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  1. SpectrumFX

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    When you get audited, the auditors job is to go through your financial affairs and confirm that in their independent opinion the financial figures in your accounts are true, fair, and free of material error. They basically give an opinion as to whether your accounts can be trusted or not. If your accounts are qualified that means that the auditor has qualified their opinion with a statement or statements about their reliability. That qualification will describe the ways in which the accounts are either not true, not fair, or contain material errors. The EU accounts get qualified because they haven't got an audit trail to show that all the money has been spent on what they say it's been spent on. To be fair to them I think it's fraud or error in the money they put under local member state control, rather than that spent directly by the commission. Like your friend, I think it's a big deal, but nobody else seems to give a shit. Closer to home, the benefits agency used to get their accounts qualified every year because of the huge scale of benefit fraud. I'm not sure if this is still the case. It's not reported on because the press are useless, and I can't be bothered to track this stuff anymore. I just assume all governments are corrupt, and all their figures suspect.
  2. SpectrumFX

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    They want to pitch it as a binary choice between remain, or whatever shit remain on worse terms deal that May can agree with the EU. It's basically shill establishment remainers taking advantage of a demographic who are so indoctrinated and institutionalised that they think that we need the EU's permission to leave.
  3. SpectrumFX

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    They should just call all the anti-brexit protests antidemocracy protests. It's what they are.
  4. SpectrumFX

    Employment Advice

    Probation periods are mostly a public sector HR thing. In the private sector you just sack people who are shit.
  5. SpectrumFX

    Employment Advice

    If it's a big employer they'll have an official reference policy. Which you may be able to look up. Employers can be sued if they give misleading references, so they can be quite cagey about what they'll give. For example, I used to work for the DWP many years ago, and the only reference they would provide was confirmation of my employment. I also hired a girl once who had been in an admin role in the police, and again they would only provide confirmation of employment.
  6. SpectrumFX

    New Moon on Monday

    A satellite needs to be much higher than that to be geostationary. So are these essentially going to be big rocks under Chinese control whizzing around the earth? If so, it's a kinetic space weapon with a shit cover story.
  7. SpectrumFX

    Paris is a Shithole

    Statistically that's true, but it's not necessarily a problem for an individual bloke. It's something that I worried about when I was younger, and rightly so. I've been randomly attacked on the street several times. It's not something that I worry much about these days though. Mostly because it's young blokes having a go at young blokes who make up most of those numbers. I pretty much just fade into the background these days.
  8. Skin colour doesn't matter. It's all about culture and impact. When we handed back Hong Kong to the Chinese i was in favour of letting any of the residents who wanted to move here, to move here. There was a historical connection, and it seemed reasonable to me. I'm not even bothered about numbers. As long as immigration was run as a points based system that successfully targeted people who'd be net tax payers, and we had a government that invested in infrastructure. I'd be happy What we have however is a needs based welfare state, combined with an open door policy encouraging low skill immigration in massive numbers to deliberately suppress wages, whilst investing nothing in infrastructure. It's how you'd set things up if you actually wanted state failure.
  9. SpectrumFX

    Paris is a Shithole

    To me, the gold standard of civilisation is whether a young pretty woman can walk about at night by herself with no bother. I think most big European cites fail that test these days.
  10. SpectrumFX

    Things you wish you didn't know.

    Well that's my packet of fig biscuits going in the bin.
  11. SpectrumFX

    Things you wish you didn't know.

    I've actually done that. I don't think anybody believes that it actually makes the baby better. It's just a way of clearing a snotty baby's nose, so that they might actually stop crying and go to sleep. You can get special syringes that are supposed to help clear their nose, but they don't fucking work.
  12. SpectrumFX

    Question Time

    Mohammed Bin Salmen https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/khashoggi-mbs-faces-us-criticism-amid-growing-disillusion-reformer-image-573372182 He's the Saudi crown prince.
  13. SpectrumFX

    Bye bye Treason May?

    And the Tories used to be so good at getting rid of their leaders! I was hoping that there was some Machiavellian plan that involved pushing her aside at the last minute and crashing out, but it's all getting a bit much.
  14. SpectrumFX

    Simple acoustic songs + singing

    Street Spirit works on one guitar as well, if you can manage the vocal.
  15. SpectrumFX

    Simple acoustic songs + singing

    This is a White Stripes arrangement of an old Bob Dylan song. It's quite sparse, so works well on solo acoustic, but you need to be able to play bar chords to do it.Can you do that yet? His voice is quite affected, so it's a bit wierd to sing along with him. This girl sings the same arrangement, but she sings it quite straight, in a much less affected way, which I found helpful as a reference in picking up the vocal part. I've played guitar for a long time, but I'm not so good at singing.