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  1. SpectrumFX

    Trump's progress

    Make your own version.
  2. It's interesting that your natural inclination is to sell the shares that have done well, and keep the shares that have done badly. I tend to fall into the same thought pattern. Whether it's the right or wrong thing to do in an individual trading decision I don't know (sometimes it will be, and sometimes it won't), but as a strategy I worry that it leads you to limit the potential of your good trades while extending the bad ones. For that reason I try to set up the conditions that will lead me to sell before I buy. That way I don't have to worry about it, I can just stick to the plan.
  3. SpectrumFX

    Trump's progress

    Yeah, that's the one.
  4. SpectrumFX

    Oi Wanka! Get in da facking H'army

    It's Capita. Centrica probably would have made a better job of it to be honest (it wouldn't have been hard ). https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46567134 But after giving a £495m recruitment contract to outsourcing giant Capita, the time taken from application to basic training has run as long as 321 days. Some 47% of applicants drop out during the process - and the Army and Capita believe the length of time is a factor.
  5. SpectrumFX

    Trump's progress

    Twitter have taken it down. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/15/rem-publisher-asks-twitter-to-remove-video-tweeted-by-trump-over-song-use.html State of the Union video tweeted by Trump is 'removed' after copyright complaint from R.E.M. publisher
  6. SpectrumFX

    Trump's progress

  7. SpectrumFX

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    It's bollocks. They're saying that we've grown economically since the vote, but that we'd have grown more if we'd voted remain based on some made up fantasy alternate reality figures they've pulled out of their arse.
  8. SpectrumFX

    Diet fizzy drinks - just don't

    That's why I don't drink diet lemonade* *Except I do, because our government decided that "normal" lemonade was bad for me so took steps to get the sugar replaced with these sweateners.
  9. SpectrumFX

    Morrisons - Wimmin v Men

    Employee: Pay me more I'm worth it! Employer: No. You're not worth it. Government: PAY THEM MORE! And like magic the job disappears.
  10. SpectrumFX

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    This one tickled me. Male teachers are most likely to rate highly in university student feedback http://theconversation.com/male-teachers-are-most-likely-to-rate-highly-in-university-student-feedback-111741 University students, like many in society, demonstrate bias against women and particularly women from non-English speaking backgrounds.
  11. SpectrumFX

    Islamification of Europe

    It's utterly mental that she thinks that we will just let her waltz back into the UK for the bennies so she can bring up her jihadi junior on our dime. What's more mental is that she's probably right.
  12. SpectrumFX

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    Looks like May's getting ready to do us over.
  13. I have arthritis in my hands, but I'm not allowed to drive because my eyesight's not good enough, so a free car would be no good to me. I still manage to work full time.