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  1. "After he died he was replaced by a Scouser" I've removed the redundancy for you there.
  2. Is she the bird wot cut off her husband's dick?
  3. Can't see none here cobber. What's the worries? Struth, just chillax, open a frothy, and put some snags on the barbie.
  4. I'll add my thanks to that. As someone who hates anti-social media and have never had an account of any type it's great to have someone scouring it for relevant stuff.
  5. Another Steve Riks fan here. Love his BGs. Incredibly, so is Jagger himself and recently posted a video of himself doing an impersonation of Steve Riks doing an impersonation of himself !!! Here's the original.
  6. As does the average IQ of Africa.
  7. Indeed. You'd hardly recognise her nowadays.
  8. Joe Strummer. Great work by Tymon Dogg on the violin.
  9. They should remove "Rugby" as well. Most people find that offensive.
  10. None. It's not a statement. It's qualifying a statement. IMHO.