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  1. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Moral hazard. Rewarding the feckless, and punishing the prudent.
  2. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Fair enough, I'm not saying that anybody has it rosey, but the state is covering a significant risk factor to women of child bearing age, that leaves them with a very different risk profile than that which they would have had historically. To a man looking to start a family they're the only women that factor into the deal. What we have is the same thing we get whenever the state magically removes risk. Moral hazard, and unforseen consequences that damage everybody, not least the people taking the shitty decisions under the influence of a gamed risk profile.
  3. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    What have they actually got to offer? Once upon a time the security and stability that they are capable of providing would have been very appealing to many women who were living, or at risk of living, in destitution. The "security and stability" strategy worked, because it was a coin that had value. In the modern world these lads pay tax which is used by the state to set any women at risk of destitution up with a house and benefits. So the women already have security and stability. They get that by default. They don't need it off some bloke. The game has changed. That coin has no value. So the lads need to change strategy, or get used to losing the game.
  4. Snow Track.

    My wife often leaves our heating on for weeks at a time. It probably costs us a fortune, but she's got a job and pays her way, so I just leave her to it.
  5. The trouble we have is that more and more the people "doing things" are in China, and other places that aren't here. How do we pay them? At the moment we're doing it on the tick through our huge trade deficit. This is basically a confidence trick. What happens when they pull back the curtain and see us for the senile old fraud that we are?
  6. Telford, twinned with Rotherham

    They're trying to imply that it was Tory cost cutting that led to the scale of the problem, rather than well paid people sitting on their arses ignoring it. They could have had double the number of police and social workers ignoring the problem and it would have made no difference.
  7. Telford, twinned with Rotherham

    That must be why they've had all those comments in response on Twitter calling them cunts. People get very passionate about grammar.
  8. Telford, twinned with Rotherham

    Don't worry it was all the Tories fault, Labour to the rescue!
  9. Are you referring to the marvelous celebration of diversity?
  10. In all likelyhood they took it off some teenage idiot mong "gang member" who actually did intend to do harm with it (and were right to do so) rather than an old lady out for a picnic. It's all about context. We don't get any. All we see is a policeman holding a butter knife. It's just not good public relations. They're making their own "the police are a joke" memes and posing them on social media.
  11. That's the thing. It's such an open goal, that you get page after page of mockery belittling them. Much of which is genuinely very funny. Surely they must be doing it on purpose?
  12. Why do the Police keep embarrassing themselves on social media? In this example they provide a butter knife as an example of a siezed deadly weapon, and are torn apart in the comments. It's almost like they're doing it in on purpose. Do they just not understand the medium?
  13. Integrate

    I'm a fan of language learning myself, but a foreign multi-lingual professor (whose English as a second language was better than mine as a first) did once tell me that while the fact someone can speak five languages may seem impressive, you should always remember that they may be talking shit in all five.
  14. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Yeah, but you don't go releasing chemical weapons in an overt act of aggression against a nuclear power either. Impound all Russian assets in the UK. Throw out all Russian nationals, and put in a travel ban to stop them coming in until they put in a sensible government who doesn't think it's fun to play out James Bond fantasies in our country.