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  1. South Cambridgeshire. Son's primary classmates parents both now recovered from it (mid 30s), they caught it when a Greek grandparent visited. Close friend West London, 58, veggie, healthy, released from hospital after testing +ve and contracting pneumonia. All three said it knocks you for 6 in terms of lethargy afterwards. Three workmates in London too now recovered, one a guy in his 30s, asthma, shit lifestyle, had to go on a ventilator. At the end of the day, it's nasty, very real, and as an initial sceptic, I'm realising it's severity as the days go on. That said, I accept some of the comments here about lazy death reporting and the 2017 comparisons.
  2. Friend in Surrey was going to attempt Asda (more fool her....). 2hr queue to get in, so bugger that. Alternatively, no queue at Asda Colchester... Surrey friend then went to the Indian wholesalers in Tadworth, not great stocks but more telling were the two customers in tears as they'd lost elderly family members.
  3. Just to add my own experience, which helps as I'm going a bit potty myself. I live near Cambridge, provisions at home are fine and the local shops are mostly getting back up to speed. I work in London and working from home (IT) at keast means that side of life is a breeze, as it's gone dead on projects , just the odd bit of BAU. Friends in Kent are seeing local shortages, but others in Colchester and Herts seem to be fine too, so not as horrendous as a week or so ago. My ex has underlying health conditions (immune suppressed), very overweight too and generally a lazy mare. She's already caving in to cabin fever and driving my son potty , despite a 3 bed house and huge garden... all expected I suppose.. I have two young eastern European lads moved into our flats whose mates don't seem to care about staying at home either. Just loud voices but no loud music, bit still grates a little.. Family in Scotland with COPD underlying are reading too much Facebook and driving themselves potty, that said, maybe for the best incase they do catch it. Friend who is an NHS nurse says they are all just waiting for the issues to come in now. What would help us enlightened enough to be on here, and to perhaps get some perspective of 'the real world' as this site does have its share of TFH's too, would be to state what we've heard or seen in our own lives re infections. One confirmed case at a friemds mother's care home in Essex so they are staying in their rooms. Another two confirmed cases of family's workmates near Glasgow. Only one confirmed death so far, our old postman in a retirement home near Glasgow.
  4. You can only put the general populace under effective House Arrest for so long... I'm already seeing normal, mindful, hard working folk starting to get itchy.. Plus I saw a spot on the MSM about crime gangs in Italy getting twitchy too. People in general will only take so much, surely...
  5. Student days, post Glasgow Uni union Saturday night out, mates and I ended up at these 3 student girls flat for more drinks and the Stone Roses on... Non student mate of ours takes umbrage at the whole cosy cliché and proceeds to piss in the kettle and flick the switch.. I hindsight, it probably improved the smell of the place
  6. Whether it's accidental or deliberate, I'm sure it'll give your local arsonist an idea or two
  7. BBC, for once, showing the whole interview with the poor bloke who was throwing chairs at the fuckers. Lots of unedited mentons of Muslims, and 'this is for Allah'. Could this be getting a bit too close to TPTB at the So-Called BBC HQ, especially since they had a reporter in the vicinity at the time, and the SJW's are starting to fear for their own safety, so finally coming to their senses. .. There does look like there's now a fear on the faces of the journos.