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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from Hail the Tripod in I'm a Lady!   
    They don't like it up 'em.

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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from longtomsilver in I'm a Lady!   
    No need for so much effort. Wearing flip flops to the interview is normally enough.

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    SpectrumFX reacted to Frank Hovis in Off work with stress?   
    I have twice resigned when I could have gone off sick with stress; in one case similar to your position my workloads had kept going up because the incompetence of other staff meant that their customers had been given to me for fear of losing them because I made sure the contracts worked.  I refused one because my already long hours would just become stupid but they begged so I took it. It was when my six day week became seven that I decided that I had had enough of this whatever they paid me.  Starting work knackered on a Monday having had no weekend was the wake up call I required.
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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from Horrified Onlooker in The UKIP Roll of Honour   
    UKIP came up with a bunch of policies to try and look like a credible party, but the reality of it is that most of their support couldn't give a fuck about that. They just wanted out of the EU. 
    When it looked like that was nailed on after we won the referendum that support congratulated themselves on a job well done and went back to voting in tribal lines, or not at all.
    That's looking like a bit of a mistake.

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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from Hail the Tripod in I'm a Lady!   
    They don't like it up 'em.

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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from Hail the Tripod in I'm a Lady!   
    They don't like it up 'em.

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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from Hail the Tripod in I'm a Lady!   
    They don't like it up 'em.

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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from sarahbell in I'm a Lady!   
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    SpectrumFX reacted to Sgt Hartman in Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?   
    Not surprised the So-Called BBC are being challenged. It's pretty obvious that their money is neither being spent wisely or on a format that represents the unbaised view of the British public.
    The News app reads like a left-wing tabloid whose main journalistic source appears to be Twitter. Seriously, is there anything fucking lazier in the journalistic world than cutting and pasting twitter posts and padding out a story around it?
    Their 'comedy' has an edge like a sausage, each person ticking some diversity box rather than actually being funny. There is no pro-brexit, pro-trump anti immigration comedian in the So-Called BBC. Not one. Same old shit, different day. I bet they find each other absolutely hilarious.
    So fuck 'em. They've grown fat and corpulent because they have a guaranteed income and haven't actually had to do any work or challenge any zeitgeists, you know - like a diligent broadcaster is supposed to. If a competitor comes along and shafts the So-Called BBC because they have ignored or pretended half the market doesn't exist, then more power to Netflix as far as I'm concerned. I'm surprised the So-Called BBC have got away with it for this long.
    Edit - Can we dispense with the 'So- Called BBC' thing now please?
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    SpectrumFX reacted to Hopeful in Bye bye Treason May?   
    It's unfair to work harder
    It's unfair to be better
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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from Hopeful in Bye bye Treason May?   
    This is the perfect equal opportunity narrative.
    If we just hold everybody back, so that nobody works harder than the least able, then we'll all be equal.

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    SpectrumFX reacted to DTMark in The Labour party hates Jews   
    Jews are the haves.
    Muslims are the have-nots.
    That can only be because they're shat on by white people. It can't possibly have anything to do with the ball-and-chain that is Islam in the modern world.
    It's that simple. Like all Leftist thinking.
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    SpectrumFX reacted to 201p in New Presidential Cycle and the Possible Secular Bull Market in Socks.   
    Something up with Bitcoin

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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from Bedrag Justesen in Shots Fired   
    I can't help but feel that this would have been a bit easier for him (and his windscreen), if only the Americans had decided to drive on the correct side of the road.

    The main action is at 3.15
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    SpectrumFX reacted to Long time lurking in Bye bye Treason May?   
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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from gilf in The normalisation of female obesity   
    There is something about the modern western diet that's fucking people up though.
    It's got to be systemic because it happened to so many people in such a short period of time.
    I used to blame individuals -- let's be honest it's easy to mock a fatty -- but official dietary advice based on the "eat grains and seed oils, and avoid animal fats" model is starting to look beyond moronic. Then chuck in the government sponsored weight loss advice -- to double down, cut more animal fats, eat more carbs, and take your fat arse jogging 'till your knee pops from the strain. -- and I just feel sorry for them. 
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    SpectrumFX reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Trump's progress   
    Round here it's Marx and Engels.
    I've complained to BBC Wales about their reporting of anti-Trump protests in Cardiff city centre, Cardiff Bay, and Swansea.
    The number of protestors being exaggerated, the selection of featured interviews not being balanced, and allowing, in particular the time spent with coverage from the protest at the Senedd to be completely out of proportion.
    I've asked them to make clear whether interviewees are stating an official position, or their personal opinion.
    An editorial decision was made by somebody to achieve a blatant narrative overly negative to Trump.
    In contrast, ITV Wales managed to represent both sides, interviewing Neil Hamilton, and vox pops that expressed positive views about Trump.
    BBC Wales coverage was unfair and unrepresentative.
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    SpectrumFX reacted to the gardener in Bye bye Treason May?   
    The EU-Japan EPA is due to come into effect soon. This EPA eliminates virtually all tariffs between the EU and Japan. What it does not do is:
    1) force Japan to accept FoM
    2) force Japan to pay billions into the EU coffers
    3) make Japan subordinate to the ECJ
    4) require Japan to align itself to EU rules. The rules adhered to are agreed international standards and not EU ones
    Thus we are supposed to believe that the EU can't possibly work out an EPA with a country that has been a member for 45 years+.
    Anyone who is under the delusion that the EU is not seeking to punish the UK should let the scales fall from their eyes now. They hate us and are seeking to destroy us.
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    SpectrumFX reacted to whitevanman in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    It's not identity politics, it's the wrong sort of identity politics. In a multicultural society you have to strongly identify with and favour your own race. Fail to do this and they'll eat you alive. 
    That guy has been POZed to death by cultural Marxism. He has to break out of the cult and start fighting back. 
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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from Kilham in Frozen Sweetcorn   
    I think that they're more bothered about protecting us from high wages and cheap capital.

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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from onlyme in Futurism - what kind of technology/advances do you think we will see over the next 10-20 years?   
    It's a funny thing, that the future can look very exciting when it's far off and all shiny and hi tech.
    But it's often quite tedious when you actually get there.

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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from Inoperational Bumblebee in Trump's progress   

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    SpectrumFX reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Bye bye Treason May?   
    That's how the people of Wales feel about the Welsh Assembly Government.
    It needs to be abolished.
    *Haven't actually asked anybody but it's what we do now in Wales. Make up shit and speak for the whole population. 
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    SpectrumFX reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Trump's progress   
    That can't be right!
    Over to Shavanah Taj - President, Wales TUC 
    " We are happy that there isn't gonna be a big State Visit, and all of that has been massively resisted by politicians, both here in Wales as well.
    Erm, so that's welcome.
    We, as er, the people of Wales, erm, needed to make sure, our, our, position was made clear. "
    Surely Shavanah wouldn't say that without first checking with the people of Wales ?
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    SpectrumFX got a reaction from Carl Fimble in Twat of the day.   
    Prince Charles