, is a term used to describe the phenomenon of government agencies in the US cutting the most visible or appreciated service provided by the government when faced with budget cuts.
  9. Fischer

    Undercover in Antifa

    All will have an extended childhood into their thirties. Went to "university" to do a "studies degree". Still living with their parents well into their thirties. Probably never do a proper job in their lives.
  10. Fischer

    Judge Kavanagh

    There was a series of letter in the Telegraph in the eighties. Its started off with my father was born in 1820 etc. Then it moved to grandparents and someone's grandfather was born in 1745 !
  11. Fischer

    Ways to earn extra money

    Write a book on how to earn extra money.
  12. Fischer

    Mass popular uprisings or civil war (not UK)

    If Judge Jesus was being elected to the Supreme Court the SJWs would find something on him.
  13. Fischer

    Mass popular uprisings or civil war (not UK)

    I think one can also say productive v unproductive How many SJWs do you see or know do useful productive jobs? The vast majority will be in public sector non jobs or leaching directly or indirectly off the taxpayer.