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  1. Pension regulator not happy with the USS according to the FT.
  2. As far as I can make out the power to prorouge is with the monarch. The exercising of the power therefore falls within the royal prerogative, which is by convention exercised under the advice of the prime minister. So a prime minister can ask the queen to prorogue, and she will almost certainly do it. All hell will break loose afterwards, with a judicial review to try and stop it (which may or may not succeed), and a vote of no confidence once a very angry parliament is back in session. You'd need balls of steel to do it.
  3. SpectrumFX


    I think it's squirty cream.
  4. I've never seen so many white people in one place!
  5. We used to have it. It was called going to the pub with your friends Now young girls summon strange men on the internet, and get into their cars to be driven to meet other strange men from the internet. The old way made more sense to me
  6. Well i'd say that makes Johnson a shoe in for prime minister. You can always rely on an MP to vote in their own self interest.
  7. The perception is that all the big media platforms are biased, and are shutting down people that don't share their politics through demonisation, shadow banning, or simple plain banning. Part of the background to this site was a supposed pressure from Google on TOS not to host talk about certain topics because then you'd be demonised.
  8. Not sure whether this will take off, but looks like it might be interesting. https://www.ts.today/
  9. Now two lesbians have had stones thrown at them. From a car. Which seems odd, who keeps stones in their car?
  10. I don't. I'm not earning enough to pay 40% tax at the current threshold.
  11. It is 55 for you, and I can't see them changing that now because it's too close to be fucking about with it It's younger people who are going to have their access held off for a few years. Even then there's only so far they can push it. I've got an old civil service pension that pays out at 60.