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  1. No. Everybody doing everything the same is awful. In things like banking regulation it leads to massive systematic risk that's going to bring the global economy to its knees and probably kick off a great big war. In the day to day cultural life of ordinary people it leads to a shitty monoculture with local small business being put out of business by massive corporations who are the only ones who can keep up with the red tape.
  2. That remains to be seen, can I get back to you in a couple of weeks?
  3. The Irish said that they wouldn't negotiate bilaterally. They have. The EU said that they wouldn't reopen the WA. They have. Our political class said that they'd honour the result of the referendum. They haven't.
  4. Private ownership, but total government control. The textbook definition of fascism before the thought police indoctrinated the population into believing that it instead means anybody who they don't like.
  5. Higher wages? This Brexit thing sounds awful. I've changed my mind.
  6. It's the control aspect. Most working people are under the thumb of a bullying boss at work, and a hectoring spouse at home. Now here's the great big NHS thumb pushing down on you on the bus or train. They can fuck off.
  7. It's certainly looking interesting.
  8. If you've tried drinking the piss that they're selling on trains as coffee these days then that's perfectly understandable.
  9. She wants drinking banned was well. Of course those with "medical conditions" would be excempt, so the proper fatties will get a certificate from their doctor allowing them to scoff cream cake to their hearts content while the rest of us look on in bemusement.
  10. There'll be no good manners on display if some cunt is trying to take my coffee off me at 5 o'clock in the morning because I've been sent down to that London for the day on the train by my work.
  11. It's even worse that that. The dozy fucking mare thinks banning eating and drinking on commuter trains is a solution to childhood obesity. You know because of all those commuting children.
  12. It turns out that all the problems in your life come from the lack of central government controlling your every waking moment. Fucking tossers.
  13. Good call. No it isn't. I lifted it from Twitter because it amused me, and because it confirmed my existing prejudices I simply accepted it without question. I'll try to pay better attention.