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  1. IIRC she does come from a whaling family in the Azores.
  2. Amy McDonald. Bit of a porker (but positively anorexic by Scotch standards). Looks proper doity.
  3. Preferred their follow up hit - Big in Ja-frying-Pan.
  4. It was found to be just as conversant with the internet, computers, and modern technology as most of the island's other residents.
  5. Most people earn less than the average wage. Dozy cunts at the BBC don't know the difference between average and median. 99.9% of people have more than the average number of legs.
  6. My surname if Jampton. Forever grateful to my parents for giving me the first name Hugh. Didn't work out so well for my mate Mr Janus.
  7. Yes. A much more compassionate response than forcing them to actually live amongst the Scotch.
  8. Syd Germs

    BLM UK

    "We want an end to the use of stop and search in disproportionate numbers. An end to the use of tasing in disproportionate numbers. " THEN STOP COMMITTING CRIMES IN DISPROPORTIONATE NUMBERS YOU DOZY CUNT !!!!!!
  9. If he walked on water they would say it's just because he can't swim.
  10. You cruel bastard. I know they came here illegally, but that is just being vindictive.
  11. Good to see how they are adopting British ways of life so quickly.
  12. If they're coming here from a safe country like France they are illegal immigrants. Hold them in some camp, prison, cages, - don't give a fuck what it is really, and determine where they originally came from and send them back. Every single one of them. They'd soon get the message. No 4 star hotel, free money, health care etc.
  13. Me: Grabs a can of Red Bull from the fridge at the supermarket. Karen: "Hey, don't you know Red Bull refuses to address the BLM movement?" . Me: " Oh, sorry, I didn't know", grabs six cans of Red Bull instead.