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    Fat Fucks

    It's the sheer quantity of the seed oil in the modern industrial diet that's the issue. The Romans simply didn't have the capacity to process it in sufficient quantity to use it anywhere near the scale we do today. "All things are poison, and nothing is without poison, the dosage alone makes it so a thing is not a poison." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dose_makes_the_poison The actual issue is probably the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids in the diet as whole. https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/8/3/128 In the past three decades, total fat and saturated fat intake as a percentage of total calories has continuously decreased in Western diets, while the intake of omega-6 fatty acid increased and the omega-3 fatty acid decreased, resulting in a large increase in the omega-6/omega-3 ratio from 1:1 during evolution to 20:1 today or even higher. This change in the composition of fatty acids parallels a significant increase in the prevalence of overweight and obesity. Experimental studies have suggested that omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids elicit divergent effects on body fat gain through mechanisms of adipogenesis, browning of adipose tissue, lipid homeostasis, brain-gut-adipose tissue axis, and most importantly systemic inflammation. Prospective studies clearly show an increase in the risk of obesity as the level of omega-6 fatty acids and the omega-6/omega-3 ratio increase in red blood cell (RBC) membrane phospholipids, whereas high omega-3 RBC membrane phospholipids decrease the risk of obesity. Recent studies in humans show that in addition to absolute amounts of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid intake, the omega-6/omega-3 ratio plays an important role in increasing the development of obesity via both AA eicosanoid metabolites and hyperactivity of the cannabinoid system, which can be reversed with increased intake of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). A balanced omega-6/omega-3 ratio is important for health and in the prevention and management of obesity
  2. No, but I've dabbled in EU funding. My experience of it contributed to me voting to get out of the EU.
  3. It's not so crazy from an American point of view. They've done similar before, and both were great deals for America in the long run. It's the mineral rights and territorial waters he'll be after. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisiana_Purchase https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaska_Purchase
  4. I think it's more the status than the money to some people. I've a mate like this. He earns big money but just pisses it away. He doesn't actually care about money at all. He just wants to be Billy big bollocks who's more successful than everybody else.
  5. Yeah, but the civil service played with the accrual rate to soften the CARE blow. They express it as a percentage in year now to try and hide what they've done. They've gone from 1/80 a year to 2.32% a year That's 1/43 in old money. The council's weren't quite so generous they're on 1/48
  6. I had no real idea what engineering was when I went to university. My simplistic understanding was very much that you took a bunch of subjects at GCSE, took a smaller number of those same subjects at A-level, then did one of those subjects as a degree, and then..... Well I hadn't thought much about what happend next. I was the most callow of youths. What sorted me out was when I finally got a job, and had some people in my life who cared that I was useless, and actually gave a shit about making me more effective and useful as a person, because the better I was the more useful I was to them in getting work done. Work was a marvelous thing for me.
  7. I hated university. It was largely a waste of my time. I'd lost all interest by the end, and ended up only getting a third. I've since qualified as an accountant and I've been tempted to drop the degree from my CV, but my last few jobs advertised specifications that required you to have both a professional accountancy qualification and a degree. Which is utterly pointless as the accountancy qualification is at a higher level than a degree.
  8. The issue they have is that the pensions the government has promised are cloud cuckoo land promises. It's not just the state pension. They've now linked the retirement age in all the big government backed pensions (civil service, council, and NHS) to the state pension age, so every year they crank it up brings us that much closer to balancing the books. But as ever the boomers will get their money, and the cuts will fall on those who follow.
  9. SpectrumFX


    Somebody else on here (I forget who) linked to that Reddit account a while back and suggested it was Injin. I had a look and he makes reference in some posts to having posted on hpc in the past, and the general style and content has injin's fingerprints all over it, like the use of ofc as an abbreviation of "of course", and some background references that follow on from things he said before. If it's not him, then it's somebody doing a very excellent impression for no apparent reason, and with no claim to be him.
  10. SpectrumFX


    Injin was his handle on TOS. A very interesting character. I enjoyed his posts very much, but his socratic posting style wasn't to everybody's taste.
  11. This is the harsh reality. Many people simply don't like to employ people older than themselves. I once saw a colleague appointed to a reasonably senior position in her late twenties. She had genuine ability, and it was a fair promotion. It was a project thing, and she needed to appoint a fairly large team, all on very good money. Every single person she appointed was younger than herself.
  12. They're just buttering us up for the forthcoming post Brexit open door immigration policy. "It's the demographics" you see.
  13. SpectrumFX


    They probably shouldn't have killed that albatross.