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  1. School meals should be free to all. No idea why it is means tested. Means testing is bad.
  2. My hunch is there will be far more shy Trumpers this time. The atmosphere has become a lot more febrile. Look at the chart below. Incredible that the most confident in expressing their views are the far left. Normally extremists would be the least confident but it reflects how much they have taken over the media and institutions. Who is going to tell some stranger phoning you who has your name and address etc that you will vote for Trump when you could be sacked or denied a job for doing so.
  3. Surely these figures can't be true. Florida - 59% Trump supporters yet to vote and just 40% for Biden. Dems currently 6% up in Florida with 63% already counted. Around 2,531,213 registered Dems have voted (60%). Should end up with around 4,200,000. Around 2,176,942 registered Reps have voted (41%). Should end up with around 5,300,000. Assuming around 95% Dems vote for Dems as usual and vice versa and being generous say the unaffiliated split evenly (Trump won them by 7% in 2016) then Trump takes it by 1,100,000. That's well into double figure percentage winning m
  4. Eggsactly. The Dems are too stupid to have set up such a sophisticated scam anyway. Their only tactic is to shout "Russia, Russia."
  5. Dems are a bunch of Chicken Littles afraid to vote in person or stand in line in case someone coughs within 100 meters of them.
  6. This is also interesting "A University of North Florida survey released this week found that 37% of Republicans plan to vote on Election Day, compared to just 12% of Democrats." Republicans will outnumber Democrats by 3-1 on polling day. Doing a back of the fag packet calculation the Republicans will get at least a million more votes on polling day. Doesn't look good at all for the Dems. https://eu.heraldtribune.com/story/news/politics/2020/10/23/florida-democrats-lead-mail-voting-more-republicans-voting-person-general-election-trump-biden/3719103001/
  7. Early voting and vote by mail figures (IPEV + VBM) in the bellwether state Florida look interesting. Democrats themselves said they needed at least 600 to 700 thousand lead by polling day to stand a chance. They had nearly half a million and looked well on course but the Reps started clawing back. Now only 360,000 lead and seems to be falling every day. D-R gap (raw): 359327 https://joeisdone.github.io/florida/ click on "Early Votes: All" button
  8. King King 1933 Portrays a black man in a bad light.
  9. Hopefully they will be enough to get Hunter arrested. The MSM won't be able to ignore it then. Doubt it though. My money's on a nothing burger.
  10. Syd Germs

    BLM UK

    "it is more than time for us to close the gap between black lives and other lives” Try starting by bringing your murder rate down. Currently around 8 times higher than evil Whities.
  11. Nearly an hour in and he hasn't talked over Bidet once. Much more disciplined and what was needed.
  12. Biden holding up surprisingly well (apart from shitting himself 5 minutes in). The drugs can't last much longer although he seems to get a new fillip every few minutes.
  13. He's wiping the floor with him at the mo. Much more measured and effective.
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