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  1. Most problems take care of themselves if you leave it long enough. It is sometimes best to be a bit proactive though.
  2. I presume so. It's the 5th result that comes up in a Google image search on "exam results jumping". The source site is here: https://pipedreamsfromtheshire.wordpress.com/tag/a-level-results/ If you do the search there's shit loads of these pictures. Pervy photographers have been taking them every year for years.
  3. It certainly made all sorts of things shoot up.
  4. Are the papers going to be plastered with socially distanced photographs of face mask clad teenage girls jumping for joy while brandishing these results. Or have they just sent them an email?
  5. It's all very confusing these days, but as far as I can gather under the old rules she's English. Otherwise Windsor Davies was English (Welsh parents, but born in England), and Cliff Richard is Indian. Which doesn't seem to make much sense.
  6. I had you down as a SuperCalc man.
  7. Probably, but you work for yourself so you can do whatever you like. Nowhere I've worked for the last 20 years would ever have let me install my own database software on work kit. This is the fundamental answer to why people do stuff in Excel that would be better done in something else. It's because they have Excel.
  8. You can do do fairly decent stuff in Excel now with Powerpivot. It'll let you build a data model from related tables, and you can port your data into it with their Power Query add-in. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Pivot
  9. The golden rules of governance. 1. Don't appoint a numpty to run things. 2. If you cock up number one, sack the fucker as quickly as humanly possible.
  10. Well we can give Mr DosmRider full credit on dosbods. Here's the original toy review video. And here's an extract he uploaded of just the Brainstorm bit.
  11. It's supposed to have been accessing users clipboards. If i was a government intelligence agency the big thing that would excite me about mobiles is their massive potential to operate as a distributed network of trackers and hot mikes that can be used to track and eavesdrop in real time on targeted individuals. When the AI got good enough I'd be monitoring everything all the time for key phrases. But I'm sure that the Chinese government wouldn't do something like that. They probably just like the videos of fat nurses dancing. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/09/china-ai-surveillance/614197/
  12. This is a bit of fun, like the blue/gold dress thing. It shows that you hear what you're expecting to hear. Our experience of reality is not in and of itself direct objective reality. It is far more than most people imagine an internal construct of our minds.