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  1. the So-Called BBC is in a bit of a flap. I looked at the So-Called BBC website a few minutes ago and it said that they were "giving up" the titles. Now is says that they "will not use" the titles.
  2. They had a thing on newsnight last night about how nobody talks about the menopause enough because our society is too focused on male issues. Turns out the menopause is my fault now as well. Apparently my indifference is an active block on other people doing stuff. Proper Clown World nonsense.
  3. So Trump is impeached, and Flynn had chosen that moment to withdraw his guilty plea. https://www.google.com/amp/s/uk.mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUKKBN1ZE04W As I said before if Trump is going to actually take down the deep state his impeachment trial in the Senate is where he does it. With all the evidence against them put on the record in the trial. If the impeachment is a damp squib then i don't think anything's going to happen.
  4. In any test like this you're scoring for how well you fit into a frame of reference which is essentially somebody else's model of the world. You're therefore "wrong" if you have a different understanding to the guy setting the test. Even if he is in fact wrong. There's a good section in the Neal Stephenson book Cryptonomicon which demonstrates the idea, where a genius level character fails an intelligence test because he's not capable of understanding the difference between the simplified model of the world presented in the questions, and the more elaborate model in his own mind. https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/540355-he-walked-straight-out-of-college-into-the-waiting-arms He walked straight out of college into the waiting arms of the Navy. They gave him an intelligence test. The first question on the math part had to do with boats on a river: Port Smith is 100 miles upstream of Port Jones. The river flows at 5 miles per hour. The boat goes through water at 10 miles per hour. How long does it take to go from Port Smith to Port Jones? How long to come back? Lawrence immediately saw that it was a trick question. You would have to be some kind of idiot to make the facile assumption that the current would add or subtract 5 miles per hour to or from the speed of the boat. Clearly, 5 miles per hour was nothing more than the average speed. The current would be faster in the middle of the river and slower at the banks. More complicated variations could be expected at bends in the river. Basically it was a question of hydrodynamics, which could be tackled using certain well-known systems of differential equations. Lawrence dove into the problem, rapidly (or so he thought) covering both sides of ten sheets of paper with calculations. Along the way, he realized that one of his assumptions, in combination with the simplified Navier Stokes equations, had led him into an exploration of a particularly interesting family of partial differential equations. Before he knew it, he had proved a new theorem. If that didn't prove his intelligence, what would? Then the time bell rang and the papers were collected. Lawrence managed to hang onto his scratch paper. He took it back to his dorm, typed it up, and mailed it to one of the more approachable math professors at Princeton, who promptly arranged for it to be published in a Parisian mathematics journal. Lawrence received two free, freshly printed copies of the journal a few months later, in San Diego, California, during mail call on board a large ship called the U.S.S. Nevada. The ship had a band, and the Navy had given Lawrence the job of playing the glockenspiel in it, because their testing procedures had proven that he was not intelligent enough to do anything else.
  5. SpectrumFX


    This highlights my main problem with the NHS. I don't really mind paying to subsidise other people's health care. But the idea that the fact I'm doing so gives some authoritarian arseholes the right to tell me how to live my life is simply lunacy.
  6. SpectrumFX


    Probably not to be honest. It's about the ratio of real food to fake shit. As long as you're mostly eating minimally processed whole foods then you're going to be fine. Either way we'll all die in the end anyway. I'm not bothered about what people do, i just want people to make properly informed decisions.
  7. SpectrumFX


    Eat what you like, but be under no illusions. A diet of ultra processed factory food is likely to have significant health consequences down the line.
  8. SpectrumFX


    Everybody's views about the health benefits or not of different types of food have been massively influenced by big businesses advertising (from all sides, but as an example Veganuary is sponsored by Beyond Meat) dressed up as nutritional advice, dodgy science (I'm looking at you Ancel Keys), and a sustained anti-meat campaign from the seventh day Adventists. Most fake meats are full of so called vegetable oils that completely fuck up your ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids. I'm not some meat enthusiast (i haven't eaten any for more than 20 years), but the current anti-meat push is pure marketing. You don't necessarily need to eat meat, but the idea that it's inherently bad for you is a fantasy pushed by vested interests.
  9. Sadly not, one of my mates had one, but my first computer was an Acorn Electron.
  10. I picked up a Spectrum FX for £60 in cash converters. http://www.westoneguitars.net/guitars/spectrum-series/spectrum-fx-x199/?cn-reloaded=1 I bought it as a stunt guitar, but when i threw it about at the end of the first gig with it, not only did it not break, it didn't even go out of tune. So I used it a my main guitar from them on. Happy days
  11. He is doing his impression of an unfunny comedian.
  12. Not if his plan is to present himself as a bogey man in the region before he steps away, leaving people set up with a frame of reference that has them supporting the new Saudi based regime as an alternative to the Americans.
  13. I think the plan is to topple the mullahs, and then leave the whole area to sort itself out under Saudi dominance. The Saudis will keep the oil flowing to the West, and otherwise do as they please.
  14. He'll likely bring all the troops back from Iraq before the next election.