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  1. I didn't know anything about Wexner being Mossad. I was assuming that the basis of their relationship was that Epstein had something on him and was shaking him down.
  2. My guess now would be that Epstein was working for the Chinese. That would tie it all together. I wonder if Cameron ever visited his island.
  3. That's great. I've seen stuff on Twitter where TDS people who've been studiously ignoring all of this are suddenly laughing at Tucker for losing the documents. If this is some sort of gambit from him, then it's gone very well.
  4. I presume that the Americans have some sort of law against treason. If so I'm surprised that he's not in prison already.
  5. Byrne would seem to be hinting here that Epstein was done in.
  6. If Bannon's got the dirt on all the political leaders around the world who've been compromised by the Chinese, then that means that Trump's got it, and now they all know that he's got it. This could get quite interesting.
  7. I think it's fair to say that the big tech boys are about to take some major flak. If they don't play their cards right they'll end up being dismantled like the Bell telephone company.
  8. It's not better than nothing, because it has more negative effects than positive effects. They can't stop prisoners from stabbing each other in prison, so we already know that making everybody live as if we're all in prison won't stop knife crime. It's shit lazy policing that's come from them being scared of being called racist because when they target the actual criminals they disproportionately stop ethnic minority lads. How about instead the police grow a pair and just stop and search anybody who looks or acts like a scrote, and leaves everybody else alone. Most of these
  9. What a waste of time. All the scrotes will just go another way, and the police will spend all day rifling through old ladies hand bags.
  10. It's another Twitter storm in a teacup. Tesco had that isle blocked off so this bird took to Twitter, where she got the generic "we're not allowed to sell some stuff because of the government" response from a Tesco employee who probably just skim read her tweet. Then the press smelt blood in the water (so to speak) and decided to kick off about it.
  11. I'm sure hunter must be talking about someone else. I'd have see this on the news otherwise.
  12. I remember reading about people taking the nfc chip out of oyster cards and putting them into watches and rings, so it should work in principle. The thing that would trip you up is that the contactless system seems to periodically require you to insert your card in a reader and enter the pin.
  13. As an interesting aside, I follow that guy on Twitter, and I saw the first post of the earlier thread in my feed, but I saw none of the responses, and I didn't see the second thread at all until I just went and looked for it. Maybe Twitter really do have shadow ban and suppression buttons for their staff that puts a lid in stuff they don't like.
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